March 10, 2004

Wow.  OK, so now we write a bit, FedEx and wait.  We received the loan application for the mortgage (thanks, M!) and now we fill it out, get together all of the supporting documents, including waiting for Eric's new VA eligibility letter (he's a disabled vet) and then send the package off to the broker.  She says it will take about a week or so after she gets the package back for it to go through (you KNOW we're FedEx'ing it to her).  :)  There are still hurdles we could hit, but I've been using the energy of the waning moon (we were full on Saturday) to get rid of the obstacles.  (You build things up on the waxing moon and banish things on the waning moon - moon gets bigger/moon goes away theory)  We've done everything we can do until the VA letter gets here (they're VERY on the ball and we expect it soon) and our broker has done everything she can do (and then some, or rather, a LOT) until she gets the package from us.  So now we all wait and rest a bit. 

Part of making the offer on the house was that we had to give the agent a deposit to go along with the offer, which keeps just anyone from tying up the process by making an offer.  They figure if you have money invested in any way, you're serious.  Pfft.  You know our life.  We don't have money just hanging around, especially not in bulk.  The agent was able to cut the required deposit down from $2000 to $1000.  We knew Eric was due to get about that much from his business, but that's always a cagey thing because sometimes people pay the guys and sometimes they don't.  It was going to be our "throw some money at the loud bills" money, but this won the priority smackdown event.   Still, we wouldn't have the money for several days after we had to make the offer. 

Eric called the property managers of our current house and told them that we were going to have to stop payment on the rent check in order to make the deposit on the house we were putting into escrow.  He assured them that we'd have the money for them within a week and would be happy to pay the late fee.  The lady half of the couple was very sympathetic and assured us that would be fine.  Eric left to go buy materials for a job they have this week and within an hour, the man half of the property manager couple was on my doorstep in what I can only call barely controlled rage.  I mean, he was PISSED that Eric had stopped payment.  I got Eric on the phone and they bantered a bit (Eric was disadvantaged because he was still at the store where they buy parts) and as he left, the PM handed me a three day Pay or Quit notice.  When Eric came home, HE was furious and called the guy back and they argued back and forth a good deal.  We knew that they had been aware 2 weeks before we were notified that the house was going on the market and were already a little stung that they hadn't given us a heads up.  I mean, we've rented from them for 3 1/2 years and had to hear it from a total stranger.  Two real estate agents have told us that the houses in this area sell within 5 days on the market on average, so even two weeks can make a difference in being prepared.  The guy was all hung up on how he wasn't legally required to give us that information and Eric was trying to get him to see that it wasn't about legalities, it was about courtesy to along time renter.  We understand that we are late and that he had to give us the notice to cover his own butt, but instead of being so pissed at us about it (and Eric was very clear to the lady about why we were doing it and when he'd pay), it could have been more like "I understand why you had to do what you did, but I have to give you this to cover my ass legally.  Get me the money, dude."  So we are very disenchanted by how they've handled this whole thing.  Eric said that he was now dropping the priority on getting them their money, but I'm sure when he's cooled down he'll be more level-headed about it.  He did get the money he was promised, so the rent is there.

ALSO, two days ago, I got 5 calls from realtors about the house.  Four just said they had clients who were interested in the house and might want to tour.  The other guy set up an appointment for last night between 5-5:30.  He never showed.  Today, I had a group of (literally) 15 or so realtors ring the bell telling me they were ready for their tour.  (WTCF?)  Evidently, the lady who listed the house was supposed to let us know.  Well, could they tour anyway (hopeful, expectant, slighting intimidating grin)?  Nope.  Buh-bye.  then after they left, little groups of about 2-3 kept showing up to "join the tour."  Ah... this is the life.  Still, the house has been on the market since Friday and I haven't ended up with a legitimate showing yet.  Guess all that pissing around the property worked.  ;-)  I keep counting the days until the escrow closes, whenever that is.  I think we'll drive from the title company to the U-haul dealership.  Boxes!  Mama needs boxes!!

Nathan was very sad and didn't want to go to preschool today, so I have him here with me.  "Those girls won't let me play!"  Talked to the teacher and found out he cried for about 20 minutes yesterday and got to hold the "Sad Bear," which is a pouty looking bear the kids get to cuddle when they're sad.  He was so bummy, I just took him home.  Am I teaching him if things get tough, you can just leave?  Yeah, probably.  This time, though, avoidance works in my favor.  Since the new school district has a fee-based preschool, it will be better for ME if he busies himself exploring his new digs and that kid-heaven back yard.  He can then just start kindergarten in the fall.  It was going to be really hard to pull him away from preschool if he was still in love with it.  (Hmmm.... maybe I've been breaking down too many obstacles!)  He's totally happy now and that's what matters.

Delena can't wait to leave.  She's begging every day to start moving.  She hates her school and hates the area and wants to shake Sac off her shoes.  She has 3-4 friends she's sad to leave (one is Kenny, who made her an Elvis fan and has really nice eyes), but other than that, she's done with this place.  I think I am too.  It's so amazing how the Universe knows what we need before we do and moves us toward it, sometimes kicking and screaming.  :)

Can you believe it!  The new town does not have DSL or cable internet or even cable!!  There's something called "Speak Easy" that I can get or Direct TV (SoapNet here I come!!).

Here's a fun thing I found when I was cleaning my garage:

I saved this from an office pass around from about 15 years ago or so.

I am soooo sleepy today.  I'd love it if Eric was here so I could take a nap.  Naps are just lovely.  Sadly, he's working on a project today and won't be around for a while.  Delena is a close second and will be here in a couple of hours, so there's hope on the horizon.

Has anyone checked out "Kingdom Hospital" yet?  I missed last week, but may have to give it a look tonight.  Since it will come on right after the Star Treks, I may or may not manage to stay awake for it.  See?  The nap is now an essential act. 

Not just pretty words.  In this time of pausing in the process (and humoring the issues on this end regarding our current house), I'm still focused on that wonderful house as a beacon to my future.  My soul will feel safe there.  It's already my home.  This place is just a shell that keeps us safe until I get to my home.  So many things are now hinging on the house happening that I can't even see it not happening.  It's like the world would stop spinning or something if the mortgage didn't go through.  It just has to happen.

Thanks again for the happy thoughts and well wishes.  They mean the world to us.


PS:  Yikes!!!  Eric just found out that in order for the mortgage to go through, we have to have a reported year of clean rental from our property managers!  Aggggh!  What sucks is that one of the property managers (the wife) told us it was OK to stop payment on the rent check and pay late.  Now all this has erupted and, well, yikes.  Keep hoping for the best, folks.