City sidewalks, busy sidewalks
Dressed in holiday style
In the air, thereís a feeling
of Christmas

Is everyone all ready?  Iíve been shop, shop, shopping and I think that itís pretty much a wrap (not that it is actually wrapped yet...puh-leeze!).  I bought myself a great new burgundy cowl neck sweater (I told you before that I hated cowl necks, right?  I guess I changed my mind) and some velvety palazzo pants for our Christmas Eve party and a really great plum colored lounge set for Christmas morning.  Itís a shame that Iím as excited about wearing that lounge set as I am about opening presents!!  Santaís in the details for me but then again, Iíve always been really wacky about what to wear in the Christmas picturesÖgo figure.  Oh, and donít worry Ė the kids will look cute too...hee hee.  I should be able to bribe my son in the years to come with the pictures of him dressed in plaid pjís that match his baby sistersí nightgowns.  

On to the show!  Oh my, what stood out for me this week?  How about that dreadful schoolgirl suit that Skye thought was appropriate for court?  How about, no?  She was too buttoned up and Captain Kangaroo-ish or something and I just didnít like it.  Maybe itís my thing about coppery redheads in bright red or maybe it was just the style.  A little too stuffy?  A little too trendy?  Either way, she looked much better in her pretty lavender robe in the afterglow of Colemanís loviní.  

Felicia has been popping up in some strange places lately and my, has her hair grown!  I just read that A Martinezís primetime show got canceled so dare we hope for Roy to return from Miami?  That might make us just far too abundant on menfolk (did I just type that?) though and I dunno if the writers can handle quite so much testosterone.  Heaven knows the wardrobe department cannot.  Whatever is up with Cameronís look?  I get what they are trying to achieve but the shiny leather blazer must go!  It hurts me eyes! Summer got a new jacket this week (did someone take care of burning the royal blue overcoat?) so why canít our favorite new shrink get in on some of that budget too?  

Ah heck, at least Ric looks GOOD.  How much more can we ask for in a soap man?  He dresses well and he untucks your hair from the back of your coat as he helps you put it on (swoon).  Well...I guess we could ask for one who smacks ya on the bottom and calls you wildcat.  Hello!  For as much as I complain about GH, Iím really just perfectly content watching Ric and Coleman at work.  And for the record, Iím sorta digging my heels in about liking Colemanís current look.  He can lose the oversized button-downs but canít we work hard at getting those front layers back into a slick little ponytail?  If he must insist on rising to the top of Port Charles society does it really have to mean cutting off that delectable bad-boy hair? * sigh* 

There is a noted attack of fur collars on all the women in PC.  All right, so they are stylish but does that mean everyone ran out and bought one of those coats?  Brenda, Gia, Courtney (but only a few of hersÖ we all know she is the coat queen), Summer, even Georgie are sporting fur collared coats.  I bet when Alexis brings Kristina home, she will have a little fur collar on her bunting.  Itís all the rage. 

Carly continues to look really quite stunning.  Sheís trying to impress Ric I think.  Since Sonny forgot how to dress and basically wears the same suit with a different mandarin collared dress shirt each day, I think her recent shopping spree had Ric written all over it.  I was hoping some of those catty little sparks between Liz and him would start a fire, but Iím leaning toward this whole new chivalrous attitude with Carly now.  Besides, Liz is relegated to wearing $16 printed t-shirts and that just wonít do for my Armani man.  

Well, with all that being said, the Fashion Police have a few things under the tree for some of our favorite (and even some of our not so favorite) charactersÖ 

Lt. Taggert will be handing them out and yes ladies, he is wearing nothing but red silk boxers and elf boots...;) 

For Elizabeth, we have a ĺ length belted red wool coat with a fur collar. We hear itís pretty cold where sheís standing. 

For Coleman, a pack of Goody hair ties in black.  I swear, the ponytail could be sophisticated.  And heck, we like him so much; we want him to have another accessory here Ė a brand spankiní new Harley with lotsa chrome.  Jason isnít the only king of the road anymore. For Skye, a pair of black leather pants and a helmet.  

For Courtney...well honey, Santa knows you have a spending problem so weíre going to pay your Visa bill this month.  Maybe you can use the cash to pay Ĺ the rent on that place youíre hoping to share with Jason. 

For Jax, a gift certificate to the local hair salon.  Get it fixed and then come talk to us about being sexy again.  Same for Ned. 

For Brenda, a pair of Mork rainbow suspenders with the little hand clippies.  ĎNuff said. 

Jason gets a pair of cargo pants Ė I think heíll have fun with all the pockets for his assorted B&E tools.  Sonny and Carly each get a pair of jeans.  

Zander gets a pair of hip wadersÖI think it might be getting real deep for him in the New Year!!



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