There wasn’t much in the way of excitement for the Fashion Police this week.  Well, we did have Brenda in checkered pajamas (were they pajamas?) and boots demanding champagne (insert my comment about loving every single solitary moment that Jason and Brenda spend bickering with each other right about here…) and then we had a flashback to her in Alcazar’s South American mansion wearing something akin to a very colorful sarong and white jeans.  Did you miss that?  My pal Kathy of On The Soap Box:  Rants and Rambles, by Kathy taught me how to insert pictures so I am here to provide with you with visual aides… 

The Alcazar Mansion Look   

Fairies Wear Boots Look 

 We won’t hold her accountable for sleepwear or anything she wore under the influence of Alcazar drugs though…J She has looked so incredibly normal lately – even wearing appropriate clothing to her hypnosis session.  I’m practically induced to a Brenda-esque giggle when I picture that little flower print button-down hanging in the closet beside the back brace and the electrical tape blouse.   

It seems that Faith has adapted the policy of integrating patches of leather into business wear. Carly did that for a while so I’m guessing it’s a mafia thing.  I love Sonny’s tan overcoat.  It’s nice to see him in a color besides black.  I’m still on scarf patrol and he has quite a few different ones.  Probably not as many as Courtney has coats, but I think the clotheshorse thing might just be genetic.   

I finally saw the fur collared coat that I want and it’s Carly’s.   Ooh, I loved that stripy fur. The slim, slightly A-line silhouette made me swoon.  See – good clothes or Ric…it doesn’t take much ;)  I continue to admire the way that Carly has come around in so many more ways than one.  Not at the bottom of the list is the wardrobe.  It’s been delightfully sexyclassy and I like that a lot for her.  I’m going to pretend that she didn’t whack Alexis across the head because she just looks too nice in a turtleneck and a pencil skirt to act like a heathen schoolgirl.  

How about Lizzie lately though?  Sometimes I get the urge to venture outside my cozy little nest at EOS and it’s associated message boards to see what the rest of the world is thinking about GH  (Suffice it to say I return quickly and preen for hours afterward...).  There was major discussion about Liz’s hair this week, which I found pretty amusing.  From “A bedraggled Bo-Peep” to “fabulous”, the opinions varied.  I say that it was a cute, trendy little look for a cute young thing such as herself so I’m giving the hair and her entire look two thumbs up.  She’s looking healthy, pretty and ready to rumble (?)… 

I should just skip comments on Courtney’s dusky pastel sweaters and how they mirror the way her character is being portrayed as having the personality of a dishrag.  Let’s just say that if anyone belongs in college, it’s her and not Summer.  She could sure use the learnin’.  Nothing against pastels because I actually really love them but it’s like TPTB are just thrusting this image of her being sweet and innocent and frankly, gaggable (I know that’s not a word – I made it up ‘specially for her ;). I loved that Liz was wearing red when she cracked her misty lavender self...tee hee. 

Pretty, pretty Alexis.  There.  I just needed to say something nice about her.  I like her red velvet scarf because it reminds me that coursing through her veins is royal Cassadine blood and maybe if I wish hard enough she will return to her former glory of acting like she has a backbone and a few functioning brain cells. 

I guess that’s about it from me.  I got some positive responses about integrating Port Charles (the soap) into the column so be on the lookout…we’re expanding our force!!  

E-mail me if you have a chance!! Love to get ‘em. 500 Cool Points if you know who sang “Fairies Wear Boots”. ;) 

Screen caps captured from Shanna at GHScreenCaps@groups.msn.comThat site just totally rocks!!  



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