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August 31, 2001  











Q:      As a young girl, I use to watch a soap opera called Santa Barbara. Could you please tell me the name of the song that was played during those special moments between “Cruz” (A. Martinez) & “Eden” (Marci Walker)? Who was the artist that wrote the song played for "Julia & Mason" called.. I Love You?


A:      This Emmy-winning soap opera aired in the United States from July 30, 1984 until January 15, 1993.  During this time there were more than fifty songs played for Cruz and Eden, one of which was “I Love You”, but the artist is not listed.  

"Another Place, Another Time" by Grant Saidiner and Ron Boustead;"Back to Avalon" by Kenny Loggins; “Can This Be Real Love" by Dan Hill; "Chances Are" by Johnny Mathis; "Coming Around Again" by Carly Simon, and "Love and Marriage" by Frank Sinatra, are just a few of many played for Julia and Mason.  Recognize Julia?   That’s our own Alexis from GH!





Q:      How much longer is Lucky's brainwashing going to last? It has been going on for a year and a half with no end in sight. It is boring and un-compelling.  Thanks.  Sue Young 

Q:      I was hoping that you could help me, I am at the end of my rope with a particular storyline on my favorite show, General Hospital.  I am a HUGE fan of Lucky and Elizabeth (I've been a fan of them since day 1).  Those two are the ONLY REASON I am watching  GH at all and I will watch them in almost ANY storyline, (blackmailing, Dead Ted etc;)-- no matter WHO plays Lucky either-- but I don’t know how much longer I can handle this "Let's-Brainwash-Lucky-beyond-repair-to-destroy-the-Spencers"  CRAP!!!   

So this is my question:  Why are TPTB dragging this out so long??? Do you have any idea how much longer it will be??  I heard Lucky and Elizabeth were to be married by the end of the summer, considering today is the 16th of August, I doubt that they are going to wrap the brainwashing up and get them married in the next 2 weeks.  I will be hoping for it though!!  I have seen themes that last a long time on this show ie; Spencer/Cassidine wars, Sonny’s issues with the women he loves and their betrayal, etc, but this brainwashing thing is almost more than I can deal with!!!!  How do TBTP expect to keep their viewers on the show if they can barely keep the actors??  I've been hearing rumors that both JY and BH want out of the show A.S.A.P.--because of this particular storyline!!! Thanks SOOO much for letting me vent here!!!  Jessica 

A:      Since summer is here and there has been no sign of this storyline ending, you’re best bet would be to stay tuned until the November Sweeps.  That would also be a perfect time for these two to tie the matrimonial knot, although we haven’t heard anything about this as yet. 

            Many longtime viewers who at one time watched GH religiously, have begun to tune them out due to the ridiculously long drawn-out storylines that have been written recently. 

            As for the rumors, don’t allow them to carry too much weight until they actually become a reality.  And if you keep watching the show, just hope for an ending to this brainwashing of Lucky’s and take an antacid before you acquire an ulcer. 

Q:      I really want Sonny and Carly to get back together. They make GH very interesting.  Any chance?  Jonnie Lowry   

Q:      Are Carly and Sonny getting back together? I hope so.  I love their story line.   Sonny can not forget about Carly after all they’ve been through.  If he forgave Brenda, he should forgive Carly.  Also there was a song that I love in one of the love scenes of Chloe and Jax. and it goes something like “heaven knows I'm head over heels and it shows”.  Please tell me the artist’s name and the name of the song.   Thanks, Kiki 

A:      From what I have learned, Sonny and Carly will be reuniting.  Over the next few months their relationship will become deeper and more meaningful as they become involved in a new and exciting storyline. 

The song you asked about is titled “Lost In You” and was recorded by Chris Gaines (Garth Brooks).






This was the song that played when Jax and Chloe first made love on New Year's Eve. 

“There’s no more waiting/ Holding out for love/ You are my Godsend/ That I have been forever dreaming of/ My angel from above.       

Heaven knows/ I'm head over heels and it shows/ I've played every field I suppose/ But there's something about you/ When you're around/ Baby I have found/ I get lost in you.   

What is this feeling/ I’ve never known before/ That I should touch you/ Swearing to surrender ever more/ That's what I came here for/ Heaven knows/ I'm head over heels and it shows/ I've played every field I suppose/ But there's something about you/ When you're around/ Baby I have found/ I get lost in a wonderful daze/ Lost in your wonderful ways.

          Heaven knows/ When you're around/ Baby I have found/ I get lost

Heaven knows/ I'm head over heels and it shows/ I've played every field I suppose/ But there's something about you/ When you're around/ Baby I have found/ I get lost in you.”



Q:      What are the lyrics for Emily's poem that Juan turned into a song? I can’t remember. 

A:      On May 9, 2000, Juan found Emily’s poem, which he later turned into a song entitled “Heart and Soul”.  

I walk around hiding a smile/ Girl you don't know what you do to me

Looks like I’m through running around/ Baby I know where I wanna be

How can I make you see what you mean to me?  

With all my heart, with all my soul I need you more than you know

With all I feel, with all I do/ Girl can't you see that I love you Heart and soul  

Time after time, I close my eyes, thinking about what the night will bring

Dancing alone, your body next to mine/ I want to give you everything How can I describe what I feel inside?  

Yeah, with all my heart, with all my soul, I need you more than you know

With all I feel, with all I do, girl can't you see that I love you Heart and soul

Look at me, you will see/ Hold me close.  


A:        If you’re asking my opinion, here it is.  What has happened to the show is mainly the fault of the writers.  As they come and go, each has their own ideas of what he/she wants, and once a character or a story line is written and used on the show, you can’t simply toss them out the window and start over.  It’s a lot like our government.  What one administration does to screw up the works can not be undone right away by the next.  It takes time, and as long as we have writers on the soaps that will not create with the interests of the viewers in mind, we will continue to have these long, drawn out, and very frequently uninteresting story lines. 

            It has been written that Laura and Luke will be reuniting later in the year.  As for Jacob Young, Katrina told me he has mentioned leaving off and on, but at this point in time, he is still on contract and filming.  And even though some viewers do not like Tamara Braun in Carly’s role, she is on contract with GH and her superiors are pleased with her work, so don’t look for her exit anytime in the coming months.


(From Naomi:  Recently I have received many, many critical emails complaining about GH plots, characters, etc.  I will do what I can to answer all these questions, and with a few of these emails I may even agree with the writer, but I have been a loyal GH fan since the 60’s and will continue to hang in there through the good and the bad, until the series goes off the air.  I also feel that GH is one of the best daytime soaps on ABC, with some of the best actors in the business.) 

Q:      I would like to know what is Nikolas whole name on General Hospital.  Nikolas ???? Cassidine.  I know his real name is Cultin Scott or something like that.  Kiki 

A:      “Coltin” Scott plays Prince Nikolas Mikael Stavrosavich Cassadine.

Q:      I just heard a particularly nasty rumor about Chris Robinson and while I don't want to repeat it, I was just curious, what's he up to these days? I miss the old days with Lesley, Monica, Rick and Alan!  It's kind of interesting that they've rehashed that with Carly, AJ and Jason. Thanks!  Sandra L. 

A:      I don’t know what you’ve heard, but there isn’t very much information on Chris since his character of Rick Webber left town in 1986.  Chris has been married three times and is the father of three sons. 

            His acting credits since departing from GH include roles in “Like Father, Like Son” 1987; “Viper” 1988; and a steady role in “The Bold and The Beautiful” as Jack Hamilton from 1992-1997, 2000, and 2001. 

            Back when Lesley, Monica, Rick and Alan were at each others throats, the writing was excellent and there were many, many great scenes, including a time in 1980 when Alan plotted to kill Rick and Monica up in the Quartermaine nursery.  Too bad for us, the viewers, as it looks like those days are gone forever.


Q:      What happened to the original Carley????  I liked her better.  Patricia C. 

A:      Months ago I printed information on this, and a few weeks ago I reprinted it for another reader.  Since you must have missed both columns I’ll print it for you once again.  

          During an interview with Soap Opera Weekly's West Coast Editor, Janet Di Lauro, on April 17th, Sarah Brown stated:   “It’s definitely a decision that I labored over, and yet it's something that I've been thinking about for two years. My heart is telling me that now is the time. I need to move on and make my way into directing, which is something that I've wanted to do since I can remember.  There's not really a place to do that and stay on a soap. I realized it was time to cut down on my workload in terms of the daytime gig, in order to focus on the things that I really hope to do in the future.”              

      “You know what really took me off guard? Those rumors on the Internet about Jill and myself having some sort of blowout and that that is what caused me to leave General Hospital. These rumors are completely false. Plain and simple, [this alleged blowout] just never happened”.      

Last interview on April 24th:    

      "I did cry my eyes out," shared Sarah Brown on her final day on the GENERAL HOSPITAL set earlier this month. "I tried not to, but it's like going off to college after high school. Its poetically, beautifully sad."   

                             After Brown taped her final scenes, which aired on April 24, cast and crew gathered to say goodbye on a sweet note. "They brought in a cake, and everyone came up," she smiles. "I was in such an emotional state, but I told everyone that I really felt like I grewup at GENERAL HOSPITAL. I learned so much about my craft, and I really wanted to thank every single person who I worked with."      

Did it make her reconsider her decision to leave? "No, it really didn't," she admits.“I am completely at peace with my decision. I'm really listening to my heart. It's like a subconscious feeling when something has given you or you've given it as much as you can, and it's time to move on and get to something else.”  

           “I'm not looking to come back, and I don't mean that in any negative way whatsoever," she concludes. "I've loved it. I've just run the gamut with the character and I really want to move into new things in my life. That's the only reason."     

            And to her fans, "I want to say how much I appreciate, respect, adore them and their support for not only the character of Carly, but the storyline of Sonny and Carly, and for myself as a person. I'm so very grateful for my experiences. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I never expected this kind of ride."    

***Recent News:

Soap Opera Weekly - August 21, 2001

Sarah Brown's experience portraying an impulsive woman came in handy when she filmed the role of Emma Shepard, a reporter investigating the paranormal, for a three-episode arc on NBC's Mysterious Ways, beginning Aug. 17.  

The pace of prime time was a factor that Brown had to adjust to quickly. "I'm used to going a million miles a minute," Brown jokes. "There's a lot more downtime (in prime time) to work on the material. I'm glad I did soaps as long as I did; it makes this stuff a lot easier." 

Brown promises that viewers will see "flashes of Carly" in Emma. "You can't play somebody for five years and not expect to see it seep into your personality. What I created on General Hospital came from who I am as a woman. There are parts of me that refuse to lay down to anybody."  Mysterious Ways airs Fridays on NBC. PAX will begin airing episodes from the beginning Tuesday, Sept. 11.  



Q:      Why has there been such an absence from Jackson Montgomery on "All My Children" and why is he looking so gaunt now?  I hope that he is ok.   Cynthia 

A:      Walt Willey, who has played Jackson since 1989, suffered a knee injury years ago while doing a scene with fellow AMC actor Keith Cobb (Noah).   This old injury flared up and after having his knee scoped by a doctor, Walt took it easy for awhile. Because of the lack of exercise and eating lots of “comfort food” to ease his aches, his weight went up to 230 lbs.  After seeing a magazine with a photo of Cameron Mathison (Ryan) looking fit and trim, Walt decided to begin physical training, and four months later his weight was down to 203. This may be the reason he now looks “gaunt” to you. 

  * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

 “Ask Naomi” welcomes all questions from the readers.  I will continue to do my best to give you the correct information, but I can’t promise that questions concerning the private lives of soap stars will be answered, as many times this information cannot be confirmed.  ALL QUESTIONS WILL INCLUDE THE NAME OF THE SENDER.  IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO REMAIN ANONYMOUS, PLEASE SAY SO IN YOUR INITIAL EMAIL.  THANKS.

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