For the week ending October 19, 2001.


Itís all about the Miscellaneous Thoughts and Shallow Observations, dontcha know!? 

Everybody wants to know about the dream, right?  I thought so. First of all, I totally understand why she was dreaming about him.  He stood in her aura and invaded her personal space during their conversation (I shouted ďStep off George!Ē to my television at least three times) after purposely trying to piss off Carly by telling her he was staying with Alexis.  Sign the papers, Carly.  Alexis is right.  That is the dance they do.  If she signs the papers, sheíll throw him off balance and heíll end up on his ass where he so richly deserves to be.  Make him come after YOU, darlin.  But, I digress. Back to the dream.  That freaky camera angle while we watched Alexis sleeping made me nauseous.  Donít do that again.  Secondly, Sonny was sleeping in his socks.  Eewww.  Donít do that again.  They played bad daytime porno music.  Donít do that again. Sonny and Alexis kissing.  Eewww x 2.  It creeped me out, like watching siblings be far too intimate.  Donít do that again. 

I lost that loviní feeliní for Sonny a long time ago but he was steamy in that scene.  Alexis, however, looked like she was plotting court strategy.  I didnít get that this was her dream at all, but then again in the one and only dream, of the nighttime, sleeping variety, I ever had about MyNed we were cooking pasta together in my kitchen.  Explain that.  (No noodle jokes, please) Now if we were talking daydreams Iíd have to make this a pay-per-view column. 

Mainly what I gather from reading everyoneís opinions is that you saw what you wanted to see.  The supporters of this union all reached the equivalent of the big O while rewinding and watching that scene repeatedly.  The adamant haters of the idea of the pairing were choking back the bile created by watching one of their favorite characters play tonsil hockey with someone unworthy of his or her attention.  The people in the middle ground, like myself, (Iím all for Lex getting a little with anybodybutSonny) were split.  I always wanted a Stefan/Alexis pairing and I could have gone for a temporary Mrs. Robinson thing with Alexis and Zander.  Lately, Iím fascinated by the idea of a Taggs/Alexis dangerous liaison. :::wiggling eyebrows:::: Final Score: Sonny was hot.  Alexis was not. 

In preparation for Halloween, Macís Haunted House on Friday left me feeling scared.  Scared that this story would never end!  Was anybody else waiting on the thunderstorm, the lights to flicker and when the lights come back on somebody to be dead on the carpet with knife through the heart?  Or, maybe, after Macís little speech he rips the ďAngelĒ mask off to reveal Brenda standing there.  Having killed Sorel and framed Carly so she could have Sonny back all to herself, sheíd state: ďYeah, and it would have worked to if it werenít for all you meddling cops!Ē  I say lock the doors, seal the joint off.  Last person standing is the guilty party.  Itíll get rid of a lot of dead weight in the cast. 

The only thing I want to revisit from 1985 is David Lee Roth as the front man for Van Halen so Carly needs to lose the belt. 

Love, love, love the green skirt with matching jacket Laura was wearing.  What is with that cheap necklace though?  Iíve seen candy necklaces that looked more elegant. 

Luke looks like microwaved death and yaíve just got to love an actor who will go to those lengths to make a story work.  I absolutely hate it when Iím supposed to believe a character is dying but he looks like he just returned from a vacation in St. Maarten. 

Say it with me AJ --- D-U-R-E-S-S.  Let your attorney handle it and quit acting like a sniveling whiney little weasel. Iím stumbling to the coatroom now so I can check out of your pity party.  As my parting piece of advice, honey, cut those ducktails.  It was cute 15 years ago in Salem but itís not working for me in Port Charles. 

Somebody on the writing staff must have gotten one of those annoying ďword of the dayĒ calendars.  Persnickety??  How long have they been holding that one for a good place to use it? 

The most touching scene of the week was (big surprise! Not.) Luke and Laura when Laura told Luke that she loved him, kissed him and (hereís the best part) the little nose rubs.  Sah.Woon.  Definitely give me more of that. 

Fish and houseguests start to stink after about three days and Krissy has been in the Gatehouse for about 2 Ĺ days by my meter.  Her interfering in Nedís business and rearranging his stuff is starting to aggravate me.  He is being Mr. Grumpypants with everyone lately especially her,  (Weíll put on the leather later, chastise and punish him appropriately *wg*) but sheís not making it very easy with the constant barrage of questions, judgments and generally bad manners.  He did look awfully cute in that sweater though.  I wasnít crazy about how those long sleeves covered his hands but my focus was mainly on how it hugged his chest and wishing it was me (againÖ*wg*). 

TPTB lose points this week for showcasing Flea, Angel and Snarls way too much.  I had grown comfortable with their absence for the two proceeding weeks. 

Potstickers.  McFlea.  Whatever. 

Nice touch adding the little American Flags to the arrangements sitting at the Nurseís Station this week.  Iíve noticed it on all of the ABC Daytime shows.  Two Thumbs Up ABC. 

Link of the week: Save Helena!!  My friends at The Gate have created a ďPriceless HelenaĒ ad for fans to send to TPTB in support of Hellz. I simply canNOT live with the idea of GH casting off Hellz into a dark pit and losing Constance Towers.  Go, print, mail, UNITE villainess lovers!  

As for the promo for next week all I can say about Melroy is: Turn on the Bohemian Rhapsody because in the infamous words of Garth (Wayneís World). . . ďI think Iím gonna hurl.Ē 

The other shows:  Wake me when Ryan is naked.  Will Vicki EVER learn to lock that back door?  No, I donít believe Natalie is who Allison claims she is, DNA or not.  Iím working on a theory.  Iíll get back to you when Iíve polished it in my mind and run it past people who know their OLTL.  PC is the BEST drama ABC has going, during the day anyway.  Vampires, slayers and angels---yet somehow, itís compelling, unlike the undead on GH.  Donít know how it happened but the spin-off is better than the original.  Go figure. 




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