Q:      I stopped watching AMC a while back because the story of Jake, Liza, Adam and the baby went on and on and on.  So now I decide to give it another shot, only to find that Jake is about to go through the same thing all over again, only this time it’s with Gillian and Ryan!  What’s with this guy and while you’re at it, what was the outcome of his last crisis?   Carmen Tiero, TX 

A:      Poor misunderstood Jake, it seems as if he is destined to spend his life in the midst of these paternity problems.   

Since you asked: When Liza found out that Adam was Colby’s biological father, she was set on telling Jake the truth, but changed her mind after seeing him with the baby.  


Meanwhile, Jake and Gillian grew closer.  Knowing that the truth about Colby would destroy Jake, Gillian told Liza that she would keep the secret about Colby's paternity from him. Jake wanted to make a family with Gillian and Colby and he proposed to her at the Crystal Ball.  She accepted Jake's marriage proposal and they planned on a June wedding. Soon, Gillian found herself torn about keeping the truth about Colby from Jake, but felt that Jake would make a much better father to the baby than Adam and decided to keep the secret to herself. Jake became increasingly angry over Adam's maneuverings regarding Liza and Colby. Because he was afraid that Liza would never be able to keep Adam out of her and Colby's lives, Jake decided to sue for sole custody of Colby, and he and Gillian moved up their wedding in order to be married by the time of the custody trial. 

        Colby's custody hearing began, and after listening to testimony from Gillian, Hayley and Junior, the judge was prepared to grant Jake full custody. An emotional Liza then shocked the courtroom by announcing that Jake wasn't Colby's biological father. Liza took the stand and recounted the entire story of Adam buying the fertility clinic as well as his other unscrupulous acts. Jake was devastated and also angry with Liza, Gillian and Tad for keeping the truth from him. In the end, Jake made the painful decision to drop the custody case and relinquished Colby to Liza and Adam. Jake told Gillian that he needed time alone to sort things out and departed Pine Valley for Chechnya to help the orphans in that war torn area.

   Meanwhile, back in Pine Valley, Gillian and Ryan began an affair. They were head over heels in love, and Gillian knew she had to tell Jake the truth about her and Ryan, but couldn't bring herself to do it in a “Dear Jake” letter. Ryan then vowed to go to Chechnya and bring Jake home. With Adrian's help, Ryan arranged a trip to Chechnya and both he and Adrian were shocked to discover that Gillian had stowed away on their plane. The three of them arrived in Chechnya and were reunited with Jake. After helping a group of orphans get to safety, Jake agreed to come home with Gillian and Ryan, but before they were out of harm’s way, Jake was hit by a sniper's bullet. 

                       Ryan and Gillian got Jake to a hospital and eventually returned to Pine Valley. Gillian still didn't want to break Jake's heart and kept stalling about telling him about her and Ryan. To make matters worse, Gillian learned that Jake might have been left sexually impaired from the gunshot wound. 

             Ryan grew impatient waiting for Gillian to tell Jake the truth about them. At the same time, Jake vowed not to lose Gillian to Ryan.  Ryan finally reached the end of his rope and told Gillian she couldn't have it both ways and declared that it was over between them.

             After sleeping with Jake, Gillian finally told him the truth about her feelings for Ryan.  Their marriage ended and she and Ryan were back together.  Ryan’s luck with business, however, wasn’t going his way and he was forced to sell to Adam to try and save some of his losses. Ryan still ran the company and he and Gillian became engaged and moved onto Adam's yacht. 

            Because she loved him, Gillian worried about Ryan's financial problems, even though Ryan assured her he would make all her dreams come true. Then Gillian overheard Ryan applying for another credit card, so she went to the Valley Inn and inquired about a job as a waitress.  Two days later, Ryan went to the Valley Inn and was shocked to find Gillian at his table, ready to take his lunch order. He tried to convince Gillian to quit, but she wanted to keep her job to help him out financially. Determined to give Gillian the wedding of her dreams, Ryan decided to go in on a real estate venture that he had been offered. 

            That night, while Ryan was pampering Gillian after her first day on the job, they talked about their future, and she told him that she wanted a simple wedding at Wildwind. Later, Ryan saw that Gillian wasn’t feeling well, but she just chalked it up to being tired from work.

            The next day, Gillian had an altercation with Greenlee when she suddenly collapsed on the floor. Greenlee denied doing anything to cause Gillian to collapse when Leo came in and gave her the third degree. After Gillian came to, she told Ryan that she must have been weak from not eating, but Ryan insisted that she go to the hospital. At the ER, the doctor evaluated Gillian's symptoms and asked her if she might be pregnant just as Jake was walking in.

            Later, when Ryan asked her if she thought she could be pregnant, she said she couldn’t be because they always used protection, but as she spoke to him she remembered the one night she had slept with Jake.  Jake later asked the doctor to run a pregnancy test on her, and asked him to keep it quiet.  

            When Jake received Gillian's pregnancy test results, he found Gillian in the hospital and told her that she was pregnant and that it had to be his child. Gillian had a fit, and refused to believe that she was going to have his baby. When she saw Ryan she didn’t say anything to him about the pregnancy.  Jake stopped her on her way out and began nagging her about getting prenatal care for “their” baby as soon as possible.  When Ryan found Gillian he wanted to know what Jake had said to her, but Gillian managed to evade it.

Jake then went to his father and stunned him with the news that Gillian was pregnant with his child, but Joe thought it was too early for Jake to be certain that Gillian's baby was his.  A short time later, he also made it a point to tell Myrtle about Gillian's pregnancy, then called Gillian and asked to meet with her. Gillian lied to Ryan about where she was going and headed for the hospital. She admitted to Jake that she had not told Ryan about her pregnancy because she worried that the truth would break his heart. When Jake then suggested she get a sonogram, it rattled her and said she was not ready for that yet, but he did convince her to talk to Dr. Clader. While she was waiting for him to come back with the doctor, Gillian ran into Myrtle and discovered that Jake had also told her about the baby.  She became very upset and hurried out of the hospital. When Jake returned with Dr. Clader, he was a little confused at Gillian disappearance. 

A few days later, Jake went to the yacht and told Gillian he was worried about her health.   Gillian was upset by his constant need of control over her condition, which only made Jake more desperate, so he told her that unless she started taking better care of herself and the baby, he would stop the divorce proceedings. Afterwards, Ryan found Jake when he went looking for Gillian, and told him to stay away from her, as he knew she was becoming very upset with him. Jake told Ryan that he would not keep him away from Gillian as long as she was pregnant with his child.  (and all the little kitty cats fell out of the proverbial bag) 

            Recently, Ryan and Gillian discussed the baby and he brought up the idea of possibly moving out of Pine Valley to start a new life, but Gillian told him she didn’t want him to have to give up all his plans for her. She felt as though she’d spoiled all his hopes and dreams for the future.  As much as she didn’t want to face it, deep down Gillian knew the baby was most likely Jake’s.  Ryan tried to console her by telling her that the baby would be theirs in every way, and soon his positive mood took hold and they began talking about what parenthood would be like.  He brought up leaving town once again, even for a little while, until she felt better and more able to put up with Jake, and Gillian took him up on his offer.           

****    So now we have Jake with this need to control the situation once again.  He has no idea whether the baby is his or Ryan’s, but he automatically assumes it’s his.  He holds the divorce papers over Gillian’s head in order to get her to do something she would have done regardless, which is take care of herself.  Needless to say, she is not a complete idiot, and knows that a pregnant woman has some responsibility to see to it that she remains healthy for herself and the baby inside of her.  Ryan is hoping the baby will be able to call him daddy, even though if it turns out that Jake is the father, Ryan will love the baby as if he/she were his own from the time of conception, because he’s a good boy that any mother would be proud of. 

            Will Jake find out the baby is his and file a paternity suit? Or will he find out that he was still impotent, but lie in order to gain custody because he lost out on Colby? Will the real-estate deal that Ryan is going into, turn out to be not so kosher and land him in jail, thereby leaving Gillian at Jake’s mercy? Will Ryan and Gillian take flight from PV, only to have a tragic accident and lose the baby, before Jake can find out if it was his? And if this happens, will he still insist on a paternity test post-mortem, in order to be able to hold this over both their heads forever and ever until pigs fly? ****         

Q:      Can you give me some information on Tad and Dixie’s past relationship, and how many times they have broken up? Thanks.  Loretta Dyles, PA   

A:      Tad and Dixie first met and fell in love while she was married to Adam in 1989.  Dixie had left her Uncle Palmer’s and taken a job with Adam and Brooke as a nanny for Brooke’s daughter, Laura.  When Brooke could not give Adam a child he slept with Dixie, who could.  She became pregnant, but Adam secretly planned to gain custody of the baby as soon as it was born.  He began “gaslighting” Dixie, who eventually had herself committed to a mental hospital out of fear that she might harm her son. Meanwhile, Tad, who had become an admirer of Dixie's, helped her through her troubles with Adam and made her realize that she had never been crazy at all. Dixie divorced Adam and received custody of Adam Jr. Tad and Dixie fell in love and married. 


In 1990, Tad and Dixie got off to a stormy start when Tad expressed his desire to move out of Pine Valley to start a new life away from Tad's least favorite person, Dixie's controlling Uncle Palmer. Dixie refused to go, and the fact that Tad was working closely with Brooke English didn’t help keep the marriage going either. Palmer finally succeeded in breaking them up.  When Tad was faced with the divorce papers he soothed his pain by sleeping with Brooke. Meanwhile, slimy lowlife Billy Clyde Tuggle had arrived in Pine Valley and set his sights on Dixie as his next victim. Dixie thought Billy Clyde was merely being sympathetic to her when he offered to lend her a shoulder to cry on, but before she realized what he was up to, he chloroformed her and dragged her to an isolated cabin he had rented.   Tad tried desperately to find her. Together with Trevor and Derek Frye, they tracked them down, just as Billy was getting ready to rape Dixie.  After a tense standoff, Billy Clyde burst out of the cabin, spraying bullets everywhere as he made his escape.  Tad rushed into the cabin to get Dixie and she collapsed into his arms. 

Two months later, on the day Tad and Dixie planned to be married, Billy and Tad had what would be their final confrontation on a bridge.   As they fought, a bomb exploded, sending both Tad and Billy Clyde down into the river below. The police recovered Billy Clyde's body, but could not find Tad’s, so he was presumed dead. But Tad had survived, although he lost his memory.  He found his way back to the road and accepted a ride from a truck driver and was on his way to California. Dixie was heartbroken, and so was Brooke, especially after discovering she was pregnant with his baby. 

Two months later, on the day Tad and Dixie planned to be married, Billy and Tad had what would be their final confrontation on a bridge.   As they fought, a bomb exploded, sending both Tad and Billy Clyde down into the river below. The police recovered Billy Clyde's body, but could not find Tad’s, so he was presumed dead. But Tad had survived, although he lost his memory.  He found his way back to the road and accepted a ride from a truck driver and was on his way to California. Dixie was heartbroken, and so was Brooke, especially after discovering she was pregnant with his baby. 

Trying to get on with her life after losing Tad, Dixie met Craig Lawson, when he saved her from a gunman during a convenience store robbery.  He told Dixie that he was an old friend of Tad’s.  Craig was a con-man and an opportunist who was able to talk Dixie into marrying him so he could get his hands on her money, until his plans were spoiled by his ex-fiance, Gloria Marsh.  Gloria found out what Craig was up to with Dixie and threatened to expose him unless he rekindled their past affair. When Dixie found out he was a con-man, she divorced him. 

Next Dixie met Brian Bodine, who was able to get her to open up and move on, and they began an affair.  Not long after, Dixie was devastated when Adam sued her for custody of Adam Jr. and won.  

Tad found his way back to PV during the latter half of ’92, with a new identity, California vineyard owner, Ted Orsini. He soon began having brief recollections of his past. At one point, he and Dixie met on the same bridge where he had “died”, but Dixie thought she was hallucinating and left. 

Brian and Dixie married in March, then she and Tad were finally brought together in a tearful reunion.  A lot had happened in the months Tad was gone. The news that Dixie had married Craig Lawson and then Brian Bodine shocked him, and the news that Brooke had given birth to his child threw both of them for a loop. Tad sincerely wanted to be a good father, so he married Brooke. 

Dixie regained custody of Adam Jr. and tried to make peace with her new marriage to Brian, even though she knew that Tad was alive. Her attempt to keep the marriage together failed and she and Brian divorced. In October of 1993, after overcoming an attempted murder by Tad's double, the real Ted Orsini, Tad and Dixie admitted to each other that they still loved one another and they were married the following May. 

Tad became a TV producer at WRCW, then went after the position of station manager  in 1995, but Liza was also after the job, as well as wanting Tad in bed again. In January of 1996, Dixie became suspicious that Tad and Liza had slept together.  Their affair was confirmed for her by Liza’s mother.  Wanting to get back at Tad for using and hurting Liza, Marian played a tape of Tad admitting he had been with Liza, over the station’s P.A. system.  Dixie was fit to be tied.  She took Junior and left Pine Valley for Pigeon Hollow. 

Even though he had slept with her again, Tad had no intention of resuming a relationship with Liza, and much to her dismay, he began dating Gloria Marsh.  In ‘97 they became engaged but he discovered that Dimitri Marick was also interested in her.  Their relationship soon came to an end and Gloria eventually left Pine Valley. 

            Dixie returned to Pine Valley in ’98. She and Tad grew close once again and she admitted that she was able to forgive his  mistakes. Wondering if they really had a future together, Tad and Dixie made a pact in which they both agreed to meet on a New York City rooftop if they both wanted to spend the rest of their lives together. Tad waited for Dixie on the scheduled night, but he was crushed when she didn’t show up. What Tad didn't know, was that Dixie had collapsed on her way to meet him and had been rushed to the hospital. 

 Dixie was afraid she was going to die, and didn’t want to tell Tad that she was suffering from a serious heart condition. For months they remained alone in their pain and each thought the other didn't want to have a relationship. Eventually, Tad learned the truth about Dixie's illness, and took her away to New York City. Tad told Dixie that he knew the truth and professed his love to her. He vowed that he would always be there for Dixie and made it clear he wanted her in his life. Dixie happily accepted his proposal and they were married for the third time in May of ‘99. 

           Two months later Dixie found that they were going to have a baby, but Tad couldn’t share in her happiness, as he worried about her health if she brought the baby to term.  Dixie was stubborn and insisted on having the baby, but did agree to get a second opinion.  They met with Dr. David Hayward, who told them there was no reason she couldn’t go ahead with the pregnancy.  Tad was furious with David, but tried, for Dixie’s sake to remain optimistic.  When Dixie had a miscarriage, they were devastated.  Tad couldn’t believe it when Dixie told him she wanted to get pregnant again as soon as possible. 

            A few months later, Tad began working with Liza at WRCW.  As for Dixie, she accepted David Hayward’s offer for her to be his new assistant, which ultimately led to the newest crisis in their lives.   


Q:      What is the AMC history of Skye Chandler's parentage? I know that on OLTL Rae is her bio-mom and Adam is her adopted dad, but am wondering what we've been led to believe until this storyline?            Stefanie 

A:      The following is what we’ve been led to believe before and after Skye's parentage became of issue:

Adam’s first wife was Althea, who he met and married when he was living in Europe (pre-AMC).  They had a baby girl, Antoinette “Skye”.  Althea was an alcoholic and had gone into a coma and died after Adam left her.  Skye later traveled to Pine Valley, where she found her father.  After the story of Rae's search for her daughter came onto the canvas, we learned that Skye was actually her birth daughter, having been adopted by Adam and Althea.  They never told their daughter that she was not their natural child.  It is thought that Skye's birth father is Alan Quartermaine of GH. 



Q:      What happened to Viki to bring out her alters that I’ve heard so much about? Thanks for any information.  Kathy McCloud 

A:      In 1994, Dorian Lord went to trial for the murder of her husband, Victor, after new evidence was presented. The jury returned a verdict of guilty and Dorian was sentenced to death.  Her future looked bleak, until an eleventh hour witness stepped forward with evidence he claimed could exonerate her. This witness was David Vickers.  David went to Viki claiming to be Victor Lord's son by Irene Clayton. To support his claim, he gave Viki Irene's diary, in which she admitted killing Victor herself. When the diary was proven to be authentic, Hank Gannon had no choice but to drop the case, and Dorian went free.                   

            Dorian was the only one who knew that David was a fraud. The diary, verified by the experts, was little more than a brilliant forgery. In exchange for saving her hide, Dorian gave David $50,000. 

          A year later, Dorian told Viki that David Vickers was not her brother as he had claimed. Viki hurried to confront David with the horrible truth. Assailed by Viki, David was forced to confess his evildoing but he swore that Dorian was behind the entire scam. Then, it dawned on Viki. If David lied about Irene Manning killing her father, Dorian must be the murderer after all. Viki went to confront Dorian. 

Viki as Jean Randolph

Viki as Tori

Viki as Tommy

Viki as Princess

 In a bitter exchange, Dorian warned Viki that if she reopened the Victor Lord murder case, then she would be forced to reveal Viki's secret. Viki had absolutely no idea what she meant, but when she threatened to call the police, Dorian launched into a vicious diatribe about her late husband. Viki held her ears as Dorian told her the shocking news that Victor had seduced her when she was a child.  

Unable to bear another word, Viki snapped. She took Dorian prisoner and Dorian quickly discovered the strain of the traumatic events had caused Viki to take on several new personalities. Among them was the cool and calculating Jean Randolph, who locked Dorian in the secret room then told the world that she had confessed to Victor Lord's murder before skipping the country. All the while, Dorian remained a prisoner in her dank and dark makeshift prison, wondering if she would ever see the light of day again. 

During her confinement, Dorian came to see Viki's personality split into several other alters including vengeful Tori, violent Tommy, and Princess, the little girl who was molested by her father. Most of the time, Jean, the gatekeeper, remained in control of Viki's psyche. Jean blackmailed Dorian into breaking up with Viki’s son, Joey as a condition for her freedom. 

Upon her release, Dorian broke up with Joey. Jean then paid a surprise visit to David (who had returned from Spain and was promptly arrested) in jail, telling him to divorce Tina or she would have no choice but to press charges against him. David reluctantly agreed, then lied to a stunned Tina that he never loved her. Dorian married David, even though she despised him, because as man and wife, they would not have to testify against each other. 

Viki's alter, Tori, set out to destroy everything that Victor Lord had built in his lifetime including Llanfair and The Banner. On the night of Bo and Nora's wedding, Tori torched Llanfair, only to discover to her horror that Viki’s daughter, Jessica was inside. Briefly turning back to Viki, she saved Jessica, but Llanfair was destroyed.  

It came to light that Viki had one more alternative personality buried deep in her psyche, her father, Victor Lord. Later on, during her therapy, Viki discovered the dreadful truth that her alter, Tori, was the one who pressed a pillow onto her abusive father's face, smothering him to death. Because of the circumstances, Viki was not put on trial, and was allowed to return home for further healing. 


Q:      Did Bobbie ever find out who Carly’s father was?  I’ve watched on and off for years, but I thought perhaps I might have missed it. Jenny Smith 

A:      All that has been said about Carly’s biological father, was that he was one of Bobbie’s customer’s when she was still a teenager working in Florida as a prostitute.  When Bobbie found herself pregnant she had the baby and then gave her up for adoption, hoping that someone else could give her a better life.  Years later, when her brother Luke went to Florida to find her daughter, he returned to PC and lied, telling her that her little girl had died.

Q:      Why does Felicia on GH hyphenate her name as Scorpio-Jones? Shouldn't it be reversed since she was married to Frisco before Mac? SCR 

A:          According to our Katrina, Felicia uses her name backwards because she wants to keep the same name as Maxie and Georgie, but still honor Mac.  There was a scene between her and Mac right after they were married where he called her "Mrs. Jones-Scorpio" and she corrected him and explained why.

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