There are some serious fashion victims this week so without further ado…let’s get this column started!   

Did cowl necks come back into style?  When?  Why?  Skye has been wearing that ghastly black and white sweater with a neck that is better suited for a whiplash victim for days now.  With a suit jacket, without a suit jacket….blech.  I’m not crazy about that orange lipstick she has on either so she gets a big thumbs down from me.  I’m tellin’ ya girl – you’re competing with The Most Beautiful Girl in the World so you better stay a little more on top of the game and burn that sweater.  You’re still winning in the hair department though.  

Bad hair abounds – Ned looks like he got scalped.  What is with his haircut?  It reminds me of something you do to a 4 year old in June.   Alexis has always had such great hair but evidently part of being pregnant is letting your hair go to hell in a handbasket.  If Brenda really wants to do Jax a big favor, she’ll stop by the drug store and pick up some gel and a comb.  Overprocessed, unkempt and dry is really doing nothing for his sex appeal.   And then there is Brenda and the straight vs. curly argument.  Alright, so the woman would probably look spectacular if she was down to three hairs right in the middle of her forehead, but I really don’t care much for the curly look.  Maybe it’s because her head just looks so BIG with all that hair; like her teeny little body just can’t support it.   No, I think it is probably because the camera pans so close to her face so regularly (Look, The Most Beautiful Girl in the World is on OUR show!!) and it annoys me when the entire screen is Brendafaceandhair.  Yes, that’s it; so count me as a vote for straight Brenda hair.  

 In another time and another place, I have had the black bra argument.  My best friend is a beautiful and oh! so stylish African American woman who always wears black bras.  She says that ALL black women wear black bras beneath white blouses (I don’t know – do they?) because a white bra would stand out against dark skin and therefore be more visible than black.  I argued that you can still see the black bra though and she has since reported that she found a nice coffee colored bra that matches her skin beautifully and that I would be much happier not seeing beneath a white blouse.  This story really has no bearing on the Fashion Police though, because Brenda is not dark skinned enough to pull off the black bra.  I love that beautiful, skinny white blouse but I squinted for a two days trying to figure out if I was really seeing a black bra beneath it.  Then Jax dreamt she whipped it off and bingo – she was busted.  Tacky…but I guess we can be grateful that it wasn’t pink and feathery.  This is after all, quite a mansoap we are all so engaged with.   

Carly’s royal blue twin set is a mystery.  She’s wearing nice, up to the knee black boots and a skirt (I like that look on her) but has on this disco blue bandeau type sweater (that makes her lack of cleavage look funny!) and a cardigan that didn’t seem to match it style-wise.  Either way, it didn’t suit her and I just don’t understand why they have such a hard time pegging a style for this woman.  

Three cheers for all the great coats everyone is wearing now.  Courtney sure has a bunch of them.  Maybe Sonny heisted a shipment of some stylish women’s clothes (anyone watch the Sopranos? ;) and is passing some of them on to little sis.  Otherwise, I can’t imagine that she could afford so many different coats!  I’m thinking a future storyline might be that Courtney gets in big credit card trouble…  Jason has a different leather jacket.  Brenda’s leather jacket is terrific (of course!) and have I mentioned how gorgeous the two of them look together?  wink wink 

Going back to hair for a moment (because I was thinking of looking gorgeous), doesn’t Sonny’s look so good lately?  They have reached a good compromise with the slick backed look and let it be a little bit curly.  Something about curls and dimples… 

If you have comments, I would LOVE to hear from you!!



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