For the week ending June 1, 2001… 
(Bring snacks, I have a lot to say this week)

I apologize for skipping the commentary last week.  My enthusiasm for the show continued to lag and I just wasn’t “into it” so I took the week off.  While there were a few interesting developments, I think May sweeps was a bust (again) when the biggest thing people talked about all month was the departure of an actress, not a character.  Not even the re-emergence of another back from the dead Cassadine nephew/son (yes, I still have issues with that!) garnered as much attention.  But I won’t go into that; I’m going to focus on the good things this week. 

I told a friend of mine, huge Zander supporter that she is, after Mondays show that unless one of my couples got some nookie this week Emily and Zander’s lovemaking scene would be scene of the week.  As much as I detest Zander for his lack of cerebral functioning I cannot deny that the entire scene was beautifully done, very sweet and oh-so-steamy! (I am, of course, forgiving the fact that she’s only 17 and after last summer’s afterschool specials with Liz and Lucky we didn’t get another lesson in appropriate forms of protection, not to mention the Stone/Robin ordeal).  It was definitely a post-show cold-shower inspiration.  Bravo to Chad and Amber for doing such a great job that I was able to forget how much I loathe Zander and his relationship with Emily.  So, in lieu of my favorite scene this week I’ll bestow the honor of Picture of the Week. 


Having said that, I have to take back the SCENE OF THE WEEK award promise (sorry Chris) because Zander and Emily and GH were trumped by AMC with the loooooong awaited reunion of Robin & Anna.  The only improvement that could have been made is in the appearance of Daddy Robert, but that’s coming later I hear.  I planned my days last week so that I could be home during my lunch hour to catch AMC and I was in no way, shape or form disappointed!!  From the moment Anna heard Robin’s voice at the door I had chills and sat motionless starring at the screen.  Then they used an old clip to show Robin running to Anna after that Asian Quarter business (remember how adorable little Robin was!!) which again gave me chills.  As Robin turned to go without yet seeing Anna she heard Anna say “Robin” and you could see on Robin’s face that she thought it was just in her mind and she shook it off.  But then the cautious disbelieving turn when hearing the line “Robin, don’t go” and seeing her mother for the first time in almost ten years was heart wrenching.  It was such a shock that she nearly fainted.  Her knees buckled (all of this is in slow motion) and Anna caught her just before she hit the pavement and ended up in a hug with a single tear streaming down Robin’s face.  That, my darlings, is not only the scene of the week that is scene of the month maybe even scene of the year (I reserve that award until I see Robert!).  I spent a few minutes today uploading that clip to a webpage for those of you who chose not to be manipulated by ABC (you have more willpower than I - email me and I’ll give you the link.  Later, I’ll also be uploading the clip we missed on abc due to McVeigh’s attorneys milking his execution for every bit of press they can).  The following scenes were just as moving as Robin realized that her father might still be alive also, Anna learned some things that Robin has accomplished in the last few years, and Robin met Alex.  The scene that renewed my goosebumps was Anna telling Robin that she’d have to go back to Paris without her and Anna would “come for her when it was safe”.  Robin’s reply was “Why did you bother to have me if you’re entire life was going to be about leaving me?”.  Ouch.  Guilt city: population Anna.  Robin’s pain over losing her parents was quite obvious from that one question.  The next chilling moment was at the conclusion of Friday’s show (yes, I’ll be watching AMC during my lunch hour again on Monday) when Robin told Anna that she knows all about life and death and that she’s HIV positive.  What a way to end a week!!  I love Friday cliffhangers!  Insert my standing ovation for Kimberly, Finola and AMC here! 


I wanted to put everything else under Miscellaneous Thoughts until I got to Luke and Laura.  But I just couldn’t bring myself to do that.  Every scene holds my attention.  From the moment she walked into the Grill I was grinning over his obvious “fascination” (despite MY feelings on her attire).  I’m finally beginning to see the Luke I love instead of the imposter we were treated to for the last couple of years.  They put aside all of their differences to make for a great party for their son.  After seeing the effect that Stavros’ ring had on Laura previously I loved that Luke forewarned her that Elizabeth would be sporting said rock.  You could see the terror wash over Laura’s face and Luke was right there telling her to hold on to him.  Music to an L&L fan’s ears.  One of the few things TPTB are getting right is bringing Luke and Laura back together slowly.  Luke has acknowledged that he never came to grips with her time on the island.  This week in a effort to correct a HUGE mistake on the part of the Guza team Luke acknowledged that it wasn’t Lulu’s fault that she needed a blood transfusion and Nikolas was the only match.  Luke and Laura are working together again to save their son, so all I need now is a frank discussion about Laura’s little affair with Stefan and Luke’s midlife crisis remedy with the Flea, and then I’ll be ready for some serious courting (revisiting those steamy sailboat scenes would be a nice touch! *G*). 

While I’m on the Luke topic, I have to mention the conversation (instead of line…) of the week with Stefan on the roof of the hospital.

Luke:    Where are all the smokers when you need 'em?  Isn't there anybody out there wanting to light up?

Stefan:  I warned you about hanging around the hospital.  Are you having trouble Luke? I'll take that look of bewilderment as a yes.
Then after a few more witty barbs Stefan pulls Luke from the ledge

Luke:    I think it's an ancient Greek word.
Stefan:  What was the word?
Luke:    Sucker! 

I think Luke and Stefan are my favorite “couple”. 

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Shallow Observations

In a classic WTF moment, our dear Robin Scorpio was allowed to walk right up to the door of Wildwind but Gillian had to call ahead to tell the guard at the gate that the reporter (somebody Pringle) should be allowed on the grounds.  Is anybody paying attention to these little details? 

Thank GOD Kimberly McCullough let her hair grow back out. 

Speaking of hair, unless Emily was carrying AJ’s flask in that rat’s nest on her head planning to spike the punch at the Prom she should have actually done something attractive with her hair.  

Engagement Party/Prom fashion review, etc.:

I loved the maroon dress but it looked better on Gia.  That pink frilly concoction that Gia put on was hideous.  There’s just no other description for that atrocity.   I can’t believe Emily owned that thing much less brought it with her from the Q house to her tiny little room at Kelly’s.   I didn’t care for Elizabeth’s dress but it was sparkly like the Ice Princes so it held nutjob Lucky’s attention.  Zander and Lucky looked nice but Nikolas = = =vavavavoom!  He sure is purdee when he puts on a suit!  Laura had way, way too much hair, that matronly dress did nothing for her despite what Luke said, and please, please, please stop putting chokers on her!  Luke looked nice, not especially spectacular but it is worth mentioning since we rarely see da man in a suit. 

Sonny’s accessories for the evening (aside from that foxy Johnny) should have been left in the $2.00 bin at the Quick Mart on Cortlandt Street; however, the most unattractive accessory of the evening was the caterpillar that migrated from MyNed’s chin to Kevin’s.  Shave please.  Alexis was the best-dressed woman in the room but I can’t believe she tried to hide from Ned.  Can we please have the real Alexis back!?  I was able to completely ignore Chloe with all of the other action.  Scotty, dear Scotty, needs to tone down his affection for Laura.  At any moment now I expect him to drop to the floor and hump her leg.  It was cute for a day or two but get a grip. 

The Scoobies have no idea the horror they have just unleashed on themselves by attempting to blackmail Stefan.  I guess that little faking his death stunt last summer has slipped their minds.   Get ‘em Stefan!  

Where is Zander living?  He’s been back in Port Chuckles for at least a few days and it was made quite obvious that he’s not living with Alexis, so is he living in Em’s room at Kelly’s, a park bench, under the docks, or is it like the song says “fun to stay at the YMCA”? 

Only one and ½ martinis and Bobbie is three sheets to the wind.  Amateur. 

2001 is not going to be Sonny’s year.  He’s shot (technically 2000 - -but follow along anyway), his warehouse explodes around him, his attorney quits in a huff after smacking the dust out of his dimples, a bomb is sent to his house, he’s arrested after his wife turns him over to the feds, his wife goes through a metamorphosis that changes her hair color {snicker} among other things, he’s headed for divorce court, his soon-to-be-ex-mother-in-law wastes a perfectly good martini by tossing it in his face in public and now he’s got to deal with Skye. 

Good use of history having Lucky set fire to the jail cell and hearing Elizabeth scream “Luckkkkkky!!!…..NOT AGAIN!” at the conclusion of the week briefly set me back two years, unfortunately I won’t get to see Jonathan next week. 

Stavros is awake.  Yippee.  The only reason I even acknowledge this is because Constance Towers is turning in such amazing performances as Helena’s madness becomes more and more pronounced.  I hate that TPTB couldn’t come up with anything better than bringing in another character to unnecessarily take up space but I can’t say that I’m not amused.  Bravo CT for turning this rip-off of a bad sci-fi movie into something I can not only watch but also enjoy. 

All these references to Tracy Q lately are making me wonder.  She could give Skye a run for the biggest bitch title. 

Now I’m off to track down a new Godjilla voodoo doll as the one I have is nothing but pins anymore.  Have a great GH week, y’all!



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