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Q:      I havenít been able to watch PC over the last few months because I was out of the states, but I watched it this week and happened to see Frank holding a girl who had apparently been hit by a car.  This is very confusing because I donít know what led up to it. Can you please fill me in on what I missed?  Mandy Feldman, Palm Beach FL 

A:      In February, Frank found an old computer, (weíre talking ancient here) which he nicknamed Nellie and he soon became obsessed with getting it to work.  When his attempts seemed futile, Karen told him to give up, but Frank stubbornly insisted that he wouldnít quit until he had it in operation. During this time, Karen's feelings for him deepened and they decided to seriously date.           

As he continued to tinker with the old computer in his garage, Frank was surprised when a very sad message appeared on the screen.  He answered it, thinking it was sent from Karen, but upon questioning her, he discovered that she never sent or received any email messages from him. He was determined to find out who had sent him the message, and as time passed, he continued to receive some very strange emails. 

            Frank then decided to have a computer technician check it out, but the tech insisted to Frank that it was impossible for him to be receiving e-mail messages on such an old machine.

            Just before Karen accidentally unplugged the computer, Frank caught a glimpse of another message on the monitor.  When Frankís interest in the old computer began causing problems between him and Karen, he told her he would get rid of it, but before he had the opportunity, he received yet another message. Frank wanted to prove to Karen that he wasnít imagining things, so he went to get her, but strangely the monitor went blank when Karen entered the garage. 

            Karen decided to send a message through the old computer and she was very surprised when she got a reply back. She found that there really was a person sending messages through Nellie, and her name was Cookie. She told Karen that she was in high school and that her dad would kill her if he found out that she was using his machine. Karen was still talking to Cookie about school when Frank came in. He was very relieved to find out that Karen no longer thought he was crazy.  She admitted to Frank that she should have trusted him. She and Cookie were still chatting back and forth when Cookie was interrupted by her father, who angrily told her to stay away from the computer and then he shut it down.  There was something very strange that neither Karen or Frank knew.  Cookie was wearing a gold heart necklace which was very similar to the one Karen wore. 

            A few days later Frank told Karen that he hadnít had any other messages from Cookie since she cut them off.  At the same time, Cookie's father told her to stay away from the machine and he tore her necklace off as a form of punishment because she hadnít obeyed his wishes.  Karen and Frank began talking about high school and she confessed to him how she used to watch him from the bleachers when he was an athlete.  He decided to treat her to a date, something special that she never got to do during her high school years. 

            After their date, Karen and Frank were back at the garage when they received a very urgent message from Cookie.  She told them how unhappy her home life had become recently and how desperate she was to get away. 

            Later in the week, Frank unplugged the computer and was shocked when he realized that Cookie's last message was still displayed on the screen.  Frank knew that Cookie needed help, so he decided to find Cookie a professional counselor to help her, even though Karen urged him to stop responding to her.  When he told Cookie of his plans she hesitated, as she did not want him to know where she was.  

While going through some photos, Karen happened to find an old snapshot of her Aunt Caroline taken in 1973. She went to Rhonda and asked her about the photo, as Rhonda had never told her daughter how much she and her sister resembled each other. Rhonda told Karen that she (Karen) was exactly like Caroline in every way, but her death had been too painful for her to talk about.  During their conversation, Rhonda told Karen that the heart shaped locket she was wearing had once belonged to Caroline. Karen tried her best to get her mother to reveal more information, but Rhonda became so upset that Karen had to leave. 

Frank was surprised to learn that Cookie lived in Port Charles. He told her that he could offer her more help knowing she was living in the same town. He asked Cookie for her phone number so that he could give it to Kevin and she could have someone to talk to, but Cookie insisted that she didn't want to confide her problems to anyone but him. Frank reminded her that they couldn't be talking anymore and Cookie decided that she would handle things by drinking. 

While Frank was telling Cookie that drinking would only make her problems worse, Karen walked in and was furious at him for continuing to use the computer. She told him about her aunt, but he was far more interested in what Cookie was saying. This angered Karen even more and she decided that since it was her computer she had the right to shut it down. Frank couldn't believe that Karen wanted to stop him from helping Cookie, but before they could finish their argument, Karen was paged and had to leave for GH. 

Frank went to the hospital and brought Karen a peace offering and was relieved when she reassures him with a kiss. Meanwhile, back at the garage, the old computer turned itself back on and showed Cookie's most recent message. 

Karen told Frank how close she felt to her late Aunt Carolyn even though they had never met. Later on they went to visit Carolynís gravesite.  As she knelt down beside the grave she wished she could have gotten to know her Aunt Carolyn. 

Later, Frank went back to the garage, where he had taken the computer apart, in order to throw it away, but he was shocked to find another message from Cookie, even though it would have been impossible for a message to come through after his trashing the computer.  He read the message and replied, and Cookie answered him once again.  By this time Frank was extremely worried, and he asked Cookie to meet him at Kelly's.   Frank went to Karen and told her about the message coming in after he had torn out the insides of the computer.  He said he was worried about Cookieís drinking, and that he asked her to meet them at Kellyís. 

Karen again tried to convince him to forget about Cookie and when that didnít work she told him that she didnít want anything else to do with him, as he had no idea whether Cookie was dangerous or not. 

Karen and Frank waited for Cookie to show up at Kelly's. Just as they were about to give up and leave, Rhonda came in, not Cookie, and she joined them at their table.  Karen couldnít help but notice her motherís strange behavior and she knew that Rhonda must have been drinking again.  Rhonda confessed that she had taken a drink when she couldn't deal with the memories of her sister. She told Karen and Frank that she had been responsible for Carolyn's death because on the night that Carolyn died, Rhonda was supposed to meet her. Instead of meeting her sister, Rhonda had been chasing after some boy and Carolyn was hit by a car. Meanwhile, Cookie went into Kelly's to wait for Frank and passed a man reading a newspaper which headlined the Watergate scandal. As she waited, she carved her name into the window sill. When Frank didn't show up, Cookie left. At the same time, Frank was leaving Kelly's and he just happened to glance down to see Cookie's name carved in the windowsill. What shocked him was that the carving looked like it had been there for many years. 

Frank stopped by Karen's apartment to see about her and Rhonda. Karen was very upset about both her mother falling off the wagon and Frank's obsession with Cookie. She was tired of being strong for everyone and admitted that she feared becoming just like her mother. She worried that if she ever had a daughter, she might put her in the same position she had been in her whole life. Frank assured her that she would never be like Rhonda. He listed all of her wonderful qualities and then told her he was falling in love with her.      

Frank sat down at the computer and asked Cookie why she hadn't shown up at Kelly's. Cookie answered by telling him that she had been there and had even carved her name in the windowsill.  Frank said it was impossible for her to have been there and told her the carving looked very old. When Cookie made allusions to her time, Frank asked her what year she thought it was. Cookie told him it was 1973. Frank got out a history book and quizzed her on some major events that had occurred that year. When Cookie answered every question correctly, Frank was mystified.  

            Cookie called the boy whom she had a crush on to tell him about Frank's claim that he was from the future. Using expressions that sounded a lot like Scott Baldwin's, the boy told her that it was impossible and that Frank must have been crazy.  

            Frank was spooked when he realized that the whole time he was typing to Cookie, the computer was unplugged. He asked Victor to do a time analysis of the carving in the window sill. Victor determined that it was 25 to 30 years old. Frank got back in touch with Cookie and asked her if she would leave him a message under a loose brick at Kelly's. He raced to see if it was there and was disappointed when it wasn't. Some inner instinct prompted him to wait and when he checked a few minutes later, a note from Cookie was there. Frank was forced to accept that Cookie was living in 1973.  

            Frank wrestled with the idea that Cookie was from the past. Seeing that the computer was unplugged and looking at the note Cookie left for him made him so crazy that he ended up at the bar. He tried to make the bartender believe his wild tale, but the man suggested Frank go home and sober up.  Back in the garage, Frank yelled at the computer and wondered why he had been chosen to get involved in what he considered madness. The computer typed out a message saying that Frank was Cookieís only friend. 

            Frank drank beer after beer as he tried to figure out how it was possible that the computer was talking to him. He yelled at the machine to leave him alone and keep Cookie away from him. Karen came in during the midst of his tirade and was shocked to see him drinking. She couldn't believe that he would lose control in such a way and stormed out. Frank ran after her and apologized.  Smelling the alcohol on him disgusted her so much that she told him to stay away from her.

            Later, when Frank went over to check on her, Karen tried to shove him out the door. Frank said he intended to fight for their relationship and told Karen that she was too important for him to just walk away.  Karen softened as she listened to him and the two ended up making love for the first time.  Afterwards, Frank told Karen that he believed Cookie lived in 1973. Karen was as skeptical as expected, but warned Frank that if it was true, he should be careful not to mess up the past. Rhonda stopped by Karen's on her way to an AA meeting because she still felt badly about Carolyn's death. To combat that, they started looking through scrapbooks and mementos from the past.  

Frank spoke to Cookie via the computer and was dismayed to realize that she was drinking again. Cookie told Frank that she planned to go the dance and have sex with the boy she liked. Frank begged her not to, but Cookie signed off. As she held up a dress to herself in the mirror, Karen and Rhonda were looking at a picture of Rhonda as a teenager. She and Cookie were one and the same! 

            Frank desperately tried to convince Cookie not to go the dance because he was sure that something bad would happen if she did.  Though Cookie didn't like him telling her what to do, she appreciated his concern and told him she wouldnít go.

 As Karen walked towards the hospital phone to answer it, she began to disappear. Frank rushed to the hospital to meet her for their date and was shocked when no one seemed to know her. He asked Joe if he had seen Karen and Joe said that he didn't know Karen Wexler and never had. 

Joe worried about Frank when Frank kept insisting that they both knew Karen. Frank called Karen's apartment and a strange woman answered the phone. Then he checked the hospital records and found no trace of her. He asked Joe about Rhonda and Joe revealed that Rhonda was a horrible drunk and Frank would probably find her at Jake's. Frank went to Jake's and saw Rhonda sitting on a bar stool completely disheveled and inebriated.  Frank questioned her about Karen and Rhonda said she didn't have a child or any other family. Frank eventually realized that Rhonda was Cookie and that by telling Cookie not to go to the dance in 1973, he had caused Karen to never be born.

Frank went to Rhonda and managed to convince her that he was the person she had been talking to in the past.  Rhonda related the devastating things that had happened to her as a result of talking to Frank. He begged her to help him fix things and get Karen back, but Rhonda wanted nothing more to do with him. As Frank remembered his last time with Karen, he vowed to restore the present to the way it should be.  

Later, Frank stormed into Rhonda's house and found her drunk on the sofa. He demanded that she tell him where the computer was and she finally said it was in the basement. He tore open a boarded up door and found a cobwebbed room that hadn't been touched since 1973. The computer was there and Frank was faced with undeniable proof that he had changed the past. Joe confided in Kevin that Frank had been acting strangely and had been asking everyone about Karen Wexler. When Joe received a call from Rhonda, he and Kevin rushed over to see about Frank. Kevin got Frank to leave and Joe stayed with Rhonda. When she collapsed in his arms, he called an ambulance. Frank begged Kevin to help him find Karen and Kevin agreed to help in any way he could.

Frank told Kevin all about Karen and the way he had fallen in love with her. Kevin asked him to physically describe her and he drew a sketch that exactly resembled Karen. Frank thought this was proof that Karen existed, but Kevin maintained that he didn't know her. Kevin went to call Victor to ask him to run a search for Karen just in case she did exist. When he returned, Frank had taken the sketch and left. 

Kevin spoke to Rhonda to find out whether or not there really was a Karen Wexler. Rhonda insisted that Frank was crazy and that she didn't have a daughter. Ian overheard Kevin and asked if there was even the slightest chance that Karen really did exist. Kevin found out from Victor that there were no records anywhere of Karen. Frank ran from everyone because he knew they believed he was crazy. He remained determined to not only find evidence of Karen's life, but to return her to the present time. Ian found him in the park and asked for information about Karen. Frank recounted the whole story again, but Ian didn't believe it. When Frank mentioned something that only Eve, Ian, and Karen could know, Ian realized Frank could be telling the truth. 

            Frank convinced Ian to consider the possibility that Karen did exist and Ian took him to see the Tirama Bay chief. The chief told Frank that it was possible for him to go back and time and fix the mess he had created. Frank was eager to do anything that would bring Karen back. The chief was reluctant to give Frank morca root, which would enable him to time travel, because he feared that Frank would inadvertently change more than he should. He also told Frank that the drug only worked when powered by a great love. Frank professed that his love for Karen was bigger than anything he had ever known and begged the chief to help him.  

            Frank and Ian convinced the chief to give him the morca root and fix the things he messed up. The chief told Frank that the herb would allow his spirit to travel, but to the outside observer, he would appear to be in a coma-like state. Knowing that his family and Joe in particular would flip out if they saw him like that, Frank decided to take the herb at Ian's house. He went to see his family to tell them that he no longer believed that Karen existed and he was going away to get some much needed rest.  Everyone but Lucy and Kevin bought his story. Lucy urged Frank to give her the picture that Kevin drew of Karen, but Frank lied and said he threw it away. Lucy and Kevin privately agreed that they knew Frank wasn't telling the truth. Frank said a special goodbye to Mary and then wrote a letter for Neil in case he didn't return. 

             Kevin attempted to sketch Karen from Frank's previous description. After several tries, he got it right and ran to find Frank. He told Frank that he didn't believe that he was really going off on a fishing trip. Frank tried to maintain that he no longer believed Karen existed, but when Kevin said he believed in Frank, Frank admitted that he was going in search of Karen. Kevin wished him luck and let him know that he could count on Kevin's total support.

            Joe cornered Kevin to ask him if he thought that Frank was really stable enough to be alone in Alaska. Kevin assured Joe that Frank would be fine and convinced him to just give his brother time and space. Lucy told Kevin that she found out that Frank had never boarded the plane to Alaska. She was stunned and elated when Kevin revealed that he believed Frank and had encouraged him to look for Karen. Kevin showed Lucy the picture her drew of Karen and Lucy noted that Karen seemed very familiar to her. Sketch in hand, Kevin went to see Rhonda. 

            As the chief prepared the morca root for Frank, he had a few strong warnings. He told Frank not to tamper with anything other than getting Karen back. He knew that Frank would be tempted to change many other things, but if Frank did this, it could have dire consequences. Frank promised to only make certain that Karen was born and do nothing else. As he took the morca root and focused on Karen, he opened his eyes to find himself in a park. A newspaper on a bench revealed the date as being 1973. Frank had successfully traveled through time.  

             Kevin visited Rhonda to ask her more questions about Frank and Karen. Rhonda refused to talk about it and especially didn't want to talk about the computer. Kevin's suspicions grew when she said the computer had caused her nothing but trouble. Kevin stopped her from leaving the room and the picture she was holding of herself and Carolyn fell to the floor. Kevin picked it up and compared it to the sketch he drew of Karen. He looked up at Rhonda in shock. 

Now back in 1973, Frank read the paper in the park to get caught up on what was going on. As he sat on the bench, a little boy ran up to him. Frank stared at him in stunned recognition as he realized he was looking at himself as a child. Soon, the boy's mother came to retrieve her son and Frank looked into the eyes of his mother. Mary was pregnant with Joe and obviously didn't recognize Frank, but she was very friendly toward him. He initially asked her to have coffee with him, but he rescinded the offer when she said she was on her way to apply for a job at GH. He was afraid that he might accidentally change something in the future if he detained her. She directed him to the Wexler home and Frank watched as Carolyn, who was the spitting image of Karen, came out of the house.  

            Frank followed Carolyn to Kelly's and tried to ask her about Cookie. Carolyn refused to answer his questions and told him to leave her and Cookie alone. Frank overheard Carolyn tell Cookie on the phone that she was going to the movies. The address Carolyn gave Cookie sounded familiar to Frank, and when he noticed the date on Kelly's menu board, March 7, 1973, he tore out of the diner after Carolyn. Frank arrived just in time to see Carolyn hit by a car after stepping into the street. 

            And thatís where you came in J 



Q:      Dixie and Tad have had so many problems lately.  Now their son, Junior is in trouble with the police.  What did he do?  B. Monroe, Dallas 

A:      Junior, or JR as he likes to be called, has been going through a tough time since his mother and Tad started having marriage problems due to her affair with David Hayward and his suspected one nighter with crazy Leslie Colson.  Besides this, his father Adam is not the best role model for a kid to have, as he sees how Adam controls people using his money and influence.  JR began hanging out with a crowd from school that uses drugs and his life began spinning out of control.  

 He was caught red-handed paying someone to do a research paper for him.  When he was called on this by the principal his reaction to being caught and what followed would have meant a good mouth washing with Ivory soap for anyone else. When the principal told Dixie that JR had been caught cheating, JR asked that Adam be called instead. OF course, when Adam arrived he stood by JR. 

Dixie and Adam ended up in another confrontation and she announced that she wanted JR to move back in with her, but Adam said that JR should be allowed to make that choice.  Later, Dixie asked JR to come home with her, but he insisted he wanted to continue living with Adam. 

After Dixie informed Tad about what had occurred, he urged her to get JR away from Adam, but Dixie was afraid to provoke Adam because he had threatened to go after custody of JR, but Tad promised they would not lose him, and he and Dixie went to find her son together. 

 Meanwhile, a police officer approached the boathouse where JR was hanging out with his friends. JR protested when the officer wanted to search one of the boy's backpacks. The officer asked JR for his ID and JR whipped out a one hundred dollar bill as he gave him his name. The officer was offended that JR offered him a bribe and decided to take him to the station. JR shoved him just as Tad and Dixie arrived. Of course, after being assaulted, the officer placed JR under arrest. 

At the police station, Dixie tried to speak to the officer on JR's behalf, but JR said he did not want her there and called Adamís lawyer, Barry. The officer told Dixie that JR would  be spending the night in juvenile hall, but JR, with his usual attitude, said his father would not let that happen. Tad reassured Dixie when she feared that JR was turning into Adam and worried what he would be like if Adam got custody.  Soon, Adam and Liza arrived at the station and Barry explained the charges against JR. Dixie told Adam that JR was moving back with her, but once again Adam told her that JR should decide where he lives. Later, the officer announced that he was releasing JR into Adam's care, and JR then walked out of the station without a word to Dixie. 

          Before JR's hearing, Adam told the judge that JR was a good boy but had been acting out because of Dixie and Tad's marital problems.  Dixie spoke up that Adam had corrupted JR and begged the judge to show JR there were consequences to his actions. Meanwhile, JR  sped away from the courthouse in Adam's car.  He met up with his friends at the boathouse, where, after buying pills from one of the other boys for everyone, JR took two himself. A few minutes later, Hayley walked by and asked what was going on. JR covered and told Hayley that Adam was out back. When Hayley went to look for him, JR took off. Hayley found her brother in Adam's car and got in the passenger seat just before he sped off like an idiot. Hayley told JR she wanted to help him and asked him to slow down, but he ignored her. A few seconds later, he became distracted by a warning chime in the car and swerved off the road.  

Meanwhile, back at the courthouse, the judge ordered Adam to bring in JR, but Adam,  who was quite shaken by this time returned alone and said JR was gone. After Dixie and  Tad left to look for him, Adam tried to call JR on his phone in the car. 

            When Adam went to look for JR, he found him and Hayley unconscious in the car and immediately called for an ambulance. When JR woke up and saw Hayley, he realized what he had done. Soon, Hayley awoke and Adam helped her out of the vehicle. JR panicked when he heard the police sirens approaching, and Adam told him to get into the back seat and to tell the police that he (Adam) had been driving. At hearing this, Hayley was horrified that her father wanted to cover up for JR and urged her brother to do the right thing. After the police arrived, JR remained silent as Adam lied that he had been driving. Then Tad and Dixie arrived as Hayley interrupted and told the cops the truth. Adam protested when the officer wanted to take JR to the station to be tested for drugs, and Hayley told him that he needed to own up to his actions. She sensed JR was high on something, but he would not tell her anything. Then Mateo arrived and blasted JR for endangering Hayley and the baby. The officer returned and announced that the judge wanted JR brought to juvenile hall to be tested for drugs.  

            Of course, JR knew what the test results would be, but at the lab, one of his friends approached him and told him that for the right amount of money he would give him a clean urine sample, so naturally, JR paid him, took the sample, and hid it under his jacket.  After the test, Adam was relieved when JR came back and told him that the results were negative.  

FYI:  In the real world, a person who undergoes a test for drugs, usually does so under strict security, in order to avoid what JR got away with. I received this info. from my husband, who is in law enforcement.  NHC 


Q:      Was Asa ever married to Gabrielle in the past?  Itís hard to remember because heís been married so many times.  Thanks.  Cindi Myers, SC 

A:      Letís seeÖ..Olympia; Samantha Vernon; Delila Ralston; Becky Lee Abbott; Pamela Stuart; Renee Divine; Blair Daimler; Alexandra Olanov; Alex again; Renee again, hmmmÖnope, this is the first time for Gabrielle and Asa.
















 Q:       I must have stopped watching OLTL for a couple of weeks because I was shocked to discover that Todd was the father of Blairís second baby.  When did they have sex and what were the circumstances that got them into bed? Alicia Owens 

A:      This happened during the beginning of the year when Blair agreed to marry Todd.  He had plans to take Blair away for a quickie wedding, but she put a stop to it and said she wanted to wait and get married in Llanview. Blair was torn over her plans for a future with Todd and talked to Kelly, who simply warned her to stay away from him altogether. 

            When Todd discovered that Skye was really Rae's daughter he kept the news to himself until after he had gone to Rae for advice about Blair, and she told him to give Blair an emotional gift to prove how he felt about her. Todd then presented Blair with a copy of the Bible page that proved Skye was Raeís daughter.  Blair was thrilled to learn that she now something on Skye that would destroy her world.  

Having passed a lie detector test, Skye was released from jail and began plotting her own revenge against Todd and Blair. She forgave Max for doubting her innocence in his shooting and the two of them teamed up to destroy Todd and Blair.  

          Meanwhile, Todd and Blair vowed to get even with everyone who had done them dirty.   They decided to tell Skye that Rae had shot Max.  Then they told Renee that Max knew the identity of her real son and also told Asa that Max had been scamming him.  They were so ecstatic by the chaos they were creating, that they ended up spending the night together and making love, which leads us to Blairís pregnancy.


Q:      What has happened to GH?  Now Helena is bringing her son out of cold storage.  How about listing some of the other unbelievable storylines these writers have come up with in the past?  Nancy W., Ohio 

A:      Thankís for bringing this up, Nancy. 

In 1981, during the Ice Princess storyline, those zany Cassadines threatened to put the world into a deep freeze, using their weather machine.  They got as far as creating a blizzard in Port Charles, until Luke and Laura came to the rescue and saved the day.   

 Unfortunately Mikkos was turned into a popsicle in the process.  I wonder if Helena has him stored away somewhere waiting to be thawed out?

 In 1990, Robin Scorpio found a strange crystal on Spoon Island.  She showed it to Tiffany Hill on her television show. Writer PK Sinclair watched a tape of the program, and was fascinated by Robin. Sinclair was Anna and Robert's archenemy, the despicable and dastardly Cesar Faison, and he wanted Robin's crystal.

One night, Robin's crystal filled her room with a cool, blue light which spread to the shed across the yard. Inside, in a blazing show of lights and lasers, a visitor arrived. His name was Casey and he was an alien from the planet Lumina. 

 Anna helped Casey to go home...though Frisco Jones still had a hard time believing Casey was from another planet.  While assisting Casey, Anna came face-to-face with Faison.  He captured Anna, Robin and Casey, but he was thwarted, and left town, and Casey went home to Lumina.  

It seems as though every ten years we can look forward to the writers coming up with something along these lines.

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