It’s taken me a lifetime to write this column.  Not that it’s journalistic mastery by any stretch but I’ve just been…uninspired I suppose, so I hope you still remember the show because I still wanted to write about it.  I love movies. I love gorgeous gowns and gorgeous jewelry and gorgeous hair and gorgeous shoes and I especially love gorgeous men in tuxedos.  The Academy Awards deliver so many of my great loves and at a time when the world feels too real and grisly, it was a true delight to cozy up on the couch on a Sunday night to engage in the show.  I read that this 75th year was the least watched Oscar telecast ever.  I’m an escapist I guess, so to me it was a welcome diversion from grim cable news.  In recognition of the war, there was no red carpet rolled out for celebrity arrivals.  It was also understood that attendees would “downplay the glamour”.  Judging from some of those borrowed diamonds, I can’t say that I noticed much downplaying, but at least no one showed up with a stuffed goose wrapped around their neck.  ;) 

Among the gorgeous men, I thought that Keanu Reeves looked especially handsome.  And I make a motion to say that we just haven’t seen enough Keanu lately.  The Matrix wasn’t really my cup of tea so I’ve been missing him for far too long.  He gets my award for “Most Dashing Fellow” of the evening. 


Don’t they look like they’re having great fun?

Sean Connery thrilled me when he appeared wearing a ruffled jabot collar beneath his tux jacket complete with tails.  Who else could possibly pull that off?  He is one of those men who have remained purely yummy in his maturity.  Harrison Ford, Jack Nicholson and Richard Gere also hit the mark for sexy older Hollywood dudes but Sean takes the cake in my opinion, simply because his wife is mature as well. 

The younger set of yummies was on hand too.  Matthew McConaughey has the greatest head of hair I think God has ever placed on a man.  Ben Affleck always looks magnificent, but even if he wore a loincloth (or especially if he wore a loincloth), I’d tell you that because he’s my favorite guy.  I’m a big fan of creative tuxedo-ing for the gents (cuz not everyone should have to go standard penguin) but I’m not all that impressed with the all black (including the shirt & tie) look.  Colin Farrell has enough edge to pull it off but there’s something about white tux shirts that makes me just insist on them. 

The ladies positively glowed for Oscar night.  Jennifer Garner, Julianne Moore, Halle Berry, Salma Hayek and Kate Hudson all looked positively radiant.  Renee Zellweger is adorable.  I love that she’s not a typical movie star beauty but still commands leading lady status in films. The press made a huge fuss about the weight that she gained for the movie “Bridget Jones’ Diary”, but it remains my opinion that she actually looked better with a few extra pounds.  Her Carolina Herrera gown was divine – red chiffon with a beautifully beaded bodice, but it truly would have been much lovelier if only she had filled it out a bit. 

I’m always amazed at the transformation that Nicole Kidman’s looks have made since her early days in the movies.  She was perfectly pulled together with sleek hair and a simple black Gaultier designed gown.  I was also amazed at the fact that Catherine Zeta Jones actually performed a song and dance number while nine months pregnant and so I barely noticed her gown.  It was a beautiful brown Versace though and it definitely showcased her maternal bosom.  Really, really showcased it…lol

I’ve read a lot of fashion reviews in the last week or so and I may be the only person who watched who actually liked Jennifer Lopez’s Oscar look.  She went for a vintage Valentino caftan type gown in seafoam green.  Not that the gown was remarkable – it was reminiscent of Three’s Company’s Mrs. Roper actually – but JLo scores points for recognizing that certain modesty can be intriguing.  She probably could have toned down the matching green eyeshadow but with the fantastic, huge diamond chandelier earrings dangling down to there, no one but me noticed her eyes anyway. 

So, I suppose if I must choose Best and Worst Dressed women...I’m going to go with Hillary Swank and Cameron Diaz as a tie for Worst.  Cameron’s dress is cool enough, but she needs to do something with that hair.  For such a gorgeous woman, she just never seems to pull it all the way together at these ceremonies.  Hillary Swank is lovely and I actually wrote in my notes that I liked her dress before I got a really good look at it.  That brooch at her waist is by Bulgari and it’s absolutely gorgeous but she should have left that freaky see-through pink net off the whole ensemble.  It ruined it and made me have a Lara Flynn Boyle Golden Globe flashback.  Not quite as bad, but bad enough. My best-dressed gal is Diane Lane.  Her hair and makeup were absolutely perfect.  I like the hair to be done, but not too, and the makeup to be a little more than everyday.  The dress was GORGEOUS!! Ostrich feathers!! I LOVE IT!!

                  Hillary                                      Cameron                                   Diane

It has been said that Oscar fashion prefaces the styles for the entire year.  My impression overall was that the stars went for femininity, classic lines and retro, retro, retro.  I’m especially drawn to the glamour of the 1940’s and 50’s and there is so much out there that just screams June Cleaver with an edge.  Flower prints, full skirts, lacy peeks and fabulous open toed shoes…all the while looking fresh, clean and just plain pretty.  That’s the trend folks, and whether you’re working 9-5 at the office or working 24-7 at the house, you can incorporate a dash of celebrity style into your wardrobe with just a few simple touches.  I’m just staying away from the seafoam eyeshadow…and the Bulgari brooch (unfortunately ;).  Hope the Daytimers can impress me at their upcoming Emmy ceremony – I’ll be sitting with pen in hand and it won’t take me as long to tell you what I thought this time…Scout’s honor.    

Pictures were snapped up from all over the ‘net (mostly www.women.com, a site which I thoroughly enjoy for browsing all things celebrity) so if I posted one and you’re claiming photographic rights, no problem dude – just e-mail me and I’ll take it down.  Since it’s been 2 weeks since the awards though…it shouldn’t be THAT much of a problem – pics are everywhere! 




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