August 7, 2000


AMC - I know Erica has been married a lot of times.  Can you please tell me how many trips she's taken down the aisle and with whom? 

Let's sum this up by saying that if a woman had to keep all her ex's last names,    Erica's would be....Erica  Kane-Martin-Brent-Cudahy-Roy-Chandler-Montgomery-Montgomery- Chandler-Marick-Marick.    Phew...I believe our girl has even outdone Liz Taylor!  Erica's first of many was Dr. Jeff Martin (71-74); then came Phil Brent (75-76); Tom Cudahy (78-80; Adam Chandler (84-85); Travis Montgomery (88); remarriage to Travis Montgomery (90-91); Dimitri Marick (93); remarriage to Dimitri Marick (95).  Phew.......

AMC - I love David Canary as Adam Chandler.  He's so good when he's bad.  Can you tell me if he's ever acted in any other soaps?

Yes he has.  David, who's been on AMC since 1983, also appeared as a regular on Another World, as Steve Frame, and Peyton Place, as Dr. Russ Gehring, from 1965-66.

OLTL - What ever happened to Clint Buchanan?  Hhe was a regular for years and then all of a sudden we don't see him anymore!

When he divorced Lindsay, Clint went to work in London with his son Cord.  He returned to Llanview briefly in May of 1999, but left again in June to return to London. There hasn't been any news of him since.

OLTL - A year or so ago Todd had a gorgeous parrot, who just flew in his office window one day.  Do you have any information on this wonderful bird?

The blue and gold macaw, who Todd named "Admiral Bird" a/k/a "Moose", was actually played by two parrots, who were also mates.  Their real names were Flash, 18, the male, and Lucky 17, female.  They were both needed, as each one had their own particular talents.

GH - What is Jason Morgan's background?  If he's Alan and Monica's son, why does he have a different last name?

(Boy is this opening a big can of worms)...  During one of Alan and Monica's many times in the ditches of the marital highway, Alan had a steamy affair with a sultry but scheming woman by the name of Susan Moore.  During their affair, Susan became pregnant and gave birth to a son.  Alan and Monica reconciled, which infuriated Susan, so she set about planning the undoing of the Quartermaines.  She teamed up with a man named Crane Toliver, who was Lila's long lost, presumably divorced,  first husband.  He produced papers proving that their divorce was never final; therefore, she and Edward were never legally married and their children were illegitimate (instead of just a few of Edward's).  Toliver threatened to go public with the info, much to Lila's dismay.  Susan tried to back out of the scheme, but Toliver ended up killing her, then dying himself before he could release the info.  Lila and Edward then legally married.  

But you were asking about Jason.  When Susan died, little Jason was left homeless, so Alan begged Monica to allow his son to grow up in their home, raised as their child.  Monica was ambivalent at best and hostile at worst about the idea, but she grudgingly agreed.  She treated the baby with disdain until little Jason became very ill.  As she sat with him and nursed him back to health, Monica realized how much the baby needed her and how much she adored him.  From that time on, he was her favorite son (setting the stage for AJ's bitter resentment).  

Jason grew into a teenager...his brother AJ (Alan Jr), who was quickly on his way to becoming an alcoholic, got into his car to storm angrily from the Quartermaine mansion on one of his tantrums.  Jason, being the loving brother, although they didn't get along, jumped into the car at the last minute to try and stop his brother form driving drunk.  They got into a very bad accident and Jason was seriously injured.  He was out for a long time, and when he finally came to, he had sustained brain damage and amnesia.  As he got to know everyone again, and saw how dysfunctional his family was, he decided to separate himself from them completely with the exception of his grandmother Lila and adopted sister, Emily, who were the only sane ones in the family.  He took the last name of Morgan, which was Lila's maiden name.

Jason eventually went to work for Sonny Corinthos.  He had a semi-affair with Carly, but was actually in love with Robin Scorpio (Mac's niece).   When Robin couldn't talk him out of working for Sonny, she gave him an ultimatum...either he would get out or she would go to Paris.  He refused to leave Sonny because he was indebted to him as his friend and for supporting him through a lot of bad times.  Robin left town, opening up the field for Carly with Jason.  Carly, being the slut that she is, also slept with AJ.  When she found she was pregnant she led everyone to believe that Jason was the father because she was afraid AJ would take the baby away from her, considering the family had a lot of money and could probably do this.  When she developed severe postpartum depression, she disappeared, leaving Jason raised the baby who he named Michael. 

As time went on, Jason realized that his love for Michael was so strong that he became concerned  Michael could be in danger from being close to him, because of his ties to Sonny.  To make matters worse, (if that's possible) Robin returned, found out that AJ was really the father and went to AJ and told him.  A big legal battle was underway and AJ got custody of Michael. because he was his biological father.  Carly, thought that if she went along with AJ, she would ultimately get to keep her son, so she married AJ and cozied up to him.  She was still seeing Jason on the sly.

One night, AJ, hating Jason by now, hired an arsonist to burn down a coffee warehouse Jason owned with Sonny.   This critical error laid the groundwork for his loss of both Carly and his son, not to mention the CEO position at ELQ.

OK.......time marches on.....Carly, being fed up with AJ and their sham of a marriage, decides she has had enough.  She goes to Jason to tell him, but finds him and Elizabeth together.  Carly, always thinking the worst of everyone, takes this as a sign that Jason and Liz are having an affair and goes straight to Sonny's penthouse.  They argue, call each other every name in the book, then somehow wind up in bed together (go figure).  Next thing we know Jason, after being ambushed by Moreno, makes his way back to Sonny's.  He begins telling Sonny what has happened to him when, lo and behold, Carly comes prancing down the stairs in nothing but Sonny's shirt (not a pretty sight).  Jason got the picture. He left but eventually did come back to say goodbye before riding off into the sunset for the last time.

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