Iíd like to wish all my readers a very happy holiday!  Thank you for your interest and for all the suggestions and questions you send me.  Iím looking forward to another great year with Katrina and all the other members of our little ďfamilyĒ here at Eye On Soaps.




Q:        Just a couple of things you forgot in the Brooke history:  I think it is important to mention her string of bad luck with men that also includes Edmund, who chose Maria over her, and Tad, with whom she had her child Jamie.  Didn't Tad have an affair w/Dixie while he was married to Brooke, just like Adam had?    Marilyn Flores 

A:        Thanks Marilyn.  Maybe this will help to fill in more of her history.  

            In 1990, Tad and Dixie were married, but her uncle, Palmer, who tried every trick in the book to tear their marriage apart, threatened their relationship.  Tad thought that if they moved out of Pine Valley their marriage would survive, but Dixie refused to go.   So they stayed and tried to make the best of it.  Unfortunately, Tadís close working relationship with Brooke only proved to drive another wedge between them, and along with some scheming from Palmer, Dixie and Tadís marriage finally fell apart.  When Dixie had Tad served with divorced papers, he soothed his pain by sleeping with Brooke.                                                

            Dixie then met Billie Clyde Tuggle, who later attempted to rape her.  Tad came to her rescue accompanied by the police, but Billie Clyde managed to escape.  Two months later, he and Tad had an encounter on a bridge, during their scuffle, there was an explosion, sending both men into the river.  Billie Clydeís body was found, but Tadís disappeared and after a search, he was presumed dead.  Actually, Tad had made his way out of the river, now suffering from amnesia.  Not knowing who he was, he hitched a ride with a trucker and ended up in California. 

            Meanwhile, back in Pine Valley, Dixie was heartbroken as she grieved for Tad, and so was Brooke, who had found out she was pregnant with his baby. 

            After Brooke gave birth to a boy and named him Jamie, she soon began dating journalist, Edmund Grey, who worked with her at Tempo Magazine. 

By the end of the year (í92), Tad returned to town, still suffering from amnesia, and calling himself Ted Orsini.  Tad started to have recollections of things past and just barely missed running into Dixie for months after his return.  When they finally reunited, Tad was shocked to learn that Dixie had married two different men since he disappeared.  Then the news that Brooke had given birth to his son threw both of them for a loop.  Being a father made Tad realize his responsibilities and he decided to marry Brooke in order to be a good father to Jaime. 

Despite their separation, Tad and Dixie could never deny their unmistakable attraction to each other, and they started having an affair. Tad found himself having to lie to Brooke about his whereabouts so that he could spend time with Dixie. 

When Edmund discovered that Tad and Dixie were having an affair he went to Brooke and told her that he loved her and wanted them to be together, but Brooke chose to stay with Tad.    Edmund continued carrying a torch for Brooke, but when he met Dr. Maria Santos he soon fell in love with her and they became engaged. 

Brooke became pregnant with another child of Tadís again in 1994, but she was devastated to learn from her doctor that she had a tubular pregnancy that would ultimately cost her the life of her baby and herself, if not treated immediately.  Brooke was unable to face the termination of her pregnancy and she left town.  She later made a phone call to Edmund, who convinced her to return to have the operation that would save her life.  So Brooke returned and had her pregnancy terminated, and her marriage to Tad ended in divorce. 


Q:        I love Roger Howarth, heís the reason I watch OLTL. Youíve answered many questions about him, but I donít remember anyone ever asking you about where he got his start.  Where DID this unbelievably talented actor get his start and what else has he been in?  Thank you.  Nancy Frazier, Denver

A:        Roger, who was born in Westchester County, NY, on September 13, 1968, attended George Washington University for one semester.   Wanting to pursue his childhood dream of becoming an actor, he enrolled at the Eugene O'Neill Theatre Center and performed at prestigious regional theater centers, such as Williamstown (Mass.), Stagetown (Springfield, Mass.) and the Cleveland Playhouse.  In addition, he has appeared in the New York Shakespeare Festival production of Macbeth, and as Probst in the WPA's The White Rose.  Roger was selected through a nationwide talent search and subsequently won roles on Loving and Guiding Light.  

             His appearances on primetime television include a guest-starring role in Prey, and on Broadway he performed in The Lion in Winter, opposite Laurence Fishburne and Stockard Channing.  

            Roger and his wife, Cari Stahler have one son, Julian, and currently live in Manhattan. 


Q:        I understand that Todd is Vikiís half brother, but how does Sam fit into the mix?  Todd always seems to rely on Sam, but I havenít figured out their connection.  Mindy Travillian 

A:        Sam first came to Llanview in Ď98 to defend Todd, when he was charged with raping nurse Barbara Graham, but Sam and Toddís relationship goes back a long way, to when they were both living in Chicago and Sam coached Todd in football. 

            Although Todd always referred to Sam as ďCoachĒ, his feelings for him go much deeper.  As a young boy Todd was victimized sexually by his father, Peter Manning.  Because he was deprived of a normal father/son relationship, and was never loved by his father, Todd projected the love that was inside of him, to Sam.  He loved Sam as he never could love his father, and he found that this love was returned in the form of caring and friendship from Sam.  In other words, Sam became the father Todd never had.


            When Todd schemed to get Samís son, Will, out of the country after he was accused of stealing money from the Megan Foundation, he was actually doing it out of jealousy, as he envied the love that Sam had for his son, and he wanted this for himself.  I believe he thought that with Will gone, he could once again be Samís ďsonĒ. 

This was also the reason he arranged to be the one who brought Nora home.  He was determined to make Sam proud of him, even though he went about it in the wrong way. 

            Sam has given up on Todd many times over the years, when Todd attempted to wreck the lives of those around him, but Sam still cares about him, and probably always will. 



Q:        How do Carly and Chloe know each other?  Iíve been watching for a couple of months now and I didnít know that Chloe Morgan and Carly Corinthos knew each other or that they were friends.  Please fill me in on the details.  Thanks.  DreamGazer

A:        Felicia brought Chloe to the Qís in May of last year (í99), it was the day of Michaelís custody hearing and the whole family had just returned from court.   

            After Carly agreed to marry AJ, she was at the mansion reading over the pre-nuptial agreement that Edward was so adamant about, when AJ came in and told her he wanted her to meet his ďlong-lostĒ cousin, Chloe.  So that was the first time they met. 

After Chloe found out they were getting married, she offered to design Carlyís wedding gown, which Carly appreciated, even though she was still not sure of going ahead with it.

Chloe stood up for Carly on several occasions.  For instance, Katherine told her if she was able to design a gown that would make Carly look good, she could make anyone look good.  Chloe came to Carlyís defense and told Catherine that Carly was a beautiful young woman and would most certainly make a gorgeous bride. 

Chloe also attended Carlyís bridal shower, that turned out to be a disaster, as none of the guests, except Chloe, and Bobbie, liked her. 

Of all the people that Carly has met, Chloe seems to be the most gracious, and she has always been nice to her.  Itís evident to see that, although they arenít close, they are friends.  If Carly didnít like her, we would have heard about it by now, in no uncertain terms.

Q:        I know that Jason Morgan is the son of Alan Quartermaine and Susan Moore, however I was wondering why his last name is Morgan.  Also, I was wondering how Chloe Morgan is related to Jason and/or the other Quartermaines. Thanks!  LuvinLD                                                             

A:        After Jason had his accident in 1996, he sustained brain damage that made him act completely different than he had prior to being injured.  He became moody, and not like the old Jason Quartermaine.  He had no memory of who his family was, and no recollections of his feelings toward them.  But he did know that it was irritating having them constantly smothering him.  Soon, Jason grew close to his grandmother, Lila, while keeping the rest of his family at a distance.


When he was released from GH, Jason stayed at the Quartermaines.  This didnít last long, however, as he couldnít tolerate the constant hovering and bickering by the family. After he moved out, he told Lila he was changing his last name to Morgan because when he looked at his driver's license, he saw that it was listed as his middle name.  Lila then told him it was her maiden name.  Jason also felt that this would suit his new lifestyle.              

As for Chloeís relationship to the family, she is the niece of Lila's second or third cousin Ethel, which also makes her Jasonís distant cousin. 

Q:        Iím new to the Eye On Soaps site, but Iíve been a GH watcher for some 20 years.  I have two questions regarding current story lines. I appreciate any light you can shed on this.  Maybe I missed something, and these issues have been already settled. Thanks!  Linda 

1.      When Sonny was arrested in that hotel room with Sorel (and Carly in the closet), why wasnít Sorel arrested too?  Did I miss something?  Sorelís in there trying to blackmail Sonny into moving drugs for him, and thatís on the tape, too, so Sorel should have been arrested. 

A:        You pose a very valid question.  Sorel was taken into custody, but we never saw him actually being arrested.  Taggert had both Sonny and Sorel handcuffed and taken to PCPD.  But it seems that Taggertís main concern was putting Sonny away.   

Taggert has had distrust and a general dislike for Sonny ever since they met and he found out how much Sonny hated his stepfather, Deke.   When Taggert was a young man, Deke was on the police force, and became his mentor.  Taggert admired him and has always refused to believe that he was horribly abusive to Sonny and his mother.   It seems as though he spends a good deal of his time trying to find enough dirt on Sonny to put him away for life. 

There hasnít been anything said about why Sorel ended up back on the street, with not even so much as a slap on the wrist, even though everything he said to Sonny was on that tape.  Iím just as puzzled as you are, Linda.  The only thing remotely close was when Sorel confronted Sonny on the docks and said, "I made the drug trafficking charges disappear, didn't I?"

  Iím sorry that I donít have the answer on this one for you, but I will include the events leading up to Sonnyís arrest, for some of the readerís who might have missed it.                                                            

In August of this year, Mike went to Sonny's and Sonny told him he knew about his gambling debt.   When he told Sonny that he had the money to clear his debt, Sonny informed him that Sorel wanted him, not the money.   When Sonny told him he was going to meet Sorel, Mike tried to stop him, but Sonny wouldnít listen.  He forced Mike to stay at the Penthouse while he went to the meeting with Sorel.  

Meanwhile, Carly called PCPD with a tip about the meeting with Sorel, not knowing that Sonny would be there instead of Mike.  At the station, Hannah wasn't convinced that Taggert's tip on Sorel was valid, but Taggert was determined to follow up on it just in case. 

Carly arrived at the hotel disguised as a hooker, and persuaded the housekeeper to let her into the hotel room where she taped a recorder underneath a table.  When she heard Sorel and one of his henchmen coming into the room, she hid in the closet. 

After Sonny got there, Sorel asked him to transport his drugs, but before Sonny could agree or disagree, Carly ran out of the closet and told him that the cops were on their way to the hotel.  Just as Sonny was about to get rid of the tape, Taggert burst into the room holding a gun on both him and Carly.  Taggert grabbed the tape recording of their meeting, and had Sorel and his goon handcuffed.  Sonny tried his best to keep Carly quiet and to stay out of it, but she continued to run her mouth and made the situation worse.  Carly tried to talk her way out of the situation with Taggert by taking the blame for what happened, and Taggert responded by thanking her for her anonymous phone call letting him know about the meeting. 

          Taggert had Carly arrested and taken out, and told Hannah to handcuff Sonny.  Hannah asked Taggert to leave the room so she could talk to Sonny in private, but when she tried to tell him she always did her best to protect him, he blew her off and walked out the door to be taken down to PCPD. 

           When they all got back to the station, Carly tried to leave, but she was told that she was under arrest.  Hannah proceeded to book her and they ended up throwing insults back and forth, until Mac broke it up.  Then Mac put both Carly and Sonny in the Interrogation Room together, hoping they would start talking, but he was disappointed, as Sonny told Carly to keep her mouth shut until Alexis could get there. When Mac realized that he wasnít going to get anything from them, he took Sonny out of the room and sent Taggert in to question Carly.  Meanwhile, Sonny called Alexis. 

While Sonny watched through the glass, Taggert apologized to Carly for having to handcuff her and tried to sweet-talk her by pointing out all the things she did wrong by unknowingly framing Sonny.  Taggert played the good cop/bad cop routine with her, but she wouldnít tell him anything.  Sonny was becoming agitated watching Taggert interrogate her, and told Mac if he stopped him he would agree to give them a statement.  Hannah, Taggert, Mac, and Dara werenít sure if the evidence they had against Sonny was enough to bring charges against him, but Dara was soon convinced that she would nail Sonny by manipulating Carlyís testimony in court.  

When Sonny refused to give Mac a statement, he released Carly from police custody and let her go, but also told her that they would be keeping Sonny for a while. 

2.      Isnít Gia a witness to what went on at the motel the night Emily was with Ted?  Wouldnít she have seen Sorelís men enter the room and therefore be able to corroborate Zanderís claim that he didnít murder Ted but that Sorelís men did (or at least lend credibility to Zanderís claim by the fact that she witnessed other people entering the motel room?                            

A:        As it happened, Gia followed Emily and Ted to the motel, and saw them enter the room, but never knew that Ted was eventually murdered.  Later, when she called Emily and threatened to blackmail her, it wasnít because she had seen anything that wasnít kosher going on at the motel, it was because she thought Emily was using drugs at the rave and could get money from her by threatening to tell her family. 

I donít believe she has said anything about seeing anyone other than Emily and Ted go into that motel room.



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