Ten Reasons Why I'm Still Watching GH 

1. Tyler Christopher's Nikolas/Conner is kissing and being all sexy and it ain't with Emily.   

2. Skye.  She's just my girl and that's all.  You don't have to tell me that we've seen the Weekend at Bernie's plot twice before in recent history (but it was cute that it was RC's hubby!  Much cuter than poor Rick Weber in a fishing cap and a sunken Caddy), I know.  And now with the FauxLaura (that's *such* a hookery wig) story, sheesh.  It's just that I'm enjoying watching RC's pregnancy more than the ones that were actually written on the show.  And they pretty much just throw fabric at her and see how it falls - who knew that chic maternity wear could result from a neckhole cut in the middle of a few yards of flattering material?   

3. Lorenzo seems slightly less smitten with Carly's gold lined hoozit.  Any more of his drooling and looking horribly pathetic and I was going to throw my 27" flatscreen like so much barware.  I cannot accept indignity as part of Lorenzo's character.   

4. Hello?  Alexis and Ric!  Whether it comes down to hot monkey love or not, I'm interested.  They are two of my very favorite actors. Bring on any amount of courtroom drama and hey, maybe Ric will decide that private practice sounds more appealing than the DA gig.  And they could partner a firm.  I'd like to see Sonny wrap his brain around that set of circumstances once he finds out that Kristina is a biological Corinthos.  And doesn't Alexis look faboo lately?  Ric too. ;)  

5. I like Catherine Wadkins, the actress who portrays Mary.  I'm not positive that the direction in which Mary the character is headed could be interpreted as anything but a trainwreck, but I'm wholly impressed by her ability to not be Natalia Livingston (Emily).  She dresses like an entry-level office employee, I've noticed.  Why is she always wearing a skirt suit that is some variant of gray?  Where does she work besides the hospital?  She should go answer the phone for Courtney.   

6. Luke and Lucky seem to be related at times.  I am sensing that Greg Vaughn may rise above his under-the-radar status on this show soon.  I also nurture the fantasy that when he stops playing cop, he'll realize the velcro on that uniform and give us the strip tease we've all been waiting for.   

7. I'm always waiting for more Tracy.  She's so Cruella DeVil with those fabulous long Chinese jackets.  I was ready to snack on a few weeks of play between her and Jax, but alas...Jax had more significant business to attend with the commandeering of Sam's womb.  *sigh*  I want to see Tracy with her sons, Tracy at ELQ, - Tracy, Tracy, Tracy.  Tracy TV.  She should however, never have to speak or consort with Sage Alcazar again.  Unless it's to say good morning after creeping out of Uncle Lorenzo's bed...hehe.   

8.  This is getting harder.  I'm still watching GH because I'm fascinated by the depths to which Carly's wardrobe will actually sink?  Courtney too?   

9. I'm holding out hope that Luke will burn down the gazebo in the park.  I've been somewhat spoiler free lately so when he was torching Wyndemere, I was shrieking, "Noooo, that's my favorite set!!!"  But at least now we know what may have happened to  the Brownstone, and Bobbie for that matter.  Darn pyromaniac, body hiding Luke. 

10.  Okay, I only have to come up with one more reason.  I'm loathe to admit that I enjoy Sam and Jason together.  Separately, each of them make me gag.  Together, I'm happy to claw at a few crumbs of Brazen redux.  It's sad, I realize.  Jason is only capable of sustaining my interest when he's arguing/bantering with a woman who isn't Carly.  I see an appreciation for Sam in Jason's eyes.  I think maybe Steve Burton is just ogling her boobs, but that's ok - the emotion comes across despite his best efforts to call it all in.   

So that's that.  I'm still here, slamming Diet Coke and cursing the crap that continues to be regurgitated by these wretched writers.  There's so much potential for interesting storytelling and it's more difficult than ever for me to get excited about the stuff that they end up telling us.  I end up thinking of the ways that I would have written it differently and when I sit down to police the fashion, it turns out as fan fiction instead.  "If only they'd...have Carly mean what she says for more than five minutes, have Courtney have one adoing! moment that actually lasts through the week.  Shoot Emily."  While I'm not usually one for naysaying before things actually happen onscreen, the summer "American Idol" teen story sounds like a whopping flop that will likely peter out by mid-July.  We'll see Georgie and Dillon have almost sex again and again (and ew, really - they're so adept at making such absolutes of Madonnas and Whores; why on God's green earth can't Georgie just *be* a good girl and NOT plan to have sex with Dillon?  Is anyone turned on by the thought of these two banging away at each other???).  It's a shame that with Scott Clifton's talent and Lindze Letherman's ability to hang right along beside him in a scene, that these two aren't getting something with more substance.  What the heck happened to Dillon working for Alcazar? Or with Luke?  It would be different if I'd seen more than two scenes where Ned and Dillon felt like brothers, but this L&B thing just seems like a marketing decision handed down from above that no one who actually watched the show would think was a good idea.   

Carly and Sonny's ongoing saga of dysfunction has reached an all-time low.  This "I'll live with you for Michael's sake" trash is just that.  Wouldn't it make more sense for Carly and the children to inhabit Jason's penthouse and just be across the hall for the sake of holding the little Godfather's idyllic family together?  I'm sure Jason wouldn't mind shacking up somewhere a little less posh.  Maybe Italy?  I just hate that Carly was finally smart for eight seconds and had gotten away from Sonny, and now she's back, her sex brain apparently guiding her into the same hamster wheel of abuse that she's been on for years.  For the children.  That kind of environment is so good for the hapless little buggers... And possibly the worst crime of the entire S&C break-up ordeal is that Carly has taken to wearing jeans.  I've been a longtime proponent of soap characters dressing like normal folks from time to time.  I love to see jeans on say, Alexis.  Carly's skinny little jeans and her fugly straitjacket inspired whatever that was that she wore for a week and a half just reeked.  And now, the brown polyester hipsters and a jean jacket.  Someone just let her back into Sonny's life and bed and wherever else she wants to crawl around.  She dressed better and that's all that really matters when I'm cruising by her in fast-forward.  She should probably invest in some turtlenecks though, in case she wants to conceal the choke collar from time to time. 

And speaking of the little Godfather... Not only does Michael just get waaaay too much airtime and story devoted to his brattery, but what kid stands for the nerdy clothes that they give him?  Carly flutters around like she's headed for a rave, but Michael is wearing corduroys and vests and little plaid shirts?  I think little Michael should urban out and show us what being a little gangsta' is really about.  Some Adidas, some bling and basketball jerseys over baggy jeans that are falling off his behind.  That'd be keeping it real.  *sigh*, I really miss AJ being part of the equation for that kid.  Without him, I'm just not really interested at all and sincerely wish he'd go visit Lucas.  And if they're going to make him be such a spiteful little monster, can it at least be acknowledged as such and not just laughed off by those who supposedly love him?  See...there I go, rewriting everything in my head.  I oughta stop now. 

I hope that everyone is doing well and finding something to enjoy in our favored hamlet, Port Charles.  I must say that although I don't do it often enough, it is a privilege to write for you and that I am most appreciative of everyone who reads and sends e-mail.  Eye on Soaps is a wunnnnerful place to write, and it is always my pleasure to be considered a part of this website.   


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