For the Week Ending March 16th

I either banged my head on the window when the GH bus suddenly changed direction last week or the show was just interesting.  I enjoyed most of the stories. 

The truce between Laura and Carly looks promising on the surface but we know Carly has a hidden agenda to play nice with Laura until she can make Liz take her toys and go home.  As long as Carly holds up her end of the bargain and shows up for work to help make the decisions I don’t have a problem with she and Laura working together. 

Sonny has become one of my least favorite people in his own right.  The three newest reasons are (1) I have to defend Carly because of him.  He bought Deception for Carly and told Carly to “have fun with your new toy”, and now he doesn’t like how she’s playing with the new toy so threatens to sell it.  He’s treating her like she’s his misbehaving teenage daughter rather than his WIFE and I would love to see Carly tell him to sit and spin.  He claimed it was because Scotty and/or Laura had interrupted their home life two days in a row but how many times have S&C been interrupted by Sonny’s business be it Benny, Jason, Zander or Alexis?  Does that make his job more important than hers?  And, (2) When Scotty tries to buy Deception from Sonny and Scotty is still understandably upset about Sonny’s role in Karen’s bad decisions, Sonny turns Scotty’s guilt against him and Johnny has to break up the fight when Sonny smarts off to Scott about Karen.  (3) He was unbelievably condescending with Laura, AS IF he doesn’t know what a pain Carly can be.  Carly and Laura worked out a temporary cease fire and he should step back into his “silent partner” shoes and let them run the company! 

After returning from Istanbul with the swiped CDs from Helena’s safety deposit box Luke remains convinced that Helena is still able to control Lucky via the brainwashing so Luke goes to see Laura to talk about their son.  The Highlight/Scene of the week was Luke catching Laura and Scotty kissing “just in time” and the conversation that followed.  Laura and Scotty in a clinch is reason enough to cheer but the look on Luke’s face was priceless!  He definitely was not prepared for that and I believe he was a little jealous.  Scotty on the other hand couldn’t have been more pleased.  Witnessing that embrace must have triggered something in Luke because he was testing Laura’s devotion by asking her if she would have come to his rescue if he hadn’t escaped from Istanbul.  It’s too bad that Lucky showed up and ruined the moment with his anger over the fact that Luke is still worried about him.  My elation continued the following day when Laura visited Luke at the club to offer her help in Luke’s fragile relationship with Lucky and Felicia barged in thinking he was alone (“You were mistaken.” Go on Laura!!) and Luke blew her off to continue his conversation with Laura.   

I love Monica getting a story, which extends to Alan and peripherally the rest of the Qs.  A growth on her fallopian tube is serious business and she needs to tell Alan.  Her immediate response to the news was to think the cancer had returned and I LOVED her tuning the doctor out and hearing her thoughts.  Two thumbs up GH for that.   Also really enjoyed Monica and Emily talking in the park without Edward or Alan screeching about ‘that deviant’ (although I agree!).  It’s nice to see a solid mother/daughter moment from time to time.   


No Stefan.  No MyNed.  No AJ.  What’s a girl to do for her shallow observations? 

E-lies-abunch telling Lucky that she was not with Jason after the photo shoot was juvenile.  Liz needs to remind Lucky and Nikolas that she’s a big girl and can choose her own friends, even if that includes Jason and they should just get over it. 

Liz:  Lucky isn’t the person you have to make happy darlin’. 

Hey writers - Stop with the jokes about Scotty’s hair!  It’s as old as me and not so much funny anymore especially when he’s been with us for only a few short weeks and it’s been mentioned every week! 

Liz does not have the nugs to carry off that dress.  She needs to look to AMC’s Greenlee on how to strut her stuff in something like that! 

Melroy = NBC flashbacks.  Who out there didn’t see the Bobbie/Roy/Melissa triangle coming a mile away?  Zzzzz!  As I said before, I’m rooting for Bobbie.  Roy and Melissa can hit the bricks. 

Gia is not worthy of Emily’s forgiveness but Zander is?  Yeah, I can see where a little blackmail is far less forgivable than participating in a murder and facilitating date rape. 

Scotty’s accusation of Sonny sleeping with Alexis so she would represent him ticked me off on Alexis’ behalf.  Scotty has worked with her before (remember Luke’s murder trial?) he should AT LEAST think more of Alexis even if he believes Sonny would do something like that. 

Zander’s new ‘do’ is topknot-ch! {wink} 

Finally, in honor of St. Patrick’s Day for my Irish family and friends and those of you who only pretend to be for one day every year, a blessing: “May your pockets be heavy and your heart be light.  May good luck pursue you each morning and night.” 

See ya’ next week.



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