Q:        I have a question about General Hospital’s Felicia.  Several years ago, Frisco went off to work for the WSB.  Maxie was a baby (ok, quite a few years ago).  Felicia decided to go off and look for Frisco and then I started working during the time of the day GH aired, with no VCR yet.  Next thing I knew, she was back, sans Frisco and I seem to remember the ads for the show saying she was back but had amnesia.  What happened? Why did she end up without Frisco?  Didn’t she hook up with some young kid with a motorcycle at the time?  Would appreciate any light you could shed on this.  Dottie, CA

A:            Because the events you mention occurred over a five year period, I will give you a yearly summation: 

Felicia Cummings and Frisco Jones were married in 1986.  

Frisco joined the World Security Bureau (WSB) in 1987.

In 1988, Felicia received news that Frisco was missing and presumed dead.  In the same year she met Colton Shore, who helped her face the fact that her husband was gone.  He took Felicia to Canada, where she visited Frisco’s grave.  Putting the past behind her, Felicia fell in love with Colton and agreed to marry him.  

Colton was a very troubled young man and sought hypnotherapy with Dr. Tom Hardy.  While under hypnosis, they learned that he had an affair with a girl by the name of Arielle, whose friends were terrorists.  They had brainwashed Colton into killing Frisco.  When Felicia overheard this she wanted to kill Colton, but could not go through with it.  Murder charges were dropped against him when Tom Hardy testified that because he had been brainwashed, he was not responsible for his actions against Frisco.  Felicia then left him for an around the world cruise with her grandmother, Maria.

 In 1989, Felicia agreed to marry Colton, after he obtained a divorce from Arielle, whom he had married years earlier.  On her wedding day, Felicia was given quite a shock. Frisco, alive after having escaped from a prison in Bulgaria, showed up at the ceremony, literally swept Felicia off her feet and carried her to the catacombs of Port Charles.  Felicia lashed out at him for not having contacted her, and he told her he had not wanted to endanger her life.  Even though she still loved Frisco, she told him she had decided to stay with Colton.

 Frisco then devoted himself to putting an end to the threat of his enemy, Domino.  His brother, Tony agreed to help him in his pursuit.  During this time, Domino programmed Colton to kill Frisco. 

 Frisco refused to sign divorce papers Felicia had given him, and instead told her how much he still loved her.  Felicia made the decision to postpone their divorce.

 Colton nearly completed his orders to kill Frisco, but found at the last minute he could not go through with it.  Knowing this, Domino shot Frisco himself.  He nearly died, but through some delicate surgery by his brother, Tony, Frisco survived.

 After all this, Felicia made the decision to divorce Frisco, and also refused to marry Colton.  Felicia ended up being hit by a motorcycle driven by newcomer, Decker Moss (Colton’s step-brother).  She lost her memory and was led to believe she was Decker’s girlfriend, Phoebe.  Unfortunately, Decker was a con man, and together they traveled  all over, making their money by conning other people out of theirs.

 Time passed, and back in Port Charles, Colton heard that a woman matching Felicia’s description was seen in Puerto Rico.  He flew down to the Caribbean, ready to find her.  Running into the hotel, he saw Frisco and confronted him.  Just as this happened, Felicia came out of the shadows.  It seemed her memory had returned.  She did not want to tell anyone because that would mean having to make the decision between Frisco and Colton.  At long last she finally chose Frisco.

 In 1990, Frisco left the WSB and started working for PCPD again.  He and Felicia remarried and in October, Maxie was born.

 In 1991, Port Charles was hit with a major earthquake.  Frisco had to dig Felicia out of the rubble at the Brownstone and she was left temporarily paralyzed.  Frisco decided to rejoin the WSB and left Port Charles.  Felicia started working for Mac Scorpio at the Outback, then she and Maxie made a temporary move to her grandmother, Maria’s ranch in Texas.

 Dottie, I sure hope this will fill in some of those “big black blanks” J


Q:        Hi!  Can you tell me the name of the actor who portrayed Stavros Cassadine  back in 1983?  Thanks.  CJ

A:        I would  be happy to.  John Martinuzzi played in the role of Stavros Cassadine in 1983.

A brief background of the character:

 Stavros was the eldest son of Prince Mikkos Cassadine and his wife, Helena.  He was born the Prince and raised to believe that all that he wanted should be his.  When Stavros abducted Laura Spencer and took her to the family island in Greece, he convinced her that Luke was dead.  Laura agreed to marry Stavros, but fell in love with his younger brother, Stefan.  While Stavros had to rape her, Laura let Stefan make love to her.  When she realized she was pregnant, she and Stefan knew the baby would be killed if the family found out the truth, so they allowed everyone to believe that it was Stavros’ child.  In 1983, Stavros met a very unpleasant death in Port Charles, and the rest is history.

Q:        What happened to the Outback Restaurant on GH?  I don't recall anyone on the show ever mentioning it.  Thanks.  Valerie Lawrence

A:            Valerie, you may or may not be surprised by what little bit of information is available on this, but here goes. 

            The building was originally used as a club, and Mac bought it and renamed it “The Outback”.  He held his brother, Robert and fiancee Anna Devane’s engagement party there.  Felicia later bought half ownership in it and when they married it became a family business.

            The following is merely my take on this: 

Between Mac working full time as Police Commissioner of Port Charles, and Felicia’s frequent jaunts all over creation, it seems the logical conclusion would be that they either sold it, which we probably would have heard about by now, or they hired someone to oversee it for them.  But being pure fiction, as we know the soaps are, (we do don’t we??)… has ceased to exist until the writers find another use for it in their storylines.      


(Note:  the following two questions were so similar I decided to answer them both at the same time)

Q:            Thanks for answering my questions (08/27), but your answer still leaves me confused on the Tad/Brooke thing.  If her pregnancy was terminated because it was ectopic, then how can she have a child?  Usually ectopic pregnancies are either terminated really EARLY or the mother dies.   And didn’t Tad and Brooke actually MARRY??

Thanks for any clarification you can give me.  Chris

Q:        I have a question for you. I've watched AMC since almost the beginning, so some of the stories may be beginning to run together a little, but I would have sworn that Jamie was Brooke and Tad's son.  In your Corner you mention only the ectopic pregnancy (I remember the ectopic pregnancy story, but I don't remember the baby as being Tad's - although it certainly could be.  I think I was working during the day, then, and I missed a lot).  Karen

A:        Sorry for the confusion girls.  I will try to go into more detail.

            In 1990, Brooke was pregnant with Tad’s child, while he was still married to Dixie.  The doctors told her that in order to save her life they would have to terminate the pregnancy.  She refused to lose her child and left town.  Edmund, knowing how critical it was that she return before it was too late, finally talked her into coming back and having an abortion.  She agreed and went through with it in time. Nothing was ever mentioned that she could not give birth again.

            Some time after this, Tad found himself on top of a bridge in a fight with Billy Clyde Tuggle.  They both fell off and  disappeared into the currents.  Both Dixie and Brooke thought Tad was dead.  Then Brooke found out she was pregnant again with Tad’s child. 

Tad reappeared in Napa Valley CA, with amnesia, and took on the identity of Ted Orsini a vineyard owner.  With the help of the real Ted’s mother, Nola Orsini, played by the wonderfully talented Barbara Rush, he ran the vineyard very successfully.  Nola later died.

Tad returned to Pine Valley, memory intact.  When he found out that Brooke had had his child (Jamie), he married her, mostly out of obligation, as he still felt Dixie was the love of his life.  They stayed married for 2 years, then divorced and he remarried Dixie. Their marriage broke up and they divorced in 1996, I believe it  was over Liza Colby.  Then in 1998 he and Dixie were remarried for a third and hopefully last time.

So you see, with all these marriages and divorces going on in their lives, it’s no wonder people get confused.

Tad marries Dixie - 1988  #1

Tad marries Brooke - 1992

Tad marries Dixie - 1994-96   #2

Tad marries Dixie - 1998  #3     


Q:        My friend told me that Antonio is related to Max.  How can that be when they are of different ethnic extractions?

A:        Yes, it s true that the two are related. They became brothers-in-law when Max’ s half sister, Andrea ‘Andy’ Harrison married Antonio in August of 1997.

Q:        I have heard Kevin mention having a son (?!!)  What’s the story on this?

A:        When Kevin was still a teenager in 1991, he fell in love with Stephanie Hobart (niece of Carlo Hesser).  When Carlo found out his niece was having a relationship with Kevin, he broke it up because he hated the Buchanans.  Kevin was so heartbroken after losing his first love, he turned to Lee Ann Demerest, on the rebound.  They made love and a few months later in 1992, Lee Ann realized she was pregnant, but didn’t tell Kevin.  When he finally found out, they eloped. 

            After their marriage they moved into Llanfair with his mother, Viki.  This arrangement was not a happy one because Viki, finding many faults in Lee Ann, was constantly on her case.

            Shortly thereafter, Lee Ann went on a crusade to teach illiterate Jason Webb how to read.  She began spending more and more time with him, and they eventually fell in love.  Lee Ann did not want to hurt Kevin by being unfaithful, so she ended up asking him for a divorce.  Naturally, this broke his heart and he left Llanview.

            When their baby was born, Kevin returned to see his son, whom Lee Ann named Demerest “Duke”Buchanan.  With Jason and Lee Ann together, Kevin became very jealous and attempted to get custody of his son.  At the hearing, Jason testified that the only reason he and Lee Ann spent time together was because she was teaching him how to read.  The court gave Lee Ann custody.

            During a second hearing, Kevin tried once again to win his son by telling the court that Lee Ann manipulated men to get them to sleep with her.   The ruling was overturned and Kevin received sole custody of Duke.  Lee Ann was devastated.  Jason decided to get into Llanfair and kidnap Duke.  Then the two of them took her son and quickly left town.

            When Kevin realized what happened he and close friend Rachel Gannon went after them.  Rachel tried reasoning with Kevin and explained to him why Lee Ann had felt she had no other choice but to take her baby by force.  Kevin then understood how desperate Lee Ann must have been, and allowed her to have visitation rights.

            In 1993, Kevin and Rachel had grown very close and were involved in a relationship, so he decided to give Lee Ann partial custody of Duke, if she agreed to end her affair with Jason.  Lee Ann was then able to take her baby and move to Texas, where Kevin visits his son from time to time.


Q:        I think Patricia Elliott (Renee) in the best!  Has she ever done any work on stage?  Did she originate the role of Renee?

A:            Patricia is definitely no newcomer to the stage, both on and off Broadway.  In her earlier years she was accepted at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.  Then in 1973, she made her Broadway debut as Countess Charlotte in Sondheim’s musical. “A Little Night Music”, for  which she won a Tony; a Theater World Award, and a Drama Desk Award.  She also appeared in “The Shadow Box”, for a second Tony.

            Other on Broadway ventures were “The Elephant Man” opposite David Bowie, and “A Month of Sundays”, with Jason Robards.

            Her off Broadway achievements included “Tartuffe”, which won her a second Drama Desk nomination; “Bunker Reveries”; “Misalliance”, and “Much Ado About Nothing”, at the American Shakespeare Festival.

            Patricia also won a Los Angeles Dramalogue Award for her performance in Noel Coward’s “Hay Fever”, and most recently she starred in “Durang! Durang!”, at the Manhatten Theatre Club.

            Her television appearances include “Kate and Allie”; “Sometimes I Don’t Like My Mother”; “The Ladies”; “The Cartier Heist”; “The Adam’s Chronicles”; “Man Without A Country”, and in 1984 she was a regular in “Empire”.

            Her appearances in feature films include “Somebody Killed Her Husband”; “Natural Enemies”, and “Morning, Winter and Night”.

            That’s some resume’!!

In answer to the second part of your question:

            Patricia Elliott was not the first actress to play in the role of Renee Divine.  Phyllis Newman originated the role for part of 1987, and Patricia has been playing Renee since Phyllis left, the same year.


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