JJJ HoilesFan sent in an answer to last week’s question from MaryOC, asking about Karen and Jagger’s song.  “The singer is Daniel Lavoie and the song is “Woman to Man”.  It can be found on his album of the same name, Curb Records, 1994.”  Thanks for the information!  

Q:       I've always heard that Jagger and Karen made a good couple.  The last thing I heard about them was that they left Port Charles after they got married.  I know that Karen is back in town.... single, and is supposedly dating Frank.   I also know that she was involved with his brother beforehand.  What happened between Jagger and Karen?  WhiteRoses1015 

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A:      After their marriage in 1994, Karen and Jagger moved to Chicago, where she had received a scholarship at Northwestern to study medicine, and Jagger had been accepted into the police academy. They came back for a brief visit when his brother, Stone was dying from AIDS. After that they moved to San Francisco where Jagger worked as an undercover cop. 

When Karen returned to General Hospital as an intern in 1997, the distance between them took its toll.  Karen and fellow intern, Joe Scanlon had been childhood friends in Port Charles. Although Karen was married to Jagger, she found herself still attracted to Joe, and the attraction went both ways.

Karen called Jagger several times and left messages for him, but her calls were never returned.  At one point she left a message telling him that she had gotten an apartment and signed a one-year lease, but that she didn’t know if she was doing the right thing.  She begged him to come home and told him that she was scared, and needed him.   

Karen's marriage to Jagger remained on shaky ground, due mainly to their distance apart, but she wanted to make it work.   She told her mother that she would move back to San Francisco if it would save her marriage.  A few weeks later Karen decided to pay Jagger a surprise visit, and left for San Francisco.  After she arrived at their apartment, she was surprised by a very attractive woman who was letting herself in.  Karen confronted her and the woman told her she was Fran, Jagger’s partner.  She then went on to tell Karen that she and Jagger were having an affair. Fran also told her that Jagger never would have entered into their relationship if Karen had been a better wife to him. Karen was devastated and more hurt when Fran said that Jagger felt that Karen had always looked down her nose at him and that her medical work was more important than Jagger's police work. Karen ordered Fran out of the apartment, and waited for Jagger to return.  While she was waiting for him, another officer came to the door and told her that Jagger had to go on an assignment and wouldn’t be returning for months.  Karen was devastated and began giving up all hope.

After she returned to PC, she and Joe constantly found themselves in close situations, but they resisted their impulses as Karen tried to stay faithful to Jagger. A few months later Karen received a letter from Jagger, in which he apologized for becoming distant and involved in his police work. He also admitted having an affair with Fran, the woman Karen saw in San Francisco. Jagger told Karen that he wouldn’t contest a divorce if she decided to get one.  Karen proceeded with the divorce and it became final a few months later.

Q:      Was it ever explained if Rex Stanton was an imposter or the real deal?  I remember something about him and the real Rex being in the same mental institution.  Was this ever resolved by TPTB?  VC

A:        Although Rex was finally put behind bars, it was never made crystal clear  (at least not to me) who he really was, but I will give you the facts that were presented: 

After Rex kidnapped Serena and then allowed Scotty to find her, he continued to make demands of Dominique’s half-sister, Danielle, who told him on several occasions that his plans were crazy.  Each time she said this to him, he became extremely irritated and demanded that she never say it again.  

As this story played out, Rex, in one instance, visited Dominique's grave and expressed his resentment over not inheriting any of her money. He made it clear that nothing was going to stop him from getting what he felt was owed to him.  

Kevin asked Mac to do an investigation on Rex, and later, Mac finally found information on Rex that proved his name was really Gustav Bausch, and his mother's name was Stanton. Avery Stanton gave his brother the nickname Rex, because he saw him as the family dog.   

Rex recalled to Danielle his experiences in a mental hospital and said that he wanted the money Serena would eventually inherit because it was rightfully his.  

          Scott had dinner with Katherine Bell and she told him that when she was a little girl, Rex had already been in and out of the mental hospitals.  She remembered one time when she and Dominique were playing and Rex got very rough and nasty with her, grabbed her by the arm and refused to let go, to the point where Dominique ran to get her mother.   Rex and Katherine's mother had a terrible fight, and he was eventually taken to the Mental Hospital, again. Dominique and Katherine used to accompany them on their visits, but she couldn't remember the name of the hospital.  She told Scott that the caretaker at their home would remember because he hated Rex, as Rex used to poison his cats. 

                        When Kevin and Scott went to the family’s home, they talked to the caretaker, who told them that Rex had been the embodiment of evil.  After their visit, Scott and Kevin learned that Rex had been a patient at Oakwood Mental Hospital.  At Oakwood, the clerk told them that the name Rex Stanton was cross-referenced with the name Gustav Bausch.  He was a patient there, but the family transferred him out. Scott looked at the pictures on the Sanitarium walls, of various patients in outdoor scenes. Kevin recognized the person in it as a younger Rex, but he wondered who the man with him was. Scott thought he looked familiar. Then the clerk told them that Rex wasn't really mentally ill, he thought the family just put him there to get him out of the way.  He then told them that he thought Rex was just plain evil.  Scott asked about the picture of Rex and the unknown man and the clerk confirmed that the picture was of Rex and a friend, but he never pointed out which one was Rex.  He didn’t know very much about the friend, only that he and Rex were very close.           

            Scott told Kevin that his private investigator had located a woman who could identify the man in the photograph with Rex.  Scott later met with the woman, who had been a nurse at Oakwood Hospital while Rex was a patient there. The woman then told Scott that the man in the picture with Rex was the son of a woman who also worked at Oakwood. 

After more investigating Scott told Eve that the nurse from Oakwood was now working at GH.  Scott and Eve showed the nurse the picture of Rex and his unknown friend. The nurse recognized him as "Kathy Fawcett's boy.  Eve and Kevin found Kathy Fawcett, then Eve called Scott to tell him that she was on her way to meet with the FBI at PCPD.   When they got there, Kathy identified the man in the picture as Agent Boynton, her son from a previous marriage.  (Agent Boynton was the one who had helped Rex kidnap Serena). 

                Meanwhile, back in PC, Rex killed FBI agent Boynton. Boynton had also been working on the investigation to find the kidnappers, so with him dead, Rex had no one to tie him to the crime.                        

            With time running out, Kevin asked Jake to help in coming up with a scheme to nail Rex once and for all. To this end, Kevin, Jake, Scott, Eve and Lucy devised a plan to make Rex think that Danielle was still alive and that they had been treating her down in the catacombs. In reality, Danielle had been killed in an automobile accident and was quite dead.  

Their scheme worked perfectly and Rex was arrested for his crimes. Rex's reign of terror was far from over, though, when he told Lucy that he had been poisoning her.  Lucy's life hung in the balance as the interns tried to come up with an antidote to her poison. After narrowly escaping death, Lucy made a full recovery thanks to the antidote the interns had developed.  

That is all the information that was given about Rex, as far as his mental history.  Maybe I missed something while I was watching this, but as far as I know, and from all the research I did on this, it was never made clear whether he was the real Rex Stanton or an imposter. 

Incidentally, Wayne Northrop, the actor who portrayed Rex, is the real life husband of PC’s Lynn Herring, who plays Lucy Coe.  They have two children. 


Q:      Can you tell me why there seems to be so much animosity between Brooke and Erica?  Each time they are even in the same room, you can feel the friction between them all the way through the screen!  I know they have known each other since the beginning of time, but what happened to bring them to this point?  Gayle Moskowitz, Hallandale FL 

A:      Gayle, as I’ve said before, grab yourself a cup of coffee while I tell you why these two will never be bosom buddies.


Erica and Tom

Brooke and Tom

      Theirs has been a love/hate relationship (meaning they love to hate each other) going all the way back to 1978 when Erica was working for Tom Cudahy at The Goalpost.  Erica came down with pneumonia, and Brooke stole her job at Tom's restaurant, and tried to steal Tom from her as well.  Erica recovered and married Tom, but Brooke ended up marrying him a few years later.  In 1984, Brooke left Tom after she discovered that he'd had a one-night stand with Erica on the night before Erica was to marry Adam Chandler. Later on, when Brooke married Adam, Erica had to laugh, thinking about all the hand-me-down men that Brooke picked up from her.    

            Erica and Brooke also locked horns over Jackson Montgomery, who was the brother of Erica’s ex, Travis.  Then in 1979, Brooke managed to give her more grief when she had an affair with Erica's half-brother, Mark Dalton.  Years later, she had a brief relationship with Erica’s ex-husband, Dimitri , which galled Erica to no end.   

More recently, Brooke attempted to intervene in Bianca’s best interests when she tried reasoning with Erica after Erica found out Bianca was a lesbian.  Brooke told her in no uncertain terms that if she ever discovered a daughter of hers was gay, she would give her love and support, which Erica was not doing.  She quickly took offense to Brooke’s words and tried her best to come back with something, but Brooke was right.  Because of their past rivalries, Erica resents everything Brooke says, even if deep down she may realize that what Brooke says is the truth.  Though these two hold much resentment, in times of crisis, one has always been there to console the other.

Q:      Is everyone quite sure that nasty old Arlene is really dead?  I’ve watched enough of these soaps to know better.  DC, Allentown, PA 

A:      Only the writers can answer this one.   When Mateo and Hayley’s home was ransacked a few weeks ago, many viewers, including myself, were hoping that she had survived her brief swim with the fishes, to come back and give Adam a little more grief, but that hope went down the tubes when we found that it was Hayley who had taken on the alter of her mother over the guilt she felt for strangling her on the yacht that night.  I would still like to think that Arlene somehow survived the icy waters and was rescued by someone.  Many of us never liked Arlene, but she added a lot of zip to the story.  Actually, it would have been more fun to watch Vanessa sink down into the depths.   

            What you say is quite true.  When you watch these soaps over the span of 20 years or so, you know full well that unless the victim is seen burned, blown up, or shot in the temple on screen, they have survived whatever accident befell them, and sometimes even then they have been known to survive.   

Such was the case on GH when Roy DiLucca was shot and died in Bobbie’s arms.  I saw it and I remember it very clearly.  The poor guy was dead.  Twenty years later he comes back to GH, healthy as a horse. Which goes to show that anything is possible on the soaps.


Q:      How did Todd and Blair meet?  I remember them hanging out at Rodi’s together.  And wasn’t Blair pregnant before Starr?  Judy Smith, OR 

A:      Thank you for making my day by giving me a reason to put up another photo of Todd.

 Todd.jpg (97189 bytes)
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            In December of ’94, Todd learned that his father, Peter Manning had died.  He also learned that Peter wasn’t who he believed he was.  Todd had been adopted and was the heir to a fortune, but had no idea who his real parents were.   

toddandblairatrodi's.jpg (17462 bytes)
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He was so upset by his father’s passing and what he had learned, that he went to Rodi’s Bar, hoping to drown his sorrows.  At Rodi’s, Todd met Blair, who had her own share of problems, namely her shaky relationship with Cord Roberts.  They were a perfect example of “misery loves company” as they spent the night drinking and bonding, but before they parted they ended up in bed together.  This night would bring about the pairing of one of the most entertaining couples in daytime soapdom.  This is solely my own opinion for what it’s worth. 

As for Blair being pregnant before she had Starr, when she found out that Todd was the heir to the Lord fortune, she led him to believe that she was carrying his child, so he would marry her, and she could share in his wealth.   

Soon after Todd and Blair tied the knot, both Tina and Asa told Todd that Blair was a liar and a gold digger who couldn’t be trusted.  (A prime example of the pots calling the kettle black) Todd became suspicious and decided to make Blair take a pregnancy test.  The test came out positive, to everyone’s surprise, but a few weeks later, Blair was mugged and lost the baby. 

Q:      I watch OLTL almost everyday and I’m wondering if someone is going to kill Colin.  He is becoming the scum of the earth and the other day when he threatened poor Jess, I wanted to kill him myself.  Have you heard anything about this?  Thanks for anything you can tell me.  Parker647 

A:      From your lips to God’s ear.  Don’t we all hope that Colin’s days are numbered? What with all the dirty, despicable deeds this one has been up to lately, it would surprise me if he lasted another week.   

When Colin first appeared, he seemed to have some redeeming qualities, for instance….he took very good care of Nora and nursed her back to health.  Then as time passed, little things began to alter his “mr nice guy” persona.   When Lindsay told him she wanted Nora to stay “dead” so that she could have Bo, instead of ‘fessing up and calling the family immediately, he went along with her plan if she would do something to patch up his already ruined marriage to Melanie.  

Although he did have a twinge of conscience for a time and almost told Bo that Nora was indeed alive, he changed his mind after he found out that Bo and Melanie had slept together. 

The day Lindsay brought the memory-erasing drug to his home, and prepared to inject Nora, Colin almost redeemed himself as he tried to stop her, but later on he became more and more intent with keeping her to himself, and his good sense went bye-bye. 


          Locking Will in the cellar was another mistake, as soon he had a witness to Nora being alive.  If it hadn’t been for our man Todd, taking her out of harm’s way, she would probably still be hidden in his home.   

           Over the last couple of weeks we have seen drastic changes in Colin’s personality.  He has become threatening to the point of violence, case in point, the confrontation with Jessica in her room.  He has made enemies with everyone who has come into contact with him and seems to be enjoying it.  He has Will hating him because of what he did to Nora and Jess, and he has Melanie on the edge of a breakdown, as he continuously accuses her of murdering her father.   And now that he has told Will about Lindsay’s actual drugging of Nora, Lindsay will be out for the kill herself.  Unless all of us are completely wrong here, Colin is destined to meet a tragic, but deserving end very soon.   

                   If I know my soaps, as the deadly deed is done, we will only be allowed to glimpse the back of someone’s coat or sleeve, or their shoes.  Nah, the shoes would be a giveaway as to the gender of the killer.  But we do know one thing, when Colin gets his just desserts, the “who done it” will go on and on ad infinitum.  


Q:      Whatever happened to Luke and Bobbie Spencer’s parents?  Greg Cowles, TN 

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A:      Nothing is known regarding Luke and Bobbie’s parents, or how and when they died. They were raised in Jacksonville Fl, and after their mother died, their Aunt Ruby helped to raise them.  Luke went out on his own and turning to a life of crime.  Bobbie was left homeless, and went to work as a prostitute for her aunt, who was a madam.  From what I have found, Bobbie was so down on her luck at one time that she was reduced to scavenging through garbage cans for something to eat.  In 1978, Bobbie moved to Port Charles and entered the nursing program at GH.  Not long after, Luke came to town at Bobbie’s insistence, because she needed him to help her with the breakup of Laura and Scotty.   

            Their Aunt Ruby also moved to PC after she decided to mend her ways and clean up her act.  She ran the diner and also continued to look after her niece and nephew until the actress, Norma Connolly, who played her, died on November 19, 1998, and instead of replacing her with another actress, the writer’s wrote her passing into the story. 


The two photos below have nothing to do with my usual Q&A’s, I found them and they brought back so many wonderful memories that I asked Katrina to post them for all of you who remember. And for those who don’t, this was our “knight in shining armor”, Dr. Steven Hardy.   

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