For the week ending September 7, 2001. . .  

I am honestly stunned at how much I enjoyed GH last week.  I couldn’t wait to see the show on Thursday and was ticked off that I had to wait until 9 p.m. to see it on Soapnet since I stopped recording it during the day.  This is not to say that I’m going to let them off the hook with all the stuff they mucked up (hey, I said “mucked” with an “M”!!).  In an effort to remain positive I’m going to take all of the bad stuff and put it in a time out for this week to give myself time to get back into the groove after a near two-month break. 

Chloe’s murder, while I don’t object to it, was quite tragic.  She died young and that’s always tragic.  She was only married once and although it was to the perfect man, MyNed, it was fake so it didn’t really count.  She was only in love once and as it turns out Jax cared more about his dead ex-fiancé than he did for her.  Don’t get me wrong I couldn’t be more thrilled that she’s gone.  That means I never have to hear about the raspberry drinks (I know I’m the only person who remembers that, but it was that moment when I decided I would hate her forever).  I’ll never have my time wasted by people looking for her shoes and there will be no more talk of a psychic tumor.  Last, but certainly not least, I’ll never have to concern myself with that pact she made with MyNed for the two of them to start dating in two years.  (Please!  What is this?  The backwoods of Arkansas?  Cousins do NOT date.)  She gained a few points with me in her last moments when she beaned Stavros on his frozen noggin but her intellectually challenged persona immediately took over again when she provoked Stavros and then didn’t run out of that house like her hair was on fire.  On the bright side, she did leave an attractive corpse. 

Is it me or does everyone think that Jax is just bad luck?  Miranda supposedly died in an explosion only to come back to haunt him later.  Brenda drove herself off of a cliff, only to haunt him later.  Chloe was murdered, but I don’t suppose she’ll be haunting him.  Maybe he should look at the string of women he helped destroy before he starts railing at Sonny next time. 

Alexis looked like, well, like she just lost her best friend.  Once again I was completely drawn in to Alexis’ pain thanks to the brilliant performance of mediocre material by Nancy Lee Grahn.  I know that I sound like a broken record, but there is simply no one better and her lack of story over the last two years is still unfathomable.  At the end of Friday’s show I had puffy eyes, a blotchy tear stained face and all I wanted to do was hug Alexis.  

Stavros should be heavily medicated and enter into serious intensive psychotherapy (psycho?therapy? lol) He’s mad.  MAD, I TELL YOU!  Butcha jus’ gotta love a man who uses his cryogenic chamber as a wine rack. 

I am sure I will regret the statement I am about to make, so please don’t hold it against me.  I liked Angel this week.  WAIT, before you roll your eyes and hit the send button on that email telling me to report to my room at Ferncliff and commence therapy to reverse the brainwashing let me explain.  (1) I got to watch a little of Sonny with her because he was playing Mr. Charming rather than constantly peeling Carly off of himself with a spatula.  (2) She didn’t take any of Carly’s lip.  (3) Even after Carly falsely accused her of being involved in the kidnapping with her father, she didn’t turn all vindictive and have Carly arrested for breaking into Angel’s house, rifling her belongings, stealing her property, insulting her in her own home (that’s for you Liz haters who still bash Liz for insulting Carly in her then current home…let’s not be hypocrites here okay?) nor did she rat Carly out to Sonny for the same thing.  She did lose points for the red dress at her father’s funeral, but, hey, if you had a father like Joseph Sorel a red dress at the funeral might seem appropriate to you too.  Megan McTavish does need someone to redefine “interesting” for her if she thought that Clorox story held any water. 

Carly’s repeated referral to Angel as a “slut” was not only offensive it was downright hypocritical.  We know she’s an exhibitionist from the skinny-dipping scene, but we don’t know that she’s a slut; however, we do know that Carly: (1) Had sex with Jason before knowing his name (2) Got pregnant twice in two one-night stands both of which happened while she was involved with another man; (3) Nailed “her man’s” best friend because she was pissed while she was married to yet another man.  Where, exactly, is her high-moral ground to judge?  She was doubly tasteless in her efforts to extract information from Jax while hovering over Chloe’s coffin.  Chloe was the ONLY friend she had in Port Charles (Alexis only tolerates her and Lila has exhibited her complete lack of good character judgment for years) and it wouldn’t have killed Carly to exercise a little decorum for an hour to pay respect.  Finally, for this week anyway, her tirade at Bobbie about leaving was very Sybil-esque.  Carly has been telling Bobbie to ‘but-out’ for weeks and as soon as Bobbie leaves her to her own devices Carly throws a fit.  Quit changing the rules in the middle of the game, Snarls.  BTW, Bobbie was looking good after her short break from PC, loved, loved, loved the curly hair. 

Laura’s back!  It’s about time.  Laura provides “heart” for the show and I didn’t realize how much I missed her until she came back.  Lucky needed his Mommie and she needs to tell him to SHAVE.  She also needs to shed that new skin she’s got and I mean Scotty.  Good Grief he is annoying now.  He KNEW what was going on with Lucky and when Luke freaked, then disappeared he didn’t think that Laura might need to know that her son(s) was in danger?  GMAB Scotty.  Quit thinking with Li’l Scooter and act like a parent.  Besides, the giggly-school-girl monster that takes over Laura’s body whenever Scotty is around should be throttled, sedated and caged forever. 

More cameos from Elton and Johnny are needed STAT. 

Liz/Lucky/Nik = zzzzzzz.  

I like Kristina so far.  Jaime Ray Neuman held her own fairly well against NLG, which is sometimes tough for even the veterans.  She took Ned’s bad manners and ‘tude, threw it right back at him and made him apologize. (He was being a jerk).  She must have gone to the Emily and Zander School of Disguise because she was certainly noticeable in the trench coat and hat inside a blues club at night.  Stealing the drink didn’t help her blend any either.  Now, if they keep the story focused on Alexis, since she’s the one I care about, then I can be quite happy with this (still putting stuff in time out so I can remain positive).  I wasn’t overly enthused by all of the hugging.  Too much, too soon.  All in all, she’s a keeper. 

Like the Vanessa Williams song I have “Saved the Best for Last”.  A little Nexis action! 

Woohoo!! That one moment in the police station, that one hug, that brief scene when Alexis allowed herself to lose control when she didn’t have to control Jax or keep Stefan out of trouble.  She knew she could feel something, even as brief as it was, she knew that Ned would catch her.  I need more now.  I want this tragedy to bring them back together.  I want Alexis to realize that she’s wasting precious moments of her life holding Sonny’s hand through every time Taggs gets a wild hair (hehehe!) to arrest him when she could be spending time with Ned.  I want Ned to realize that Alexis needs him to be there even when she’s trying to push him away.  She needs to be able to trust that he won’t bolt.  I want to see Alexis grieve for Chloe like she should have grieved for Stefan last summer and allow Ned to comfort her.  I want Ned to grieve for his last ex-wife, his best friend, business partner and the head cheerleader for his relationship with Alexis and allow Alexis to comfort him like she did when Brenda died.  That’s not really so much to ask is it? 

For those of you who asked (and I keep forgetting to post this) the new address for the L&L UnRevised site is: 

Slightly off topic for a moment:  I visited my friend Nicole in L.A. this weekend and we had the opportunity to see the play that Stephen Nichols is currently starring in titled “The Dead Boy”. The cast was beyond brilliant and kept me transfixed throughout both acts.  There are a few holes in the writing (but we GH fans are used to that, aren’t we?) but the performance totally makes up for it.  If you have the opportunity to see it and aren’t homophobic, offended by numerous swear words or freaked out by the flashbacks to your Catholic schooling from the incense, I highly recommend this play.  It was so nice to see Stephen working with material that is worthy of his caliber of talent…. and he was tres sexy dressed as a priest too! 

Over and out.



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