Sorry about missing last week everyone, I was being a good little soap reporter by attending the AMC Fan Club Luncheon!  Granted it was unexpected and at the last minute, but fun nonetheless…I LOVE NY!

Finally, finally, finally, DeadTed can be laid to rest and the Scoobies can split up into groups of two so my aggravation level can drop! Cue the theme music this story is coming to an end!!  A few thoughts for each character since I have much to talk about:

Emily – You idiot!  Everything would have gone according to plan IF YOU HAD STAYED THE HELL AT HOME!

Liz – Thank you darlin’ for telling Jason and staying away! 

Lucky - Get a haircut and pour thyself a warm cup of shut the hell up for once!

Nik – stay away from Gia, start acting like the prince, no more taking advice from brainwash boy

Gia – crawl back under your rock

Juan – go back to PR or better yet, develop a love affair with Hannah and go on the run with her due to the taboo nature and I never want to see or HEAR from you again!

Tags - reread that detective manual…. even if one of the guilty parties is your ward, he is still guilty along with all of his lil buddies.  While you’re at it, try to find the section about false arrests, and maybe you could point that section out to Mac as well.

Dara – This is one of those cut and dried cases YOU COULD HAVE WON!

Jason – Is it really smart to pull the vigilante act in front of Taggert knowing his propensity for arresting you?  I think not.

I’m so glad Jason and Monica had the touching scene in the interrogation room.  Alan was over the top, like father, like son I guess.   Next time the fertility question comes up I hope Monica remembers that scene!  AJ was too cool, handling everything (in a sort of Gatekeeper Ned way), dispelling the tension in the room, reminding everyone why they were all there and eventually talking Tags into letting Jason go, when Alexis couldn’t even manage that!

Zander and Emily certainly have some interesting chemistry something that is sorely lacking in her “romance” with Yawn.  On one side of this, I say we should keep him and use one of my scenarios to rid PC of Juan and let Zander hang with the Scoobies.  On the other hand, I don’t know how they’ll fix the fact that he not only sold drugs (don’t try to feed me that crap about it ONLY being ruffies and ecstasy), but he also got Liz high, fully intended to leave the party with her (I don’t think he intended to drive her home safely to Grandma’s) and he was a co-conspirator and accessory to murder.  I’m on the fence on this issue.  Amber Tamblyn is once again turning in some fabulous performances and if the girl is not nominated for an Emmy next year I may start a riot.

Speaking of fabulous performances, Real Andrews’ scenes with his mother moved me almost to tears.  I’m so thrilled that he is finally getting a family and a story!  Unfortunately, that family includes Gia, but Tags seems to be able to call her on her ‘tude, which makes me like him all the more!  I want to know more about Marcus (not to mention I want someone to call him by his first name!), outside of what Sonny tells us of his relationship with Mentor/Wife&child beater Deke.  Kudos to AJ for showing some respect for Tags by leaving the hospital once he discovered that HannaHo was not the injured party.

Flea is back in the safety zone, i.e. not on the business end of my keyboard.  She’s become fastforwardable again.  I did pause to see her answer Mac’s question about being in love with Luke.  She dodged, which can only mean trouble ahead.  I think she’s clear on the fact that she wants her family, but not so much clear on loving Luke.  At this point in time, Mac deserves whatever he gets from Flea for his horrendous treatment of da man! 

I have sad feeling of how this is all going to play out.  Luke will be on trial, it will start to look very much like he’s going to the slammer.  Flea will have to testify and admit that she is his alibi due to the Fluke Fluck (sorry for the near vulgarity) Mac will be destroyed along with his case.  Laura will be taken aback by the revelation that yes Luke did lay down with dogs and in fact got up with fleas (pun not intended, but it is there, make of it what you will).  This does feel so familiar as do a lot of stories on GH these days, a flip side of the coin from Laura testifying for Stefan, Luke being in the courtroom fully aware of her lies.  I can only hope and pray that in the meantime we will be treated to some fantastic scenes between Scotty, Luke and Laura.  This could be a volatile situation considering the history here.  Honestly, I have a problem with Alexis being removed from this case arbitrarily because of “conflict of interest”.  If Alexis has a conflict of interest because Stefan is her brother and they don’t want the presumed conviction overturned on a technicality, shouldn’t that preclude Scotty too?  He could always throw the case.  There’s no question that he still harbors animosity toward the man who raped and then stole his bride.  Perhaps with Laura spending time with Scotty in Luke’s defense, Luke will decide that he forgives Laura for all her lies.   Looking to November 2001, can you visualize the blatant manipulation on the part of TPTB to play up L&L’s 20th anniversary?  A renewing of the wedding vows, maybe a cigar band wedding redeux?  I will accept it… MANIPULATE ME PLEASE!  Yes, I want those two back together more than anything!  Do Friday cliffhangers get any better than Scotty walking into the meeting room to a stunned Luke saying “When hell freezes over”?  Yes, they do, but I loved that scene and can not wait for Monday!  I’m on the edge of my chair!  Bring on the fights! 

Moving on… Sonny and Carly.  If I hear her say one more time “my intentions don’t matter?” I swear I will scream.  I kept repeating…No Carly they don’t matter…the road to hell (or jail in this case) is paved with good intentions!  Sonny never should have let her go to the police station with him.  I don’t even know why he went or why the PCPD allow all these extra people into the squad room.  Dara should have had Carly bound and gagged or at least thrown out or into a cell…either works for me.  I did laugh out loud when Jason said he was afraid she would grab a gun and shoot somebody.  Jason has decided that Carly loves Sonny and Sonny loves Carly so now they are both seemingly willing to love each other. They’re married now, I gather from the conversation Alexis had with Dara, because I certainly didn’t watch the ceremony past Alexis’ choking.  I’m offended at Alexis befriending Carly and dispensing advice to her.  Carly already has Bobbie and Lila throwing in their two cents every five minutes, must I be subjected to yet another person condoning Carly’s actions?  Please give me more Alexis’ “gold-digging psychotic” speeches to Carly.  Liz is not a nemesis to Carly, thought I do love their kitty fights, but Alexis definitely could be.  I had quite a little wicked grin on my face when Carly thought she was dispensing the news of her unholy matrimony and Liz already had the facts ….from Jason! 

As for my other Cassadines, Stefan still has me captivated with his Chloebraingame and she’s not so annoying around him.  I will admit she irked me when given more than two lines to speak at a time and she was looking far to smug when she strolled in from the beach.  Thank goodness Stefan put a stop her giddiness by telling her not to be swimming out like that without warning him.   Hells is back!  Oh how I love the fall when my favorite characters return and all the teens are moved to the backburner to simmer until next summer!  Since she’s been back, she’s caught Alexis off-guard and been named trustee to Nik’s cash, withheld Nik’s cash then relinquished, poked around Lucky’s mind, gotten caught in her brainwashing attempts, threatened Liz and most importantly she brought Andreas back!  I’ve said before that there are few things that thrill me like a good death threat!  I couldn’t be happier about Helena’s docking in PC! 

Alexis has a secret admirer.  Could this be the stalker rumor I’ve been hearing?  I hope so.  Angel’s fifteen minutes are up and I’m ready to move on…. to MyNed’s proposal please.  Yes, before anyone asks, they are in fact already engaged.  Ned gave her the ring on Valentine’s Day 2000, before she was divorced from Jax, then when the divorces came through they decided to move the ring to the left hand, but there wasn’t really and old fashioned “will you marry me” type proposal.  I want some romance, some flowers, soft music (or something from the sound machine), more of those chocolate covered strawberries, champagne and a bended knee proposal…not interrupted by Luke, Sonny, Emily or anything else!  Afterwards I want some discussion, real discussion, of Alexis’ issues concerning the m-word.  Nothing flip or done in passing. 

I enjoyed Ned being back in the Q den this week, playing Gatekeeper and not one sighting of L&B.  Lila’s story to Ned may not have been 100% true, could be that she’s just egging him on, but I love his scenes with her.  He needs a confidante and someone to steer him in the right direction.  I wish Alexis would spend more time with Lila and Carly would stick to getting advice from her mother.  Alexis also needs a confidante. 


1.      Stefan had on black socks with light colored casual clothes and light colored shoes.  Definite fashion no-no.  What was he thinking?  Can dress socks with sandals on the beach be far behind?

2.      Shouldn’t Interpol have had a list of Luke’s known accomplices, including Roy since Mac correctly assumes that Roy helped him escape?

3.      I loved Flea’s cabin in Colorado, but how did she afford that place for the entire summer, when Mac told Flea last spring that he couldn’t afford to pay Betty to watch the guurrrls 24/7 while Flea was off chasing after Luke?  Child support from Frisco, secret Aztec Princess cash stash, Mariah?  

4.      Three seconds of Andreas on Friday only made me want more.  I’m still in withdrawals.

5.      I think Johnny has developed a crush on Alexis.  Did anyone else think this?

6.      I think there’s a law on the books in PC that says all the women must own at least one pair of leather pants…this week alone, Carly, Flea and Bobbie all wore a pair.

7.      What a site for sore eyes Scotty was on Friday!

8.      Somebody get the hose!  When AJ was walking around his hotel suite, shirt unbuttoned, I began sweating and remembered why I watched Baywatch both of those times!  TPTB should take notice!  That man needs to be shirtless more often!

9.      The caterpillar seems to be growing larger, no?  The only way to fix it is complete amputation!  Shave, shave, shave!

10. Gia must be shopping at street-thugs-r-us, because the outfits that girl puts together are just disturbing, much like Emily’s poor choice of kidnapping attire.

11. When Zander asked Em what she wanted from the store I was screaming HANDI-WIPES!  No shower for a couple of days, I'll live with without the sugar rush, but please let me wash my face!

12. I really wanted AJ to be the one to rescue Emily to garner some support from his family, but looks like St. Jason will win again.  I did like the brotherly talk Jason had with AJ on the docks to dissuade him from meeting Sorel.

 That’s all I’m remembering.  See you all next week, same bat time, same bat chan…er, website.




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