For the week ending April 27, 2001  

It is now Wednesday night (May 2) and Iíve yet to complete the commentary so the ramblings that follow should be taken as just thatÖramblings.  I apologize for the choppiness.  My life has exploded and Iím still rifling through the debris (nothing bad, just busy as Öwell, just busy).  In order to maintain the lackadaisical schedule (hahaha!) that Iíve been living by with this commentary I humbly present my unorganized, discombobulated thoughts on last week.  Please be kind. J 

First of all, Monday presented us with my first pick for Picture of the Week, but it was early so a few other presented themselves but as it turns out this was still my favorite.  Also, Iíve mooched these adorable little smilies off of the EOS message board because, well, they are just so darn adorable. 




I was surprised to see Laura confront Helena after all of her railing at Luke to just Ďlet it goí but I wasnít surprised to see Luke hiding aboard the yacht again.  People walk on and off of that yacht like itís free scoop night at the Baskin & Robbins and Helena is holding the only scooper.  Luke let Laura handle the Queen of Mean, and she was doing a darn good job, until Helena made the mistake of threatening Laura and my liíl L&L loving heart jumped as high as he did from behind the bar to defend his angel.  Woohoo!  Go Luke.  I couldnít help the evil little smirk when Helena got in the dig about bringing his wife this time instead of his girlfriend. 

Performer of the Week has to be Amber Tamblyn because as much as I detest Zander and wish that Emily would dump him on the next curb, I really felt bad for Em on Monday when Edward was manipulating her.  I was even appreciating the torment she was feeling when she broke up with Zander. 

Mr. James Fryman is not winning any points with me by making MyNed out to be the "I told you so" guy! 

(1)  He never would have said that to Alexis (I'll get to PodLex in a minute). 

(2)  He always puts Em above everything (except Bratlynn)....isn't that what caused the first huge fight, after the non-wedding debacle anyway!  Damnit...when Alexis told him that Em and Zander broke up and Zander was upset MyNed would have been concerned FOR EMILY! Not whether or not Alexis was going to go after him.  GMAFB! 

(3)  Alexis quit L&B and he accepted her resignation.  I'm sure he's gotten a new attorney within the last three months, so if they want to have him show up on Alexis' doorstep for a simple question that I'm sure could have been worked out over the telephone, couldn't they come up with a more legit reason? 

 Didn't he look really cute though?   :::::::::swoon::::::::::::  I think MyNed has been spending some time in the sun, he looked a little tannish. rrrooowwwwl!  

Moving right along....PodLex.  (LOVIN' the new haircut!)  Her entire dialogue with Sonny when she returned his files and then her conversation with Ned in the hall was bizarre.  REALexis would never have told Sonny if he'd simply apologize she'd continue to represent him.  She has way more pride than that and she doesn't need him.  What are they going steady or something?? The Lex I know and love would have dumped his files, told him to have his new attorney call her with any questions and left the rent check on the table just as she was spinning on her heels walking out the door.  She NEVER would have spoken that schpill about "you fellas" to MyNed.  PUHLEASE!  She's far too educated and still far too much in love with MyNed to reduce their relationship to that tired clichť.  

Since when are AJ and Emily co-conspirators?  I love that they are finally interacting rather than watching her run to Borgboy BUT Emily has always gone to Ned for help that didn't involve gunplay.  I'm actually SURPRISED that she didnít go to MyNed about this Edward stuff.  I am enjoying AJís increased family involvement and his witty one-liners! 

GO BOBBIE!  Take no prisoners Barbara - - fight dirty.  I'm on your side!  Roy doesn't deserve you!  As for Melissa, I hope that ray of sunshine she's beaming to everybody explodes on her ass and blows her back from whence she came!  Melissa is absolutely a useless character if all they intend to do is hook her up with Roy and Roy is just plain useless. 

Luke's assessment of Bobbie's psyche is right on the money.  Lovin' that big brother..."we're not talking about you, we're talking about Bobbie."  Thank you, Luke darlin'!  You rule. 

I hate Skye.  Rae is on my nerves already.   I hope NO one in PC turns out to be her father...DNA please!  I'd also just die laughing if somebody reminds her what she did by changing poor li'l Maddie's DNA results on AMC.  How would Maddie feel 20 years down the road to find out the man she always considered to be her father turned out NOT to be her father.  Bad karma will always come back to bite you on butt.  Iíve hated Skye since that scenario because it was that little keystoke on Andyís computer that led to the eventual breakup of my favorite AMC coupleÖ.Dimitri and Erica.  More perplexing than the latest Q bastard is the reasoning behind all of ABC Daytimeís most unwanted turning up on GH. 

Brad Maule looks as if he's lost some weight.  Good For Him!  He actually looked great dressed in all black at the Brownstone.  Heck, I just love seeing him around more these days! 

Sonny ordering Carly to her room is going to backfire on him this time....she's going to come back a changed woman! {snicker, snicker, snicker} 

Buh-bye Jase.   Don't hurry back now, ya' hear! 

So weíve turned from just being psycho about the girlfriend to poisoning young children.  Burn in hell NuLucky. Burn. In. Hell. 

And, speaking of hell, Helena, I just love her and that scene with the Luke and Laura had me squealing with delight.   Loved her necklace too.  CT has such great taste! 

Iím as fascinated by diamonds as the next girl but Lucky has taken the obsession to extremes.   I mean, címon, if you canít show them off to all of your friends to make them pea green with envy, whatís the point? 

Zander manages to get free of a murder charge and is off the hook for the mugging and the FIRST thing he does is vandalize some property but Alexis thinks he should have a job in Manhattan as a paralegal.  Quick, somebody draw a circle and put the marbles back inside, and Iím not sure if I mean Alexis or Zander.  At this point Zander is best suited for a job wherein correctly pronouncing the phrase "Would you like fries or an apple pie with that?" is the only qualification. 

Nik, Honey, if youíre feeling that froggy, jump on out there in the real world and see how tough it is to feed yourself, let alone a spongey roommate AND a horse, make the rent payment on a little cottage with itís own stable AND payments on the Jag THEN talk to me about how much you donít want to be a Cassadine.  L&B cannot possibly be paying that much, in fact I vaguely remember a conversation you had with Ned about the money not being a problem. 

Line of the Week goes to AJ:  ďPresto, youíre busted!Ē and thankfully we didnít have to suffer through Emily and Zander mooning over each other before Edwards underhandedness was revealed.  Ahhh, MyNed, he is a crafty one.  Not only getting Edward to admit to his crimes but allowing the entire house to hear the conversation over the intercom was brilliant.   

How many credit hours toward graduation to Cookie Mobster do you think bomb diffusing 101 at PCU will get me?   

See you next week, hopefully more together than I feel right now!



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