August 21, 2004

*Peeking around*  Is it safe to come out yet?  I've been informed that Alexis has in fact removed the man's tie that she had wrapped around her bare throat... is it true?  I have vowed not to watch GH again until I'm assured that I won't have to witness such a flagrant fashion faux pas.  Has the wardrobe department no shame at all?  At all? 

It's been quite a Port Charles summer (*yawn*), and with so little word from this peanut gallery, I realize. Chalk it up to a lot of miniature fugitives bogging me down with...paperwork.  We've experienced twin potty training (not quiiite yet!), an endless baseball obsession (down to quoting the roster from the Orioles' farm team.  And now it's football season...I can only imagine the fervor to come. I hope he posesses the same memory/interest when it comes to Trigonometry in the future...) and the settling in of one completely insane Jack Russell terrier.  And by "settling in", don't get the impression that I wasn't leaving a box of doggie treats on the new neighbor's front porch just this evening.  After Gidget's third attack upon neighbor lady's properly leashed, doesn't jump the fence fellow Jack, Bullseye... 

And as for that show we watch... 

Are we only getting used to the idea of Courtney being with Jax so that we can see Jason grunt over his one true love and win her back with his magnetic *stare*?  I sure hope not.  I love to see Alicia Lee Willis smile (those teeth!) and Jax makes her do it (despite getting himself into a snit and walking out of Kelly's like a nine year old) so Casper gets my vote.  I'd like to see Jax teach Courtney about business, making her formidable in the boardroom.  I don't doubt that their love scenes will be hot and I think there are a ton of story avenues for the two of them.  None of them include Jason coming back to her anytime soon.  Jason needs an opponent when it comes to love.  It's painfully obvious that Steve Burton doesn't want to play the romantic lead, but when paired with Kelly Monaco he seems comfortable being Sam's sparring partner.  If rumors are true and she has his chest bared this fall, Steve might not be able to help himself when he heats up the lens.  The only thing that worries me is the fact that the writers have an out with the possibility of Baby Lila being in actuality, Baby Lady Jane (Jax).  The idea of blending Courtney and Jason back up in that mix of messy parentage seems practically inevitable when considering Guza and Pratt.  *shudder*  

Courtney's hair is so white that it's blinding.  I guess she's not worried about her supply of Aussie 3-Minute Miracle...hee hee. Seriously, what's behind the head of the multi-million dollar Charity Foundation deciding to go 3 shades more platinum?  I'm more impressed with her business wardrobe lately, though the black suit with the hot pink blouse was making her look much like a box of Good N' Plenty.  It's just nice to see that she has gained enough sense to avoid bare midriffs in the office.   

Sam's maternity wardrobe has been fantastic.  I'm sure I'll get some letters for saying it, but I love those groovy Pucci-like halters and Kelly Monaco looks just gorgeous in them.  When she had her hair up in a French twist the other day, I imagined her having had a believable entrance into the role of Sonny's goomah (that's Soprano for mistress ;) - the gorgeous Italian daughter of some other rich criminal who set her sites on Sonny for one business related reason or another.  She was looking very "Good Fellas" glamorous and it sounded better than the salvage diver who doinked Jax for a while first.  And did two guys in a day with no shower - thanks for reminding me, Katrina. ;)   

I'm glad that Carly is looking for her father.  I'm glad that Bobbie is part of the story.  I'm glad that Sonny is supporting his wife.  I am not glad that Carly wears jeans and satin all the frickin' time now.  She always looks like she's ready to go clubbing with Paris Hilton.  I think she needs to wear some yoga pants and a t-shirt for a while if we're to believe she's the one who takes Morgan off to his pediatrician's appointments.  Where the heck was Leticia for that sort of trudgery?  A funny Tamara Braun aside - I watched a repeated Soap Talk episode where she divulged that both her parents are psychotherapists.  Good grief, how does the girl stay married to Sonny for a minute, even if it is only on tv? LOL  

Ohmigosh, nearly as bad as Alexis' tie (alright, not really) are Mike's cowboy shirts.  Is he cooking up beans over the open flame back yonder in the depths of Kelly's?  You'd think that Carly and Courtney would give him a shirt or two for Christmas at least... something from this century and side of the Mississsippi.   

If we had seen a summer's worth of the teenagers having round table discussions like the "Let's have a seaonce" one that they had today... maybe we'd care about the upcoming, much touted "Murder Mystery" that involves them.  There was Lucas, sitting with his arm casually slung 'round Brooke Lynn's chair along with Trent, Sage, Georgie and Dillon talking about Edward hearing noises at the Quartermaine house.  It seemed so normal, like we almost knew these kids outside of their drag queen pop star competition.  I chuckle at the collar of Lucas' polo shirts - always turned up as if the poor child took lessons from Linda Dano.  Brooke Lynn is interesting and I think Adrianne Leon is a real treasure, but I was kinda hoping that before we saw romance for her (one teen couple talking about sex function or dysfunction for that matter, are enough for me), we'd see her relationship with her parents, great-grandfather and Granny Tracey grow for a while.  Rumors that a character is being cast to play a new love interest for Brookey make me wonder if Lois and Nedley are paying careful enough attention.  They should definitely notice that she dresses like an idiot and take some of those safety pins away. 

Justus and Faith are such a surprise!  I don't know if I just missed the spoiler that said they were going to throw down in the Quartermaine freezer or what, but I was about drooling over the screen watching M'fundo Morrison look at Cynthia Preston as she showed him how Justus had "touched her heart".  It's a delicious story of opposites attracting, and I'd love to see Faith take a stab at being a good girl, if only for a while.  Plus, how do you have two characters named Faith and Justus on a show and not slap them together at some point?  And was Faith actually wearing a pink trench coat?  Surely, it's love!   

I must confess that Tyler Christopher has been haunting my dreams lately.  It's not a bad thing at all, but he was crying in one of the dreams and frankly, it got pretty snotty.  I do not wish for my soap stud dreams to be infiltrated by boogies so I'd appreciate if Nikolas could be left out of such emotional scenes as those that occured in the mental hospital.  A side benefit of my request, for all of you, of course... Emily will also be avoiding the need to emote.  My favorite line today was "Emily left Shadybrooke and took Nikolas with her.  That girl is poison."  Here, here Helena!!!  It goes without saying, but Constance Towers is so amazing and gorgeous.  I'm curious as to why Helena wore a black sequined dinner jacket and dress for the first few days that she was mind-controlling Luck, er Nikolas in the mental institution.  Even curiouser, she switched to a much more practical tunic sweater and scarf it wasn't just that Helena thought the place required formality.  But then I'm not brave enough to get near her with my badge, so we'll just let Hels slide on that. ;)  Who else was cracking up at Emily's crazy person act?  I was until I figured out the conspiracy (oh, there's always a conspiracy...) that it was likely another jab in my fangirl psyche courtesy of the alphabet network.  You know, flannel robe + glasses + morning hair = crazy woman.  I can tend to look like that until 3pm on some days, so I'm feeling about as insulted as I was when Brian Frons referred to Kathy Brier as unattractive and Kristina Wagner as matronly.  Call me paranoid, but I call 'em as I see 'em, lol.   

The Quartermaine money challenge interests me only for the fact that Tracey is involved.  She has untapped story with Jax, Dillon, Ned, Brooke, Lois and so many others (oh, Alcazar and Tracey sharing business would be divine!) and I love seeing her in any capacity. The story is a bit of a clunker though.  I'd rather see Felicia's point of view through the cameras, really catching them in private treacherous moments.  That would be soapy!  But I guess it would also mean that the veteran family got more than a quickly tossed bone, so it wasn't a likely avenue for TPTB.  Anyway... I have to add that Jane Elliot's new haircut is awesome.  I want my hair like that.  And I want her dragon lady green jacket.   

So, while that tie really did make my eyes physically ache, I'm so happy that Alexis has twirled back into a front-burner story with none other than the dashing Ric Lansing.  And I just pretend that all that silly business of tying women to walls just didn't happen and doesn't exist in our DA's past at all.   I've learned from the writers!  Lucky for them that Rick Hearst does a great job of helping us forget his character is in fact, a hideous human being, because the pairing with Nancy Lee Grahn is a winner.  Mr. Confident and Ms.'s classically sexy.  And oh, those scenes with little Kristina!  I'd watch an episode of those three watching tv on the couch together - they're just so darling.   

I'm anxious to see Elizabeth's character be woven back into the canvas as a nurse (I thought she was an artist! I guess that gallery showing that Ric was organizing never did happen, did it?) and as a sister to the up and coming Steven Lars.  I'm practically sold on throwing together an L&L3 reunion just so we can see Greg Vaughn and Becky Herbst every now and then.  I think allowing Ric to still share some kind of relationship with Elizabeth would have been smarter than having them never hear from each other.  What a mistake it was to have Zander die, leaving Liz's baby out in some kind of family tree limbo.  Shoulda just made it Lucky's to begin with.  He was a more likely target for any one night stands that Liz would have had, in my opinion.  But yeah, I miss Zander.  And Liz.  And Lucky.   

I really enjoyed reading Katrina's Easy as ABC column that revisited the characters from the early 80's.  I started watching General Hospital just a couple of years later and remember another batch of intriguing characters as being dynamic and genuine, with consistent histories and complex relationships.  Felicia had a dreamily romantic wedding with Frisco.  He wore his police uniform while she wore a fairy-tale princess gown that inspired my "When I grow up" wedding fantasies for years to come.  They couldn't afford to honeymoon so their friends (or maybe Frisco did it, I can't remember) set up an Arabian tent in their room and created a cheesy Far East atmosphere.  The whole sequence of wedding events lasted over a week or so, and it was incredibly sweet, blissfully happy and just satisfyingly soapy.  Frisco ended up eventually leaving Felicia for parts unknown as part of the WSB and I dunno, is he dead now?   

Robert and Anna Scorpio were crazy in love.  After Robert, Anna loved Duke Lavery.  Duke was designer suits and bagpipes with a sexy Scottish accent.  He adored Anna and she was smart and had a daughter who loved was great story.  Bobbie and Jake Myer, Tony and Tanya...BJ's heart.  The Brownstone.  Remember Kevin and Terry?  Kevin's brother Patrick?  Kevin was married to Terri and cheated on her with the mousy librarian turned vixen, Lucy Coe.  He went crazy and tried to kill someone and I think it was Terri who ended up killing him.  And then getting with Patrick, of course. I think, lol.   Lots of (semi) memories of really good stories.  I love to read people's memories of the good ol' days, much more than I enjoy a lot of the "let's see what sticks" chemistry tests that we witness every month or so with the currently revolving lives in the Chuck.  I'm liking a lot of what might happen right now, so here's to hoping that some of it plays out in ways that make us want to watch it and gab about it some more.  

Thanks for coming in to read. :) 


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