It started innocently enough.  I’m all about traditions and this year would be no different even if I did have to threaten ruination of upcoming football games if they wouldn’t all sit down to watch it…the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.  Oh yes, I am a parade addict.  I was gleeful as each float approached, pointing excitedly as the giant balloons of Blue and Little Bill floated down the street.  And then it happened.  One of the floats carrying some nameless boy band rolled by.  There were dancers…wearing jeans…with their underwear peering out from above the waistbands!  NOOOOOO!!! This shall not become fashionable.  I won’t stand by and let it happen.  As the day progressed, I felt like Courtney because the image just kept revisiting my brain.  I brought the glorious sweet potato casserole from the oven and it was there, I teased my father-in-law with the prospect of sauerkraut on his plate and it was there – it would not go away!  Unshakeable…(shivers) 

The Thanksgiving episode was…different…and well; we did get a glimpse of what could have happened to Jason if he had remained a Quartermaine.  The Fashion Police are actually pretty darn grateful to AJ for altering his brother’s personality so effectively.  We just wouldn’t know what to do with Steve Burton in sweater vests and a geeky side part…  To be honest, the thought that occurred to me most often throughout that episode was that Courtney was wearing another damn new coat and I just can’t get past the fact that this girl blows all kinds of money on wardrobe and apartment décor.  She has perfectly coordinated sofa pillows (I covet those pillows, I do) but not enough kitchenware to whip up a darn potpie?  

In explanation of the delay on this column, I just haven’t been all that tuned in to GH lately.  I either watch it at 3 in the afternoon while my unruly gaggle of offspring is running rampant or at 10pm on SoapNet.  This 10pm viewing has been greatly affected by gift-wrapping and exhaustion from other Christmas related duties so my fashion notes aren’t what they could be… I actually have a line here that says “Ric in white shirt…sigh”.  Yeah, Dayna – that’s very helpful when it comes to writing a column.  But with that being said, I do pretty much sigh whenever that man comes into view.  I am such a sucker for a sharp dressed man (insert ZZ Top background music here) and how sweet it is when said SDM is actually half-dressed in his crisp white dress shirt.  When he opened that door to Liz and was all unbuttoned, I’m just not sure how my girl kept her eyes in her head.  Yowza… 

It was very accommodating of the PCPD to get those low-rise prison issue Dickie pants for Brenda.  Heaven knows we don’t want her to suffer with anything so unstylish as pants that come up to her belly button.  Then, did you see where the underpants were actually sticking out of the Dickies and her work shirt was tucked into them??  My head almost exploded. 

Carly has been so gorgeous lately!  Leather skirts that come past the knee, turtlenecks abounding… who got hit on the head and figured out how to dress skinny women who are supposed to have a few dollars rolling around in the bottom of their purse?   Maybe Carly’s wardrober got sick and the one who dresses Skye stepped in.  Next week we’ll be back to red tank tops and black leather hot pants.  Ugh.. 

Taggert and his leather gun-holster.  What more is there to say?  I wish this man would get a story.  Mac seems to be onscreen a lot more lately and I am grateful. Even though I think he is among the very few men on the planet who can pull off the sweater vest, I prefer that they keep his image a little less nerdy.  

I know Sage was excited to see all kinds of Coleman on Monday.  He looks to have much less product in his hair (Coleman, not Sage ;) which is a good thing for him.  Long hair should invite the hands to run through it and since the rest of Coleman is oh so inviting, it stands to reason that the hair now matches.  I haven’t even seen the show yet, but just by looking that the screen caps, I know that I want the loveliest girl in PC (I said loveliest, not most beautiful!!  Skye, people…Skye!!) to fall truly, madly and deeply in love with Coleman so they can be beautifully bad (and gorgeous!) together. 

And my final thought is NuGia.  Again, I missed Monday’s show so I haven’t seen the woman act.  Note that I said woman.  I may not have called Marisa Ramirez a woman for another 10 years, but this chick looks like she fits the bill.  From all reputable accounts, she’s a good actress but it might take me a while to see her as Gia.  A walk down memory lane has me recalling Gia as full of attitude, pompous and a little vulnerable when you scraped it all away.  NuGia looks like she just put the kids on the school bus and is headed into the office to clear up a few details before heading into court for the afternoon.  Guess we’re going to see a bit of a turnaround for the character… 

That’s all for now – I’ll have more before the holidays but here’s hoping that everyone is enjoying the season of sales and bargains and not getting too stressed about gaining a few pounds.  If you’re like me, you can’t resist the cookies or the stretchy velour jogging suits so it all works out just fine ;)



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