***Quick reminder: I’ll be under a different longitude and latitude (not to mention attitude) for the next two weeks and you will be without my borderline psychotic review of General Hospital.  Please console yourselves (lol) with the fact that upon my return I’ll have a brand new Super Soap Weekend story with pics to share with all of you!** 

Five days of Alexis and only 2 excruciatingly long days of Snarlyho. 

I loved, loved, loved, loved, loved, loved, loved, loved, loved Luke and Hells on Monday! The sexual tension, each vying for the top position *eg*, control issues, mutual respect of the other's ability to wreak havoc and create mayhem!   Kinky! I love it. I was clapping, cheering, intrigued...and that kiss....mama-mia! That was enjoyable! Oh to be Helean over the summer 2000.  She’s kissed Luke, Stefan (also creepy but I loved that too), Jax, and Andreas!  Wow!  What a woman! GIVE ME MORE LUKE AND HELLS PLEASE!!!!

Also on Monday, is there anything that I can say about Nancy Lee Grahn’s performance that you don’t know or hasn’t been said already.  She is absolutely amazing!  I sat in wide-eyed awe watching her hyperventilate and ultimately pass out after her run-in with the Q’s and the realization that this wedding may actually be taking place while her fears of being invisible caught up to her.  I identify with her fears (though I wouldn’t mind so much being referred to as The Ashtons).  I’ve never been under the impression that I had to get married or that I would ever change my name if I did.  It’s refreshing to see some of this played out.  I also loved the fact that she’s not too keen on seeing Bratlyn again.  She’s still afraid that Bratlyn’s mother (I refuse to invoke the name of that demon) still loves MyNed and MyNed wins the “Awwww” Scene of the week when explaining to Alexis that her fears were without warrant because Bratlyn’s mother loved him but “Not the way you love me. And, not enough for a lifetime. And I never loved her the way I love you right now, this second, standing in front of me dreaming up reasons not to go to Brooklyn.”  Now speaking of Bratlyn, could she have been any nastier to Alexis?  At six years old if I had acted that way to any of my parents’ friends, I’d still be picking teeth out of my tonsils!  That girl needs some manners!  Gloria’s reassuring Alexis that if she indeed loved Ned and not Eddie she would be just fine was very touching!  On other Alexis fronts, I loved her talk with Emily and the fact that she told Emily to get a grip about Zander.  I want Lila to be Alexis’ mentor, it just makes more sense than Carly running to Lila every other day and Alexis actually needs someone to guide her.  Carly’s got Bobbie!  Now that I’m onto my Carly kick.  Rudeness abounds from this girl.  Alexis wanted one minute of Sonny’s time to conduct a PRIVATE conversation and Carly couldn’t be bothered to saunter upstairs and then proceeded to disrespect Alexis and mock her.  Is it any wonder that Alexis won’t give her the time of day?   

MyNed’s explanation to Bratlyn about why he continues to get married after so many failed attempts was touching.  I liked his explanation and thought it was very age appropriate for a six year old.  I would not have wanted him to try to explain Katherine’s blackmailing or the business arrangement he had with Chloe.

Laura and Scotty….Deception v. Jabot and Countess Willheminia.  GO LAURA!  Shouldn’t Lucy have just taken over Deception and merged it with her company once she married Scott.  Oh but then we wouldn’t have the perfect vehicle for CARLY to get a job when Lasha goes to Sonny to ask for some cash….the same man she called a murderer last year….guess that is just supposed to roll off of his back.

Scotty, Scotty, Scotty….I’ve got some legal briefs that need reviewing! 


1.      The opening montage was finally updated. Jax's pic is gone -buh-bye. New picture of MyNed has been added but damnit if it's not one with the soul patch. Also added were new pics of Lucky and Liz, both with their flucked up hair (the old pic of Jacob was WAY better), Gia was added too, and the picture of Kevin and Lucy was moved. That's all I remember. They still need new shots of several people, most importantly Alexis, Laura and Mac.

2.      Backpacks on the island?  Did FauxHelena really feel the need to provide backpacks?

3.      The cell phone: You guys are underestimating badfrenchaccentdude! (I noticed the phone thing! It pisses me off when the writers are so lame brained). Anywho, bfad knew instinctively that Stefan would need his cell phone immediately upon JillMonroewannabe's exit, so he stealthily (is that a word?) slipped in without a single viewer noticing and placed the phone on the table ever so gently as to not arouse our suspicions with any noise! LMAO!

4.      Stefan's hair = ewwww! We may have to introduce a write in campaign like some fans did when Ingo was sporting superugly hair. They sent in combs! (*eg*) Maybe we should send Paul Mitchell Hair Gel! LOL! However, my recommendation is more beach time, of course the blue trunks will be necessary *eg* and the windblown look will work on him!

5.      Please oh please let Ned’s wedding gift to Alexis be a clean shaven chin!

6.      Bratlyn’s mother was off in L.A. for the little demon’s birthday?  That’s raising her better than at the Q’s?  At least the Q’s show up for birthdays!

7.      Apparently Bratlyn has inherited her mother’s reprehensible taste in clothing.  Pleather is not a “fabric” that should be worn by a six year old.

8.      Lucky on the docks alone, knowing that where Helena always finds him….she does live on a yacht in the harbor!

9.      Gia and MamaTaggs-Campbell both need to hit the bricks.

10. I thought the Niknapping was a very Luke thing to do so I won’t be criticizing him for it. 

BONUS:  THOUGHTS ON Monday, October 30, 2000 SHOW.

Was it just me or did Stefan seem a little hot and bothered today??? First noticing Chloe 1/2 nekkid and not diverting his stare? Then, when he had her cozy up to him (mind you if they'd taken my advice on Friday and gotten him out of his wet clothes there would NOT have been any need for a fire today) he was rubbing her ass! Gawd, how did she maintain control leaned up against that man, listening to that deep sexy voice and having her hand on those abs and that chest!?? WOO!

To steal a line from Alexis:

{inhale, exhale...calm, calm, calm....inhale, exhale, calm, calm, calm}

Um, ok as for the rest of the show. I love Luke napping Nikki! A good death threat does wonders for my interest in the show and there were so many death threats being tossed around that yacht I needed a life preserver to keep up!

Thank GOD (or the deity or your choice) that Laura did not cave into Sonny's demand for Carly to have a job!!!! Yes, I am one of the people that said she needed a damn job but she damn well needs to get one for herself based on HER merit, HER skills and HER initiative NOT, NOT, NOT, NOT on her Husband conditions in a business contract. I hate Carly. I hate Sonny. YOU GO LAURA!!!!!!! (I know this is going to change, don't bother...but for now I'm enjoying it!). Speaking of Laura, Thank GOD (or the deity of your choice) that the boys elected not to tattle on Luke. Nobody likes a tattle-tale. That might actually have been the straw to break the back of the L&L reunion camel. Oh yeah Laura, the kids are so upset about you quitting your job, LAST WEEK, that they are all depressed over it tonight. Self-centered much?

Carly asking Sonny to break a promise was one of the reasons I continue to harbor a deep hatred for her. It's ok for him to be disloyal, but only if it's for her skanky behind. I hate her.

Johnny = YUM-EEE!

Mike go ahead and show yourself dammit, those shoes aren't attractive enough to maintain my interest any longer!

HannaHO/Taggs/AJ/Tammy - Tammy needs to go...nothing but a bitch and a useless character. I've never understood her attitude toward AJ. SHE'S AN EX-HOOKER AND NOW A SHORT ORDER COOK! Can she please get off of her soap box? A Welsley graduate she isn't! Damn, she pisses me off! Taggs and AJ deserve better than HannaHO, but when Taggs turned out the lights and played the music...how hot did he look...He may become MyTaggs! LOL

Lucky - No of course Luke doesn't care about you, you idiot! The only reason he cares about getting revenge is because of YOU. I'm just tickled pink that Luke just looked disgusted and walked away. GO LUKE! He's doing what he's always done: Protecting his family and it's even in Luke fashion, always off the cuff outrageously dangerous. That's at least 1/2 of the reason I love Luke. I wish Hells would take out all of the teens and put me out of my misery! Loved her outfit today! Classy!


Ok, back to Stefan....Forget Chloe! We need to find this Marie chick (secretly I think he meant Tracey and just didn't want to hurt Chloe's feelings by proving just how inferior she is, lol).

Stefan to Chloe: "Do you want to sleep?"

Tracey to Stefan: "Together...hell yes!"  

I know the review for last week was very short and I left out some stuff that will be further addressed when I return, but all the advance planning in the world never seems to be enough when it comes down to the last few days before a trip!

See ya’ in two weeks!!



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