For the week ending May 18, 2001 . . .  

When did ABC start airing Mystery Science Theatre? I really shouldnít insult that show by comparing it to GH because at least MST was funny.  As a Days of Our Lives fan I am accustomed to out-of-this-world plots.  I loved having Carly buried alive (Vivian was a hoot!).  I thought the Marlena being possessed by the demon was hysterical and I still get a good chuckle out of Stefanoís goggles (pronounced goooo-gulls) that could let him watch anyone from anywhere in the world.  That is Days though.  I tune in expecting outrageousness.  That is not why I watch GH.  I thought ABC had learned its lesson with the Casey, The Alien, plot.  Iím beginning to think that Megan McTavishís life goal is to be James E. Reilly (creator/producer/head writer of Passions) Obviously, she falls short every time and Iím barely hanging on to GH right now.  (You want good soap? Check in an hour earlier for OLTL!). 

The only thing keeping me watching is the amazing talent of {most of the} cast particularly the Ďfascinatingí chemistry between Luke and Laura.  Put those two in a scene together and I am riveted, more so last week when Laura broke goofy about her time on the Cassadine Island.  Helena used to instill fear in everyone.  Just a few visual stimuli and Lauraís nearly twenty years out of the ďCassadine CompoundĒ melted away.  I physically cringed with her when she started freaking out.  Lukeís apology for not allowing himself to think about the terror that Laura lived in everyday on the island could have only been improved by an admission that he should be grateful for Nikolasí birth because otherwise, Laura might have found the courage to jump off of those cliffs.  My compliments to Tony and Genie for keepiní it real.   

The only other scenes that held my attention this week were the concern surrounding Lucasí mysterious ailment.  Aside from the reemergence of Dr. Jones from the nether regions known as the backburner giving us eerie flashbacks again of B.J.ís last days in GH I loved the Maxieís scene with Lucas.  Maxie is wise beyond her years and Robyn Richards could be as good as Amber Tamblyn if GH would provide her with the right material like in  that scene. 


As to the aforementioned Helena, she has turned from someone who makes bikers cower in the corner into nothing scarier than a villain from any Marvel comic book.  The idea of preserving someone for 20 years cryogenically ranks right up there in the ludicrous department with that cloning story on one of those CBS shows.  I also question how Helena was able to haul out 35 stories of earth and import 35 stories of building material over the last twenty years without one single person noticing, not even Stefan when he was in charge of GH?  The drastic change in the utility bill should have tipped somebody off. 

I canít help but feel joy over Sonny curbing Carly.  Iíve hated that relationship since it began so excuse me while I dance a little jig.  The premise for the breakup sits about as well with me as the contrived hookup (I donít believe Carly would ever snitch on Sonny) but I canít say that Iím unhappy with the results.  Forgiving for a moment that Sonny wins the 100% hypocrite award for tossing Carly out when she was lying to him for his own good (just like he lied to Alexis ďfor her own goodĒ), Sonnyís scenes alone in the penthouse wrestling with the betrayal were intense.  Maurice has his thumb on the pulse of the dark, haunted and tortured soul character.  Shooting Carlyís image in the mirror was a little nuts (I canít believe Johnny didnít come in to see what was going on!!) but I wasnít really concerned for his mental state until he left the penthouse door open and sent Johnny on errands.  Considering that Sorel can have a bomb delivered into Sonnyís living room I think that act was almost suicidal. 


This was also the face I was making at Luckyís outburst toward Nikolas and Stefan to say nothing of that pathetic display of acting ability of Jacob Young.   If Stefanís story doesnít improve immediately (or, like, yesterday!) Iím going to start praying for Stephen to get a phone call from Tom Langan.


Skye gets two percent of ELQ stock without so much as a simple DNA test just so Edward can put the screws to Ned and AJ?  If I didnít know better Iíd say Edward had been Ďin the cupsí.  I canít wait to see Emilyís reaction when she finds out that her stock has been given to Skye.  My hope is that Skye discovers the best way to pursue revenge against the Quartermaines for not welcoming her into the bosom of the family 24 hours after meeting her is to sell her ELQ stock to Tracy.  What I wouldnít give to see Tracy back wreaking her own brand of havoc in Port Charles! 

Who knew that the cure for a virus is Tropical Punch Kool-Aid? 

How is it that a conversation between Alexis and Carly in the hallway outside an apartment with bullet proof windows and a solid wood doors can be overheard by Sonny but when the door is standing wide open Sonny doesnít hear Alexis giving Mike the heads up on the S&C split? 

Of course Melissa has a biochemistry degree.  Of course she does.  How else could we involve that FOJ in the Cassadine story?  Iím wondering what other degrees she has slipped up her sleeve, maybe a juris doctorate for when Alexis needs a little help in court.  Perhaps she can help Scotty with AJís custody battle.  Gag me. 

Thank goodness Nik has noticed Luckyís abnormal behavior and is taking proactive measures to help him because Iím beginning to think that Luckyís going to have to spew green vomit while he pulls a Linda Blair head spinning move before Liz gets a clue.  Not even the megacarat diamond ring gave her pause despite the fact that Lucky doesnít even have a car or a decent apartment. 

Thank goodness Bobbie finally got a change of clothes.  That lavender outfit could probably stand on itís own after two weeks of wear. 

Genie Francis has the best manicure Iíve ever seen. 

Luke needs to buy stock in IBM for all the laptops heís going to purchase. 



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