For the week ending April 13, 2001

I’ve sufficiently shaken off the sanctimonious, self-righteous, fake-smiling hypocrites from my annual Easter visit to my mother’s Southern Baptist Church and am ready to dish some GH.  I was so elated over the previous two or three weeks of GH that I found this week to be rather dull so everything is lumped together as . . . . 


I feel like I’ve been beaten over the head with an iron skillet because of the excessive mentions of the word trust this week on GH, mostly spewing from the mouths of one Cassadine or other.  Alexis can’t trust Sonny or Roy.  Nik can’t trust Helena or Stefan but he can trust Gia or so he thinks anyway.  Stefan can’t trust Helena (or his bankers apparently).  Helena can’t trust Stefan or Luke….yadda, yadda, yadda.   

Stefan needs see Carly’s hairdresser because he is in dire need of a trim and from the looks of the scenes this week her hairdresser works nights.  Go to bed with three-inch roots, wake up refreshed with a nice color job.  I must have the name of that shop! 

I find it completely out of character that Helena repeatedly told Stefan that there was a storm a brewin’.  Whatever happened to the element of surprise? 

Alexis wins Line of the Week, not because the words were especially eloquent but because I’ve wanted to hear them for so long.  To Sonny:  “You can go to hell!”  Go Alexis!  I mean it, really Go, get as far away from the mob storyline as is humanly possible!  She gets bonus points for completely ignoring Carly.  I also enjoyed her “tirade” to Roy.  He IS a thug and a liar and he is NOT any better than Sonny and it was high time somebody told him so.  He made a few good points to Alexis too, most pointedly the fact that her client, Sonny Corinthos, gummie-bear mobster himself, is a liar and will lie to anyone and she was mostly mad at herself for being taken in by that amateur when she’s spent her life surrounded by the lying kings - - The Cassadines.   

Since when does MyNed ring the bell at the Q house?  Just because he moved from the gatehouse and that set was promptly turned into the safehouse for Zander doesn’t mean he gave up his rights to enter the mainhouse at will.  By the way, it’s time to move him back to the gatehouse and out of the Port Charles Hotel. 

Sorel was found guilty.  Shocking.  {Allow me get you a towel to wipe the sarcasm from your screen}.  Lemme get one thing straight….Sorel is the bad guy because he’s a mobster and actually takes care of business, while paying off some cops and whacking a few others but Sonny is the good guy because he is a mobster who refuses to take care of business and still pays off cops (i.e. that little exchange between Sonny and Sorel in the courtroom).  I’m so confused.  Maybe GH should invest in some black and white cowboy hats to make identification easier.  

Zander’s lack of concern his continued safety mystifies me.    

Emily: Arrrr, matey!  No one should ever wear a puffy shirt unless they have a hook for a hand and a peg leg.  Step out of Never-neverland, please. 

The joy I initially felt at having Scotty back on GH has faded and it is time to give him something to do besides follow Laura around spouting the same tired dialogue day after day. 

I couldn’t decide which one of the Q family scenes I liked the best so instead of scene of the week the Qs just win story of the week.  The gathering of the clan while waiting on Monica’s test results as a show of support and solidarity was touching.  The only thing missing from that scene was Jason (I can’t believe I said that either). AJ coming to terms with the mess he’s made of his life and taking his “moral inventory” was a big step in the right direction.  Any heartfelt conversation between Alan and AJ always brings a tear to my eyes.  Last, but certainly not least, the hospital scenes were the clincher.   I just love how this family fights among themselves but stands together against the world, in this case Taggert.  I loved AJ standing up to Taggs.  Two thumbs up to all of the Qs!! 

FOD Fashion Review Part II

Melissa:    I’m not sure what look she was going for, (Cinderella?), but she missed.  Am I supposed to believe that she had that dress stashed in the back of her closet for just in case she was invited to a costume ball or Bacchanalia???  The whole good little ex-girlfriend is gagging me and hopefully is a complete charade because I’m already cheering the druggie guy in the hospital and if he can take out Melissa and Roy, he’ll be my new hero.

Felicia: The dress looked smashing.  She was the best-dressed person there.  However, more offensive than white shoes before Easter was the GALL she had showing up at Luke’s knowing full well that Laura was throwing a private party for Deception.  We all know she was not invited.  That was almost as disrespectful as showing up on the search for Lucky last year.  Get some home trainin’!

Bobbie:  Nothing spectacular.  I did take notice of the contrast in her dress with Melissa’s angelic white.

Lesley:  Oh. Right.  She wasn’t there. 

Sonny and Carly played out the same scenes we’ve been fastforwarding for the last few weeks.  He treated her like the tramp he always called her by dismissing her feelings, running after her later, sleeping with her then rather than throwing cash on the table this time, just threw her his one percent of Deception. 

The bonding scenes between the women at Kelly’s and the men at Jake’s were so stereotypical and shallow that I’m only addressing them to say how much I hated them. 

We were on such a fabulous Chloe-free streak, why’d she have to come back? 

Hmmmm. Melissa as Cinderella, Emily as Captain Hook, The Spencsadine kids repeated mentioning of The Lion King….what’s next?  Gia as The Little Mermaid for the next Deception ad? 

After dealing with my substantial family all week long I consoled myself by purchasing new snazzy sandals for immediate display in the continued nice weather so I’m off now to frolic among the weeds and irritate my sinus.  Have a great week!

See ya’ next week.



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