For the week ending March 30, 2001

“The people’s good is the highest law.”  Obviously, in 70 B. C. Sicily, Cicero was not referring to the production of a daytime drama in the 21st century.  No this is not a lesson in ancient Roman litigation, I’m going to mutilate that statement to fit my purposes.  “The people” for purposes of this paragraph meaning us, the viewers and the “good” being entertaining all of us, which should be the “highest law” or the priority of TPTB. Say what you will about the new PTB, and I have as have several of you, but things have improved and the upswing in several stories coupled with the toning down of the S&C hour has GH passing my litmus test again this week. 

Rather than choosing one “Scene of the Week” I’m going to pick a story of the week this time.  The Qs were all outstanding last week.  Alan’s quiet realization of Monica’s predicament without confronting her in their normal hostile manner was refreshing.  Good for him!  They are one of my favorite couples when they are allowed more than snipe-y comments to one another.  I'm still rubbing my eyes wondering if I actually saw ONE much less all of the Q men being written with some depth.  There was excellent male bonding between Edward and Alan, then Alan and AJ.  Edward really does mean well, he just doesn't deal with his emotions in the best possible way.  Yes, he's always hard on everybody but I love him anyway.  Alan stood up to Edward (got loud even!) for himself and AJ.  He's supporting AJ without dictating to him, knowing that AJ has to want to be sober for himself.  AJ wanting to support his mother and fearing for her life, but realizing that she needs to focus on herself and not worry about him.  And, the mention of the li'lest Q – Michael when AJ reminded everyone that he is IN FACT the boy's father.  This bodes well for a possible story for AJ.  Line of the Week was Alan to AJ: “I want to be your father.”  When given the correct material these guys shine! 

Ned and Alexis continued their one-step forward, two steps back dance.  As much as I enjoy them this has become tiresome.  I really thought we were going somewhere when Alexis mentioned her mother and recognized that she pushes people away due to her abandonment issues.  Now if we could just get Ned to quit walking away and justifying, in her mind, the fear of abandonment we can move forward.  Rome was not built in a day nor can Alexis change in an hour.  She is getting back in touch with her Cassadine roots, which was exhibited by her telling Sonny to shove off and then threatening Sorel.  I hope she continues on that path as she has always been more interesting when mixed with the Cassadines rather than the mob.  Now, on a purely selfish note: WHY COULDN'T I HAVE JUST ONE NIGHT BEFORE THEY BROKE UP AGAIN!???  I had such a good sequence of scenes planned in my head {IHTS} that when I didn’t get it, I had to write it down for myself.  It turned out quite good. 


The part of Sonny Corinthos is now being played by a hairy, knuckle dragging, mouth-breathing tronklodite.  All in the span of one week he disregarded Jason’s feelings, Alexis’ feelings, Carly’s feelings, Emily’s feelings and Zander’s feelings.  Nothing mattered except ridding HIMSELF of Sorel at all costs.   

Spencer is at the plate.  It’s a swing and she makes contact.  Aw, foul ball…er at least Scotty thinks that swing was foul.  I love that aggressive, self-preservationist behavior on Laura’s part but poor Scotty it’s a good thing he is so hard-headed.  Love a man in a gold chain.  They still amuse me as a transition couple but I am tired of Laura’s repetitive apologies. 

Where the heck is Gail during all of this Monica business? 

LuLu needs a haircut. 

The hands in Luke's dreams require further analysis.  Laura's hands reaching out to save him?  She is his angel and the person that saved him from himself.  Flea's hands?  Blech.  I don't even want to go there.  Helena's hands?  Begging him to come further into the Spencsadine War.  I'm intrigued!  I really think it was Laura but am awaiting new information. 

Zander is an idiot.  Even mice in a maze learn after running into a wall a few times. 

It’s a very polite kidnapper who will lock up the place and turn off the lights on his way out after trashing everything. 

The green-eyed monster reared its snarly head when Carly started thinking that legal briefs weren’t the only briefs Alexis was preparing for Sonny. 

Melroy:  Why can't Luke's ever blow up or be shot up when I need someone (or two) OFFED?  I think I have new suggestions for the Empress since it appears that Rainbow Brite is nowhere to be found these days.  Perhaps I'll lead her to believe that ROY has the DISKS and he's stashing them at Mesleepa's place.  It'll get both of them killed and protect Luke....I love it when a plan comes together. 

I absolutely hate how Roy has become involved in almost every story.  He has his own little love triangle going that I don’t care about.  He’s involved in the Spencsadine War through his connections with Luke.  He’s involved in the mob story through his search for Zander.  He’s AJ’s sounding board.  He’s Alexis’ new best buddy.  All for a character that is not necessary.  I don’t like this one bit. 

I loved Scott with Bobbie.  The entire Buster Bunny conversation was hysterical.  That is a pairing I could enjoy also.  I wonder if Scott let Serena keep the bunny. 

Spring has sprung, the pool will be open soon, GH is improving, Stefan is back in PC on Monday, less than a month until the Beale Street Music Festival and baseball season is officially open again (GO CARDINALS!).  Aaahhh, life is good. 



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