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This was not the first time (hell it's not even the 10th time) that MyNed has told Stefan in no uncertain terms that he does not like Alexis being mixed up in the Cassadine affairs. Stefan repeatedly puts Alexis between himself and Hells and Alexis is ALWAYS the one getting hurt (Sahara anyone?). From MyNedís point of view he is completely on the mark about Stefan only caring about Alexis when she can do something for him.  After that moron Jax convinced her to go chasing after Hells into LIBYA (yeah, that's a safe place to be!) and subsequently crashed her in the desert, it was MyNed, V and Jerry who located her. Stefan didn't so much as phone her when she returned home. She had to summon Stefan to not only tell him she was ALIVE but also to tell him she was done with the Cassadines.  His response was to say "how like you to stir up something and not finish it." Yeah, nice to see you too, brother.  He also wasn't speaking to her until he was accused and arrested for Katherine Bell's murder (ahhh, the good ol' days).   We get to see the moments when Stefan genuinely cares for Alexis but Ned is never privy to those times.   MyNed knew that Alexis would not approve of his telling Stefan to keep his distance.  That's why he didn't tell her what he was up to. He also knew that Stefan would tell Alexis and Alexis would once again tell Ned that he cannot interfere in her business, Cassadine or otherwise.  Stefan was wrong about Ned not "knowing" Alexis. He knows her all to well. He knows that she will be all mixed up in this war between Stefan and Helena because she's drawn to Stefan out of loyalty and a desire to maintain what little ties to family that she's got. Ned was trying to protect Alexis by having Stefan keep her out of the middle because Alexis won't stay out of it especially once Stefan asks for her help. She won't refuse him.

Alexis will know that Ned is only trying to protect her, but she's going to be aggravated. She'll get over though because she understands that it comes from a place of love.

I do love the Ned and Stefan being at war with one another, especially over Alexis. Cassadines v. Q's makes for high drama and excellent entertainment. Hopefully, it will add a much needed dimension to the Nexis relationship - - -DRAMA! TPTB or TCSL (aka: Those Crack Smoking Losers, thank you for that one Haley, I love it!) need to explore this more and stop forcing the Scoobies and newbies on me. 

Someone should explain to Alexis that getting married does not diminish a woman's capacity as an independent person.  It solidifies a couple's commitment to one another. She does not have to lose her identity when she becomes his wife, just as he loses nothing by becoming her husband.

I hope MyNed gives her hell this week, because this bolting at the last minute is pissing me off! I think once he finds out about the shooting he'll soften, hopefully she'll beat him to it and the fact that she could have nearly been killed will make her realize everything I just said and she'll go to him. I just want her to grovel and seek some counseling for all of these issues. 

I made it half-way through Wednesday's episode before I decided that Chloe and Gia MUST DIE. I gave Chloe another chance because Stephen Nichols wanted this story to work.  I really tried.  I was nice while she was on the island, not talking too much and not being chipper with MyNed and Alexis BUT I simply cannot tolerate her ANYMORE. DIE CHLOE! I want blood, guts, decapitation, burning at the stake, whatever, just no chance of her coming back in a few months with a bump on her head and amnesia.

Gia should die for all the reasons I've stated so many times before, but in this particular instance for calling Helena a bitch.   Itís about time for Helena to off somebody anyway, her record is failing of late with all of these people surviving an encounter with her.  I chose Chloe and Gia as her next victims, in any order, I donít care as long as they both disappear.  And, hey if she can throw Flea into the mix thatís fine by me too. 

Watching Roadkill Barbie defend AJ to MyNed after that stunt he pulled (and remember that I love AJ too) was just too much! AJ didn't deserve a defense. I'm still seething mad at AJ for MyNed and he shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the wedding! THEN watching her defend Stefan to the Q's made me think of even more ways to watch her die slowly and painfully. The Q's have a RIGHT to hate the Cassadines, even Stefan (remember the computer virus he tried to install in the hospital computers?). Oh I hate her. I want her head on a pike ala the French Revolution.  

As for Gia, I've been pulling for the Queen Cassadine to make her take a long walk off of one of those short piers we keep seeing all time since the first day Gia met Mama Cass at the hospital. She's rude and uncouth. At that time she didn't know what Helena was capable of or why Nik was so damn rude. Now that she's been told about Helena you'd think she'd show a little more respect or FEAR at least, but she's proven herself too stupid to live. Hells should off her immediately or right after killing Chloe, whatever suits her best. 

The rehearsal dinner was a very typical meal at the Q's.  Iím glad the real Ned finally showed some spine and served the lot of Ďem a steaming hot cup of shut the hell up!  Itís about time that he put a stop to all of the criticizing.  I want to know who is responsible for sitting Carly next to AJ.  Everybody should have seen that fight coming.  Nevertheless, it provided the basis for the best scene of the week when Alexis came back to the Q house and Ned was still waiting there for her.  Iím not really keen on the idea of Sonny being Alexisí confidant.  First of all that means, that Iíll be subjected to more Sonny meaning more Carly and the mere thought of that raises my blood pressure.  Second, I donít think itís reasonable for Alexis to be getting advice from a criminal.  Third, Sonny has at least as many issues as Alexis.  Iíd much rather see Alexis going to Lila for advice. 


What the hell is up with Stefan's hair?  Heís starting to look like a Back Street Boy or maybe heís trying to look more like Jax, either way itís unacceptable. 

MyNed is toooooo yummie in sweaters! I think the wardrobe department is teasing me until he wears that gray suit which I hate.  Shave!

Cook should be fired, immediately if not sooner.  That gag has lost its chuckle factor and is now just gag inducing.  As is the pizza schtick. 

How many pelts did it take to make Carlyís most hideous fashion mistake?  We have the fashion and the Farrah-hair, now all we need is the Bee Gees playing in the background and a disco ball spinning and the time warp will be complete. 

I want all of the Scoobies to move to New York City to attend college and never be seen or heard from again.  They are ALL on my nerves. 

See yaí next week with an in depth wedding review.



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