Q:      Is the actress who plays Eve pregnant in real life?  Liz

A:      Although Dr. Eve Lambert of Port Charles is currently expecting a baby, at the time of this writing, there has been no word of actress, Julie Pinson being pregnant.   


Q:      Why was Gabrielle sent to prison?  Tracey 

A:      Let’s go back a few years and work our way up to this incident.

Gabrielle was completely innocent when she fell for Max Holden’s charms, she was sure that he would do the right thing when she became pregnant. But when Max returned to Argentina, he was in the company of Tina Roberts.  Thinking that her lover was married, Gabrielle went into hiding in the back-country to have her child. She was astonished to have Tina show up on her doorstep. The pregnant Tina had gone over the falls and was believed dead. Now she returned, distressed by the loss of her baby. Gabrielle offered her own son as a replacement, imagining Tina and Max raising the child together. 

Gabrielle was a talented designer. She was stunned to see some of her creations in a magazine and credited to "Designs by Delila."   She threatened to travel to Llanview and fight for her rights, finally settling for a portion of the profits. She got another shock when she learned that Tina was married to Cord, and had presented the child to him as their child, so she set off for Llanview.

            For a while she was put off by Tina's lies and promises but finally she could take it no longer and told the world the truth about the baby's parentage. Unfortunately this revelation did not bring Max rushing to her side. But she did find herself the object of Steve Holden's interest. She married the "other Holden" but things were doomed from the start. Steve didn't have Max's flair or quest for adventure. Gabrielle was not happy to find that Steve had bought a little ranch property from Clint Buchanan and planned to settle his new family in Arizona. When Steve was injured while keeping an eye on the Buchanan ranch, Gabrielle and Max joined together in the vigil at his bedside. They also joined together in a rather more intimate way.  Believing that she once again had a track to Max's heart, Gabrielle tried to smother Steve in his hospital bed.  Steve recovered, but that was the end of that marriage. And Max wasn't exactly waiting for the divorce decree to slip a ring on her finger either. 

She then took up with Michael Grande, and together they manipulated Viki in hopes of rediscovering the lost city of Eterna and liberating its fabled riches for themselves. The site of the city was finally revealed and Gabrielle ended up trapped there with a large number of friends and acquaintances from Llanview. When they were finally close to being liberated, she nearly destroyed them all by attempting to take a golden treasure with her. 

In 1989,Gabrielle was pushed to the side when Michael's pregnant wife, Alicia, returned to town. When Alicia was killed in an automobile accident, Gabrielle was there for Michael. Seeing that the infant, Garrick, was dead in the hospital nursery, she replaced him with Brenda McGillis' living son. When she was finally caught out on this, her trial was devastating but it also brought Max, who had been romancing Viki’s daughter, Megan, to finally admit his love for her. 

While doing community service for her crime, Gabrielle and Tina stumbled on a baby selling operation.  They involved Max in their efforts to reveal the fraud and he was shot saving Gabrielle. Praying at his side, she promised God that she would become a nun if Max were allowed to live. Max was not willing to accept this arrangement and followed her to the convent and managed to changed her mind. Then he raced off to arrange for their wedding, but his car was involved in a terrible crash.

Max was not dead, but he was so changed by the accident that he returned to Llanview using the name Matt Kingston, and was determined not to burden his family with this latest trauma. Although Max did finally reveal himself to Gabrielle, there was not to be any happily ever after. While in mourning for Max she had been counseled by Father Tony Vallone. She ended up seducing him and destroying his career.  

Gabrielle fell into Carlo Hesser’s clutches when he discovered that she had been present shortly after his son, Johnny Dee was shot by one of Viki’s alters, as well as the fact that Gabrielle orchestrated the proof that Max was a Buchanan. Carlo protected her for awhile but her luck ran out and she was sent to prison. 

Released after several years, Gabrielle did not return to Llanview, although she did ask for, and received permission to provide a home for her son Al. 


Q:      Has Alex ever actually gone to prison for any of her crimes?  Sandy

A:      Alex has been guilty of many unscrupulous acts since she first came to Llanview, including bribery and blackmail as part of her attempt to become mayor of Llanview. And in 1997, when her beloved Carlo was shot, it was Alex who was accused of his demise, but due to a legal technicality, the charges were dropped and Alex soon skipped town with Asa’s $30 million and Carlo…..or was it his twin, Mortimer???  Whatever, so far she has managed to stay out of prison. 



Q:      I wasn't watching GH when the Aztec Princess story (Felicia's entrance to GH?) was played out...but it has always sounded curious to me--especially since that declaration she made about it to Luke! Can you maybe give a brief synopsis of those events? Kirsten German 

A:      Frisco might never have met Felicia if it hadn't been for a ring that he bought at a charity ball, which he thought was only a piece of costume jewelry.  He had no idea that the ring was part of an Aztec treasure that Felicia wanted back. One night in the summer of '84, Felicia, disguised as a boy, snuck into Frisco's bedroom and hid under his bed while trying to retrieve the ring.  

           Felicia confided in Frisco that she was an Aztec princess, and her life was in danger. Frisco frantically tried to keep Felicia out of the public eye. However, someone desperately wanted to get their hands on her, and that ring which was part of an Aztec treasure. The ring, when coupled with a royal scepter was the key to a hidden treasure. Among those who wanted the ring was Peter Harrell, Felicia's ex-fiance. 

            In an attempt to hide the ring and elude their pursuers. They went to Mexico, where Frisco agreed to help Felicia open the crypt containing the valuable Aztec treasure, but Sean Donely got to the treasure first and removed it just before Felicia and Frisco reached the crypt. 

            Anna Devane and Sean Donely secretly formed a partnership to fence the Aztec treasure. Robert Scorpio grew suspicious.  Then the treasure turned up missing again. Robert suspected Sean.  Sean suspected Robert, and Anna suspected them both. Only one man knew where the missing Aztec treasure was located because he had stolen it and hidden the valuables in the basement of the newly refurbished brownstone owned by Bobbie Spencer Brock and her partner, Jake Meyer. The culprit was none other than Grant Andrews. 

          Grant had snatched the treasure in a desperate move to win back his ex-wife, Celia, who was now engaged to Edward Quartermaine’s illegitimate son, Jimmy Lee Holt. They made plans to marry in a Gay Nineties-style wedding to be held aboard a train in a specially outfitted Pullman car.  Sean Donely agreed to help Grant transport the treasure on Jimmy Lee and Celia's wedding train.  When Grant discovered that Sean was duping him, he became anxious to redeem himself by teaming up with Scorpio, Anna, Frisco, and Felicia to bring Donely to justice. 

          Donely's reign of deception came to an end in Canada where he kidnapped Holly, who had returned to the United States and overheard his plans to transport the treasure. In hot pursuit of his former friend, Robert tracked down the treasure, which was hidden under a tarpaulin in a chalet in the mountains. He then set out after Sean, and the two met up in a tramway precariously suspended by a cable high above the mountains. With Anna watching from below, Robert lost his balance and fell out of the car, apparently to his death. To complete the transfer of the treasure, Sean headed in the tram to meet the evil Mr. Wu. Instead, he was greeted by Wu's assistant, Mr. Yang, who was actually Robert, very much alive and in disguise.  And the mystery of the Aztec Treasure was finally over. 

Q:      Do you know if there is going to be a Nurse's Ball this year? Jmg


A:      Since 1994, General Hospital has held its Nurses’ Ball every year, which is dedicated to AIDS awareness and the memory of AIDS victim Stone Cates, as well as all the victims of this dreaded disease, on June 21, The Day of Compassion.  Now that Robin Scorpio is scheduled to be reunited with her mother, Anna, in Pine Valley, let’s hope that she will also appear at this year’s Nurses Ball in Port Charles.



Q:      Back in 1983 an actor by the name of John Martinuzzi played Stavros Cassadine.   Could you tell me where he is today and how I may write him, and does he have email or his own website?  Charlotte

A:  Charlotte, I’m sorry but there is no recent information on John Martinuzzi who gained fame on GH in 1983, playing Helena’s favorite son, Stavros.  You can write to ABC and perhaps they can help you.  


Q:      I have stopped watching GH this year and I wanted to know what's happened this past year with Lucky/Liz and Sonny/Carly. What has been happening? Thanks.  CEA 

A:      Lucky and Liz

(January 2000)  Helena framed Faison for Katherine Bell’s murder and then arranged for Faison to escape from jail. Faison called Luke and arranged a meeting on the docks. Luke arrived just as he was preparing to leave via a speedboat. As Faison was pulling away from the docks, he shouted to Luke that Lucky was really alive. Before Faison could say anything more, Mac showed up and started shooting. As Luke and Mac looked on, the boat exploded before their eyes. Luke didn't tell anyone what Faison had told him about Lucky and he set off to try and find his son. When Luke returned several weeks later, he told Felicia and Roy that Lucky might be alive. Not wanting to get her hopes up for nothing, Luke didn't share this news with Laura.  Felicia then told Luke that she would help him find Lucky. 

(Feb)  Luke believed that Helena was connected to Lucky's kidnapping and he and Felicia set out to find his son.  Meanwhile, Stefan set out to free Lucky from Helena so that he could be the one to reunite him with Laura. During this time, neither Luke nor Stefan told Laura that Lucky might be alive.

         Luke and Felicia finally reached Helena's farmhouse, but Lucky had already been moved to a new location. Luke and Felicia then tracked down Lucky's whereabouts and Luke was stunned to see him through the window with his own eyes. Luke was shocked when Stefan and his mercenaries arrived and whisked Lucky away after overpowering Helena's guards. 

            Liz decided that it was okay for her to mourn Lucky in whatever way she wanted to. She declined Laura's invitation to Lulu's Valentine's Day party and then went to the church and remembered Lucky on her own.  

(March)  After returning to Port Charles, Luke told Laura that Lucky was alive and that he had been held by Stefan. Laura confronted Stefan and refused to believe that he had tried to bring Lucky home to her. Nikolas was also shocked with Stefan's involvement in Lucky's disappearance and was ready to abandon the Cassadine family. 

            Luke and Laura teamed up and set out to find Lucky together. Meanwhile, Helena had Lucky back in her control and she set out to take him on a journey through Luke and Laura's past. Luke and Laura were always a few steps behind Helena, but they did find solid proof that Lucky was still alive when they made it to the Haunted Star. Stefan also arrived on the yacht, but Laura made it clear that she didn't trust him and that she was going to continue the search for her son with Luke. 

Felicia overheard Helena speaking to Mrs. Lansbury on the docks one day and feared that Luke and Laura were being drawn into a trap. Felicia then broke her promise to Mac and headed to Ice Princess Island to warn Luke and Laura. Luke was happy to have Felicia back on board, but Laura wasn't pleased by her arrival at all. The three of them barely missed seeing Lucky and Helena on the island and then headed to Texas for the next phase of their search. 

(April)  The search for Lucky eventually led Luke, Laura and Felicia to the Triple L Diner. Meanwhile, Helena had taken Lucky to the Triple L and gave him his freedom. Luke and Laura were overjoyed to see Lucky, but their joy was short-lived when he hauled off and slugged Luke. Lucky took off and refused to speak to either Luke or Laura. Luke set out to follow Lucky thinking he might be hitchhiking back to Port Charles while Laura returned home to wait for her him.

            Lucky did return to Port Charles, but didn't contact his friends or family. He did, however, frequently visit Lesley Lu, but made her promise not to tell Luke or Laura that she had seen him. After encountering Mike one day, Lucky also extracted the same promise from him.            

With Laura's blessing, Liz and Nikolas set off for New York City to search for Lucky. He saw them in New York City, but didn't make his presence known. At the end of the month, Liz came face to face with Lucky for the first time back in Port Charles.  

          Stefan was furious over the fact that Laura still held him partly responsible for Lucky's kidnapping. He vowed that he was through with Laura and would never be obsessed with her again. Stefan also warned Helena that he would expose what she had done to Lucky.  

(May)  Luke told Laura that they needed to wait for Lucky to come to them. They encountered Lucky on the docks one day and were shocked when he accused them of being responsible for his kidnapping. Luke promised Laura that he would undo whatever it was that Helena had done to their son.  

Lucky and Liz came face to face for the first time and Liz was dismayed when Lucky ran away from her. Liz was hurt by his rejection and feared he no longer cared for her.  Liz declared her love for him and was unnerved by his nonchalant attitude. She asked Emily to speak to Lucky for her and Emily and Lucky shared an easy connection. Emily told Liz she wasn't sure why Lucky was acting so strangely, but assured Liz that he still loved her.

            Liz surprised Lucky at the boxcar and they shared a kiss, but Lucky suddenly pulled away and claimed that everything they shared in the past was gone. Not wanting to give up, Liz and Emily decided to recreate the dinner they had at the diner with Nikolas and Lucky on the night of the fire. The foursome gathered at Kelly's and Lucky seemed like his old self for a short while. Then something snapped in Lucky and he pushed Liz away and left. He then asked Nikolas to get Liz to back off from him. 

(June)  Still being controlled by Helena, Lucky continued to push Liz away. He shocked Liz when he suggested that she would be better off with Nikolas, but she made it clear she still loved him. Even though they shared a kiss, Lucky still fought his attraction to Liz. 

(July)  Emily, Juan, Nikolas, Lucky and Liz attended a rave together. After an argument with Juan, Emily's drink was secretly drugged and she left the rave with a man named Ted.  

The three were worried when they couldn't find Emily at the rave. Meanwhile, Emily woke up nude next to Ted's corpse in a seedy hotel room with no memory of how she had gotten there.  She reached out to her friends, who promised to help her.  Not wanting to involve the police for fear of what might happen to Emily, Lucky and Nikolas hid Ted's body in a freezer at Wyndemere. A short time later, Emily received a mysterious phone call from a girl who said she knew what she had done.  

         Emily's mysterious caller demanded money in exchange for her silence. Lucky and Nikolas then set out to catch the blackmailer and caught a young girl named Gia near the place the money was supposed to be dropped off. Gia claimed innocence, but Lucky and Nikolas weren't buying it. Lucky then started following Gia in the hope of learning more about her. Lucky and Nikolas also learned that Ted had been an undercover cop. During this time, Emily pushed Juan away as she couldn't confide the truth in him and was still hurt over his flirting with another girl. Liz and Lucky were also sparring at times, as Liz became fed-up with Lucky pulling her in only to push her away again.  

(August)  Lucky, Liz and Nikolas teamed up to get information about Gia and soon proved that she was Emily's blackmailer. Gia, however, didn't know about Ted's death and was blackmailing Emily because she thought Emily had been using drugs at the rave. After much debate, Lucky, Liz, Nikolas, Emily and Juan decided to enlist Gia's help to catch Ted's killer and Gia agreed, for a price. To that end, the group went to another rave, where Gia pointed out Zander. Lucky then came up with a plan to catch Zander at the next rave. 

Lucky continued to be attracted to Liz, who was tired of his mixed signals. By the end of the month, Lucky began to realize something was wrong with him but didn't know about Helena's actions. 

(Sept)  Lucky came up with a plan to catch Zander at the next rave. To that end, he devised a scheme in which he and Nikolas would place Ted's body in the trunk of Zander's car. The plan failed, however, when Emily went against Lucky's orders and showed up at the rave. At this same time, Taggert and his men also arrived.  Zander panicked and took Emily hostage and forced her to drive off with him. Lucky and Nikolas then came clean with Taggert and the search for Emily and Zander began. As it turned out, Zander had been working for Sorel, who wanted him dead for the trouble he had caused. While being held by Zander, Emily began to see him in a new light and realized he was just another of Sorel's victims. Emily had several opportunities to escape from Zander, but didn't act on them.  

Liz was confused by Lucky's jealousy towards Jason and asked him where they stood in their relationship. Soon thereafter, she witnessed Helena using mind control on Lucky. Liz then used Helena's code phrase on Lucky, who realized he had been brainwashed. Lucky then told Liz that he loved her.  

(Oct)    Luke went ballistic when he found proof that Helena was responsible for Lucky's brainwashing. Luke confronted her and threatened to kill her, but Helena warned Luke that her death would have horrific consequences for Lucky. Luke, however, was still out for revenge and kidnapped Nikolas and threatened to kill him in front of Helena. Liz had witnessed Luke abduct Nikolas and she and Lucky arrived on Helena's yacht and forced Luke to release him.  

(Nov)   Lucky and Liz grew closer again and came very close to making love, but he told Liz that he needed to be free of Helena's mind control before becoming intimate with her. By the end of the month, Liz had gotten a prescription for birth control pills and she and Lucky made plans to spend the weekend together at an inn.  

(Dec)   Laura offered Liz a test shoot to become the new Face of Deception, to which Carly was furious and arranged a photo shoot for Gia as well. 

After acting maturely and taking all the necessary precautions, Liz and Lucky made love for the first time. They were truly in love and very much a couple in every sense of the word. Liz and Gia, however, continued to clash but did try to get along for the sake of Lucky and Nikolas.  

(Jan 2001) Jason asked Liz to hide him at her studio and she agreed. Jason also made Liz promise not to tell anyone, including Lucky, that he was back in town. 

(Feb)   The strain of hiding Jason at her studio began to take a toll on Liz and she ended up asking him to leave. Lucky wasn't pleased when he learned that Liz had lied to him about Jason being back in town and about his contacting her. After a run-in with Jason, Lucky demanded that Liz sever all ties with Jason and she reluctantly agreed. Liz, however, had a hard time keeping this promise and Lucky soon saw her and Jason in a close moment while playing a game of pool at Jake's. 

(April)  Liz couldn't fight her attraction to Jason, but when he asked her to leave town with him, she refused, so Jason left town without her.

            Sonny and Carly

(Jan 2000) Carly was determined to get out of her marriage to AJ and still retain custody of Michael. To that end, Carly made a spectacle of herself at an ELQ cocktail party, but AJ refused to give in to her tactics. AJ then turned the tables and warned Carly that he would have her declared an unfit mother.      

Carly was devastated when she learned from Sonny that Jason was gone. At this same time, Carly realized she was pregnant with Sonny's baby and vowed that he would never find out. Carly went to the clinic to confirm her pregnancy and encountered Tony, who eventually agreed not to tell anyone that she was pregnant. Tony didn't know Carly was pregnant by Sonny, but did end up telling Bobbie that Carly was going to have a baby.

Determined to hang on to his marriage and his position at ELQ, AJ offered Carly the chance to start over. She jumped at the opportunity and initiated lovemaking and planned on passing off Sonny's baby as AJ's.  AJ pulled back from intimacy, however, when he realized that Carly really didn't want to be with him. Carly was desperate, and planned to terminate her pregnancy, but she couldn't go through with it. Bobbie found her at the clinic and Carly confessed that Sonny was the father of her unborn baby but made her mother promise not to tell anyone, especially Sonny. 

(Feb)  Carly’s plan to seduce AJ and pass off the baby as his, backfired when AJ figured out she was already pregnant and realized he couldn't be the father. AJ assumed Carly was carrying Jason's baby and Carly was shocked when AJ said he would raise Jason's baby as his own and no one would be the wiser. Seeing no other solution, Carly agreed to go along with his plan.  

Meanwhile, Sonny began to realize that he could be the father of Carly's baby and confronted Bobbie, who couldn't deny his suspicions.  Sonny then headed to the Quartermaine mansion and announced that he was the father of Carly's baby. AJ admitted to his family that Carly wasn't carrying his child, but AJ and Edward were resolved to raise the baby as a Quartermaine. Carly wanted to leave the mansion, but AJ's hold on her was stronger then ever. Bobbie and Monica tried to reason with him and suggested that Carly and Michael move into the brownstone. A vengeful AJ refused to entertain the idea and vowed to make Carly's life miserable at the mansion. Sonny assured Carly that he didn't want to take her baby away from her and they both agreed that they didn't want their child raised by the Quartermaines. Sonny and Carly started to soften towards each other, but the truce was short lived when Carly was forced to side with the Quartermaines for fear of losing custody of Michael. 

(March) Sonny received some information from Jason that changed Carly's life.  Via a phone call, Jason told Sonny how AJ had hired an arsonist to burn down the coffee warehouse. Armed with this bombshell, Sonny blackmailed AJ into giving Carly a divorce and also relinquishing any claim to Michael. The Quartermaines were furious, but AJ had no choice but to accept Sonny's deal. Carly was thrilled and assumed that she and Michael would now be moving in with Bobbie. Sonny, however, had other ideas and had Carly and Michael move into his penthouse so he could keep an eye on her during her pregnancy. Although far from friends, Sonny and Carly tried to co-exist in the penthouse and they even began to enjoy each other's company from time to time.  

            Losing Carly and Michael sent AJ back to the bottle and he was set on a course of self-destruction. To make matters worse, Edward also removed AJ from his position of CEO at ELQ. While at the Port Charles Grill one evening, a drunken AJ lashed out at Sonny but ended up striking Carly instead. 

While at Luke's club, an eavesdropping Bobbie overheard the details of Roy's next job for Sonny. Fearing for Roy's safety, Bobbie begged Carly to tell her where Roy's meeting with Sorel was taking place. Carly then went into Sonny's desk and gave Bobbie the information she wanted. Bobbie went to the warehouse where the meeting was going to take place and was kidnapped by Sorel.  

            Carly confessed to Sonny that she had given Bobbie the information and he made it clear he would never trust her again. Roy and Sonny then teamed up to rescue Bobbie from Sorel, who demanded that Sonny move drugs for him in exchange for her  freedom. Sonny had no intention of dealing in drugs and he and Roy were able to beat Sorel at his own game. Roy rescued Bobbie and Sonny's position in the organization remained solid.  

(April) Carly and Michael continued to live with Sonny at the penthouse and they were both pleasantly surprised by the easy rapport that developed between them, but the ease of living together was soon shattered when Sonny announced to her that they would be married within the week. Carly refused to marry him and claimed that marriage was out of the question because they didn't love each other. Sonny remained adamant and insisted they be married before the birth of their child. They managed to reach a truce and Carly agreed to keep Sonny's ring, but refused to wear it. Carly planned a birthday surprise for Sonny, which backfired by triggering painful memories from his childhood. She jumped to Sonny's defense when the Quartermaines berated him and by the end of the month they had shared a passionate kiss. 

(May) Carly and Sonny were both surprised when they connected intimately and Carly told Sonny that marriage just might work. A short time later, he gave Carly a dazzling engagement ring and she eventually put it on her finger and agreed to marry him. Sonny and Carly were actually happy living together and looked forward to expanding their family with the birth of their child.  

Their happiness, however, was not to last. One day, Edward summoned Sonny to the Quartermaine mansion to discuss ELQ and Sonny agreed that Carly could come along with him. While at the mansion, Carly taunted a drunken AJ and an argument followed. Carly lost her footing and fell down the stairs as a horrified Sonny looked on. She was rushed to the hospital and Tony told Sonny that both she and her unborn baby could not be saved. After saying a wrenching farewell to his unborn child, Sonny gave Tony the go ahead to terminate the pregnancy and save Carly's life. Carly was devastated when she regained consciousness and learned she had lost the baby. Sonny was also lost in despair and although they tried, neither Sonny nor Carly could take each other's pain. 

(June) Carly and Sonny continued to grieve for their baby, but eventually bonded over their loss. Carly wanted him to take revenge against AJ and came up with a plot of her own when he refused. To that end, Carly secretly took a gun to the Nurses Ball and planned on killing AJ. Sonny stopped Carly before she shot AJ, who merely laughed in the face of death. Carly was falling apart emotionally and Sonny took her and Michael to his island paradise for some relaxation. The trip worked wonders for Carly and she and Sonny became lovers again. 

(July)  Carly was hopeful for a future with Sonny, but became heartbroken when she overheard Sonny refer to her and Michael as being obligations. Carly wanted Sonny to be with her because he wanted to, not because he thought he had to. To that end, Carly surprised Sonny when she announced that she and Michael were moving into the brownstone.  Neither Sonny nor Carly really wanted to change their living arrangement, but both were too stubborn to admit their true feelings. Carly almost swallowed her pride and asked Sonny if she could move back in, but became angry when she misinterpreted a close moment between him and Liz. Sonny and Carly remained at odds couldn't bring themselves to say what the other wanted to hear. 

(Aug)   Sonny wanted Carly and Michael to move back into the penthouse and Carly wanted the same thing. The only problem was that neither of them would openly admit it. Carly got the idea of moving into Jason's penthouse, but Sonny then rented it to Alexis thinking it would force Carly to come back and live with him. Carly remained at the brownstone for the time being and she and Sonny missed many opportunities to connect.  

             During this time, Mike racked up a huge gambling debt with Sorel and turned to Carly for help. Against her own better judgment, Carly went to Sonny and asked for money claiming it was for a down payment on a house. Sonny believed Carly's story and gave her the money. A short time later, Sorel contacted Sonny and told him about Mike's debt and Sonny agreed to a meeting. Carly, however, was under the impression that Mike would be meeting with Sorel and she tipped the police as to what was going down.  Carly then went to the meeting place and hid in the closet with a tape recorder. Carly was then stunned when Sonny arrived for the meeting and even more shocked when the police arrived and arrested her and Sonny.  

 Alexis got Sonny released from jail but his problems were far from over. Sonny told Carly that she and Michael were moving into the penthouse immediately and although Carly wanted to move back, this wasn't how she wanted it to happen. Alexis then explained to Sonny that Carly would be the prosecutions star witness and both Alexis and Sonny knew that Carly would be a loose cannon on the stand. Sonny was then shocked when Alexis said he had to marry Carly to prevent her from testifying. A short time later, Jason returned to Port Charles and Carly hoped he would once again fix the mess she had gotten herself into.  

(Sept)  Carly was stunned when Sonny announced that the only way to keep her off the witness stand was for them to get married. Carly told Sonny that she couldn't marry without love and Sonny was unable to admit to Carly that he loved her.  

            Jason offered Sonny an alternative to marrying Carly and said he would take her and Michael out of the country. Jason admitted to Sonny that he only loved Carly as a friend, but said he would do whatever Sonny wanted. Carly, who truly did have feelings for Sonny, realized she couldn't run away with Jason. Carly then agreed to marry Sonny, who promised they would try to make a happy home together. The Justice of the Peace arrived at Sonny's penthouse, but Carly got a case of cold feet. Jason spoke to Carly but Sonny misinterpreted their conversation and thought Carly still loved Jason. Carly and Sonny were then married as planned and Sonny was thrown when Jason explained that Sonny was the man Carly loved.  

            Sonny and Carly began to warm up to each other and later shared a passionate kiss. Afraid of being rejected, however, Carly asked Sonny if they could take things slowly. Shortly thereafter, Sonny confronted Mike, who ended up hitting Sonny in a moment of fury.  Sonny retreated into his own private pain and pushed Carly away.  Sonny then shocked Carly when he said he was going to have their marriage annulled.  

(Oct)    Sonny and Carly continued to dance around their true feelings for one another. Slowly, they started to make a real connection and when Sonny learned that Mike was missing, he allowed Carly to help him deal with his pain. Sonny learned that the charges against him had been dropped and that there wouldn't be a trial after all, but he and Carly mutually agreed to stay married. Sonny, Carly and Michael had actually formed a happy little family. 

(Nov)  One day, Carly was grabbed by Sorel's men, but was quickly rescued by Sonny.  Mob violence was once again brewing in Port Charles as Sonny found himself on the brink of a war with Sorel. Sonny had convinced Zander to testify against Sorel and it was just a matter of time before Sorel took action.  

Laura wanted to own Deception and accepted the terms of Sonny's deal, which made Laura and Carly partners in exchange for his financial backing. 

(Dec)   Sonny warned Carly that Sorel's threats were increasing but promised to always protect her. Soon thereafter, Sonny learned that Sorel was plotting to kill him. Sonny kept this news from Carly and then shocked her by announcing that he was going to Puerto Rico. Before leaving, Sonny promised Carly that he would be home in time for Christmas.  

Carly was beside herself with worry for Sonny and was very relieved when he returned home. Her happiness was shattered, however, when Sonny was shot by Sorel's men on the steps of the police department as he was escorting Alexis and Zander out of the building. Alexis told Carly that Sonny had declared his love for Carly before losing consciousness. Carly stayed by Sonny's bedside and urged him to live. Carly also told an unconscious Sonny that she loved him.  

   During this same time, Laura offered Liz a test shoot to become the new Face of Deception. Carly was furious over this and arranged a photo shoot for Gia as well.  

(Jan 2001) Sonny survived the shooting and Carly stayed at his bedside at the hospital. While unconscious, Sonny had an out-of-body experience and visited Lily and the children he had lost. An emotional Sonny told Lily that he wasn't ready to be with her yet and explained his love for Carly.  Sonny then regained consciousness and declared his love to Carly, who also voiced her love for him. Sonny, however, did start having nightmares about Carly's "death." Sonny asked Carly to marry him in a way that showed how they really felt about each other and she readily agreed.  

            During this time, Sonny contacted Jason and learned that Sorel and Carlos had teamed up. Jason and Sonny then made plans to join forces and defeat Sorel and Carlos. 

(Feb)   Sonny and Carly narrowly escaped with their lives when sniper fire burst out around them.  After continuing to be plagued by visions of Carly's death, Sonny shocked Carly when he announced he was going to divorce her. Carly realized that Sonny was trying to protect her by pushing her away and she refused to accept it. She went to the Caribbean as planned and hoped that Sonny would follow. In the end, Carly's love won out and she and Sonny were remarried in a beautiful tropical ceremony.  

             At this same time, Carly was determined to have Gia named as the Face of Deception. Laura, however, was set on using Liz for the campaign and Laura and Carly continued to remain at odds.  

(March)  AJ's thoughts turned to renewing his relationship with his and Carly's son, Michael.            

 Carly and Laura continued to war about the Face of Deception campaign. Carly enlisted Gia to help in some devious schemes against Laura. 

(April) Carly and Sonny argued about their marriage and Sonny nearly broke Carly's heart when he said they weren't right for each other. He later retracted his statement and gave her his one percent of Deception to prove his love. Carly wanted to return the sentiment by having his baby, but Sonny didn't want a child. When Sorel managed to plant a bomb in the Penthouse, Sonny realized he couldn't keep his family safe. 

Q:      What happened to Sarah Brown as Carly Corinthos?   Why did she leave?  LORJNZO 

A:       During an interview with Soap Opera Weekly's West Coast Editor, Janet Di Lauro, on April 17th, Sarah Brown stated:

 “It’s definitely a decision that I labored over, and yet it's something that I've been thinking about for two years. My heart is telling me that now is the time. I need to move on and make my way into directing, which is something that I've wanted to do since I can remember. There's not really a place to do that and stay on a soap. I realized it was time to cut down on my workload in terms of the daytime gig, in order to focus on the things that I really hope to do in the future.”            

“You know what really took me off guard? Those rumors on the Internet about Jill and myself having some sort of blowout and that that is what caused me to leave General Hospital. These rumors are completely false. Plain and simple, [this alleged blowout] just never happened”.  

Last interview on April 24th:

"I did cry my eyes out," shared Sarah Brown on her final day on the GENERAL HOSPITAL set earlier this month. "I tried not to, but it's like going off to college after high school. Its poetically, beautifully sad." 

After Brown taped her final scenes, which aired on April 24, cast and crew gathered to say goodbye on a sweet note. "They brought in a cake, and everyone came up," she smiles. "I was in such an emotional state, but I told everyone that I really felt like I grew up at GENERAL HOSPITAL. I learned so much about my craft, and I really wanted to thank every single person who I worked with." 

Did it make her reconsider her decision to leave? "No, it really didn't," she admits. "I am completely at peace with my decision. I'm really listening to my heart. It's like a subconscious feeling when something has given you or you've given it as much as you can, and it's time to move on and get to something else.”

"I'm not looking to come back, and I don't mean that in any negative way whatsoever," she concludes. "I've loved it. I've just run the gamut with the character and I really want to move into new things in my life. That's the only reason."  

And to her fans, "I want to say how much I appreciate, respect, adore them and their support for not only the character of Carly, but the storyline of Sonny and Carly, and for myself as a person. I'm so very grateful for my experiences. I couldn't have asked for anything better. I never expected this kind of ride." 

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