Q:        I was wondering if you know the name of the song that plays in the background during the new commercials for PC?  The one’s with Eve and Ian and Lucy and Kevin?

Thanks.  Deepa Kamath                   

A:     The song in question is titled “I’m Not in Love”, and was originally recorded by 10cc. In 1975, and sung by Eric Stewart, the lead vocalist.  You can find this song on “10cc, The Original Sountrack Album” on CD at amazon.com.   However, the version ABC is using is sung by Olive.


Q:        OK, explain the Tad and Liza thing to me.  I’m a newcomer and can’t get a grip on their history.  Thanks.   Roberta Tanzig                                 


A:        The friends/lovers/enemies relationship between Tad and Liza dates back to when they were both in high school.   

            As a teenager, Liza had a huge crush on her lifelong friend, Greg Nelson, who became infatuated and fell in love with Tad’s sister, Jenny, in 1981.  This irked Liza to no end and she decided to get rid of Jenny, whom she considered nothing more than poor white trash. In 1982, still set on getting Jenny out of the picture, Liza told her the truth about her father, Ray Gardner - that he wasn't dead, as she believed, but in jail for raping Tad’s adoptive mother, Ruth Martin. 

            In time, Liza realized that her pursuit of Greg was useless, and she turned her attention to Tad.  Their dating led to a romance, until a year later, when Liza discovered that Tad had been sleeping with her mother, Marion.  Working at his mother’s beauty shop, Tad had met  and bedded Marion, while also dating Liza.  Liza left Pine Valley, but returned in 1995, hell-bent on revenge.  Liza decided to beat out Tad for the position of Station Manager of WRCW-TV. Her next move was to replace Tad's wife, Dixie, in his bed. She succeeded in that attempt too, and even drove Dixie out of town, but Tad refused to continue their relationship. 

            Liza refused to take no for an answer and found an unlikely ally in her campaign to win back Tad, in Adam, who owned WRCW.  She needed him to help her make Tad jealous, and he needed her to help him make his former wife, Brooke, jealous.  Much to Liza and Adam's mutual chagrin, the objects of their affection let the unlikely duo go ahead and get married in 1996. 

            The next few years would find Tad and Liza’s relationship becoming more of a cohorts-in-crime affair.  

By 1997, Liza and Adam’s marriage of convenience was in big trouble. Liza fell for Tad’s younger brother, Jake, at the same time as Adam realized he was actually in love with Liza.  Even though the financial security of being Adam’s wife appealed to her a lot more than being his spouse, she also found that she was developing a genuine attraction for him, and they finally consummated their relationship.  This explosive relationship of theirs became even more complicated during the summer, when Liza found out she was going to have a baby.  At first, Adam refused to believe that the baby was his, but in time he accepted the child and they decided to make things work between them.  

During this same time, Adam realized that the cost-cutting measures he had implemented for his company, Corview, the parent company of Trans-Global Airlines, had been responsible for the crash of their Flight 149.  Meanwhile, Marian and Liza boarded a TransGlobal flight to New York. Liza panicked when the plane returned back to Pine Valley and had a bumpy landing. Adam was frightened when he received a call from Marian that Liza had been hurt and was devastated when he learned that because of this, their baby was stillborn.  

            When Liza learned about Adam's involvement with Corview, she blamed him for the loss of their unborn baby. Liza left Adam and told him their marriage was over.  

            Liza began having thoughts of motherhood again in 1998, and she decided to be artificially inseminated at a fertility clinic, after Jake Martin agreed to be her donor, with no ties after the baby was born. By this time, Adam wanted Liza back and Jake’s true love, Allie also hoped to reconcile with Jake.  With this in mind, Allie helped Adam switch his sperm  sample with Jake's at the clinic in exchange for Adam's help in getting back her medical license, after she lost it when it was discovered that she had forged her medical school records.  So, Liza became pregnant, but had absolutely no idea that the baby she was carrying was Adam’s.  

Adam and Liza spent that Thanksgiving together and he convinced her to give him a second chance.   However, evil Dr. David Hayward, knowing that Liza was carrying Adam's child, planned on exposing Adam's secret.   

Liza accepted Adam’s proposal of marriage, and he wanted her to be his wife before the baby was born.  When Jake found out that Adam would be the father to his baby, he went back on a promise he had made to her, and insisted on playing a role in the baby’s life.  

            Faced with the exposure of what he had done, and to keep Jake off his back, Adam talked Liza into naming Jake as the baby’s biological father. 

            Realizing David could expose his secret at any time, Adam convinced Liza to go on a romantic getaway with him until their wedding day.  Once they arrived at a secluded country inn, Liza began having contractions, so she and Adam left immediately for the hospital. Unfortunately, a storm had hit the area and they became stranded at Stuart's cabin.  David managed to find them as Liza went into labor. With Adam's help, David successfully delivered a healthy baby girl whom they named Colby.  

            On the day Adam and Liza were to be re-married, David surprised her and threatened to destroy her happy world which had been built on lies. Just as he was about to spill the proverbial beans, Adam and Erica arrived and Erica challenged David to prove what a monster he really was. David then decided not to tell Liza the truth about Adam and Colby. Liza and Adam were later married for the second time. 

            Adam became increasingly annoyed over Jake's involvement in Colby's life, even though Liza defended him to Adam and made it clear that Jake was Colby's father. Jake refused to back away from Colby and insisted that Adam stop interfering in the baby's life, but Adam was determined to remove Jake, as well as the rest of the Martin family from Colby's life.  He arranged for Liza to sell her WRCW shares to a "silent partner" and also tricked Stuart and Marian into doing the same. No one knew that the "silent partner," was actually Adam.  

When Adam confessed to Liza that he was actually Colby's biological father, she was furious, and became determined to tell Jake the truth, but changed her mind after seeing him with Colby. Tad threatened to tell Jake, but Liza warned him that he would be playing right into Adam's hands.  

Tad and Liza learned that Adam was behind the takeover of WRCW and they vowed to make him pay. At this same time, Marian discovered Adam planning to flee with baby Colby and she locked him inside a safe room he had recently built.  Marian convinced Liza not to tell Jake the truth about Colby, but she didn’t say anything to her about what she had done with Adam.  Then she had Stuart impersonate Adam in public. Liza started to become suspicious of "Adam" and soon it dawned on her what they were up to when she saw Stuart in a non-Adam moment at Palmer and Vanessa's party. 

         Liza finally found Adam locked in his safe room, but refused to let him out. She made him even more incensed by telling him she would never tell Jake the truth about Colby. Liza took the baby and left Pine Valley.  When she returned, she told Adam she was going to divorce him.  Liza also threatened him with never seeing either her or the baby again if he ever told Jake the truth.  

            Meanwhile, Jake hated the thought of Adam raising his child, and he sued them for custody.  After Liza begged him to drop the suit, without any luck, she told Adam she was dropping her plans for divorce so they might have a stronger case by looking like a united couple in court.  Adam also promised Liza he would do anything to help keep custody of Colby.  

            As the hearing progressed, and testimony on Jake’s behalf was heard, the judge was ready to grant him sole custody.  Liza became so distraught she announced to the entire courtroom that Jake wasn't Colby's biological father.  She took the witness stand and recounted the entire story of Adam buying the fertility clinic and his other unscrupulous acts. 

            Tad was heartbroken for his brother and he and Liza were furious when Adam seemed to have gotten everything he wanted. Together, they secretly teamed up to destroy him once and for all.  For the first step of their plan, Liza convinced Adam to give her power of attorney before he left town on a business trip. Once she was armed with Adam's power of attorney, Liza convinced the board members at Chandler Enterprises that Adam had lost his mind and had herself named as acting CEO of the company. To add insult to injury, Liza then had Adam committed to Oak Haven Sanitarium.  

            When Liza saw how heartsick Adam was when he learned of his brother’s supposed death, she found it impossible to stay angry with him.  She tried several times to reach out to Adam, but he continued to push everyone away.   

            From there, Adam took a downward spiral and ended up marrying Arlene Vaughn.  He felt that what had happened to Stuart was his fault and hated himself.  Liza was shocked when she found out about him and Arlene and she once again took up her quest for revenge by telling Adam that she would continue to run Chandler Enterprises with Tad as her new partner.  Dixie reluctantly accepted Tad's new job with Liza as he accepted her going to work for David Hayward.

Q:        Can you please tell me how many Crystal Balls there have been?  How did this tradition get started?  I LOVE it!  Bev Liberman                  


A:        To date, there has been a Crystal Ball held every December since 1997, after Maria Santos died in a plane crash earlier that year.  The Crystal Ball was a creation of Edmund’s, to honor his late wife.  The Ball was set up to benefit a charity in Maria’s name.  Besides, raising money, it has helped Edmund to remember Maria in a positive light, rather than dwell in the tragedy of the crash. 


Q:        Eden Riegel’s (Bianca) voice is very familiar to me.  What other acting has she been involved in and has she done any cartoon voice overs?  Bambi W.                     

A:        Besides acting roles in “Les Miserables” as Young Cosette, the role she played on tour for two years, Eden was also in shows at the Manhattan Theater Club, Circle in the Square, Bay Street Theater, Circle Rep Theater Lab, and John Houseman Theater.  She continued to work on and off Broadway until she went into television and films. 

            Eden had a recurring role as Meghan Cooper in “New York Undercover”, and guest starred on “Law & Order” and as Heather, an AIDS patient, on “As the World Turns”.  In 1999 she had a role in “American Pie”, where she played Sarah, an innocent high school sophomore experiencing the loud and lewd antics of Steve Stiffler, at her first house party.           

            The role from which you might remember hearing her voice was of the Young Miriam in the animated musical picture “Prince of Egypt”.  You can hear Eden as a soloist on the soundtrack of Sean Penn's drama “The Crossing Guard”; she also sang on the four “Broadway Kids” CDs, and did backup vocals for Michael Jackson and Jewel. 

            FYI, Eden is currently on leave from Harvard University where she is studying political and social theory.  This young star has quite a head on her shoulders. 



Q:        Besides his current marriage to Blair, how many times has Max been married?  It sure seems like he’s been with a lot of women.  Donna Plummer 

A:        Max and his “faux pa” Asa, seem to be in competition when it comes to the number of women they bed, but when it comes to taking the legal plunge, Max has only done it three times.

            His first wife was Gabrielle Medina, whom he married in 1990. 

             In 1987, Max approached Cord Roberts’ mother, Maria, for a loan. She agreed to give it to him, but only if he would agree to lure Tina away from Cord. Tina, hurt that Cord was chasing after archeologist, Kate Sanders, agreed when Max suggested she move with him to Buenos Aires. Max and Tina arrived in Argentina, where Max had inherited a ranch. They were shocked when they discovered that the ranch was being used to raise illegal drugs. They were then chased down by drug lord, Dante Medina and Kate’s brother, Jamie. Cord rushed to Argentina just in time to witness his pregnant wife, Tina, falling over the Iguazu Waterfall. Cord mourned for Tina but then proposed to Kate. Meanwhile, Max learned from Jamie that Tina was still alive and being cared for by local natives. Max sold his ranch and invested in a designing company. 

Back in South America, Max's former lover Gabrielle Medina, found Tina and gave birth to her own child, a baby boy who was fathered by Max.  Gabrielle was embarrassed at the thought of raising an illegitimate child, so she gave her son to Tina, who believed that her own child had been stillborn after her trip over the waterfall.  

Cord married Kate, but seconds after the ceremony, Tina shocked everyone by showing up holding a newborn baby that she pretended was Cord's son. Of course, this made Cord and Kate's marriage invalid and Kate left town. 

            Max and Tina searched all over the world to find her baby that had been kidnapped after it was born.  They finally found it in a convent in Milan.  Nuns had raised him and named him Milagro.  They managed to take the boy away with them and brought him back home, where Cord later changed his name to CJ, Clinton James Roberts, after his father.  Tina and Cord became closer with the return of their son, even though she was going to marry Max.  As much as she tried to deny her feelings for Cord, the truth came out at the wedding ceremony when she mistakenly took her vows and repeated Cord’s name instead of Max. 

            Max was humiliated and called the wedding off.  He later found Gabrielle and made love to her, even though she was now currently married to his brother, Steve, who was lying comatose in a hospital after being hit in the head with a poker. 

            Max  decided to move on with his life without Gabrielle when Megan Gordon showed up at the Holden Towers Hotel.  She was a soap star and was looking for a possible location shoot when she found the Holden Towers. Max and Megan hated each other at first sight, as she considered him to be beneath her, and he thought of her as a self-righteous bitch, but Megan's sister Sarah, tried her best to get them together.  After awhile, they became lovers, in spite of the fact that Gabrielle and Megan's job threatened to break them up. 

            When Steve awoke from his coma and found out Gabrielle and Max were having an affair, he divorced her.  Later on, Gabrielle ended up in a half-way house after being found guilty of baby-switching.  Gabrielle was released in 1990, and refused to give in to her feelings for Max. 

Gabrielle’s life took a turn when Max took a bullet meant for her.  As she watched him in the ICU, she made a pact with God.   She vowed that if He would save Max’s life, she would spend the rest of hers devoted to the church.  She joined a convent, where she hoped she would also receive the discipline she needed to reform from her evil ways.  Meanwhile, after Megan told Max to hit the road, he admitted to himself that he was still in love with Gabrielle.  The night before she took her vows, he went to her and pleaded with her to leave with him.  Gabrielle refused, but Max once again used his wiles and convinced her to go.  In the middle of the night they fled the convent. 

            Max asked Gabrielle to marry him and she accepted his proposal.  Unfortunately, on his way home from picking up her wedding ring he lost control of the car and hit a tree. Gabrielle was still waiting in her wedding gown when she learned that Max's burned body had been pulled from the fiery wreckage, but in actuality, Max was alive.  It was a hitchhiker Max picked up who died in the wreckage.  Max decided to allow his friends and family to believe he was dead, rather than put them through the agony of living with his deformity. 

            Father Tony Vallone proved to be a good friend to Gabrielle as she was grieving.  This became a difficult time for Tony, because he had fallen in love with Gabrielle, but fought his feelings to remain committed to the church.  

            After the accident, Max was found by a woman whose husband was a plastic surgeon (what were the odds for this??).  She took him to their clinic where he was nursed back to health. In time, his face healed, but the surgery had altered his looks considerably.  Max decided to leave the clinic and returned to Llanview.  Worried that his reappearance back home would startle Gabrielle, he took the name of Matt Kingston and began the slow process of putting his life with her back together.   

            Gabrielle found herself falling in love with Matt/Max, and noticed a startling resemblance between him and Max.  When Max finally told her who he was, she was shocked and deliriously happy.  Soon they married in a beautiful ceremony, presided over by a conflicted Father Tony. 

            Max and Gabrielle’s marriage lasted only long enough for her to revert back to her old ways, and he eventually divorced her. 

            Luna Moody became the second Mrs. Max Holden in 1993.

             Max and Luna met in 1991 and she soon fell completely and helplessly in love with him.  Max had just recently returned to Llanview from Texas, after discovering that Asa had swindled his father, Wingate, out of the deed to his land. The stress of that situation caused Wingate to die of a heart attack, and  Max was now ready to get the ultimate revenge on Asa.  Together with Luna, Max planned to dupe Asa out of a small fortune by tricking him into buying a chunk of land in which they had planted fake treasure. 

            Luna wanted more than anything to spend the rest of her life with Max, but he had his sights set on marrying Blair Daimler. Max proposed to Blair, and surprisingly, she accepted, but Blair changed her mind when Asa promised to stop Dorian from having Blair's mother, Addie, committed if she would marry him.  Max was stunned when he discovered the woman he loved was about to marry his worst enemy.  He pleaded with Blair to reconsider, and they even made love on top of Blair's wedding dress the day of the wedding, but nevertheless, Blair went through with her plans, and became the new Mrs. Asa Buchanan.  

Eventually, their loveless marriage fell apart, and Asa threw Blair out on her keester. Blair went running back to Max, only to find he was no longer available. By now, Max was beginning to see what everyone else in Llanview already knew. Luna was the only woman for him. 

            As the months passed, Max tried his best to get Luna to sleep with him, but she refused because she had a premonition that if they consummated their relationship, he would die. Needless to say, Max was very happy when her psychic abilities finally let her know that it would be safe if they made love on Valentine’s Day at a lodge on Lake Serene. 

Max and Luna's romance continued to blossom until they discovered that their spa, Serenity Springs, sat directly on top of a huge oil reserve. Always looking to make a quick buck, Max insisted he wanted to drill immediately, but Luna objected, feeling that it would destroy both the serenity and the ecological balance of the land.  Eventually, Max agreed with Luna’s wishes and didn’t drill on the land. 

It seemed as though their relationship was constantly being put to the test.  Luna agreed to a December wedding, but when the ghost of her dead husband, Bobby, urged her not to marry Max or he would end up dying, Luna panicked and ran away before their wedding day.  Max followed her, managed to get rid of the ghost, and after much convincing, Luna agreed to return to Llanview.  She and Max were finally married in a unique and spiritual ceremony. 

            Early in 1994, Max and Luna attended the opening night at Asa and Alex’s new casino, The Wild Rose.  Max enjoyed the gambling so much, he continued to return.

As much as he loved Luna, he soon found that he didn’t want to stop gambling, and Blair, still wanting to sleep with him, didn’t help the situation.  She would often meet him there and even encouraged him to gamble.  Both Cord Roberts and Luna tried their best to get him help, but Blair secretly tried to sabotage their plans.  One night when Luna caught him in a serious lie, she packed his bags and told him to leave.  Max did just that, and took Blair with him to Atlantic City for a weekend of wild gambling and wild sex.    

            Luna, wanting to patch things up, followed Max to Atlantic City, where she found him with Blair.  After witnessing her husband’s infidelity, Luna returned to Llanview, and Max ended up taking his son, Al back to his ranch in Sweetwater Texas.  Of course, Blair insisted on going along with him. 

            As much as Max had hurt her, Luna wanted to forgive him and get their marriage back on track, so she went to Sweetwater.  Cord, in an effort to help Luna, kidnapped Blair and took her to Asa’s ranch, which was nearby.  Max and Luna reunited and, along with Al, they went to a country fair.  Meanwhile, Blair managed to escape from Cord, jumped into his truck and headed off to find Max.   

            In a tragic chain of events, when Blair got to the fair, Al ran out into the road, with Luna chasing him. Blair, who had been driving down the same road, saw them and slammed on the brakes, but it was too late.  She ran down Luna, who became paralyzed.  It took a tragedy such as this to make Max realize that he loved Luna and was addicted to gambling.  Max told Blair that whatever they had was over.  

            In spring of 1995, Max and Luna became the parents of twins, whom they named Frankie and Leslie.  They were still very much in love and doted on their children.  The year also brought unpleasant news - increasing violence was erupting in Llanview’s Angel Square.  Gang’s were running the streets and it wasn’t safe for many of the local citizens. When one of the “Arrow” gang members attempted to kill Luna’s brother, Dylan, he accidently shot and killed Luna.  Losing the love of his life sent Max into a deep depression, leaving him with a lasting legacy, their twins, Frank and Leslie.  


Q:        What happened to Max Holden’s children?  They never talk about them.  Brandi467                                                        

A:        Max has three children.  In 1987, he and Gabrielle Medina had a son, who they named Al.  In 1993 Max married Luna Moody and they had twins: a boy, Frank, and a girl, Lesley.   Al now lives with his mother and the twins are with Luna's family in the Carolinas.      


Q:        Is the man who plays Alan Quartermaine the same actor who played him in the 80’s? Kelly 

A:        Yes he is.  Although his appearance has changed over the years, including a few extra pounds, Stuart Damon is the same actor who originated the role of the handsome and dashing Dr. Alan Quartermaine who swept Monica off her feet back in 1977. 

Q:        How old is Emily?  I thought she was 15? And what are the ages of the rest of their little group?  Has that bit of information ever been told?  Chris 

A:        You must remember that all young soap characters suffer from terminal SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome), so to make this more interesting let’s stay in the real world. 

Emily was 11 in 1995 when she came to live with the Quartermaines, so that would make her 16 now.  

Nikolas would only be about 17 because he was born after Luke and Laura were married and she was kidnapped.  She left in late 1981 and returned in late 1983 and Nikolas was newborn when she left Greece.  That would make Lucky maybe 15.      

 Elizabeth's character was 15 when she came on the show and that was in 1997, so I guess she's 18 now. 

We don't know that Gia's age has ever been mentioned, but we know that she's spent a year at Columbia, so she's at least 18 or so. 

Juan was 6 in 1994, when Lily and Miguel, Juan’s biological father, went to find him in Puerto Rico.  Now, in 2001, Juan should be getting ready to celebrate his 13th birthday. 

(Thanks, Katrina for most of this info.)


Q:        What ever happened to Sarah Webber on GH?  Sally Oglesby

A:        Liz Webber’s older sister, Sarah, (played by Jennifer Sky) came to stay with their grandmother, Audrey, while Audrey was recovering from brain surgery.  While she was living in PC, Sarah and Nikolas Cassadine became quite close, even though Sarah’s first impression of him wasn’t the best.  She felt he behaved like an arrogant snob, but after she got to know him better, she realized she had misjudged him.   

When Nikolas was accidently shot at Luke’s Club, he sustained major injuries that prevented him from being able to speak and because of this he became very depressed and angry with himself and the world in general.  This situation put a great deal of stress on their relationship and they eventually parted ways.  In 1998, Sarah left Port Charles to join her parents in Europe.  


Q:        How is it possible that Bobbie could be going through menapause?  Hasn’t she had a hysterectomy?                          

A:        I conferred with our leader on this and she tells me that Bobbie did not undergo a complete hysterectomy, only her uterus was removed.  The ovaries are left in place to avoid the need for hormone replacement therapy at the time of surgery, but such a surgery usually requires that hormone therapy, such as premarin and provera, begin earlier than what would usually be normal, in most cases due to early menopause caused by the removal of the uterus. In this case Bobbie would be right on target. 

(Thanks Katrina J )

Q:        Wow!  Is that the same actress who played Lily Corinthos before her “death”?  If so, can you tell me her name and what she’s been doing in the interim?   

A:        Yes, Lily Rivera Corinthos was played by Lilly Melgar from 1994-96, when she was blown to bits by a car bomb meant for her husband, Sonny.    

 After her explosive demise as Lily from Port Charles, Lilly Melgar, a native of El Salvador, played the character Claudia Cortez on The Bold And The Beautiful from 96-97. Besides her brief reprisal of Lily as part of Sonny’s vision into that bright white light, there is no word of what other acting she has been involved in since she left B&B.  



Q:        I remember the scene where Moreno was killed, but cannot recall who dealt the fatal bullet. Wasn’t it Jason who killed Moreno right before he found Carly and Sonny together?

A:        That was a great scene!!  Jason was hit by Moreno’s men, then we got a shot of Sonny and Carly in bed together.  Then back to the ambush where Jason is lying on the ground, as Sorel and Moreno walk toward him to finish him off.  Before they get the chance, Jason turns over and shoots Moreno, who slumps against a wall.  But the clincher for me was when Sorel, that nasty little ferret, took his gun, very calmly told Moreno that it had been a pleasure working for him, and “dealt the fatal bullet” that killed him.


NOTE:   A question sent in by Mrs DBean  from MISSSHY3, regarding an answer in my 12/17 CC.   She wrote: “I am pretty sure this isn't right.  Gia did see Zander there. That is why she went to the raves with the gang - to identify him.  I don't know though if she saw Sorel or anyone else so she might actually hurt Zander's case.”  

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