I’m just going to get it out of the way and say that I realize I am the only person on the Internet who thought Liz looked cute in her leather biker outfit.  In some really deep soul-searching over this issue, I believe my judgment is based on just desperately wanting Liz to be saucy and independent SO much that my fashion vision was momentarily clouded.  She had a flash of inspiration, found the nearest S&M shop and quickly transformed herself into…oh, that’s right – a savior for Lucky.  Never mind.  She’s still just an accessory who does red lipstick really well.  [Note from Sage:  Dayna was even stalwart enough in her appreciation of Liz's leathers to face down a threat of being fired from the Fashion Police Precinct if she didn't immediately change her mind and admit that Liz looked like something from Spice Girls Meets Village People.  I think the words, "saucy and independent, my ass" were tossed around, but I admired her gumption enough to keep her on staff.  I do have to, for legal purposes, state that Dayna's opinion of Liz's outfit does not reflect the opinions of Eye on Soaps, the Webmaster or Sage.  : Þ]

What a fun week it was though!  How I love soapy Halloween costumes.  People like AJ and Courtney must budget their costumes months in advance because in my world, costumes like that would probably set ya back a few hundred bucks.  Did Carly look too cool with her black bob and witch hat?  I wish she would really get a haircut that was at least a little stylish – it worked wonders for her!   Wasn’t Bobbie’s madam (that’s what it was, right?  An odd choice for a former prostitute methinks) costume just ugly?  Wasn’t Monica’s?   Skye was spectacular as Josephine.  I was grateful that we didn’t have to witness Jax pretending he was Napoleon.  Alcazar’s Phantom of the Opera was really good too.  Nikolas and Gia were beautiful, though I must have missed who they actually were.  Edward was a hoot and Taggert’s gladiator get-up was perfect.  I’m just surprised he didn’t pin his little American flag pin onto the skirt… 

Jason and Brenda’s little wedding was a riot but I was really thrown by her choice of clothing.  I’m guessing that after their discussion in the limo they stopped at the Q house so she could change.  She should have just stuck with whatever she was wearing in the car because although I took her wedding attire as a statement of nonchalance, I couldn’t stop staring at the arm warmers and her panties (!) hanging out.  Her clothes have been getting a great big HUH?? from me lately.  Actually, it’s not the clothes as much as the way they fit (or not).  I like the idea of the rich woman who wears the sexy, tattered jeans and lots of leather.  It’s a great style for the character, but I’m not convinced it has ever been called stylish to let your panties peek out (twice it happened!).  Get that girl a belt if her skinny little hips can’t keep those jeans perched somewhere above her pelvic bones.  

How about Skye lately?  Another day in Switzerland and that horrific gray outfit and I might have started wondering if she was secretly drinking again, and in vast quantity.  Was that a polyester turtleneck with the puff sleeves?  Were those ruffles at the bottom of a gray flannel skirt?  My friend Skye would NOT wear that!  She is a monochromatic girl but I don’t think ruffles really work into her sleek, sophisticated style.  Her courtroom outfit was a beautiful rust color and I loved the suede skirt but nix that ruffled sweater.  Skye is someone who, to me, has a really definitive style that the wardrobers just don’t peg sometimes.  It’s like something your sister in law might pick out for you – almost right but not quite. 

And then there’s Courtney.  She finally appeared in a sweatshirt and jeans, which is what I’d picture a married girl her age and in her financial position, wearing a bit more frequently.  For having a stalker she sure does go to work looking like quite the exhibitionist though.  We had a pretty in depth message board conversation about that tight blue shirt that she wore while slathering egg salad sandwiches in the Kelly’s kitchen.  No denying that Courtney is a busty young gal, but she definitely had the assistance of a padded bra on that occasion.  The question is, WHY?  Oh, mansoap…that’s right!  The girl keeps pulling more coats out of her closet too.  I still say that a viable future storyline for her is finding herself in massive credit card trouble.  Who could pay the bills...AJ, Jason or Coleman himself?  

Gia, my Gia.  Where has your style gone?  You once were so hip, now you look like a dip.  And were the green lines on the jacket of that cheap looking pantsuit representative of something?  You have crossed the green line to bum storylines and even more bum clothing Gia.  Take your shiny green purse and go tell someone who matters what someone else who matters just said. 

Alexis’ maternity wardrobe (besides the hospital gowns) has done nothing remarkable for pregnant soapwatchers everywhere (like I had really hoped it might).  Okay – cute pantsuits…enough with them already.  Can’t we get her doing anything casual?  Can’t we get her to surf the net and stumble across http://www.apeainthepod.com/ ?  If I were a single and savvy lawyer, I’d be spending all kinds of money on a cute wardrobe.  Not to mention some highlights (because yes you CAN dye your hair when you’re pregnant! My OB said so!!)  

The guys were all pretty average I thought.  I’m not a big fan of colored suits on men so Ned’s olive one made me wrinkle my nose a little (very Felicia-esque on my part).  Stick to the grays, blues, blacks and tans fellas – thanks.  Your expressions of color come only with shirts and ties.  Jax finally got a haircut but it’s even more wretched than the grown out bird’s nest that he had last week… Scott is back to his Crayola shirts and Jason is still wearing t-shirts, even beneath his well-cut suit.  sigh 

Signing off after a busy week in Port Chuck, I am the Fashion Police…please e-mail me with your comments!!



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