Q:      I am a OLTL viewer who is jumping to the AMC side because I love, LOVE Myrtle Fargate, who visits as Rae’s mom.  What’s her story?  Pam Woods, NM

Myrtle Fargate
   A:      Myrtle Lum came to Pine Valley in 1976.  She was a con-artist, who had spent most of her life working in traveling carnivals.  She found herself pretty much down and out, until Phoebe Tyler spotted her and offered her a healthy amount of money to be a part of her latest scheme.

            Phoebe was having a difficult time keeping her son, Linc, from remarrying his ex-wife Kitty.  When she learned that Kitty had never known her mother, Lucy Carpenter, who hadn't been in Pine Valley for many years, ( she was deceased) Phoebe planned to bring about an elaborate and phony reunion.            

  From the start, Phoebe and Myrtle disliked each other, but Phoebe managed to convince Myrtle to pose as Kitty’s mother, hoping she would be able to talk Kitty out of her marriage plans to Linc.  Unfortunately for Phoebe, Myrtle and Kitty hit it off and Myrtle came to care for her as if she really was her daughter.              

            In time, Myrtle grew to love Kitty and hated having to deceive her, so she hired her close friend, Nigel Fargate, to pose as a doctor and say that she had died. In that way she could end the lies.  

            When Linc and Kitty’s wedding day arrived, Phoebe refused to attend, and got drunk to drown her sorrows. After the ceremony, she revealed her scheme to use Myrtle to break them up, but conveniently forgot to mention that she had masterminded the whole thing.  Erika’s mother, Mona, who had known the real Lucy, later told them about Phoebe's part in it and that Myrtle truly loved Kitty like a daughter and had only faked her death to end the charade. Eventually, Kitty and Myrtle reunited   

            Not long after, Kitty began suffering from dizzy spells and periods of temporary blindness. The doctors were unable to find anything wrong and said it was psychosomatic.  Finally, Dr. Joe Martin diagnosed Kitty's attacks of blindness and dizziness as an inoperable brain tumor.  Kitty died in her husband’s arms.   

            Shortly after Kitty died, Myrtle sold the Boutique, a shop that Kitty had owned and given to her, and moved back to Minneapolis to marry Nigel, the man she loved. After Nigel died, Myrtle returned to Pine Valley, bought a home and turned it into a boarding house. 

            When Rae Cummings came to town and confided in Myrtle that she was looking for her daughter, she was the first to lend a hand and found out at the same time that Rae was the daughter she had been separated from when she was a baby.  Since that time, Myrtle and Rae have continued to build a very strong and loving mother-daughter relationship.


Q:      Who has been married more times, Palmer or Erika?  Joanie C. 

Erica Kane
A:        Seems like we’ve been down this road before.  Every time we try to find someone who has outdone Erika in the matrimony department, we find that she always comes up the winner.  

    Palmer Cortlandt has been married a total of six times to:

                        Daisy Murdoch            late 60’s?  

                        Donna Beck                 1982 -   ?         

                        Cynthia Preston         1985 -   ?

                        Natalie Hunter             1987 -   ?

                        Opal Gardner               1990 - 1998

                        Vanessa Bennett        2000 - present


    Erika has been married a total of nine times to:

                        Jeff Martin                  1971 - 1974

                        Phillip Brent                1975 - 1976

                        Tom Cudahy               1978 - 1980

                        Adam Chandler          1984 -    ?

                        Travis Montgomery  1988 -    ?

                        Travis Montgomery  1990 - 1991

                        Adam Chandler         1991 - 1992

                        Dimitri Marick            1993 -   ?

                        Dimitri Marick            1995 – 1996



Q:        How did Carlotta go from being Dorian’s maid to owning a diner?  Also, where is she?  I haven’t seen her in months.  Thanks.  Janetta Franklin, SC

Carlotta Vega
A:           Carlotta and her husband, Diego, ran the diner in Angel Square until Diego died, then Carlotta found that it was a struggle to keep it running.  She was forced to give it up and took a job as Dorian Lord’s maid until her eldest son, Antonio, bought back the diner and she ran it once again.  It’s true that we haven’t seen Carlotta very much in recent months, although she is still running the diner.

  Word from Katrina is that Patricia Mauceri, who plays Carlotta, was reduced to recurring status sometime last year, along with that of Wortham Krimmer, who plays Rev Andrew Carpenter.                       


Q:      I read in Katrina’s column about someone named Heather using a dead woman’s hand to write out “Ann.”  Can you tell me what was going on there?  Fran in MI

Heather Webber and her mother, Alice Grant

A:        This incident occurred in 1981, but we need to go back to 1977 in order to understand what led up to it. 

            Jeff and Monica Webber’s marriage had hit the skids in 1977, due to her love affair with his brother, Rick.  During this time, Heather Grant, who had her eye on Jeff, managed to get him into her bed at a time when he needed comforting.  Heather became pregnant with Jeff’s baby, and was devastated when she found out that he and Monica had reconciled, after he almost died by shooting himself in the head.  

            When Heather discovered that Jeff and Monica had reconciled, she was crushed.  She went so far as to fake a suicide attempt to try to win Jeff's affections, but her efforts were all in vain. Once she finally realized that Jeff still wouldn't leave Monica, she told him to leave her alone, (she had come up with a plan for the baby). Heather had hopes of making this pregnancy work for her.  She told her mother that she wouldn't abort her unborn child, as Jeff wanted, but instead, she would have the baby and sell it to Diana and Peter Taylor, and take the money to make a new life for herself.  

Peter and Diana wanted another child. They tried to adopt, but their plans to bring their foster-son, Mike into their family came to a halt when Diana's past involvement with the late Phil Brewer became known. Diana desperately wanted a brother or sister for her daughter, Martha, and soon found herself tempted when Heather offered her baby in exchange for $10,000 dollars in cash. 

            Meanwhile, when Monica found out that Rick had asked Leslie to be his wife, she had the gall to ask Jeff for a divorce so she could marry Rick herself.  Jeff gave in and on the rebound, asked Heather to marry him. Before it was too late, Heather’s ex-husband, Larry Joe, told Jeff all about Heather’s past deceptions, and Jeff took back his proposal.  Incidentally, Rick and Lesley were married, which left Monica out in the cold. J 

          After the birth of her baby, Steven Lars, Heather took $500 from Jeff and left for New York City, hoping to fulfill her dreams of a modeling career.  Her landlady, Mrs. Hadley, arranged for the Taylors to adopt her baby, without knowing that Heather was the mother.  After Mrs. Hadley and the lawyer took their cut, Heather was left with only $1,800 of the $10,000, which cut a big hole in her dreams. Heather returned to PC, but couldn't bring herself to tell Jeff the real story of Steven Lars, so she lied and said that the child had died. Jeff was so touched by her story that he asked her to marry him.                       

            In 1978, Heather spent precious time with her son, Steven Lars, or PJ as he was known by the Taylors.  Heather talked Peter and Diana into allowing her to be PJ’s nanny, and began to devote more and more of her time to him, since she was now able to see him every day.   But soon her ever increasing interest in his welfare alarmed Peter and Diana.  They worried that her interest wasn’t normal, and dismissed her, but in spite this, Heather found ways to see her son.   

            During an adoption celebration for PJ at the Taylor’s, Heather’s mother came to the realization that PJ was really Steven Lars, and talked to Heather about it.  Confronted with her lie, Heather left the party and decided to leave town.  Jeff, not knowing the real reason she was leaving, enticed her to stay by offering her a job in the new library at GH.   

After she and Jeff were married, they didn’t spend much time together because Jeff’s hospital duties and studying for his license took up much of his time.  Heather was very happy with her new life, but she didn’t know that trouble was coming.   

            A mobster by the name of Cal Jamison came to PC and met with Jeff to tell him that Steven Lars didn’t die in NY.  Heather was panic stricken because she couldn’t find a way to stop him.  Jeff and Steve went to NYC, where, surprisingly, they located Steven Lars’ death certificate.  Jeff wasn’t able to contact Jamison again, so he gave up the search, firmly believing what he though all along, that his son had died.  Needless to say, upon Jeff’s return, Heather felt a sense of comfort because of what he had found. 

            It was impossible for Heather to live without Steven Lars.  She devised a plan that she was sure would get her son back to her.  She started to make Diana believe she was going crazy.  Over a few months time, Heather “gaslighted” Diana to where she felt almost totally incompetent as both a nurse and a mother.  As time went on, Diana became more and more dependent on Heather to help her, not knowing she was to blame.  Heather’s final step that would send Diana over the edge was purchasing LSD and putting it in a glass of Diana’s iced tea.  She placed two glasses of tea on a lazy susan and waited for Diana.  By mistake, little PJ turned the lazy susan, mixing up the glasses, and Heather ended up drinking from the wrong glass.  She soon began suffering wild hallucinations, which left Jeff no other choice but to have her committed to Forest Hills Sanitarium.           

            With Heather gone, Jeff grew close to his roommate Joe Kelly, who had fallen in love with the very virginal Anne Logan, who had recently come to work at GH. Annie, as everyone called her, was Audrey's niece and a registered nurse, and had recently adopted an orphaned child prodigy, Jeremy Hewitt.           

            During this time, Heather’s mother, Alice, told Peter that PJ was actually Steven Lars.  In a state of shock, and not feeling well, Peter went to Forest Hills to see Heather.  When he returned to GH, he suffered a heart attack and later also suffered several strokes. Before he died, Peter tried in vain to tell Jeff about Steven Lars, but he was never able to finish.   So no one other than Heather or her mother knew the truth.  After the final few minutes he spent with Peter, Jeff had the feeling that Heather had told Peter something about Steven Lars, so he went to Forest Hills to question her, but she was so ill that he wasn’t allowed to see her.  Then he asked Joe Kelly, who was a private investigator, to help him.  Joe found Mrs Hadley in Chicago.   

The secret was revealed to Diana while she was going through Peter’s old clothes, and found a note he had written just moments before he died, that said “PJ is Steven Lars.” Diana was shocked and knew that she could very well lose the child she loved, unless she married Jeff, then they would both have what they wanted. 

While Diana desperately tried to keep Jeff from learning the truth, Jeff was in Chicago questioning Mrs Hadley, but she didn’t provide any information that could help him.  She might have told him, if it hadn’t been for a call Diana placed to her, warning her of Jeff’s visit. 

Diana tried to romance Jeff, but he was already falling in love with Annie Logan. Jeff and Annie’s relationship blossomed, and they wanted to marry, but Jeff was still married to Heather.  Their romance suffered a blow when they found out that they would have to wait five years to marry, as that was the time required for an annulment of his marriage to Heather.  Jeff began making frequent visits to Heather, hoping it would help to bring her back to reality and shorten their waiting time.   

Heather emerged from her delusional state in time to overhear a nurse saying that she might have to face charges when she recovered, for what she did to Diana.  So, in order to protect herself, Heather faked catatonia and began putting together a plan to escape from the sanitarium.  With the help of fellow patient, Sarah, Heather impersonated a nurse she resembled, named Shelly Vernon, made her escape from Forest Hills and headed straight to the Hardy’s home.  When she got there she peered through the window, where she saw Annie in Jeff’s arms.  She also overheard a conversation between Jeff, Steve, and Audrey, in which he told them of his plans to ask Heather for a divorce when she was emotional stable.  Heather returned to the sanitarium, but continued to sneak out as Shelly Vernon throughout the summer, and made secretive visits to PC, where she could spy on Jeff and Steven Lars.  At Forest Hills, Heather’s condition began to slowly progress.  Her act was so convincing that her psychiatrist felt she was ready to be released.  So Heather returned to PC in 1981.           

Back home again, Heather pretended to have no memory of her past, and gave everyone the impression of being sweet and sincere.  However, she couldn’t fool her mother, Diana, or Annie, as they all suspected that she was as crazy as ever. 

Diana’s suspicions grew even more when a prowler entered her apartment and threatened her with a gun.  Jeff, who was there at the time, heard her scream and rushed to her aid.  He grabbed the intruder, but the mystery man managed to escape.  Now Diana was afraid something would happen to her, so she changed her Will, naming Lesley Webber as PJ’s guardian, instead of Jeff and Heather.  Diana was so upset that when she saw Heather at a local restaurant, she blamed her for Peter’s death.  Heather’s mother also confronted her a few days later and told her if she pulled any of her old tricks, she would go to Diana and Jeff and tell them about PJ’s true identity.  But Heather wasn’t ready to give in so easily, and she had another plan.  She stole a gun from the Webber’s house and faked hysteria.  Then she convinced Lesley, Rick, and her psychiatrist that she had to return to Forest Hills.  Heather knew that if she went back she could safely carry out her plan to murder Diana. 

Once she was back at Forest Hills, she took the gun and hid it in the body of Sarah’s baby doll.  Then, when the right time came, she slipped out and headed for PC.  When she got to Diana’s apartment, she entered by using a set of stolen keys, and had the gun ready.  She was shocked to see Diana and Jeff, who had been rejected by Annie, making love. So Heather returned to Forest Hills without carrying out her plan for the time being, but she became more determined than ever to kill Diana and get her son back. 

            Heather’s next return to Diana’s apartment was to get both copies of her Will and tear them up into little pieces, which she used in an arts and craft project back at the sanitarium.  Heather now felt that it was time to carry out her ultimate plan. 

            Back in PC, Diana felt that the time had come to tell Jeff the truth about PJ/Steven Lars.  Then she handed him a copy of PJ’s birth footprints and told him to compare them with Steven Lars’.  Jeff was so angry with her for keeping this from him for such a long time that he stormed out of the apartment, leaving her standing at the door pleading for him to come back and make love to her.  At the same time, Annie arrived in time to hear them.  Heather was also there, and she waited for Jeff, then Annie to leave the building, before entering for the kill.  Within moments, Diana’s lifeless body was laying on the kitchen floor.  As the final step of her plan, Heather wrote “Anne” in blood next to Diana’s body. 

            PCPD Chief Burt Ramsey, mounted a clear-cut case against Annie Logan. With a tearful goodbye, Jeff with Steven Lars in his arms left Port Charles. Heather soon received a letter from Jeff asking for a divorce, but not because he wanted Anne. He had found someone else.  Joe Kelly, who by then had fallen in love with Heather, refused to believe Ramsey's theory that there was a second gun involved in Diana's murder.  The killer turned out to be Heather's mother, Alice Grant, who finally admitted killing Diana to prevent her from murdering Heather.  Afraid for her daughter's life, Alice killed Diana while trying to wrestle the gun away from her. 

       I miss Mary Mae Ward.  Did the actress who play her die or was she just written off the show?  Penny, Kresgeville PA 

A:      Many of us miss seeing and hearing Mary Mae Ward, who was played by the talented television, stage, and screen star Rosalind Cash.   

Rosalind Cash
Mary Mae first came to Port Charles in 1994, to help Edward Quartermaine when he was accused of killing her son, Bradley Ward.  As it turned out, Mary Mae told the court that Edward could not have killed Councilman Ward because he was his father.  It was during this time that Edward discovered he also had another grandson, attorney Justice Ward, from a brief love affair with Mary Mae years before.  

            While she was in PC, Mary Mae founded the Bradley Ward House, in memory of her son, where babies and children with HIV and AIDS could receive loving care and attention.  Because she was also quite a talented singer, Mary Mae became one of Ned’s recording stars for L&B records.   

            October 31, 1995 was a sad day for the cast and crew of GH, as well as all of her fans, when Rosalind Cash, died of cancer.  She was only 56 yrs old at the time.

What was the name of Jagger and Karen's theme song?  Daniel Lanois was featured on GH and one of his songs was a recurring theme.  What were the names of the songs Lanois performed?   Was this Jagger and Karen's song?  Any and all info would be appreciated.  Thanks!! MaryOC 

Karen & Jagger Cates
A:        This is a very difficult question to answer, Mary.  The information we have available to us on the music that is used during these shows is quite limited, especially when we’re going back a number of years.  I will continue to research this, and if any of our readers happen to know the answer to this one, if they will email me, I’d be more than happy to print it.  Sorry, I couldn’t give you more for now. 

Q:      How many actors have played AJ?  There sure seem to have been a lot.  Gaby, Ft Worth, TX 

AJ Quartermaine
A:        You’re right Gaby, in fact eight different actors have played the role of AJ Quartermaine since the inception of the character in 1980.   They are listed below:  Eric Kroh (1980); Abraham Geary (1983); Jason Marsden (1986) Christopher Ren Nelson (1988); Justin Whalin (1989); Gerald Hopkins (1991 to 1992); Sean Kanan (1993 to 1997) and Billy Warlock (1997 to Present)

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