HOLY COW! I didn’t think it was possible but I enjoyed most of the show this week.  I’ve broken this down by the storyline for your convenience.


Eddie’s Angel:

Ned sees the “Eddie’s Angel” poster and thinks its a joke by the bass player.  He ended up buying the poster from the snotty little bartender for $300.  When Alexis calls he neglects to warn her about the situation.  When Ned returns to PC, he first goes by L&B with his luggage (?) and finds three boxes full of mail for “Eddie’s Angel” and all the messages on the answering machine are for “Angel” including one offer to pose for a magazine.  I’m thinking it was probably Hef.  Ned calls some guy named Kirk in the middle of the night to try to get the website removed, but has no luck.  Juan arrives to drop off Nik’s keys after driving Emily home and has the strangest conversation with Ned about “Angel”.  Juan had apparently seen the site, but never mentioned to anyone or even looked sideways at Alexis.  Juan has seen the site, but never mentioned it or looked sideways at Alexis?

The following day Alexis is in court with Sonny, when they exit the courtroom the reporters launch into the Eddie’s Angel questions.  Alexis has no clue, one reporter shows her the picture as Ned watches helplessly as this scene unfolds on live television. Alexis is stunned, to say the least.  Sonny and Alexis go back into the courtroom. Sonny thinks the picture is hot and is finding the situation a little too comical.  Alexis is not amused.  Sonny leaves.  Alexis calls Supergirl to bring her a disguise at the courthouse.  Why would she not call Ned????  Anyway, Ned shows up, looking very “Ned”, before Chloe gets there and tries to get her to see the lighter side of the incident and explains that he knew the night before that’s why he’d left her a message that he needed to see her before court.  She thought he was just going to tell her not to represent Sonny, again.  Chloe, with Jax in tow, shows up with a disguise for Alexis.  Somehow Sonny manages to sneak out of the courthouse, Ned sneaks in, Chloe and Jax sneak in, all through the west entrance, but Alexis can’t sneak out?  Hmmmm.  Makes one wonder.  Jax and Ned discuss Jax’s little vacation with Chloe. Jax tells Ned that Hells tried to off Chloe, and mentions that Tony has moved the gamma knife up so maybe Hells won’t see Chloe as a threat anymore. Jax tells Ned about “seeing” CloneBrenda.  Ned tells him it could not possibly be  Brenda.   Famous last words.  Later, Chloe goes to see Alexis at the newly decorated penthouse. Chloe to Alexis “I can make myself almost invisible.”  I have two comments about this.  1) Yeah, right, tell that to Helena; and, 2) Please do!!!

Ned comes by next to tell Alexis that he’s purchased the footage so the “Angel” thing should die a quick death.  Johnny comes over to tell Alexis that the lobby is full of reporters wanting to know how it feels to be the hottest thing on the net.  Ned and Alexis have a very sweet scene wherein she acts as if she’s got this whole thing under control.  She makes Ned leave so she can “work” but then sits at her desk worrying until Sonny comes over and she sort of flips out.  I hope Ned is right and this is just the “prelude to a meltdown”.  Where is the drama?

(f/k/a: The Scooby Doo Gang or The Scooby Gang)

Elizabitch (love that nickname whoever thought of it) found some fire in her attitude and got fitshaced at the latest rave thanks to Zander.  If my hair looked as bad as hers did that night, I would need chemicals to make me relax too. Lucky rushed in to save her and ushered her back to her studio.  Once there, he decided to tell her that he loves her and he’s holding back because something is wrong with him.  They recite the vows from Valentine’s Day two years ago and make me cry.  Damn them.  Here I was all set to hook Emily up with Lucky, now I’m thinking that L&L2 is a possibility!  Liz falls asleep and Lucky crawls onto the couch to stay with her.  Meanwhile, Nik with a little help from Gia dissuades Zander from following Liz and Lucky.  Until Gia showed up I thought Zander was about to wipe the floor with Prince Niky.  Then, Nik offers to drive her back to the O’Lears home.  He gets to L&B and calls Lucky (Lucky has a phone?) To check on Liz. Gia thinks he’s got the hots for baby brother’s girl.  Nik is less than thrilled at Gia’s observations and tells her to mind her own freaking business.  Lucky and Liz wake up the next morning, Liz remembers nothing, but feels as if a weight has been lifted.  She thinks its because she and Lucky found a way to be “just friends” the night before.  Nik shows up and puts his hands all over Liz, Lucky’s not looking too happy about that, but says that he’s leaving since Nik is there to take care of Liz. Nik hangs with Liz for awhile and leaves.  Lucky comes back and watches Liz through the window as he recalls the events of the night before, awwwww.  Later, Liz is working at Kelly’s and Gia shows up.  She starts giving Liz a hard time, but thankfully Elizabitch is holding on to her personality and gives as good as she gets.  Let me just go ahead and say that I hate Gia.  I’m not impressed with the acting or the character. Lucky invited Gia to Kelly’s for a meeting of the Scoobies because, ZOINKS, he has a plan!  This is the signal that the story is about to wrap up, usually.  I doubt it will be resolved this quickly, but a girl can hope can’t she? All we need now is a couple of chases in and out of the same two of closets and somebody to say, “yeah, and it would have worked too, if it had been for you meddlesome kids.”


Carlybabes gets Sonny busted and gets in Hannah’s face calling her the FBIslut. Sonny makes Carly shut her mouth and won’t let her explain.  The Keystone cops decide to question Carly while Sonny watches.  Taggert starts to get to Carly and she almost cries.  Sonny agrees to make a statement if they’ll leave Carly alone, when the tape recorder is given to him all he says is he’ll wait on his attorney.  Carly is released.  The next day, AJ arrives at the Brownstone for some Carly harassment, which I thoroughly enjoy.  Sonny shows up and tries to threaten AJ.  Same story, new day.  AJ leaves and goes to the courthouse to gloat and finds the FBIho.  He’s thrilled that Carly finally pulled a kamikaze act on Sonny’s life, because now he thinks he has a chance of getting his son back.  Hannah wants to throttle him.  Ned walks by on his way out of the courthouse and AJ asks “Looking for Eddie’s Angel?” and Ned responds “I’m not going to dignify that with a response”. Go Ned.  Pay him no attention.

Then, I feel as if I missed something because Carly is now living at the Penthouse with Michael. I didn’t this transpire. Sonny and Carly have words.  She tries to explain to him about helping Mike.  He tells her to shutup that from now on she will only do and say whatever he says.  She exhibits some ‘tude about why should she when he treats her like this?  He fires back with this weeks’ LINE OF THE WEEK: “I’ll tell you exactly why….because I’m the only thing standing between AJ and your son!!”  Bravo, Sonny; however, Michael is not JUST Carly’s son.  HE IS AJ’s son too! 

Am I supposed to feel sorry for her?  She just torpedoed Sonny’s life, not that he didn’t deserve it, with another of her brainless plans and both of them could end up in jail.  The only drawback to AJ these days is his drinking which he controlled until Carly torpedoed HIS life and he could control again, given the appropriate incentive.

Finally, on Friday Sonny saved me the trouble of bashing Carly.  He said it all.  “You never learn.  That’s your problem.”  Woohoo, Go Sonny!  She has no right to be angry with him for not forgiving her.  Afterwards, she actually walks across his couch.  This girl has got no home training.  She sits on his desk, throws her legs over the side of a chair and walks on the couch, all in one episode.

Baby makes 3???

Alan and Monica . . .I’ve said it every other week, but it’s true they are so sweet even when they fight.  There’s a discussion of a little lovin’ in the rose garden followed by a late-night swim.  Then they get into the typical A&M spat each one accusing the other of having an affair when Edward comes in and tries to put a damper on their youthful enthusiasm but it’s to no avail.  I’m, by no means, looking forward to A&M procreating again, but I’m thinking this story is headed somewhere, perhaps Alan has a health crisis.  There have been several references to his health and his age of late.  Maybe a heart attack?  The extra weight he’s carrying and the drugs a few years ago can’t have been good for his heart.  I’m thinking this emmy-winner needs a meaty story to sink his teeth into, and this could provide a foundation for a health crisis for our Alan.


Helena, my Queen, tries to kill Chloe, but alas, it was another unsuccessful attempt.  I’m very close to being disappointed in Hells.  She tried to kill Alexis and maimed Chloe, tried to poison Stefan and failed, tried to cut Chloe’s throat and was fought off by that little twit.  What is the world coming to when my favorite villain’s can’t manage to off somebody?  Later, Hells and Andreas are on the yacht discussing leaving Port Charles and the death of her henchman.  She is still unaware of Stefan’s “resurrection”.

: Stefan is behind CloneBrenda!!!!  Here I thought Hells was up to no good, but it was my dark prince all along!  Go Stefan!  That was an inspired plan to get Jax away from Chloe.  Death certainly agrees with him.  Later, Stefan gets a report from badfrenchaccentdude that Hells has left PC and Chloe’s gamma knife procedure has been moved up.  Uh-oh, treachery is afoot. 

You thought I was going to say Jason or Brenda showing up, didn’t you?  No such luck, unmarked spoilers had both of them happening and I’m neither surprised nor happy about either.  Jason seems to suck up all the airtime whenever he’s around and Brenda turned into a lousy character under our current illustrious head writer.  Brenda did look stunning though.


Ken and Barbie:

Jax and Chloe board the plane for home, blah, blah, blah, ff, ff, ff, until Jax falls asleep and dreams of Brenda.  MWAHAHAHAHA!  As an example of how interested I am in this story…the thing I remember about this scene is the fact that the blanket covering Jax, looks just like the one I bought in Mexico for $4.00.

Jax and Chloe at the hospital for her latest medical report, see blah -- ff above.

Jax and Chloe had sex in the stable, which aggravated my allergies and all I did was FF though it.  The entire time Jax & Chloe were on this week gets the EXCEDRIN MOMENT AWARD.

Water Pistols at 10 Paces

AJ and Hannah’s impromptu water gun fight in front of Kelly’s.  What was the point?  Didn’t Hannah say she had to be somewhere?


Hannah tells Roy and Bobbie what’s going on with Carly and Sonny. #1 Why does Roy care?  Is he planning on busting Sonny out of the clink too? #2 Bobbie shows up long after Carly’s released, so she must know that Carly is home fine, because Carly is still living at the Brownstone!  Surely Bobbie couldn’t miss Carly sauntering in the door in that hooker get-up.  Bobbie was probably missing that dress.

Dara overhears FBIho discussing this alleged case and jumps down Hannah’s throat.  Dara is right this time, damnit!  These two people were not involved at all and did not deserve any information.  Hannah does have obvious conflicts of interest, but I guess that shouldn’t bother me because Taggert shouldn’t be involved here either due to his volatile relationship with Sonny, neither should Mac be heading up Luke’s investigation.  Garcia is the only cop who could realistically investigate these cases, but he’s probably got his hands full keeping Port Charles crime free.  Bobbie has the audacity to tell Mac that Dara just can’t handle the fact that Hannah is working with and has a relationship with Taggert.  I happen to agree that Dara is being a little proprietary with Taggs all of a sudden, but SHE’S  RIGHT!  Hannah has no business working on this case since Sonny is her ex-beau.


Roy and Bobbie go on a picnic and then have sex on the floor of his apartment in a little music montage type thing to the sounds of Don Henley’s “I’m taking you home”.  This song was written about taking his new baby home from the hospital and I considered it quite touching, until it was tainted by yet another Bobbie and Roy sexfest.  I didn’t mind them at first, in fact, I’m one of the few people who enjoyed that “kick the door open” sex.  After 20 years in prison, I think we’d all be a little frustrated, but now I’m ready to move on.  I don’t really see the point of having Roy around anymore.  He’s not really involved in any story other than being Bobbie’s latest plaything.  Aside from that, Bobbie has more chemistry with Tony.  I enjoyed that little two-minute scene with Tony and Bobbie far more than anything Bobbie and Roy have done in months.


1.                 Death agrees with Stefan.  Not only is he looking buff, but he’s added color to his wardrobe, when he wears his wardrobe-that is.

2.                  Gia’s rave duds were so retro-sixties that she should have passed out some herb to avoid anyone having any bad flashbacks.

3.                 Why is Liz always leaving the shade up at the studio? I would not be able to nap knowing that anyone and everyone could stand there and watch me.

4.                  Where was Emily at the Scoobie meeting and why doesn’t she have a car?

5.                  Carly’s outfit on Wednesday RULED!  The paisley top with the lavender Capri’s.  She was working that outfit.

6.                 Why is Tony being used only as Chloe’s doctor and an excuse for Bobbie to spend more time with Roy?  Brad can do so much more.  Hello PTB: Brad carried one of the best stories and most memorable scenes in GH history.  I’m referring to BJ’s death, of course.

7.                 Has Stefan been declared dead yet?  No funeral, no mourning, no nothing. How do they know that Hells just didn’t lock him up in the engine room of the yacht?

8.                 Ned: The sideburns, the soul patch, the bowling shirts, now the funky shades? Where will the torture end?  Must we go over this every week!  Shave, put on a suit and get thee back to ELQ!

9.                 There appears to be a facial hair trend creeping up in Port Charles and it needs to stop!  There are very few people who carry that off well.  Stefan is one of them, but nobody else is making it work.

10.             Chloe was once again using her cell phone in the hospital.  Hope nobody’s heart monitor stopped.

11.             The rave was supposedly on a Friday night, but Nik was going to L&B the next morning and Liz said she thought she was supposed to work.  They work on weekends?

12.             10, 000 hits in one day on the Eddie’s Angel site, um ooookkkk.

13.             Jason has exceptional eyes.

14.             Alexis’ necklace and bracelet on Friday were cheap looking.  I don’t believe in fake jewelry, especially not on the Cassadine women.  Buy the real things already.  Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, ya’ know.

15.             Memo to Chloe, the alleged fashion designer, regarding the Friday purse: Hot pink should be reserved for swimsuits, and even then it should be used sparingly.




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