For the week ending February 23, 2001  

I’m not known for brevity but this week’s commentary is short (for me) because I still haven’t watched last Monday and Tuesday.  I was far more interested in the meltdown happening on OLTL than anything on GH and it’s now Wednesday morning as a write this introductory paragraph and I have yet to watch last weeks PC to see if Lucy is pregnant or not.  It’s all going to have to wait a little longer too because I’ve got a shiny new computer with lots of new gadgets that is occupying my mind right now.  But enough about me…. 

The board meeting stole scene of the week, however edited it was.  All of my Cassadines and a few Quartermaines in one room – I was in dysfunctional family heaven.  Helena was as entertaining as usual insulting Stefan and Alexis all the while wearing a devilish grin.  Watch your back Gia.   Helena has already been upgraded from Queen to Empress just for threatening Gia, if she actually offs her (or Chloe) I’ll upgrade her to Goddess!  Poor Nik doesn’t know what kind of monster he’s just unleashed on Gia and I’m not referring to li’l Nik! 

Speaking of the frog (because he’s certainly no prince these days), just because he got his cods thumped, now Gia is the best choice for FOD?  It wasn’t too long ago he was quite enamored with little brother’s girlfriend.  His tirade to Laura about picking Liz was inappropriate even if she is his mother.  He no longer has a job with Deception and I don’t believe Laura asked for his opinion. 

My new favorite wannabe couple, Laura and Scotty, catching Fluke making out like teenagers was uncomfortable at best.  The only thing that could have made it more unpleasant is if Mac had been there also.  Of course, it would have been twice as entertaining for me.  Scott called it though “welcher, home-wrecker, exhibitionist”.  Man, I’ve missed Scott. 

Lucky and Maxie talking about their parents “dating” was bizarre.  The term “dating” when applied to Luke seems wrong.  I can’t really see Luke picking up Flea, making small talk with the girls, and returning her home at a decent hour.  Aside from the 1000 other reasons why this alleged relationship is doomed, that is the reason it will never last.  Luke hasn’t even seen his daughter since returning to Port Charles, he’ll never make appropriate step-father material and there is a small (very small, infinitesimal even) part of me that still believes Flea will do what is best for her children in the long run. 

Zander & Emily playing matchmaker was pre-empted on ABC.  Peter Jennings returned in the role of annoyingly condescending news anchor with bad hair and introduced a new character into my daytime programming….Dubya who almost looked like a deer caught in the headlights during that press conference but he wasn’t that alert.  Zander scored a fraction of a point for telling Alexis to call Ned but he stepped way back into negative numbers for offering his $.02 that Ned was a fool for leaving her.  For the first time in a long time I was proud of Alexis when she told Zander to stay out of her personal business, then I realized that she’s the one who invited Zander INTO her personal business by moving him into her penthouse.  I always love Ned’s conversations with Emily and this was no exception.  Again, for the first time in a long time I was proud of Emily for thinking of Ned instead of whining about Zander.  Nexis….owie, owie, ow, ow ouch!  I guess I’m going to have to stop calling them Nexis as they are no longer a unified entity.  That was difficult to watch, the pain, the anguish…I loved every second (all 3 of them) of it.  My heart flittered for a minute when Alexis asked him to stay. Just as quickly as Ned shot her down I remembered that if Zander needed his nose wiped or Sonny needed somebody to count coffee beans Alexis would have tromped all over MyNed’s heart again to run to the aid of the town thugs.  On a positive note she did quit working long enough to go see the show and she did want Ned there with her so maybe she’s coming around a bit.  This is me hoping, wishing and praying!  I must point out that all of the ritualistic breakup gestures have not been completed yet.  Alexis was still wearing the ring, Ned didn’t leave his key and there was no sappy music montage remembering the good times. 


Chloe was no where in sight last week.  YESSSS!  

Praise be to SoapNet without which I would not have been able to see Zander and Emily playing matchmaker because the networks care not about daytime viewers and will interrupt a soap for any reason.  That is the best damn $5.00 I spend every month! 

Shouldn’t Emily have her hair tied back or be wearing a cap while working at Kelly’s?  Also, she should lose the felonious boyfriend appendage.  He’s costing her tips. 

Stefan’s latest hair choice is making him look like Danny Zuko. 

Gia’s eavesdropping skills rival those of her mentor as do her temper tantrums.  She knew the deal going in and despite all of her blatant sucking up Laura still chose Liz.  I’m not feeling sorry for her now.  Those are the breaks.  Deal. 

Lucky vs.  Jason.  I don’t really have a dog in that fight.  I just plain don’t care who wins; however, I do think that Lucky needs to watch Jacob Young’s anger management commercial. (tehehe!)  I’d be more interested if they were clay-mation (which is about the “acting” speed of both anyway) and they met up on Celebrity Death Match. 

GO JASON!!!  Thank you for calling Sonny the coward that he is!  No matter the reasoning, sending someone else to do your dirty work is cowardly.  No wonder he never whacks anybody.  In retrospect just before Sonny pulled that stunt last time is the last time I had any use for Sonny.   You know you love her, suck it up, act like a man and - - go get her yourdamnself!! 



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