You’d think it was already All Hallow’s Eve for all demons, ghosts and skeletons spotted around PC this week.

In the ghost category, the almost dead Stefan and suddenly headache free Chloe story took a turn for the worse.  Did anyone else feel a sudden urge for strong coffee and bad poetry followed by snaps?   That escape was more comical that adventurous.  They are having a little much physical contact this early in the game to suit me.  Now mind you he’d be wearing me like a cheap suit, but then again I wouldn’t be trying to get off of that island either.  Me and Stefan, moonlit swims under Mediterranean stars … .hhhhmmmmmmmmm!!!

Sonny and Snarly – She spent the week parading around and rubbing on him like an alley cat in heat while he just grinned.  By the end of the week they are both playing games with each other.  Sonny declares that he’s going to the courthouse to see Luke and Carly stops him knowing that the charges against Sonny have been dropped and not wanting him to find out until she gets her itch scratched.   Unfortunately for Snarly, Alexis has also told Sonny the good news.  So after the “limo limbo” (that term is courtesy of my good buddies at The Rock!!) which had a Cinemax After Dark feel to it;  He tells her that he knows the charges were dropped.  He also knew that she knew the charges were dropped.  That was the best part of the scene.  I wish they’d just get on with it and get off of my screen.

In the demon category, AJ wrestled with a few as he started going through detox and had to deal with HannaHo at the same time.  Yeah, I saw a rat too.  Billy Warlock was outstanding and I hope TPTB don’t cop out on this story by sending AJ off to that rehab in Arizona.

I’m not interested in the trials and tribulations of Liz and Lucky anymore.  I’m about to start chanting “Protect your Queen, Lucky”!  Brainwashed or not. I don’t care.  The only reason I was interested in his brainwashing in the first place is because it should have been an extension of the Spencer/Cassadine war.  Until they get back to that I’d be satisfied if Liz and Lucky maintained their little camp in the Canadian woods out of my sight.

Emily and Zander are both becoming too annoying.  She’s been given the opportunity to leave on a dozen different occasions.  No matter how many times TPTB try to make me believe that Zander is just a misunderstood good guy, he still kidnapped a minor at gun point and held her hostage for two excruciating weeks (for me anyway).  I really wanted Jason to shoot him and Emily once she jumped in between them.

THE TRIAL - I’m a little disappointed that it happened so predictably; however, once I got past the momentary disillusionment this was some great action!  Closets were opened and skeletons were strewn about the courtroom.  Scotty’s speech to Luke about stealing another man’s wife had me standing in front of my television cheering “Go Scott”.  Did anyone think twenty years ago that this story would still be so relevant today?  I hope he hangs around on GH.  PC can have Mac in exchange!  I’m really hoping that Scotty and Laura give Luke something to think about.  She’s going to need a shoulder to cry on and lucky her….his crying shoulder just happens to have recently become vacant.

Flea is the character I feel the least sympathy for in this entire story.  She’s the one who left her family to go sniffing after Luke on a dozen different occasions.  She’s the one who lied (by omission) all summer.  She’s the one who could have put a stop to this ridiculous story back in June.  Plus there’s always that scrunchy nose thing and the squeaky voice thing to annoy me.  If her marriage comes to an end now, she has no one to blame but herself.  She should be sent to Texas without any supper so she can think about what she has done out of my sight!

On the other side of that coin, I don’t feel sorry for Mac either.  He suspected that Flea was doing the mattress mambo with Luke.  He did serve her with divorce papers and a petition to take custody of her kids that very day.  I think she was absolved of any possible fidelity problem.  Mac had an axe to grind and was a little too anxious to swallow the evidence that “someone” spoonfed him.  Why should he get indignant now?

I probably shouldn’t feel sorry for Laura, but I do.  It’s one thing to suspect that your husband of nearly 19 years is having an affair, it’s a whole other thing to have someone admit it outright in open court on the record for consumption by the entire world.  I’m still offended by her dalliance with Stefan but she was granted a reprieve from my wrath the day the smacked the living daylights out of him.  I don’t believe she has a right to be jealous at this point, but affairs of the heart are never logical and Laura is surely no exception.  She did just tell Bobbie that she still loves Luke.  IMO, it’s high time she realized it! 

The highlight of the week came when Luke briefly forgot that he was angry and hurt, turned and saw Laura there to support him, smiled and kissed her hand, spontaneously and instinctively.  It may have been brief but that was enough electricity to keep this L&L fan wired for awhile.


1.                  We know that Stefan is responsible for this entire kidnapping story, but if Helena did kidnap Stefan and Chloe, shouldn’t one of them be wondering (or pretend to wonder) why she provided them with the perfect clothes to escape in?  Also, why in the world would she have provided Stefan with a beret?  Why would he own one? 

2.                  Da Man was too stylin’ in his suit and spectacles!  He wins the fashion award this week for looking so yummie.

3.                  “No peeking”?  Really Sonny how old are you?  GMAB!  Johnny better be getting paid damn well and this week there better be a bonus in his check or at least an all expenses paid trip to the island for some fun in the sun with that Maria chick.

4.                  I can’t really be expected to believe that Stefan would high-five anyone.  Chloe is being a bad influence and next time he’s at a meeting with the estate attorney’s I don’t want to see him “raising the roof” either.

5.                  Roy’s continued presence is still perplexing.  What is his point?

6.                  I saw a glimpse of My(real)Ned when he showed up at Mac’s office to give him some hell about concentrating on Luke’s trial for the alleged murder of an alleged dead man when he should be out looking for Emily.  Then when left alone with Alexis I could hear the fear for Emily in his voice.  Now if he would only shave and put on a suit.

7.                  Luke and Hells- Yowza!!  Those two have some wicked chemistry!  This was probably my favorite scene of the week.  “Promises, promises”…that’s exactly what I was thinking.  I want to see more of these two fantastic characters together!

8.                  Nik/Gia/Hells – I don’t know who Gia thinks she is talking to Hells like that and she apparently doesn’t realize who Helena really is (or what she’s capable of) otherwise she would have just stepped back.  What was Nik thinking by threatening Helena?  He believes that Hells is responsible for Stefan’s murder, yet he threatens to cut her not only out of his life but also out of the Cassadine cash.  Stupid boy.  He’s only going to be 20 this year (because Guzilla SORASed him incorrectly) so Helena could foreseeably have control of the estate for the next five years, perhaps it’s not such a good idea to be pissing her off!  I’d be making sure there wasn’t a plastic drop cloth behind me anywhere if I was either of those two this week.

9.                  What evidence, exactly, disappeared that provided for the charges being dropped?  Did Sorel actually bring the narcotics with him to the meeting with Sonny?  Did he think Sonny was going to transport the drugs right then and there?  Why does the evidence against Sorel have anything to do with Sonny?  I thought the tape was enough for them to arrest him and Carly’s testimony was enough to convict him.  Some explanation would be nice.  I would have loved to be a fly on the wall when ADA Jensen had to call Alexis and tell her those charges were dropped after she acted like such an ass to Alexis all these weeks.  

See y’all next week!




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