For the week ending January 26, 2001 

Last week was pretty dismal for this viewer.  All totaled I watched about 21 minutes of 5 hours and comparing that to the fact that I happily watched every last minute of Port Charles and was EXtremely tempted to read the spoilers on Sunday for *that* show is a sadder commentary on GH than I could even explain.  Basically, while I sit here rocking out to my napster files Iím going to copy my posts from the message boards last week and then Iíll make a couple of random statements because there wasnít much going on that inspired me last week. 

First and foremost, the best thing that happened last week (month!!): The caterpillar is gone. Hell yes! I finally got my wish! Long live the bare lip! No longer will it be repeatedly mentioned as a Miscellaneous Thought and Shallow Observation.  Now I can concentrate all of my energies on killing Chloe! Who the left her in charge of cupid's arrow? Ned is mad. I am mad on his behalf. We are not ready to be cheered up by Rainbow Brite, so she needs to take her perky little attitude and get the hell out! A Nexis reunion at this point is NOT a good thing. They really do have issues and not one of them concerns Chloe in the least!  Secondly, if itís so important for Ned & Alexis to reunite why isnít she spouting that same ďbut you love each otherĒ schpill to Alexis?   

This was in reference to Mondayís show but could very well be applied to the entire week: Scoobies, Scummily & SuCk, oh my! What a complete waste of film and airtime that was! Can somebody get me those three minutes of my life back? Of course, if I apply it to the entire week, Iíd have to throw in Flea and the FOD story.  As much as Iíd like to share what that acronym stands for around Traceyís place, there might be youngsters looking on who should not be taught such words until after their 21st birthday.  Does anyone even care who gets the FOD?  Neither of the girls is really model material and both of them need some congeniality training, and as a bonus they should drag along their bosses to those classes. 

The one positive thing I will say about Zander and Emily being on the run together is that I was completely able to fastforward them without any trouble. 

I did pause briefly to watch the Nik & Gia big kiss on Monday and I admit that was some kinda smokiní kiss! I could still like these characters (though this is not the prince that I love) if the writers would stop the schizophrenic writing of Nik and Gia.  One minute heís defending Gia and the next heís bitching at her over one thing or another.  One minute sheís comforting him and the next sheís whining (pouting and stomping her foot!) that Elizabeth just wonít quit the FOD shoots now and let her win. 

I also paused briefly to watch Sonnyís nightmare because nothing would tickle me more than no more Carly.  Iím vindictive that way. 

I never thought it was possible, but I fastforwarded Luke because of Flea.  That is a high crime for which she must be executed or at least sent packing with her gurrrls back to Texas.  Honestly, I didnít even miss Luke while he was gone this time because it mean no Fluke and Iíll take what I can get in that regard until Luke snaps back out of the twilight zone. 

Finally, we got to see Macís boss show up and chew a little PCPD bootay for a string of screwups and Mac is still letting Flea in on a police investigation?  At this point I recommend some magazines and about 15 minutes of alone time for the commissioner so he can start thinking with his *other* head again. 

My favorite scene of the week was the latest confrontation between Helena and Stefan.  It allowed a little insight into both characters.  I think Helena is still underestimating Stefan.  He has nothing left to lose now that Nikolas has banished him from his life, which could prove very deadly for Helena.  On the other hand, for a brief moment we were allowed a view into Helenaís warped love for Nikolas.  I never doubted that she loved him but believe it is a love born of the fact that he is the Prince and her grandson and in that order. 

Having already watched Monday and Tuesday of this week when writing this I can say that this week is already better than last week.  The Stefan and Laura confrontation is promising as is the fact that Zander is headed back to his prison blues and all Emily can do is wail and shake her fists at the sky.  



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