Happy 2003 everyone!  I hope some of you had the opportunity to get all dressed up and fancy to ring in the New Year.  If so, I’d love to hear from you because living vicariously through others is something I do pretty well.  That explains my newfound obsession with The Sims™ computer game and my oldest obsession with my soap.  Trouble is, there isn’t a person on today’s GH that I care to take up on any vicarious living, so truly… if you have any good stories of romance, danger and/or intrigue, I’d love to hear from ya ;)  Better yet, maybe you should just send them to GH co-writers Robert Guza and Charles Pratt.  Their contact information is freely available under “Contacts” (go figure) on the EOS GH page Eye On Soaps.  I really think they could use the ideas… Annnyway.. 

Is it me or has Brenda been dressing remarkably normal in the last week or so?  Do you think TPTB are reading my column?  ;)  Actually, I do wonder if lotsa people were writing and calling in to say “What in the complete hell is she doing running around with her drawers hangin’ out?” I have learned from a couple of very reliable sources (undercover agents…teehee) that this whole boy underwear peering out above waistbands is in fact a trend, albeit a bad one.  My 18-20 year old sources indicate that most subscribers to this trend are college age and well, a little on the sleazy weezy side.  WELL…Brenda is for darn sure not college age and you can just judge for your own selves about her being a weezy.  She needs to put those panties AWAY! I had the chance to watch some of the “Brenda Brenda Brenda” marathon on SoapNet and I can tell ya if you have forgotten; she used to dress really cute!  I’m still not completely over the Rachel haircut NBC.com > Friends so I was really feeling nostalgic watching Vanessa Marcil prance around in all her early 90’s glory.   

 I won’t even mention how much better Jax looked way back when and how much he is starting to resemble a raisin in the sun now.  Sorry – I didn’t mean to mention that ;) but Ingo really needs to invest in some SPF 30 for his face, as it is getting a little leathery.  And being Australian, one would think he’s heard of the 3 Minute Miracle Aussie Hair Care: Product Guide. Get it together man!  He just used to be so darn cute! When I saw him in those board shorts on their island getaway, I even thought that his body didn’t look nearly as defined as it had in the past.  Then I thought maybe I was being jaded by the character’s downright deplorable behavior lately, but nah…he’s letting himself go.  Evidence exists and I saw it right around 2am on SoapNet.  Don’t get me wrong, if he were standing before me and I had no idea that he had treated Skye like something he scraped off the bottom of his Nike, I’d still have to mop up some Jax induced drool.  I mean, there’s no doubt about the man being a living Ken doll.  I would just hate to see him turn into the Ken doll that you left floating in the kiddie pool for a week… 

So, since we visited a really BAD trend with the boy underwear, let us now visit one that the Fashion Police are giving a great big thumbs up.  I considered writing a special “out of time” New Year’s column ;) all about the symbolism of what type of winter scarf was selected for each character.  I didn’t really have the mental energy for all that though, but I will mention that Sonny and NuGia wore nearly identical gray silk scarves with some kind of Roman column print on them.  Hmmm… Scarves are really big this season and everyone in Port Charles knows it.  The longer the scarf, the more stylish it seems.  My favorite scarf appeared on Liz…bright stripes, knotted at the neck and hanging down past her waist.  Always the dapper ones, Ric, Sonny and Ned have each worn some really nice man scarves.  Carly’s long rust colored coat looked beautiful with a long knit scarf in a matching hue.  The only scarf that I question is the one worn by Summer when she and Luke went on their little escapade.  Suddenly it seems not only is she pretending to be Laura, she has also purchased an entirely new wardrobe that mimics Laura’s. Eeks!  If there is ever a wardrobe that should not be mimicked, it is that of Laura Spencer. They never knew what to do with that poor woman as far as clothing and I always figured it was because she tipped the scales at more than the soapy standard of 115 or so.  As if she were tremendous, she was garbed in flowing florals for home and weird mother of the bride pastel suits when she went to work.  When Summer showed up with a gaudy floral silk scarf trailing around her shoulders, I shuddered.  Nooooo!!! They must not resurrect the sofa prints for this character!  Isn’t it enough that she must endure the wall of Jericho? 

Did anyone notice Carly’s whore blouse at Christmas?  I know Sage must have seen it.  She only had it on for a few scenes before Sonny was rushed off to the PCPD (at which point it was necessary to appear more conservative I imagine) but I always laugh when I see her in bright red satin now.  She is just nodding knowingly and saying, “Ya know what?? I’ve got the blouse AND the man”…  All kidding aside, Tamara Braun has been a true scene-stealer lately.  She has been looking beautiful and I can’t gush enough about how beautifully those cut out pointelle sweaters and slender skirts suit her.  Of course, having Ric as an accessory doesn’t hurt (y’all know how much I adore him, don’t you?).  I really did enjoy the New Year’s episode.  It would have been nice to see more cast integration, but all in all, it was tremendously enjoyable to me.  The scenery and the costumes were fabulous.  Ric in wire frame glasses was fabulous. Ric in jeans and a fleece pullover with a sledgehammer was fabulous.  Ric speaking legalese with Alexis was fabulous.  Oh, I’m getting a little carried away...oops! 

The question came out in Kathy’s On The Soap Box:  Rants and Rambles, by Kathy column about the style factor for Coleman’s big ol’ collar at the Q Christmas party.  Ya know what I say?  I say that Coleman is marching to the beat of his own drummer and that’s great.  It’s refreshing to have a character that doesn’t fit into a box and who has a very distinct sense of style.  That collar made me chuckle and it endeared me to Coleman all the more.  I say that style is less about trends and more about expression.  Coleman expresses…oh yes he does!  I’m so glad that his hair is still around – I was really nervous about them hacking it to bits and putting him in something bland like black jeans a la Roy, Zander, Luke and Jason.  Even worse, I was nervous that he’d suffer through being suited up like Sonny.  That just wouldn’t have worked for him.  I love his dynamic with my girl Skye and I really hope that they continue to make mischief and mayhem together for a good while.  And I hope he keeps that hair and those clothes ;) 

I can’t end without agreeing with Sherry Mercurial Mercurio!'s journal about Skye still looking exquisite (ok, that was my word for how she looks ;) even though she’s drowning at the bottom of a vodka bottle.  Her beautiful red Christmas dress was something that I would LOVE to own.  Robin Christopher did an interview in the most recent Soap Opera Digest about Skye’s fashion.  She said that she never really borrows the clothes because she’s much more comfortable dressing as herself in casual wear…but I just don’t think I could resist if I were her! 

I hope that each of you has a wonderful New Year.  If you have any comments about anything in the column or any of the styles (or unstyles...lol) on General Hospital, please drop me a line.  I love to get your e-mails!  Also, I don’t know if this is a promise or a threat, but SoapNet has (finally!) moved Port Charles on their evening line-up so it shows right after GH.  I might just start telling you about how much I love Lucy’s jewelry and miss Rafe’s facial hair.  Let me know if you’d like to hear it. ;) 



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