Forget last week {kidding! It’s below!}, let’s talk about Monday’s show (11-19-01)!! 

All of the correct couples were together.  What a novelty! 

Jax & Kristina.  Neither of them is nearly as annoying when they’re together.  Her spastic energy doesn’t seem so exaggerated around him and he is less condescending with her because she calls him on it.  I like it.  It works.  It works best in fastforward for me, but hey, I’m not picky. 

Ned & Alexis - straws, I know –I’m an optimist, give me a break.   

Skye & AJ – unrelate them QUICKLY! There’s chemistry and poor AJ needs to get laid.  Even if that doesn’t work, unrelate them so Ned will be unrelated too, because I’d take a Skye/Ned pairing as second choice to Nexis.  I do so love the sparring between Skye and Ned.  That could be fun.  I definitely do not like her with Jax. 

Sonny & Carly – An S&C fan I am NOT, but even MY knees got weak when he whispered into her ear to come back to the penthouse with him.  Yesiree.  I’m there.  Test out the new furniture, yeah, go with that excuse. 

Scotty & Bobbie. Ok, so I’d prefer her with Stefan, but I’ll take what I can get right now.  They’re comfortable, as old friends should be.  I like it.  They can be the rebound couple until she finds her way back to Count Vlad.  

And, finally, I saved the best for last, Luke and Laura, soulmates, for there can be no other.  When she smiles at him like she does and he looks at her with those adoring looks I melt into the cushions.  I cry when she cries most of the time anyway and that scene at the club was no exception but I lost it when he clutched his chest after the hug and she left.  Back at her office, (he must have Helena’s transporter) He was so obviously rethinking the divorce.  She’s already been rethinking it and admitted to Scotty that she still has feelings for Luke so why (why, WHY!?) did she tell Luke not to rethink things in light of the anniversary?  I know we have to drag it out slowly but throw me a crumb or something!  Even her laughter doesn’t sound forced around Luke like it does around Scotty.  The dialogue was something less than original and the editing was giving me whiplash but overall, thanks to Tony and Genie, the Luke and Laura scenes on Monday were pure L&L magic. 


For the week ending November 16, 2001 

Looks like I should have skipped the ‘Puffs with Aloe’ in preparation for the tribute to Luke & Laura’s 20th anniversary and gone straight for the KY Jelly because we were SCREWED bigtime.  Just when I think that the show has reached the bottom of the barrel (Endgame-blech!) they get a taller barrel.  We got more flashbacks on the commercial on SoapNet (This Friday!  12 hours!  Don’t forget!) than we actually got on GH.  I don’t want this reunion to be about the past but I do want it to r-e-s-p-e-c-t the past and that is all I asked.  GH has tainted the magic of L&L by allowing this divorce (and if you’d care to see my thoughts about that episode via slideshow:  Very few times, if at all, does any soap couple stay together forever, especially one where the fans witnessed the relationship from the beginning.  They had an opportunity to let L&L be the first at something else.  Aside from the scenes of Laura/Bobbie (when did they become best buds, again?) and Roy/Luke being completely unnecessary they totally smacked of {post-rewriting of Endgame} filler.  As far as an anniversary goes, that ranks right up with kitchen appliances as gifts.  Blech. 

HATED the 'let's play dress up with big sister' thing.  How old are you, Krissy?  Perhaps it's just me, after being held prisoner for a few days under ground and being concerned for my safety and the safety of everyone I love---A drunken party with a bunch of people I don't know isn't my idea of relaxation (no it isn't--shut up!).  In my mind it’s a long hot bath, a "forgotten" pair of silk jammies, a massage from MyNed's "licensed" hands, popcorn and movies on the couch.  Ned on one side, Krissy on the other and me falling asleep with my head on Ned's shoulder. . . French toast in the morning.    

The only problem I had with Alexis’ outfit was that it was completely out of character.  Too bad those “Eddie’s Angel” photographers weren’t around for that outfit or the one she was flaunting in front of Sonny later.   

Did anybody notice that the cup Alexis was making that toast with was completely empty? 

Also, hated watching Luke and Laura roaming around inside their respective abodes.  LOVED the “You were right” scenes in the attic later.  Why would Luke doubt that Laura kept the love letters, he surely knows what a sentimental fool she is – I mean the woman jumped out of an airplane after a pair of baby shoes! 

Hated the party at Laura's house-- hated it!.  I'm kids are safe...I'm safe.  I want to hug the stuffin's out of my some candyland....order pizzas...tuck everybody in bed...then play nekkid twister with Luke. >:} 

What was Flea's point at the station? 

Nik and Gia should have put those handcuffs to better use.  They lack creativity. 

Taggs is a riot.  Love the patriotic ribbon. 

Gag inducing moment of the week was offered when Lucky railed at Helena in jail “Love does conquer all”.  Hurl.  Next time I fly I’m going to have to remember to pick up some air sickness bags for use during this show. 

Gotta love Monica protecting Edward (Lila!) by paying off Janine.  That’s more like it.  Interaction with people who don’t live in your house!  The catfight was a bit much, but I did howl out loud. 

No, Jaxhole an "I'm sorry I thought you were a cold-blooded murderer, forgive me?" doesn't get you off the hook. I still think your a worthless piece of uppity Eurotrash ---run along now and go play with your buddy Angel.  Also, Stefan didn’t need Jax’s charity in that card game.  Once again I’m not going to buy into the “Jax is the white knight”.  Stefan could have easily taken those companies back from Jax without blinking twice and that would have made for some interesting corporate raiding. 

Just who would Liz be talking to when Lucky tried to call her if everyone is supposed to believe that she's dead? 

Picture of the Week, Scene of the Week, Performer of the Week. 

Queen Hells.  Brilliant as always.  Just brilliant.  Just where the HELL is Andreas?  I'm raising bail money.  Who's in?  I never thought I'd say this about Hellz...but the orange jumpsuit does nothing for her. 

Loved seeing Lesley, Serena, Lee and Gail.  We need more family interaction from that crew. 

Scott---down, boy, DOWN!  Let the woman AT LEAST change clothes after the day she’s had before proposing marriage.   

Fluke is dead!  Fluke is dead!  Party at my house!!  We’ll heat the pool.  BYOB. 

Alexis has been taking a beating for the last few weeks over her Sonny-lust, as if everybody out there hasn’t drooled over him.  I admit it, it happened  -- I got over it, so will she.    There’s nothing wrong with a little fantasy (hello—“MyNed”) and is it really in Sonny’s best interest to remain married to a woman that he himself has stated that he can’t trust?  Alexis isn’t necessarily allowing that lust to dictate how she deals with her client.  She’s under a lot of stress; let her have her little dreams.  It’s going to get much worse before it gets better though y’all.  Prepare yourselves. 

Kelly’s got new tables and chairs when nobody was looking. 

He has the job and the leather jacket, now the only thing Zander needs to become Jason II is the spikey hair. 

Some off –topic information to help you through the upcoming long weekend: 

I rarely go to the movies but this past weekend I saw two.  Life as a House was outstanding!  Highly recommend it, well worth the price of popcorn.  Monsters, Inc. did not live up to the high hopes I had from the commercial.  My nephew (age 2 ½ ) thought it was great.  He loved the monsters, but then again he really loves frogs too so take that recommendation with a grain of salt.  My niece (age 4) was a scared by the concept of monsters in the closet.  The best part of the whole movie was the trailer for the new Star Wars movie coming in May 2002.  Woohoo, can’t wait! 

Also, for the readers among you, The Smoke Jumper, by Nicholas Evans (author of The Horse Whisperer) was worth the price of the hardback copy.   

Happy Thanksgiving everybody!



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