May 31, 2003

Lemmee AT ‘em!  This is an Emergency Fashion Report…  Sonny’s picking out another darn wedding dress AND we have matrimonial planning going down with no Elton in sight!  What the hell is THAT about?  I’m on the edge here…and am finally just forced to have an entire line of thought devoted to Courtney and Jason!   

Some guy from Wyndham’s (Biff or something...all I know is, it wasn’t Elton!!), the local department store shows up with a rack (a rack! One rack!) of bland ass dresses and that’s what Courtney gets?  No day in New York City with Carly?  Not even an evening on the penthouse couch with a bag of potato chips and an issue of ModernBride between ‘em?  I’m not altogether thrilled with the idea of a “Journey” wedding (though I would love if their song was oh...I dunno...say “Faithfully”..hehe), but heck, it’s a wedding and it’s being planned so I might as well just jump in on the enthusiasm.  No one else will be getting a cake and carriage anytime soon, ya know?  Alright, so Courtney ends up modeling dresses for Sonny and of course, money is “no object”.  The dress is on Sonny and he’s loaded.  Mended bridges or not, if I’m Courtney and given carte blanche from the brother who has committed a menu of wrongs against me..hehe, I’d have had VeraWang on the line in about 3 seconds.  Courtney, on the other hand, picked out some common little “designer” (pfft!) prom dress, complete with elastic shoulder thingies that your mom might insist on to be certain that your off the shoulder dress wouldn’t inadvertently get too far off the shoulder.  Another manifestation of the Courtney personality, which from what I gather, is that of a high school freshman who made Varsity Cheerleader.  Whatever.  I have bigger plans for this little chickadee…lemmee at ‘em, I say!!  I’m thinking that we’re all ripe for an absolute extravaganza – it’s been far too long.  I’m taking the liberty of redesigning the Morgan nuptials, and we’re going with a theme.. 

From Commoner                                                        To Camelot! 

Isn’t that dress a riot?  I found it online – a Canadian designer named Rya Shankman has a business called Fairy Fashion Wedding Gowns, and if you are looking for something a bit or a lot medieval…this is your place.  Really gorgeous, gorgeous stuff if that’s your thang ;). The dress that I chose for young Courtney is called “Lancelot’s Lady” and if that ain’t fittin’, I just don’t know what is.   

I’m picturing the ceremony taking place in the hall of Sonny’s apartment building, right in front of the elevator doors (which will be decorated with some big paper covers to make them look like something from a castle.  We’ll have to call Cristian Vega to do the set design; I don’t Liz will be at all cooperative), and the bride will walk from Sonny’s penthouse to the hall.  Insert the theme from “Excalibur”. The priest will be somber and reflective as the bride approaches.  Carly will be standing by, with her hair back in one of those little nets, dressed in gothic maroon maternity.  As Jason approaches, Carly will draw her sword and tap it on either of his shoulders as she and Sonny give forth the virgin (uh…never mind that) bride.   

Jason will be arriving from his penthouse door…resplendent on a rented white steed, or maybe just his motorcycle, decked out with some crepe paper and beer cans.  We’re fixing up his rental tux look too…don’t worry.  I’m thinking something in silver..

      Jason will appreciate that he can never be too safe! 

So, are you all on board?  After the ceremony, Jason could park the horse or bike (whichever one gets finalized on the budget – I’m flexible) and the party will gather at Sonny’s place for turkey legs and lots of wine.  Nothing is too good for the lords and ladies of Camelot, er uh..Port Charles, so there would be hours of dancing and dining, jousting and fencing.  A good time for all until the bride and her groom whisk off into the night, he on his steed, she on a custom built sidecar.   

Alright, so I’m being sarcastic.  You figured me out.  I have resigned myself to the romance of Journey, and will just color myself pleasantly surprised if it ever ends.  If you’re a Journey fan and feel the need to e-mail me and tell me that Courtney deserves a serious and beautiful prom…darn..I keep doing that…wedding, know that I appreciate your stance, but have been watching soapies for too long to fall for the Backstreet Boys of soap romances.  It’s a darn boy band world anymore – full of manufactured and demographic conscious entertainment – I was just thinking that they could at least manufacture a chuckle from me if they actually let Jason wear some armor. ;) 

And I’m cracking up at the strippers showing up for the bridal shower.  Courtney handled it with characteristic grace – I was glad.   

Peace out, and I promise – next week I’ll actually watch the show and pay attention to what they’re wearing. E-mail me if ya get a chance…I always love to hear what you’re thinking, even if it is in praise of our little flowers in the attic.  Hee Hee


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