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Who was the first born – Tracy or Alan Quartermaine?  I keep hearing different answers when I ask this question!!  Help!!  Faith W.

Edward Quartermaine was quite a busy fellow in his early years.  After having an affair with Mary Mae Ward, he had a son, Bradley.  Then he married Lila Morgan Tolliver and they produced Alan, THEN Tracy.  His next affair was with Beatrice LeSeur, and that brought Jimmie Lee Holt into the world.

Rest easy Faith, as you can now tell anyone who asks that Alan was definitely the first born (legitimately, that is).

I read on some GH website that Sonny’s real name is Michael.  If that’s true, then why is he called Michael?

Although his father left him and his mother, Adella when Michael Jr  was very young, He never forgave his father for abandoning them.  Then Adella married a crooked cop, named Deke, a man who beat and abused both of them.  He started calling himself “Sonny” because he was trying to distance himself from his real father, Michael Sr,  who had left them defenseless.

I’m a rather new watcher and curious to know the answers to the following questions:

            The woman who works in Kelly’s is Mike’s girlfriend.  What is her name?  Some background on her character?  One week one actress played her and now another is playing her.  Please explain?  (sent in by Lana)

Tammy Hanson originally played by Patricia Healy, worked as a prostitute in Port Charles.  In May of ’98 she met Alan Quartermaine during his downhill battle with the painkiller hydrocodone.   She became an escape for him and a way for him to try to prove his manliness, since he was unable to have sex with Monica because of the effects of the drug.  One fateful day Monica and the Q’s caught them together under the sheets in Alan’s motel room.  Monica later gave Tammy some cash and asked her to take care of her husband, which she did (hmmmmm).

Several months passed and Tammy was savagely beaten by a local pimp, when she refused to work for him.  To make matters worse for her, she is mistaken for Felicia and knocked out with chloroform, where later, she is found in bed with a dead drug dealer.  All this was part of a plan set up by (who else) Moreno to ruin Mac Scorpio.

The following year, Luke and Bobbie’s Aunt Ruby died suddenly of a heart attack and Luke asked Tammy if she would consider taking over as manager of Kelly’s Diner.  Tammy thought not, but Luke explained to her how his aunt had worked as a Madam for years, then turned her life around and became very successful running the diner.  She became well liked and respected by all in Port Charles.  Tammy understood what Luke was saying and agreed to try the job.  She has been there ever since.

The reason there was a change in performers was due to personal issues.  Patricia Healy has taken a leave of absence from the show and there is no word yet if she will be returning.

Did I see Stella Stevens on GH?  Please tell me more about her role and character?

(sent in by Lana)

Yes, you have a good eye and a good memory – Stella Stevens plays Jake, the owner of a bar that Laura frequented a couple of times after she and Luke had their latest falling out.  A few weeks later Lucky approached Jake and rented a room from her, above the bar.  He asked her not to say anything to his parents of his whereabouts.  Sorry – there really is no additional information on Jake.  If you keep watching you can never tell when the writers will give her a storyline as well, then possibly a background of her character will be revealed.

In the GH “Intro”  when all the actors are shown, they do not show Constance Towers.  Do you know why?  (sent in by Lana) 

The word from our mystical leader,  who knows all, is that only those actors/actresses under contract are shown in the opening montage.  Both Constance Towers and Ron Hale, two very visible characters, are not under contract.  [Note from Katrina: Often with an actor, as is the case with Ms Towers, not being contracted is a matter of choice, allowing greater freedom to spend time with family and explore other projects]clackum080700.htm

Why don't you include Port Charles in your salute to ABC soaps? 

[Katrina is fielding this one]  When Karen and I first came up with the idea of creating Eye on Soaps, it was going to be "Eye on General Hospital" and only encompass the one show.  Our interests grew and soon Eye on Soaps grew as well.  At this time, Katrina is the only techie, doing all of our posting, development and maintenance, in addition to writing her own columns and manhandling her huge family.  We had to cut corners somewhere and since only about half of the country even gets the opportunity to SEE Port Charles due to its limited broadcast area, it was the show that was sacrificed.  Hopefully, when our site grows and we are ready to branch out, we will be able to add Port Charles, as well as other soaps.  For now, if we did additional shows, Katrina would die, either from exhaustion or at the hands of her family.

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