For the week ending April 6, 2001 

I have no profound quotes to open with this week as I have finished my Cicero reading and am currently reading the Dorling Kindersley Travel Guide to Australia.  I’m working under the simple “I think I can, I think I can” theory.  It is my fervent intention to be spending New Year’s downunder scoping out my very own elder ‘Scorpio’ or ‘Jacks’ brother (you can keep the younger siblings). 

Speaking of Malcolm, that man must be a glutton for punishment even in the sexy specatcles.  His decision to “win” Felicia back perplexes me somewhat after the events over the last eighteen months, but I’m willing to overlook his questionable psychological well-being because his plan works well with my ultimate goal of reuniting the original ubercouple of Luke and Laura.  With Mac distracting Felicia using his {gorgeous green eyes and} newly rediscovered zest for adventure, she cannot possibly focus her all of attention on Luke thereby freeing Luke to pursue Laura again.  The same chemistry is still there between L&L even when they are fighting as evidenced by the spat over having the Deception party in the club.  Laura’s rant to Scott afterwards just proved how easy it is for Luke to still get to her and Luke’s statements at their next encounter that “part of me will always think of you as the 18 year old girl I fell in love with, that young woman I promised to protect and watch over, and nothing . . . nothing will change that.  I guess we'll just have to accept it”, had me fully believing that I’m getting that L&L reunion I’ve wanted forever.   My bets are still firmly placed on 11/16/01.  20th anniversary gold-mine, I tell ya’! 

The Luke, Helena and Stefan scene was my favorite scene of the week.  Three of my favorite characters (not to mention the fabulous portrayers) in the same room each trying to outmaneuver the other two, forming temporary alliances and drinking cognac gets enthusiastic applause all around.  Luke and Stefan’s second conversation later in the club also provided me with my favorite line of the week:  “Well let me see now, you slept with my wife, and you framed me for your own murder when you didn't even have the decency to be dead, and your the source of a thousand petty annoyances.  Your Mother, on the other hand, kidnapped my son, made me believe he was dead for a year and has stir-fried his brains.  Which is worse?  God, this is tough.”  GH would do well to have more Luke and Stefan exchanges, even the actors seemed to enjoy that scene.  Everything was turned up a notch.  {I’ll now direct you to EOS’ very own Abbie for Luke’s other killer lines last week.  Elton had a few humdingers as well.} 

From multiple kidnappers to the multiple kidnappee, the loss of Mikey: Part Infinity was somewhat less than riveting.   Mikey seemed more at ease with AJ than he ever has with Carly or Sonny but maybe that’s because AJ let him walk instead of hauling him around like a sack of potatoes.  Also, less than stellar was Carly’s declaration concerning AJ that “He killed our baby.”  I cannot BELIEVE they are making me go there again.  I had significantly mellowed in my Carly-bashing and with that one statement TPTB reminded me all over again of ALL the reasons why I hate her.  For the last time IT! WAS! AN! ACCIDENT! 


Give me back MyNed!  This is non-negotiable.  Whatever the ransom is just give me the terms, small unmarked, non-sequential bills?  How much?  Where?  When?  Just give him back! 

The only thing keeping from going into a full-blown hissy fit over MyNed’s disappearance is the fact that Stefan is back!!  That was cause enough for celebration. 

Nothing much has happened at the latest Deception party yet so we’ll just go with a fashion review.

Liz looked fabulous.  I loved the hair, loved the dress and the makeup wasn’t overpowering.

Gia:  Mistake.  All of it was a mistake from the hair bows (not to mention the hair), the dress, to the earrings.  Mistake.

Laura:  She PAID somebody to do that to her hair?  The dress wasn’t outstanding especially for a cosmetics company CEO but I thought it looked great.

Carly:  My hair looks better than that when I’m hanging around the house vacuuming.  Do something about those roots, please!! The dress was smashing, but the necklace was a mistake with the straps.

Nikolas gets my vote for best dressed though.  I can’t even explain why.  I just couldn’t take my eyes off of him.

Sonny was smokin’ as usual.  Somebody puhlease tell me he didn’t put on the same jacket he and Carly just polished Big Jim and the twins on. 

Elton should have hired his own bartenders for the evening because having Roy behind the bar in his everyday (Everyday!!) black Hanes and Levis detracted from the atmosphere. 

Sorel’s trial was a joke.  “In real life” the Scoobies would have been called to testify.  Emily would be called because she’s the one who woke up nekkid next to DeadTed.  Lucky and Nikolas would have been made to look like possible suspects by the Defense since they tampered with the scene and removed, and hid the body.  There’s NO way a jury would convict Sorel on the word of a drug-dealing street thug.  Just a hint to ABC: Most of that could be learned by watching other ABC programming such as NYPD Blue and The Practice. 

THE SLAP while more than well-deserved was beneath Alexis.  Her strength has always been her sharp tongue, not resorting to physical antics.  That was more of a Carly-move.  I would have much rather been watching Alexis verbally berate Sonny for his callousness.  I realize that she was functioning on pure emotion but Alexis thrives on stress so that is no excuse. 

You lose momentum in a compelling story, like the possibility of Monica’s cancer returning, when you showcase it for one week then we don’t see them again for six days. 

Where are all of Sonny’s bodyguards?  No one saw Mikey walk off.  No one was with Carly in the park when AJ approached her.  Both times Sonny should be grateful that it was AJ and not one of Sorel’s goons.  Then Johnny idiotically gave Zander back his watch in front of Alexis after allowing Roy to track him to the safehouse.  Does no one watch Sonny’s car anymore?  Must we have a repeat of the Lilybits?   

Felicia’s statement to Laura: “Maybe you should try trusting Luke” was just chock full of irony from the Mrs. Laura Spencer impersonator.   

I am beyond thrilled that the action has moved from Kelly’s to Luke’s, aside from the fact that it’s just a better place for the adults to hang out I know that I’ll never have to hear a boy band playing in the background. 

We’ve moved directly from the wind-chill factor into the heat index here in the mid-south, the A/C is now on, the sweaters are packed away and the grass has already been cut once.  Ain’t summer grand? 

See ya’ next week.



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