May 5, 2003

I might have to start moonlighting a bit and bring some of floral arranging talents to the not so quiet little hamlet that we all know and love.  Not that I have any, but work with me for a moment here.  I would put a storefront right on the docks, to the left of that odd little staircase.  It would be a nice addition to that particular set, with a lovely red striped awning and a big lazy cat lounging about in the sun by the front door.  Yes, judging by recent events in Port Charles  (and these people’s penchant for big flower arrangements!), I think I’d do quite well.  Gia would be my favorite customer and Courtney, my favorite name to show up on the delivery receipt.  She’s bound to get knocked around a bit more in the future just so Jason can save her from sheer stupidity.  (What WAS that falling business about, anyway?  She was about 2 feet off the ground.  How do you severely bruise your ribs when you could just jump backward from 2 feet off the ground?)  And who brings floral arrangements to someone who is in the hospital overnight for observation?  Oh…Coleman is excused, okay.  He can show up for senseless plot devices (sure, he stood outside the hotel room window all night…lol) all he wants because he just looks so darn good doing it and he makes me giggle when he ad libs flirtations with “Henny Penny”, the Kelly’s waitress who deserves flowers way more than Courtney.  Oh yeah,…flowers - wouldn’t it be a pain to drag all that junk home the very next day?  Wouldn’t you appreciate it more if they just sent the darn flowers to your house?  But where does Courtney live?  Will she still need to stay at the penthouse for safety reasons, now that Ric’s secret (well, his other secret...aside from his very on the down low affair with one cute little redheaded deputy...tee hee) is out?  Will she go back to the loft of luuv?  Does she still have that apartment with the coveted couch pillows?  Join us for the next episode of General Hospital as Courtney asks these questions and more of her trusty diary.…WAIT!!  It’s not like that any more!  It’s good again.  With or without my flower shop, General Hospital is back in the saddle and we are seeing all kinds of characters popping out of the woodwork to actually utter full sentences.  Seriously! Well, poor Leticia still gets sent upstairs to wait for Michael when Carly wants a private moment, and then left there without any kind of warning that Carly was taking the kid out afterward.  Guess they sorta forgot about her… but it looks like everyone else is being remembered in droves, so I am a much happier camper.  Now, let me track down Ric, Mac and Coleman because I’m feeling the need for a warm, fuzzy group hug ;) 

Isn’t Carly the cutest pregnant thing?  They gave her a saucy little belly and a wardrobe that should make Alexis want to put the Delveccio curse on someone.  While Carly leisures around that den of manhood penthouse in her fabulous mod blouses, I think she should be serving olive trays and Quaaludes. Maybe I’ve seen too much of the movie Casino, but Carly seems truly in her glory whilst with child and creepily, very real.  Not that I wasn’t fond of Tamara Braun’s Carly prior to the pregnancy, but I was beginning to feel that the real Carly was gone and lost forever.  Tamara was a Carly, but not the Carly (or something) and I was just up fetching olive trays and not Quaaludes while she was patting Sonny on the head.  I dunno – it might have something to do with the fact that we’re suddenly seeing more than the placation of Sonny all around, or it might just be that cool red stripey blouse…or the white polka dotted one for that matter...but either way, I’m feeling the Carly love.  It might also be that we’re seeing her make the ultra dumb decision to go kill Ric while pregnant and mother to one already, just so Sonny wouldn’t be emotionally torn and wow, if that doesn’t smack of Carly.  Somebody, somewhere remembered that she wasn’t always just the “You’re a good, good man, sweetie-wheatie” type.  While I’m all for growth, I’m merely annoyed when a good woman loses herself entirely. 

Mama has gone and found herself! 

Do you love Dillon and Georgie?  I think they are great!  I always love a “smart girl goes for the rebel” story.  Dillon’s Sid Vicious hair and love for movies endears him to me – I feel the angst…I really do. ;)  So far, Dillon is winning the teen personality contest (but Georgie takes the hair award, hands down), so ol’ Lucas better step up to the plate real soon because I’m not getting much from him.  Note to whoever cast him realizing he looks much like Joey Tribbiani – Joey is dumb but he’s no dolt.  Give Lucas some mojo!  

Hasn’t Gia been a fashion plate lately?  I loved her in a bright pink raincoat when she ran into Nikolas on the docks.  Then, in defense of Zander, she courageously stood up to Taggert in front of Kelly’s while wearing a lovely embroidered white and beige jacket. Emily rounded the corner, doing much more (or less as it may be, but it still looked nicer) for a velour sweatsuit than our fair Courtney, who wears them regularly. Emily is doing much to return GH to glory – I’m amazed at how well she played the hospital scenes with Monica. So much that I almost didn’t notice and admire Monica’s leather blazer with the basket weave design beneath the arms.  That was a really nice jacket!  I wonder why Monica never wears a lab coat though, because she sure could have used it on Friday when her suit resembled a brocade bedspread.  Blech!   

My favorite storyline right now simply has to be whatever is going on between Liz and Ric.  I am riveted to the screen by these two and no, it’s not just because of Ric’s jeans, or suits, or nekkie chest, as the case may be.  Their feelings are palpable, their story made alive by the emotion on the actors’ faces and the unconscious way that they touch – him brushing a piece of hair from her face, her cracking him across the head when she thought him capable of rape.  Liz has been consistently beautiful and mature too, with not a ¾ sleeve t-shirt in sight.  I was especially fond of her dark brown suede jacket with the ruffle at the shoulders. Ah, to be so petite as to pull off ruffles well.  Liz’s hair is a gorgeous length and I love the flipped out layers.  They are just a confectionary of visual delight onscreen together so color me a completely smitten Li-Ric fan (oh how those little combo names pluck my nerves). 

I cannot end this fashion column without commenting on the ever yummy Lucky having one more opportunity to appear in swimming trunks.  As Austin Powers would say, YEAAHH BABY!  But he’d probably be saying it about Summer and her bodacious assets instead.  Kind of an odd scene with father and son looking like two leering perverts there, but I guess if a girl’s gonna walk around with a body like THAT, she expects to turn men into leering perverts.  This couple takes the phrase eye candy to an entirely different level.

Oh, behave! 

That’s all for now.  Hope everyone is having a wonderful Spring and enjoying letting your toes breathe in a fabulous pair of sandals!  Drop me an e-mail if you have a chance!! 

Ooh, I almost forgot!  While perusing another message board, I saw a link to a place in Burbank, CA that actually obtains wardrobes from TV shows and movies.  The website is still under construction, so you can’t shop via the Internet yet, but It's A Wrap Production Wardrobe Sales is the place to go when you just can’t live without Faith’s backless leather suit.  ;) 

A big shout out to GH World 3 for the great screencaps.


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