For the week ending May 11, 2001 

I was expecting it, even waiting on it.  It finally happened.  The blatant favoritism exhibited by TPTB has made GH unwatchable (much like OLTL last year….do I see a connection?).  From the writing I gather that we are supposed to love Rae and condemn Monica despite being her blindsided, we should take Roy’s side against Sonny when Roy is actively pursuing a path to put Sonny in Sing-Sing (the details are neither here nor there right now).  We’re also supposed to think Melissa is just some misunderstood lonely angel but Bobbie is a vindictive, jealous bitch.  The problem with this theory (Jill, Megan…are you listening?) is that we, THE GENERAL HOSPITAL VIEWERS, just do not give a flying rat’s ass about Rae or Skye or Melissa (or Roy in some cases).  We do care about Monica, Bobbie and Sonny.  They are a part of GH, interwoven into OUR rich history and making our veterans the “bad guys” only to make your friends the “good guys” just multiplies the resentment exponentially.   

Carly’s latest scheme has all the finesse of an elephant in tap shoes.  Premeditated it is not because that would imply that she actually thought about it for more than the time it took the words to form in the back of her throat. 

Speaking of throats, gag me with Lucky’s joystick (get your minds out of the gutter) over that lame proposal in the arcade.  Why doesn’t his girlfriend or his brother notice these goofy trances he wanders off into?  They spend more time with him than anyone, yet fail to see that he’s reverting back to his behavior before his therapy with Kevin.  Seeing Luke & Laura’s faces in that video game is far-fetched even for this X-Files fan.  This is the kind of stuff that made me turn off Port Charles for the last three months. 

And on other unstable fronts, Sonny’s claustrophobic freak out in jail was interesting for one scene but it has been beaten to death.  Much like his constant bickering with Taggert, if it’s not really going to be dealt with then drop it and give them some new material.  I also think it was rather twisted of Sonny to sleep with (that’s not the phrase I wanted to use but in the interest of keeping this clean…) Carly one last time after discovering her treachery and subsequently curbing her before the glow had subsided.  As a longtime Carly-hater and S&C hater I truly enjoyed seeing Sonny put all of the pieces together and finally call her on it but I think Sonny is about to blow a gasket and Carly needs to put on her protective eye gear.  His last line on Friday, “It was you,” coupled with the single tear streaming down his face was chilling, and, therefore, the scene of the week. 


You can stop announcing Tamara Braun as Carly now.  WE GOT IT!  The two people on the planet without the knowledge beforehand probably got it after the first announcement. 

Alan spoke my thoughts to Edward when he questioned why he would allow a Q heir to be adopted out 30 years ago but he now tries to gather them all in like a mother hen.  I sincerely doubt that the same man who orchestrated kidnapping his own grandson to get him in the house would participate in the adopting (or selling) of another Quartermaine. 

Hmmm.  It’s illegal to tie somebody up now? Well, damn, I should be in jail several times over. *ng*  

We were treated to the same PC day for six (s.i.x.) episodes, which kept us staring at that hideous dress of Carly’s and Flea’s ugly shirt for much too long. 

Thank you Zander for proving me right time and time again.  Always bite the hand that feeds you.  He’d rather sell drugs than take a decent job in Port Charles to be with the girl he formerly proclaimed to love. 

I applaud Felicia’s efforts to take Bobbie’s mind off of Lucas’ condition but magazines and nail polish are not going to do the trick.  That was a ridiculous conversation and I would have rather seen them play up the connection between Bobbie and Felicia over B.J. especially since we are approaching the anniversary of B.J.’s death and her little brother is now in a coma. 

LINE OF THE WEEK:  Monica – “ Did the picture come with the wallet or are you cradle robbing along with everything else?”  Good one, Monica.  You go girl. 

No Ned at all but boy did I get a throat full of Roy and Melissa and Skye and Rae.  Skye and Rae (two NON-GH characters) even got one scene alone together (alone together? An oxymoron I know, but you know what I mean) when we saw Alexis (hello – fan favorite) for one day and she was only in TWO scenes!  Surely, I am not the only person who sees the problem with this picture. 

How many times does Luke have to swat the Flea before she gets the hint.  

I suppose TPTB had to find a use for Jax’s pinball machine and I realize that they are trying to make the most of their new $20.00 sets but having Scotty take Laura to the arcade is silly at best.  Is he trying to recreate their youth rather than take her on a real date to The Grille?  Actually, this idea of ‘recreating their youth’ could work for me because I don’t want him getting hurt again when it comes time to reunite L&L.  This way he could be the one to realize that he’s not truly in love with Laura anymore but just with the idea of loving her like when they were kids. 

So Stefan was in love with Chloe on the island, huh?  When’d that happen?   

Alexis has had time to SHOP since she’s not being constantly beckoned by Sonny or Zander to hold their hands .  LOVE the new suit. 

Hey Lucky: Make like Nike and Just Do It.   

Helena to Melissa:  “In time you’ll learn that it’s not wise to cross a Cassadine.”  Kill her, kill her now Helena! 

Is it too late to get Bob and Wendy back?



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