For the week ending February 2, 2001

You can almost just repost last weekís column as nothing much of interest took place this week.  Itís sadly becoming increasingly easy NOT to watch GH.  My recommendation for this week is to watch Days because not only did we get a glimpse of several GH favorites, we got real drama, cast integration AND noticeable appreciation from Ken Corday and Tom Langan that MY time matters to them.

I hate to admit this but Chloe is right that Ned and Alexis are both acting like children and that spat in L&B just proved it.  Itís time once again to chastise the writers for turning these two highly intelligent characters into snippy little children.  I loved how Nedís conversation with Chloe was spliced with Alexisí conversation with Sonny, both expressing their sides of the story; however, I donít appreciate Alexisí newest panic attack.  I think itís silly and I donít like that she keeps turning to Sonny when she should be telling Ned what she told Sonny and that would solve at least part of the original problem!  No surprise here that my favorite scene was the brief exchange between Ned and Alexis in the Grille after Chloe tried to push them back together.  Somebody at GH remembers that they met in the Grille (Kudos!).  I liked how Alexis didnít look at him during the conversation except in a couple of sideways glances as if she was unable to face him or she might really do what she told Sonny and just throw her arms around him and tell him she was wrong. 

I donít Ďgetí the big deal about Lucky taking photos of Gia.  It was nice to see Liz & Lucky do something besides meld but Liz blew the thing way out of proportion and gets the PC Hypocrite of the Week Award for tearing into Lucky about keeping a secret when sheís harboring a thug in her studio. (Not to mention making muffin-face goo-goo eyes at him). 

Roy finally caught on to Bobbieís deceptive trips.  First of all I question the logic of flying to Chicago for a conversation when a telephone call would be easier to make, easier to hide and way cheaper.  Secondly, when one is working on an investigation one should refrain from leaving clues lying about especially an itinerary.  Third, why am I supposed to care?  It is still my opinion that Roy is a useless character who lifts out of the cast easily.  Memo to Bobbie: Let Melissa have him and set your sights on Stefan! 


I think God must have invented cows so we could have leather so that Wally could wear it.  I was distracted to the point that I had to watch those scenes repeatedly.  :P 

Gia, darliní, the braids have got to go! 

Iím not sure if this was this past week or the week before but I havenít addressed it yet. The kiss that AJ laid on Hannah was smokiní!!!  Itís a good thing that AJ isnít drinking these days because throwing alcohol on an open fire like that could be deadly! 

Gia and Nik are bringing a while new meaning to the landlord/tenant relationship by getting horizontal.  I guess there are several ways to pay ďrentĒ. 

McFlea have become McCrooks and are no better than the rest of the thugs inhabiting PC.  I knew the writers had a penchant for making the cops wear the black hats while glorifying the criminals but it has gotten out of hand when the Commissioner is breaking and entering with his soon-to-be ex-wife in the name of justice.  I just bet that Robert is spinning like a rotisserie chicken in his grave watching this. 

NuMelissaís hair is bugging me.  It reminds me of something but I canít quite put my finger on it yet maybe the Mom on Daria. 

Fluke were once again fastforwardable.  The only part I saw was Luke opening the door and Flea stating in her best cutiepie, scrunchyfaced voice that she brought wine. 

I didnít watch Fridayís show at all but I understand Sorel took a shot at Sonny and Carly, and missed.  Damnit! 

Until next week!



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