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I’ve seen many people complaining that the past week was a snoozer and I basically agree but I didn’t expect much because traditionally not much happens during January.  

I can’t help but love Ned and Alexis even when they infuriate me.  Alexis still needs to get her head on right.  God made answering machines and voice mail for a reason and that reason being when you are kissing your very sexy man phone calls about the drug dealing kidnapper living upstairs can wait!  The dumbing down of Alexis continued this week with that scene outside Sonny’s hospital room.  She is not that thick skulled and she {of all people!} should have been able to figure out what was going on since she just walked in on them a couple of weeks ago. 

All I could do while Sonny was telling Benny to never accept any orders from Carly was laugh.  Thankfully he knew exactly what she was up to and put a stop to it before more mayhem erupted and as a bonus it humiliated Carly in front of “the help”. 

Helena & Stefan’s conversation had me squealing with delight like a little girl! This is the relationship that needs to be explored with Stefan.  I want the explanation of the respectful hatred between them.  Chloe can apparently hear conversations in her dreams now rather than the music box.  I guess voices as opposed to music are an improvement when your psychic brain tumor is nearly eradicated.   Fortunately, this entire tumor story came to an overdue death by the end of the week.  Unfortunately, it didn’t mean Chloe’s demise.  Tava’s performance during her attempt to be as duplicitous as Stefan was lukewarm at best.  Chloe cannot compete with the Cassadines when it comes to lying, cheating and manipulating.  I’m grateful that Alexis got the chance to tell Stefan that she was disappointed in his actions but that scene needed to transpire at Wyndemere with a little more anger, frustration and hurt.  Hopefully, we’ll get that once Nikolas finds out about Stefan’s vacation by death. 

Scott & Laura are quickly becoming my favorite romance to watch (excluding my obsessive love for Nexis).  Laura lights up like the Christmas Tree in Rockafellar Center around Scotty (who doesn’t really?), sometimes she’s over the top in the giddy youthful exuberance but maybe that’s just the dynamic of the Scotty/Laura relationship.  It’s so obvious that they enjoy working together and I think that is just finer than frog hair!

Mac/Laura/Scotty – Can we just whip ‘em out and measure them right there on Laura’s desk and move on?  I actually enjoy all of Scotty’s blustering and stomping around.  He cares and he just wants to protect Laura from any type of perceived threat.  Go Scotty! 

The Bad Hair Brigade even amused me this week.  I’m not coming down on either side of that argument because they all had some valid points and they are all massive hypocrites.  I have to give Gia a little credit for telling them all off knowing that her association with them is precariously balanced anyway and not having anyone to back her up unlike the other three.  I find them all to be infinitely amusing when they are in the midst of civil unrest.  Gia was right about one thing, having Emily in California means that she’s not around Zander, meaning they don’t have to be around Zander.  Speaking of Gia, I think it would have only been appropriate to give Nikolas a bath after spilling cider on him. 

I don't feel sorry for Emily.  I wanted to due to Amber’s most brilliant performance but Emily has NOT done everything Alan and Monica asked because she was told to stay away from Zander and she didn't.  I swear if I hear that phrase “I did everything you asked…” one more time my eyes are going to roll so far back into my head that I'll be staring at gray matter. This was her choice to make boarding school or staying away from Zander.  If she was so concerned about being with Alan and Monica on her birthday or planning her graduation party with them then she should have made the choice to do as she was told. They are trying to protect her from someone that not only poses a threat (either himself or by just being associated with him) but someone who drugged, stripped, framed and kidnapped her! I hope he is using her but I don’t give the writers that much credit anymore. *That* would make me respect him. This Romeo & Juliet storyline overused and undertold. One of the nicknames for this couple is "Scumily" and aside from the fact that it just cracks me up, I think it's fitting at this point. TPTB are forcing this alleged relationship to move too fast. If there was a slow build to the relationship and Zander showed some remorse for all of his numerous crimes.  I think he should at least be confronted by his misdeeds by coming face-to-face with a girl who was raped after being given a roofie (perhaps at a RAVE).   He also needs to try to protect Emily by staying away from her because he IS in danger from Sorel and that puts everyone around him in danger also.  Additionally, he should stay away from her because he respects her F-A-M-I-L-Y.  If we could see all of that then I'll change my mind, but all I'm thinking right now is contrived, contrived, contrived. 

Zander: (1) I just love how TPTB are trying to whitewash the fact that Zander was selling roofies by today saying "I was working at parties -- ahem -- selling ecstasy, designer drugs. I was a dealer." Rather than FIXING what they started they're just hoping that we will forget and this viewer refuses to forget.  I’ve also seen a lot of people trying to compare Luke and Zander.  There is no comparison. There was a story there and we’re not getting one here. I won’t defend Luke for his most heinous crime, because there is NO valid defense. Zander can be redeemed like Luke if the writers would just put the effort into it. But we’ve gone from drug-dealing, co-conspirator, kidnapper to the fawning victim without ANYTHING in the middle. No story, no remorse, nothing. With Luke we got to see what he was feeling and what Laura was feeling over a period of time. Luke still hasn’t forgiven himself for what he did to Laura more than 20 years ago and THAT alone makes him better than Zander. Luke doesn’t consider himself a victim. Zander refuses to admit that he had any responsibility in the events that transpired.  That has all the markings of a sociopath. 

I’ve yet to see him exhibit any remorse, if he did feel guilty about anything I might lighten up. I know he made one statement one time about being sorry that he drugged Liz but it was a flip, off the cuff comment to keep her from turning him in to the cops and nothing else has come of it. I’d still like them to address the fact that he was selling the date-rape drug. I’d love to see Elizabeth chew off a nice piece of his ass for that being a rape victim. All I’m really asking for is some depth to this STORY. Yes Chad can act. Yes he and AmTam have chemistry, but I need more than that to be entertained.  


Tammy was not on at all last week!  *That* is a very good thing. 

Roy is finally getting a story, not a great story, but a story outside of being Bobbie’s kickstand and I am mildly interested. 

During Chloe’s dream sequence Stefan kept sucking his teeth like he had sesame seeds stuck in them or something.  It was marginally distracting.  Apparently Chloe can hear in her dreams now also and hears something other than the music box.  I won’t complain though, at least it puts this portion of the story to rest. 

Reginald’s insolence is pissing me off. He is an e-m-p-l-o-y-e-e.  He doesn’t get a vote in the family meetings or decisions. 

There is not any special sauce that will make me appreciate a McFlea reunion unless Flea chokes on it.  She subscribes to the out of sight, out of mind theory because as soon as her lips met the chill of a Port Charles winter after {thankfully} Luke left town she was back on Mac’s doorstep 

Laura & Bobbie being as breakfast buddies causes me sit and stare at the television in confused amusement.   

I hate that TPTB have made Juan marginally interesting now that he’s leaving.  I loved his crack about Zander being an eavesdropper in addition to all of his other crimes.  Who knew I’d learn to like Juan if they just gave me someone to hate in his place!  

AJ’s new home is very bachelor–ish, and I’m not too crazy about it.  He should have hung onto Jax’s furniture.  Nik also has better taste in furnishings.

I think MyNed is being ever so slightly hypocritical by claiming that the best place for Em is with the Qs when its the not the best place for his daughter or AJ’s son.  

Chloe’s heroine addict hair makes her face look too long and angular. 

MyNed: "rrrrroooowwwllllll, c'mere you sexy thang!" I love that suede jacket, always have. It makes him look so very huggable.   I also loved the green sweater he had on when he went to AJ’s.  I don’t recall having seen that one before.   

Laura is so NOT over Luke. You can never get over your soulmate. You may move forward in the everyday things of life but souls are entangled for eternity and L&L will never be complete without one another. End sappy crap. 

Some days I’d really like to see Laura take a swing at Flea, but I love that Laura just dismisses her as if she's an insignificant, inferior life form. 

It is a mistake for Hannah to tell AJ about her relationship woes with Taggs.  

Paige trusted the Qs to protect Em, not to let her do what she wanted just because she wanted to do it!  GO Qs!! 

I’m loving NLG’s new haircut but hating the nail polish.  She talks with her hands so it becomes distracting. 


(1) AJ to Ned ”I had no idea hell had frozen over.” I enjoyed their entire exchange at AJ’s.  It was prickly as usual but they are somewhat united for a common cause.  (2)  Alexis to Carly: “What was that? Touch Therapy?” Alexis’ snide remarks to Carly always crack me up.  The fact that she doesn’t let Carly get to her with her petty jealousies amuses me also.  Carly doesn’t have any friends so she doesn’t understand that relationship between Sonny & Alexis.  (3)  Edward to Alexis: “It seems to me, young lady, that you forfeited any right to comment on family affairs when you left my grandson at the altar.”  Thank you, Edward!  It’s also not the best way to endear yourself to the man or family of said man who got left. 

What is Flo’s point?  If all they needed was someone to antagonize Taggert and Gia then we have Sonny/AJ and the bad hair brigade for that.  Send her home. 

Carly/Laura/Elton---You couldn’t have waited a day or two? 

Lucky – There are only “a thousand miles” between New York and Santa Barbara?  I bet he never asks for the geography question in Trivial Pursuit. 

Liz:  Less lipstick is definitely more, but threatening Zander holds about as much weight as a “Don’t make me kick your ass Beavis” from Butthead. 

The Q family meeting was all I expected it to be:  Loud, snippy, very entertaining and didn’t accomplish anything except to align AJ and Ned against the family. 




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