For the week ending March 23, 2001

The non-sarcastic sap is going to emerge occasionally while keying this commentary, please bear with me as I’m sure GH will beat that personality back into quivering submission very soon.  I LUUUVED last weeks shows.  I wrote an angry bash about the new regime in charge of MY show a couple of weeks ago.  Before it could get polished enough for printing I started enjoying GH more and more, so during this brief reprieve I challenge them to prove me wrong and keep up the good work. 

I’m not even going to fain objectivity and pretend that there was anything better than the Ned and Alexis scenes on Friday. A violin/serenade outdoors on a crisp spring evening was just what this viewer ordered and Jill can look for my check in the mail.  I grinned from the word “Maestro!” all through the rendition of  It had to be you” and I think I started tearing up before Alexis.  The real clincher was this mini-speech: 

Ned:  “Well, I get the feeling that this is where you take a lot of your meetings with clients so just in case one of your clients happens to call, you know, with a crisis that needs your immediate attention, chances are they’ll be standing right over there which will cut down on travel time.  I’ve been accused of not knowing how to compromise.  I hope this proves that I do know how.  I think we both know how, we just don’t always make the effort.  And last but certainly not least this is a high crime area after dark and I’m planning on stealing someone’s heart tonight.  I don’t know if you and I have what it takes to overcome our differences and make a life together. I don’t even know if we should make a life together but one thing I do know.  I know that I love you and even if we can’t figure out a way to make this whole relationship thing work somewhere along the way I think you became home and today I just felt a little homesick.” 

Darlings, if that doesn’t move you, walk to the kitchen and take your heart out of the icebox! 

There were only three other things I felt needed more discussion than a Miscellaneous Thought.  First, Alexis’ interesting display of lunacy on Wednesday caught me off guard.  I'm ready for them to move beyond this and explore the WHYs. WHY she's so scared of committing. WHY he's so set on committing. (Mommy issues on both counts, if you ask me). WHY Alexis feels that being a lawyer is who she is and not what she does.  I LOVED, LOVED, LOVED that scene though.  It’s about time that she freaked out over this breakup; however, the speech didn’t really fit.  She knows Ned better than that.  She took his concern for her working with Sonny to an extreme that he didn’t want her working at all and that is simply not the case.  When he left, after the calling down her watchdog, I loved hearing her shaky voice from the other room and seeing her visibly upset over the breakup.  I love this angst!

Second, comparing the Luke/Laura/Scotty triangle of many years ago to Jason/Liz/Lucky caused a serious sense of
déjà vu briefly, but the younger crowd lost my attention as soon as Jason finished Lucky’s well-deserved smackdown.  The rehashing of the adult triangle is more enticing even now.  Laura’s trip to see Luke after Lucky was beaten up piqued my interest because a phone call would have sufficed.  They further tantalized me with Laura’s question “What are we talking about?  Are we talking about a threat to our son today or are we talking about our past”.  I must agree with Luke that it’s “amazing” that after 20 years we’re back to where we started.  Then the second question from Laura “Where do we go from here?” on the surface meaning about Lucky, but (I realize I’m stretching here) I picked up on something else.  Luke’s answer to that question with this question “What are you asking me?” lends credence to my theory.  I wasn’t the only one who picked up on that underlying meaning.  They’re both still interested but both afraid to have their hearts broken again.  I’m excited! 

And, finally, the question of Monica’s health has my full attention.  This could be a fantastic story if written properly and so far I like it.  Aside from the non-tears crying from Monica (which I choose to overlook) Leslie Charleson and Amber Tamblyn turned in awe-inspiring performances.  Bobbie’s reassurances that she would be fine and should tell Alan were true to life.  Amber’s performance was awesome when Emily realized that Monica might have cancer again and I even enjoyed Zander’s reaction to it.  For once, his reaction was not how it would affect HIM.  Finally! 


I loved the Bobbie and Luke conversation. I think somebody must be furiously digging around in the archive room at ABC watching old tapes because Luke hit almost every one of Bobbie's ex-husbands (or almost husbands, in Jerry's case).  I, like my friend Teri, was doubly thrilled at the mere reference to Jerry anyway.  I miss that mischievous grin. 

It shocked me but I found Flea was tolerable, watchable even, when she was with Roy.   

Melroy:  Who cares?  It's like watching a different show when they put those two in scenes alone together.  Seriously, WHY am I supposed to care?  Bobbie should curb him and tell them both not to look back as they're headed to Chicago. 

Hells is using the Ice Princess to control Unlucky but she didn't HAVE the Ice Princess until recently, so how did she manage that?  Also, she's carrying around this PRICELESS diamond in her handbag and she's also carrying a knife.  Anybody want to venture a guess as to what other interesting things she's carrying around with her?  Scary thought, ain't it!?   

Fluke sucks.  It merits repeating. 

The Ice Princess seems larger now than 20 years ago, despite Luke’s chipping away at it over the years.  Maybe that's why it is priceless, it can regenerate itself! 

The flowers that Ned gave Alexis on Valentine’s Day weren’t violets.  I believe they were irises.   

Orphie sounds more like the verb that it induces rather than a name. 

Lucky calling Jason a “mental case” is the very definition of ironic. 

Hannah’s gone.  Oh well.  It’s just too bad I just recently discovered a reason for her to stay i.e. the possibility of nekkid AJ. 

Liz is this week’s recipient of the cyber pimphand.  She knows Jason doesn’t lie to her.  She knows Lucky had some problems.  She knows he quit therapy.  Now she believes that Jason attacked Lucky without justification.  Second reason:  Pigtails shouldn’t be worn by anyone over the age of 7.  Of course, Lucky was runner up for cyber pimphand and only skated out of the title this week because he’s being manipulated. 

Alexis didn’t have the sparkly shawl in the first clip on the docks but she did in the second. 

AJ needs to learn to be sober by himself and for himself.  It should never be contingent upon anyone else. Did he learn nothing from his AA days or Alan’s ordeal or Emily’s ordeal? 

I know I’ve mentioned this before but it must be questioned again.  Why DOESN’T Emily have a car? 

Still no Stefan…what is up with that?  I’m going into Cassadine withdrawal.  I need my SteFix! 

Off-topic for a moment:  I saw Matchbox 20, Everclear and Lifehouse in concert last weekend.  I’d never heard of Lifehouse prior to the concert (don’t know HOW they slipped passed my music radar) but I purchased their CD Sunday afternoon and have listened to nothing since.  If you’re a fan of the “rock’n’roll” that’s my pick of the week.  They blew Everclear out of the water.  They might have topped Matchbox too if I didn’t have such a wicked crush on Rob Thomas! 

I’m interested GH.  Keep it up.



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