I disappoint myself sometimes.  If I’m going to stop watching General Hospital it should be for a good reason.  I should have some kind of real problem with the alien way that all female characters are currently behaving.  I should hate the way relationships between and among characters are ignored and I should despise the way one man seems to be an omnipotent being in the fictional town of Port Charles.  They should just get it over with and have a parade in Sonny’s honor.  The best-designed float could guarantee its creator a future scene with the god of broken barware.  I should hate all that…and I do.  The SoapNet commercial that ends with Carly’s affirmation that “You’re a good man Sonny” echoes through my brain and grates on my nerves like nails on a chalkboard. The show has changed on such a fundamental level that most days as the credits roll, I find myself squinting and shaking my head, wondering when the proverbial rug was pulled out.  I should stop watching for those reasons and more but I know that I won’t.  I’ll watch today, tomorrow and the next day always hoping for the winds of change.  Like Scarlett, I know that tomorrow is another day and like Dorothy I believe that the rainbow ends frickin’ somewhere.  I also don’t want to miss anything because you just never know when Elizabeth could add arsenic to the chili or Gia may decide to do some porn for a few extra bucks.  I’ll need to know the history if they are ever again redeemed from such crimes.  I’m a history buff, what can I say?  I’m kicking myself right now for missing years of One Life to Live.  That show is so hot right now that as I try to think about anything that anyone was wearing in Port Chuck, my mind wanders to the streets of Llanview where Roxy was dressed up as Marilyn Monroe yesterday (!) and Dorian, Cassie and Blair shared a powerful scene (They’re related! They’re smart! They even have backbones!) .   

After watching OLTL, I sat through GH and decided that if one thing could possibly pry me away from this show, it was decidedly and quite singlehandedly, the character of Courtney.  Not that she was particularly annoying yesterday (as opposed to any other day), but seeing her in the workout gear, pigtails a floppin’, I just felt that white-hot hatred reserved for so very few in the soaps.  Think Angel Boris. Or Juan.  UGH!  It’s not the actress…oh no.  It’s definitely the character.  I know because I liked her when she was with AJ.  I liked their cheap walk-up with the great couch pillows and other remarkable accessories.  I now hate her redecoration schemes, I hate her little idea about being tough girls to show those “chauvinistic but oh-so-caring” men in hers and Carly’s lives.  She could make me stop watching.  She could try anyway...but now that I know what she’s up to, I’m ready.  Girlfriend might have it over me in the bicep department but she kicks like a Guza girl. Bwahahaha 

Alright, so that was a long rant and you’re thinking that if I ever stop bitching, I might talk about what these people are wearing.  Take a look at this and come back.  

GH 40th Anniversary Picture! 

K…how about that?  Isn’t that a great picture?  Isn’t Sage a riot?  Slutty mob moll clothes now at Old Navy and Nordstrom’s!!  I laughed ‘til I cried!  Lucas DOES look like Matt LeBlanc – now if he had a thimble full of Joey’s personality, I might have a remote interest in the new Scoobs.  Check out Gia and tell me who knew that she was built like THAT?  Yes, underneath the tweed is a black leather mini just dying to steal a scene!  Georgie is too cool with her little drawstring capris and Maxie needs to be much closer to Mac because I don’t think he’d like that outfit much at all!  Jax always wears a blue tie.  It’s creepy, but suits, ties…they’re all blue!  Summer and Courtney must work out together.  I’m thinking that Jason and Lucky are pulling overtime at the gym just so they won’t get outshined in any shirtless scenes with those two girls.  My gosh!  I love Faith.  Contrived character, worse story…but darn if Cynthia Preston doesn’t bring such life and joie de vivre to the role.  And she’s GORGEOUS! Even without makeup and limping around the hospital in her shiny blue robe...she’s gorgeous!  Same goes for Ric Hearst…which segues me directly to the Soap Opera Digest Awards cuz those two gorgeous beings presented together ;)   


I happen to watch a lot of SoapNet.  I watch Lisa Rinna and Ty Treadway’s SOAPnet.com: Only on SOAPnet: SoapTalk show frequently and I can attest to the fact that Lisa is a true fashionista.  She loves cutting edge designs and she usually wears them pretty well.  I don’t know what the complete hell she was thinking when she donned her three selections for these awards – her nipples were more prominent than her lips in the first one, her decorative flower bigger than her entire head in the second one and then there was the “Pucci Hoochie”, which was aptly named by our resident cynic, the lovely Kate Brown, who wrote an utterly fabulous review of all the evening’s fashions here… Our Resident Cynic Pans the Soap Opera Digest Awards!.  That picture at the top of Kate’s column by the way, was taken before Ty Treadway did whatever he did to his hair.  Some men will forever look better with their trapped in the 80’s look and doggonnit; he’s one of them.  I do NOT like his hair flopping about on his forehead – it reminds of Courtney’s pigtails or something and darnit, he’s just studly enough to keep it the other way (whine, whine, whine).  Greg Vaughan (Lucky) was nominated for “Best Newcomer” (for the show he’s no longer on) and they showed a clip of him with floppy hair that totally worked for him…still irks me that they clipped his sexy locks.  It appears that Steve Burton may be a little too handy with the Flow-bee he mentioned. ;) Susan Lucci received a Diamond Award and even better, a diamond and platinum necklace that totally rocked.  Who needs another Emmy when you can sparkle like that?   

I’m completely impressed with NuEmily.  She can act and she’s very beautiful.  It’s a good thing she didn’t come back blonde…I wouldn’t have put it past them!  I am looking forward to Tyler Christopher’s return as Nikolas.  I like Coltin Scott and he did a fine job as Nik, but Tyler is FABULOUS and his pores just ooze princely sophistication so those who don’t know – don’t fret.  It’s a gooooood thing ;)   

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