For the week ending February 16, 2001 

In the spirit of the alleged “holiday” foisted upon us last week I’ve elected to break from the regular format (there’s a regular format??) and just list the things I loved about the show last week. 


That somebody remembered Ned’s & Alexis’ first meeting AND decided to incorporate it into a possible reconciliation discussion.  I wouldn’t have chosen to recreate the first meeting.  My choice would have been either the first date which was the Nurse’s Ball when Ned paid the band to play two hours after the ball was over so he and Alexis could dance, OR the First Annual Valentine’s Date which was an occasion “marked by flowers, candy and the traditional mystery gift” and ultimately led to some horizontal action….FINALLY.  I loved that they are both still willing to have a discussion.  I love that Alexis seriously hesitated about answering her phone. I applauded Chloe’s effort, however uneducated it was, but if she truly wanted to help she should have absconded with Alexis’ cell phone. 

Juan is gone buh-bye. 


Lucky and Maxie in the park. I can’t believe I just said that especially on the record where I’m sure it will be held against me at some future date.  The way her face lit up when he gave her that rose brought tears to my eyes.  

The dancing gorilla.  I was tempted to discount it and call it silly because it was for Hannah, but upon reflection I enjoyed it and would have loved it had it been for a character that deserved some special attention on Valentine’s Day.  I did object to the location and timing of the gift but it was a sweet gift nonetheless. 

Dara acting friendly toward Taggs again.

The flowers that Scotty sent Laura. 

The fact that Amy (with a little help from Elton) is pushing Laura toward Scotty.  Go Amy! 

That Luke remembered one of his kids; therefore, I got to watch a few minutes of Luke!! 

The music montage at the end of Wednesday’s episode set to Seal’s “This Could be Heaven”.  It totally rocked!  Superimposing the eyes over the scenes was editing genius!  Way to go! 

There was no Fluke fluck.  I love that ANY week. 

The nice foreshadowing of imminent relationship doom when Elizabeth dropped the flowers that Lucky gave her when Jason emerged from the burning warehouse.  The subsequent make-out session was sweet with the room decorated like a school dance.  I think it would have been nice if someone had mentioned the reasoning instead of letting me read into it that Lucky is still trying to replace Liz’s most horrible memory of V-Day with some happier ones.  She was supposed to be at a school dance the night she ended up in the park.  The fight over Liz’s knowing Jason was back in town was beneath both of them 

That Lucky (although it was pure Neanderthal) gave Liz hell for keeping a secret after she raked him over the coals last week for the same.  I would have kept the secret too if a friend asked but I understand that Lucky is ticked because Liz is a hypocrite and because Jason is SO not his favorite person. 

That somebody is paying attention to some of the details by showing Sonny’s scars, keeping the cane handy and he even occasionally remembers to act as if he’s still in pain. 

That the writer’s apparently took a little vacation and just recycled the script from about two years ago when Jax and Sonny where trapped in the burning warehouse.  They just marked through “Jax” and scribbled in “Benny”.  Hopefully, now they are all refreshed and able to give me something new to work with.  (Ok, so I couldn’t make it through an entire commentary with ONE complaint.) 

Loved, loved that Gia turned down the job that Ned offered her so I don’t have to issue verbal warnings in his direction about hiring MORE uneducated TEENAGERS to run his burgeoning media empire.  Come on Ned, you need at least one other person there who has a business degree! 

Nik and Gia deciding that they could remain just roommates . .  . that fornicate sometimes.  One night of splendor on the rug does not a relationship make. 

That Bobbie and Roy didn’t spend another month fighting about Melissa.   The silver lining to the Jensen Buchanan mess is that maybe this story is dead now. 

Missing scenes from last week:

The Winterfest dance.  It would have been a great opportunity to mix up the cast a little.

Sonny actually having Sorel, Rick and Carlos whacked!  It’s time to put up or shut-up.  

Andreas presenting Helena with the fuzzy handcuffs from Faison’s estate sale

Reggie dressed as Cupid for a romp with Miss Juarez

Johnny in a big red ribbon standing in my doorway! 

Until next time!



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