For the week ending June 22, 2001 . . . 
(seriously long again) 

First, I’m going to take all things L&L out, otherwise that is ALL I would talk about - The end of an era.  ::sniff::  I….I….I still can’t talk about it.  Terribly upset. 

From Liz’s reaction I now understand why all the Cassadines are so impressed with the Ice Princess.  It is apparently the largest family jewel; however, from my perspective ---there ain’t nuthin’ wrong with a Naked Nik! 

Looks like somebody finally treated Mac with some frontline.  Dear Mac….like the Edwin McCain song says  === “I’ll be you’re crying shoulder”.  Bad Flea…BAD!  Insert montage of Tracey holding Mac’s hand, her arm around his shoulder to comfort him, talking to him in the park, late night phone calls to help him heal his broken heart until he realizes that he, in fact, does not love Flea but is instead fascinated by his newest best friend.  *g*  Extra demerits for Flea allowing Luke to yell at her already distraught children.   

Zander and Emily and their less than convincing “disguises”.  Are they kidding me?  I realize this isn’t Mission Impossible but puhleeze!  Sunglasses indoors are a dead-giveaway that something is amiss and let’s not forget the ski hats and jackets in late June.  Em didn’t even bother to put her hair up.  If I didn’t know better I’d think they wanted to get caught.  The idea is to look LESS conspicuous.  Rent The Saint and The Jackyll, babe! Excellent disguise tips and a couple hours worth of Val Kilmer and Richard Gere. 


First and foremost: No Ned.  WTF?  UN-AC-CEP-TA-BLE! 

Secondly, how can we have a Nurse’s Ball without Robin?  Not that I blame Kimberly for not showing up…if I was her I wouldn’t touch GH with a ten foot pole right now, but a ball without Robin just.isn’t.right. 

Where was Elton during all of this?  It would have been a RIOT to see Lucy and Elton working together! 

Lucy - - the only person I’ve ever seen who can wear hair extensions successfully. ¬¬¬¬.  Half a demerit for the muppet dress, but I’m sure it was a Chloe design so I’ll let it slide on your behalf since it was such a big night that ended up being full of disasters, including you in your underwear in the E.R.  Where were the locusts?  

The guys!  What good sports they are.  Can we please, please, please see more of AJ and Taggert in those tight t-shirts, please? ¬¬¬¬¬ 

Laura – Wrong from top to bottom.  The hair was a mess.  The dress was wrong, the fabric was wrong, the date was wrong…oh but I’m still not talking about that. ¬ for showing up this year to support her children and the cause. 

Scoobies.  I’ve had the pleasure of seeing Coltin perform last year at SSW and I wasn’t disappointed in this performance (putting aside the fact that a Cassadine Prince was performing in a talent show).  I was pleasantly surprised by Jacob’s performance.  Most impressive, however, was Coltin playing the sax – I love a man who knows how to handle his instrument.  I loved their number, although I did think the roof “set” on the roof was slightly redundant. 

I loved Skye’s dress.  The entire package was well put together and she even behaved herself so she gets ¬¬¬¬¬.  Bravo Skye.  I actually liked Skye last week too and believe me that is a first (on ANY of the ABC shows she’s appeared on)!  I guess it is really tough to be scheming and unnecessarily bitchy without much dialogue.  I was left with the impression that she’s beginning to care about Emily and Alan more than she wants to hurt them.  Also, to back up a week since I didn’t contribute anything meaningful last week, I loved her advice to AJ regarding getting custody of Michael.  At least if she’s going to scheme 

Melissa also ¬¬¬¬.  Lovely dress, great color nice hair, appropriate accessories and very little of her halo was showing. 

The Nurses – Stunning in red!  You go girls! ¬¬¬ 

Alexis – Excellent!  Something other than a suit!  I was very impressed.  It was so very Alexis.  Understated elegance, sexy but not flashy.  WTG! ¬¬¬¬  It’s too bad she never made it to the ball to show it off. 

Chloe- Where did she think she was going when she got dressed? That dress was hideous.  No more hair extensions for you girly-girl!  It always looks like there’s more hair than person there!  Stop it now. ¬ just for being there and not harassing Stefan again. 

Flea -  loved the dress, hated the color on her.  She blended into the scenery -  ¬¬.  Additionally, she receives massive demerits for screeching, er “singing” at the ball.  Honey, I would have paid money on the Amanda Barrington scale for you to stop!  GMAB on all the Fluke action.  As much as I love to see Luke cut loose, I prefer not to see him with Flea.  Ever.   

Gia’s dress looked very much like Chloe’s from two years ago but it worked.  She looked young and hip, but I do have a problem with navels being exhibited at such a classy affair.  ¬¬¬ 

Helena – Spectacular! Always the best dressed. ¬¬¬¬ all the way!  One ¬ demerit for appearing without Andreas.  Ditch the new sidekick and bring back Andreas. 

Dara – Hated the dress more than I hated Laura’s California Raisin Tribute!  LOVED the song so much so that I’m giving you ¬¬ despite the fashion faux pas. 

Stavros – Skulking isn’t attractive on anyone, nor is the Neanderthal grunting psychobabble.  Does anybody else expect him to start grunting about “Laura-nugs” next? (Encino Man reference, sorry for bringing it down to the level of a Polly Shore movie)  Just once I’d like for a back-from-the-dead character to walk right out of their coma/freezing/kidnapping/extended vacation and up to their target/loved one and bear hug the stuffins out of ‘em right away without all of the lingering about in the shadows for weeks on end.  No ¬ because I’m still pissed about the dead dog. 

Lucky  - Pretty in Pink?  He looked like a mama’s boy with the slikcked-back hair and the sissy-colored shirt. ¬¬ For a great singing number. 

Stefan – WHAT A BABE! ¬¬¬ for looking so scrumptious and for spending all of psychobrother’s money before he has a chance to reclaim it.  Minus  ¬ for leering at the unworthy-of-your-attention-death-to-a-story-Chloe all evening. 

Did ANYONE have a date for this affair?  Chloe may have been there with Tony.  I’m not sure.  Stefan was alone.  Roy was alone.  Flea and Luke left her house with a “maybe I’ll see you there”.  I think Nik and Gia and Alan and Monica were the only couples there from the GH side of things. 

(Port Charles references)

Joe and Gabi.  My friend David says he has a whole new appreciation for that song after Gabi’s performance.  He was WAY more impressed than Joe.  I did find it wholly inappropriate to do a strip tease at an AIDS fundraiser but the bemused shock on everyone’s faces was enough for me to forgive her. ¬¬¬¬ for thoroughly amusing me. 

Alison & Jamal and Livvie - They can each act circles around any of the “teens” on GH (with the exception of Amber) but none of them should EVER—EVER—EVER sing again. ¬¬¬¬ for them together because demerits for that pitiful rendition of Love Potion No. 9 put them into negative stars separately. 

Jackfromthedead looked spooky and menacing but Caleb wins the title of best dressed demon! :::::fanning self::::::: What a hottie he is! 

It was nice to see Victor and Mary again, but I was positively giddy at seeing Lee and Gail (smashing dress too, Gail!- ¬¬¬¬ she looked brilliant in white) interacting with Scotty, Laura and Serena!  It was nice to finally see Serena with her father again.  Note to TPTB:  We should be seeing as much of Serena as we do of Scott.  Until he arrived back on GH, Scott and Serena were inseparable and now we never see her.  While I’m on the subject of Scott, it was made glaringly obvious again that Port Charles is better written than GH when Lucy addressed on several occasions the fact that Christina’s birthday had passed and the Nurse’s Ball was on (or near…I forget) the anniversary of Christina’s disappearance but Scott was busy harassing Luke and Laura to finalize their divorce.  So much for continuity and character integrity. 

The highlight of the week was, without a doubt, Alan singing to Emily in the Emergency Room.  I have always enjoyed the relationship between Alan and Emily (who can forget that scene when Alan was in jail and Emily visited him, :sniff: ).  It isn’t very often these days that we are treated to a dramatic performance from Stuart Damon and when he’s finally given something he sinks his teeth in with lion-like ferocity!  He very subtly displayed the fear and hope of a father together with the knowing of a physician and his lullaby to keep Emily calm was beautiful.  I, also, do not think there was any coincidence in showing Zander every time he mentioned demons.  I just hope Emily doesn’t end up in the same rehabilitation clinic as our beloved Sean Donnelly because he hasn’t been back since checking in there. 

Loved how Zander just lit into Sorel’s guy in the Emergency Room!  You go Zander!  It’s about time somebody took a proactive stance against Sorel and his goons! 

And, yes, there is a reason I haven’t said anything about Sonny and Angel.  I’m hoping and praying desperately on bended knee that if I ignore them both long enough that they’ll both just go away . . . and take FauxSnarly with them. 

It is exactly one month until I hit L.A.!  Wahoo!



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