For the week ending June 8, 2001. . .

I have been remiss in touting exactly how fabulous I believe Helena is (yeah she’s a nut but I love a good nut and those Cassadines are nuttier that a Planters factory).  It’s just that it’s summer and while my extensive derriere is parked in this cheap chair with the fraying fibers in my mind I’m swathed in sumscream as my 4 year old niece calls it, floating peacefully in my pool blissfully singing along to Def Leppard’s Hysteria album, Any album by Aerosmith, Lifehouse, Collective Soul, and whatever else strikes my fancy at the moment whilst sipping ice water from my Sea World squeeze bottle with the pictures of Shamu on the side and watching my mutant toy poodle, Bo (as in Brady NOT Buchanan), lay on the top step of the pool in the water deciding whether to stay put or get on the other float and the stupidest dog in the world, Izzie, chases blackbirds around the yard. 

 Isn’t he cute? 

See, I just wandered off again.  You didn’t need to know any of that didja?  Back to the topic of the moment – Helena. 


Does she get any more amusing?  That picture is priceless!  Frosty the Stavrosicle is worthless and would be complete fast-forward material were it not for moments like that!  Now that she has her beloved son back from the dark side of hell I can’t help but wonder if she’s really going to be pleased with the results or if in the end she’ll be plotting his demise this time.  Perhaps he’ll come back with less of a conscious than he had before like the characters in Pet Semetery or maybe he’ll be all sweetness and light this time around giving Melissa a run for her money in the angelic department.  Wouldn’t that just chap Mommy’s hide!?  I have a feeling no matter what happens Helena is getting more than she bargained for. 

Now as far as overall story GH didn’t give me much to work with last week so we’re back to the . . . . 

Miscellaneous Thoughts and Shallow Observations 

Flea singing is a boo-hiss kind of no-no.  Don’t EVER let that happen again. Ever. 

The purple sundress that Carly had on all week looked remarkably like the one “Charlotte” wore on Sex & The City Sunday night.  Crazy as those girls are I sure do love that show. 

Fluke – the only things missing from those “dates” as Flea referred to them, was the crumpled $20 on the nightstand with which she could have bought a clue. 

Alexis is doling out martial advice – WTF?  Queen of the neurotic marital issue considers herself authority enough to counsel not only Sonny but later Carly?  Who is this woman? OH, and while I’m questioning Alexis….she doesn’t have the time to devote to Ned but she drops her WORK for Sonny????  IHTS. 

Emily and Zander talking on the ‘net.  Zander has a computer?  Zander has a place to live and electricity? 

We have no couples over the age of 21.  Sonny and Carly are split.  Ned and Alexis are split.  McFlea can’t sync up.  L&L are just playing together to help Lucky.   Scotty is doing all he can to get Laura to notice him without any luck.  Bobbie f.i.n.a.l.l.y. curbed Roy.  We haven’t even gotten any good sexual innuendo from Helena and Andreas lately.  Where is my love in the afternoon? 

Alexis knows Benny’s phone number?  I definitely recall a scene earlier this year when Alexis went to Carly to have Benny tell Sonny he needed to get back to town post haste. 

After Luke mentioned that his sources including the WSB were tapped out I was waiting on Luke or Laura to say….”if only Robert were here.”

:::::swoon:::: giggle! <sigh> 

Helena had a cat?  She doesn’t strike me as an animal lover.  Anyone want to take bets on whether or not it was a black cat? 

Angel – Hate her. Hate her.  Hate her.  Oh and did I mention that I HATE HER? I haven’t felt such contempt for a new character since the day Chloe showed up at the Q house talking about raspberry drinks.  I’m still giving NuCarly a little while of a probationary period but this Angel chick Has. Got. To. Go

Are we to believe that Frosty was receiving physical therapy and regular visits from a barber during his unfortunate incarceration? 

There’s been quite a lot of speculation on Frosty’s first words so I’ll leave that to you guys.  Here’s few things you won’t hear Stavros say but would make me spew some of Canada’s best spring water at the television if he did:

- “Trickle down economics will work.” (Hey, he died in the early 80’s!)

- “THAT’S not my son!  He’s too old to be my son!  Stefan!!”

- “OMG I’m gorgeous (ala the High Commander from Third Rock) for a fifty-year old murderous, would-be rapist, psychotic with a mommy complex!”

- “Talk about ironic, Laura is married to Spencer and dating that Baldwin guy?  And, they think I’m the one stuck in the past!?  Maybe I’ll just court that Vining woman at the counter or that hot Melissa chick after my nerts drop again.”

-“Stoli is overrated.”

-“Where’s my Member’s Only jacket and collection of Izod shirts?”

-“It’s warm in here.”

-“Stop referring to yourself as my mother!  You look nothing like my mother!”

-“Mrs. Lansbury better have picked up a copy of Corey Hart’s First Offense album (I love that “Sunglasses at Night” song) and Pink Floyd’s Final Cut!!”  Spooky junior high flashback tunes for me!

-“I do not have a sister. Who is this Natasha person that Mommy keeps referring to as the bastard child of Father?”  

For those of you who were too young to see or just weren’t watching Frosty during his earlier appearance on GH please go visit Luke and Laura UnRevised.  They posted the clips leading up to and involving Stavros’ death.  It is immediately apparent why Laura is deathly afraid of the man and her fervent desire is to forget all that happened on that island.  I’m already waiting on the scene when Luke dusts him again if for no other reason than killing the dog.  That is unforgivable. 

Gia and Liz as reluctant partners were amusing although I suspected from the beginning of the show (and later proven correct) that Mary Sue Price penned the episode and the clincher was when Stefan referred to them as Nik’s “silly friends”.  Stefan does not use simple terms like “silly” to describe Nik’s friends.  That woman has no feeling for the essence of the Cassadines.  She should stick to the li’l Scoobies and leave the complex characters to the other writers (Paging Patrick!  Save me from this drivel.) 

I’d like to open negotiations at this time to trade Skye for Anna.  Skye wants her adopted daddy and we want our kick ass – take no prisoners spy back.  I think it’s a fair trade! 

Although I’d really like to give AMC the scene of the week again because Finola Hughes was nothing short of phenomenal in the final scenes of Anna and Robin’s reunion, (complete transcript and pics with more video clips can be found at L&L in Luke’s office gave me such a thrill that I had to stand up and shake off like a wet dog and the Anna/Robin stuff wasn’t technically ON GH.  I really felt Luke and Laura clicking this week.  The final scene in the club gets not only my favorite scene of the week award but also picture of the week.  Lucky finally realizing that he’s NOT okay and that his parents aren’t the enemy means this story can move forward now. 

Aww. :::sniff:::: 

I didn’t mention MyNed yet.  I’m sure you are wondering why (mmhmm).  Wally has been on vacation in Tibet getting his Buddhafreak on thus no Ned.  However, it is my understanding that the cast is gearing up for the Nurse’s Ball and yet still no Ned around.  I hope this is not an indication that there will not be a performance by our Eddie Maine!!!  The leather pants trigger something primal in me and if I don’t see them at regularly scheduled intervals bad things could happen and you just don’t want to be throwing my groove off like that. 




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