House Pictures!


Facing the front of the house, the right side yard


Side yard


Storage building for my garage crap (or playhouse or indoor temple retreat,
most likely for my crap

Back yard to the side, already has a swing set!!

A natural circle with stump altars!


Snow!  This is a bonfire area.  (yayyy!)

The house itself, from the back

Shelves in the closets!!

Master bedroom with French doors on the right

leading to...

a balcony!!


Arrgh!  Can't see if the tub has a reading friendly sloped back!


Boys' room upstairs

Weird.  the downstairs bathroom access is in the downstairs bedroom  (Delena's)

Little nichey things to put my crap on!

Looking into the living room and kitchen

There's also a giant family room

More of the backyard.  That's Eric's partner, Mike to the left
(Not his life partner, his business partner)

More back yard


Carportish thing


Front yard from the house perspective