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August 17, 2001



Q:       I wanted to know, what ever happened to Kevin, and if he is coming back?  Also, I heard rumors that Cassie is coming back. Is that true? Thanks, Milli

A:      I double-checked with Katrina on Kevin’s whereabouts and she said as best as she can remember, Kevin left Llanview and headed out to Texas in order to help Leigh Ann with some problems she was having with their son, Duke. 

            On Tuesday’s show, this was reaffirmed when Kelly went to Jessica and told her that she is leaving for Texas to be with Kevin and Duke.  Awww. 


Although rumors were out that Cassie, played by Laura Koffman, would be returning to OLTL, she and her husband
 of five and a half years, industrialist Martin D. Koffman, are busy planning the arrival of their second child this month. But take heart because she could very well be making a return sometime in the near future.  Her manager has said that Laura would love to come back to the show. 

Q:      What happened to Tea, I think that’s how you spell it, on OLTL...what is she up to in her career now...Thx 

A:      Téa left Llanview with Todd in March of 2000, after he came back and convinced her that they belonged together.  When Todd returned to Llanview, it was without Téa. His story was simply that she left him, but he has not shared any other explanations. To date, Téa's whereabouts and the events that lead to another separation of the two, remains a mystery.



Q:      Who played GH's original Stavros Cassadine? Thanks

A:        The role of Helena’s eldest and most endeared son was originally portrayed by John Martinuzzi, who introduced the character to the shores of Port Charles in 1983.  Unfortunately there isn’t any information available on Mr. Martinuzzi at this time.



Q:      I think that Scott Egan who plays Johnny on General Hospital is so hot. Can  you tell me something about him because I know virtually nothing.  Becca

A:        Besides his role as Sonny’s bodyguard on GH, he has appeared in one movie, “The Other Sister” in 1999, in which his role was listed merely as Body Shot Guy. 

            And from Soap Opera Update: 

            ‘For Egan, joining GH was a return to his origins. The New Jersey native had done print and commercial work as a young child. "My 'claim to fame' was that I was the first 'no-pin Pampers (diaper) baby,'" recalls the actor. "I was about one or two years old." As Egan grew up, he traded in his diapers for baseball cleats. A scout discovered Egan when he was a high school sophomore. He went on to enjoy stints with the Houston Astros and Milwaukee Brewers organizations.

    An arm injury necessitated surgery for Egan, however. That, and a trip to Los Angeles to revisit the acting world, resulted in him making a full-time commitment to performing. Egan read for a contract role when PORT CHARLES was first being cast. He wasn't selected for that show, but he was asked to join GH as Johnny. "I'm around a lot of talented people, like Maurice Benard (Sonny), Sarah Brown (Carly) and Steve Burton (Jason)," acknowledges a grateful Egan. "I learn a lot by being on GH." 

The actor got to flex his acting muscles in a new way when he and Benard performed a scene from "American Buffalo" by playwright David Mamet as part of the Los Angeles Media & Education Center's evening of live theater. "I'd done this play before and I knew that Scott would be perfect in it," shares Benard.  "Our relationship connected on stage just like it does on screen." 

Egan can't rave enough about Benard, his off-screen pal. "Maurice has taught me about the professionalism behind acting," he shares. "I try and emulate him as a person, not just as an actor. I enjoy talking to Maurice because he really listens."’


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And from EOS Webmaster, Katrina:  Abbie, Heather and I got up close and personal with Scott at the GH Fan Weekend July 27-28 and we can vouch both that this guy is HOT and that he's a really, really nice person.  Here is a the girls with Scott.  What a sweetie!!


Q:      I just heard a rumor that Rebecca Herbst (Elizabeth Webber on GH) is pregnant, and the father is the guy that played Juan (Michael Saucedo). Is this just a stupid rumor, or is it true?  If it is, how are they going to write it into GH that Liz is pregnant. Are Herbst and Saucedo married?   Sammi 

A:      Michael, who began playing Juan Santiago in May of 1999, and Elizabeth, were married this past June and yes, they are expectant parents.  Although many people took for granted that this pregnancy would be written into the storyline, the latest word is that it will not.

Q:      Hi Naomi!  I am so glad I found you because I know you'll probably be the only one who can answer this.  I have been looking everywhere to find out what Sonny and Carly's song is.  I love it, but I don't know who it's by.  I'd also like to know the other songs they've played.  Thank you so much.   Elsie 

A:        OK, here’s what I found for you:


“Reflect (Time)” was playing during Sonny and Carly's memorable first love scene on November 30, 1999.


            “You Look So Fine” by Garbage was played on May 1, 2000, the day Carly and Sonny really “made love” for the first time.



            You look so fine  I want to break your heart  And give you mine

            You're taking me over  It's so insane  You've got me tethered and chained

            I hear your name  And I'm falling over  I'm not like all the other girls

            I can't take it like the other girls  I won't share it like the other girls

            That you used to know  You look so fine 

            Knocked down  Cried out  Been down just to find out  I'm through  Living for you 

I'm open wide  I want to take you home  We're wasting time  You're the only one for me           

            You look so fine  I'm like the desert tonight  Leave her behind  If you want to show me 

            I'm not like all the other girls  I won't take it like the other girls  I won't fake it like the other girls  That you used to know

            You're taking me over  Over and over  I'm falling over  Over and over 

  You're taking me over  (loving me one more time)  (hide inside me tonight)

            (do what you want to do)  (just pretend happy end)  (let me know let it show)

            (ending with letting go)...

            On Sept 25, 2000, the day Sonny and Carly were married, “Europa”, by Santana was playing while they danced together. 


            When they were apart and Sonny was thinking of her, “All I Want Is You” by Sarah McLachlan, was playing.




The ice is thin come on dive in underneath my lucid skin the cold is lost, forgotten Hours pass days pass time stands still light gets dark and darkness fills my secret heart forbidden...

 I think you worried for me then the subtle ways that I'd give in but I know you liked the show tied down to this bed of shame you tried to move around the pain but oh your soul is anchored

          The only comfort is the moving of the river

You enter into me, a lie upon your lips offer what you can, I'll take all that I can get only a fool's here...

I don't like your tragic sighs as if your god has passed you by well hey fool that's your deception

            your angels speak with jilted tongues the serpent's tale has come undone you have no strength to squander

             The only comfort is the moving of the river

You enter into me, a lie upon your lips offer what you can, I'll take all that I can get only a fool's here to stay, only a fool's here to stay, only a fool's here...* 

*( from “Sonny and Carly’s Jukebox” website)  

       I forgot the details of why Jax and Alexis got married and why Ned and Chloe got  married to save Chloe's company from her Aunt Gertrude. Also, I can’t remember anything about Tracy Quartermaine and all the trouble she caused. Could you please fill me in?  Thanks.      Leigh  

A:      In July of ‘99, Chloe shocked Ned, Jax and Alexis when she told them about a provision in her uncle's will stating that she would lose her design company if she weren't happily married by the end of the month. Jax, Alexis, and Ned then set out to help Chloe solve her problem.

             With Alexis' blessing, Ned volunteered to marry Chloe, and the four of them headed to Las Vegas. Once there, they were surprised by the sudden arrival of Chloe's Aunt Gertrude, who was sure that this was a sham wedding. To throw Gertrude off their track, Jax told her that he and Alexis were the ones getting married, not Ned and Chloe.


            Jax and Alexis were then married and Ned explained that he and Chloe would get married at the Quartermaine mansion. Jax and Alexis lived together, but Alexis spent as much time as she could with Ned, while Jax and Chloe continued to grow closer.

            Ned and Chloe were married as part of their ruse to thwart Chloe's Aunt Gertrude, and left for a honeymoon in Rome and Jax and Alexis quickly followed. Disguised as German tourists to avoid Gertrude's spies, Jax and Chloe spent several romantic moments together while Ned and Alexis were just thrilled to be together.  

           However, Gertrude arrived and almost discovered the truth, but the four of them were able to fool her once again. Ned, Alexis, Jax and Chloe then returned to Port Charles and continued their charade. 

            Gertrude caught Jax and Chloe together and their sham marriage was exposed. Chloe lost her design company, but realized her love for Jax was more important than any business.


            Tracy was the type of woman not easily forgotten as she connived her way in and out of the Quartermaine family for years.  She’s one of those you love to hate.           

            Back in 1979, Tracy learned that her sister-in-law Monica, was pregnant. Tracy assumed correctly that this child, the first male heir of her brother Alan, would inherit the Quartermaine fortune. Tracy wanted her son Ned, who was away at boarding school, to inherit the money. The only way to keep Ned as the heir was to prove that the baby wasn’t the son of Alan but of someone else. At the same time, Tracy discovered that her father Edward wouldn’t give her any money at all unless she was married.  Tracy lured Mitch into a wedding, because he was enticed by the Quartermaine fortune. Mitch however continued his affair with Susan Moore. Mitch also started his campaign for state senate but with Tracy supplying the money he had to give into her demand to crack down on organized crime.  This was hard for Mitch who was involved with the mob. Soon, however, Tracy discovered Mitch in bed with Susan, which caused the marriage to crumble. This allowed Tracy more time to prove that Monica’s baby wasn’t Alan’s. Tracy had a feeling that the unborn baby was the son of Rick Webber, a man with whom Monica was very close, though Tracy didn’t know for sure if Monica and Rick had ever had an affair. Then, Monica and Rick had to give a deposition at a hospital hearing where they had to reveal that they had an affair. Tracy didn’t know about the confessions but saw the difference in the way the two reacted to each other after the hearing. Tracy felt that she had to get her hands on the deposition report, hoping something would be revealed. However, the papers were sealed by the court.  

           In 1980, Tracy learned that Alan had read the deposition and knew that Monica and Rick had had an affair. Monica also blurted out during the birth of Baby AJ, that Rick was the baby’s father. It didn’t help that the person delivering the baby was Rick’s wife, Lesley. Port Charles then knew that the baby could be Rick’s. That wasn’t good enough for Tracy who still feared that Alan could be AJ’s father. She brought a paternity suit against Monica hoping that Rick would be named the baby’s father. Edward wanted baby AJ as his own heir, and was furious at Tracy’s actions. Edward drew up a new will disinheriting her.  As Edward began to sign the will, he fell to the floor with a heart attack. He begged Tracy to give him his medicine but Tracy refused, hoping that he’d die without ever signing the new will. Edward suddenly became lifeless and Tracy though he was dead. Suddenly, Edward jumped up and signed the will. It was a test to prove Tracy’s loyalty and she failed. Later, Edward gave in and gave Tracy two million dollars, which could only be spent on Mitch’s race for the senate. Knowing that she needed Mitch to keep the money, Tracy once again lured Mitch away from Susan  and the two moved to Albany.

           In 1989, Tracy returned to Port Charles single and dating Nicholas van Buren, a/k/a Domino, who was a criminal after the Dragon Bone, a key to a long-lost Chinese civilization. Tracy also wanted a piece of the profit so she blackmailed her first husband Lord Larry Ashton, who was also after the Bone. She revealed to Larry that she knew he wasn’t the real Ashton heir and that she would expose him unless he gave her and Ned a share of the profits from the quest. Eventually, the quest ended after the Dragon Bone was buried by Robert Scorpio’s dog, Friday. 

          In 1990, Tracy discovered that Ned was engaged to Dawn Winthrop, a student nurse who was also Monica’s illegitimate daughter.  Tracy was hell-bent on breaking them up and enlisted con artist Decker Moss to help her. Dawn loved Ned, but she was also secretly infatuated with Decker. On Dawn and Ned’s wedding day the truth came out that Ned and Monica had an affair years before and Dawn was crushed. She ran away from town with Decker. Later that year, Tracy wanted to break up the marriage of Alan and Lucy Coe. Tracy hated Lucy and saw her as a gold-digger who threatened to take away Quartermaine money. Tracy joined forces with Scott Baldwin to destroy the union but they got sidetracked when they wound up in bed together. 

           In 1991, the Quartermaine boat, SS Tracy, exploded in the harbor while carrying unsafe chemicals.  Harlan Barrett came to town to salvage the sunken chemicals and became very taken with Tracy, who had just ended her relationship with Scotty.  Harlan loved Tracy’s money more than he loved Tracy. With the help of Leopold Taub, Cesar Faison and Larry Ashton, they formed a cartel bent on controlling global business using a chemical called carbon disulfide. To achieve their goal however, the cartel needed to take control of ELQ. The cartel ordered Paul Hornsby to get control of Tracy’s stock by marrying her. Paul had also recently become CEO of ELQ and would cause its downfall with Tracy’s stock. Paul didn’t love Tracy, he loved Jenny Eckert, but because the cartel threatened the life of his daughter, Susan, Paul complied and married Tracy.  

         In 1992, Tracy began to see that Paul really loved Jenny. Fortunately for Tracy, Jenny had agreed to marry Ned, a move she thought would be good for her own marriage.  Soon after, Tracy discovered she was pregnant and gave birth to Dillon Hornsby, but her marriage became shakier. Tracy hired Marco Dane to dig up some dirt on Jenny. Marco discovered that she had a miscarriage when she was sixteen with the baby of Senator Jack Kensington. Tracy used this information to keep Jenny away from Paul, but soon Ned and Paul learned the truth. Ned divorced Jenny and Paul left Tracy, a move that was allowed since the cartel had been broken up.  

        In 1993, Tracy accidentally hit Jenny with her car. Tracy, thinking that Jenny was dead,  fled the scene after phoning the police with a hit and run.  But Jenny didn’t die, and she told the police that she didn’t know who hit her.  Secretly, Jenny knew, and told Tracy to leave Paul alone and give him a divorce or else she would tell the police. Edward learned the truth of Tracy’s hit and run and kicked her out of the house. She divorced Paul and left Port Charles once again. 

       Tracy returned to Port Charles in 1996, set on revenge. She was tired of being treated like an outcast in her own family and planned to maneuver a hostile takeover of ELQ with the help of Jax. The takeover attempt failed and Tracy was again banished from the family. But before Tracy left town, she did get one thing accomplished. She managed to break up the marriage of Ned and his new life Lois. Tracy hated Lois from first sight and felt that she wasn’t good enough for her son. Lois was pregnant and wheh she learned that Tracy had run over Jenny, she felt that Tracy and the entire Quartermaine family was evil. Lois didn’t want her baby to grow up like Tracy so she divorced Ned and left right after his mother.  

After leaving Port Charles, Tracy went to New York and became the landlord of a building. At a time when she was running low on funds, she happened to meet mobster, Gino Soleito, who was many years her senior.  Gino had wealth and power, and a suspicious daughter named Carla. Tracy managed to woo him and he married her, but she didn’t love Gino.  True to the Tracy tradition, she got Gino drunk on their wedding night and hired a hooker to sleep with him. But, during the night, Gino died and left Tracy a widow.  Tracy then took over for him in the mob but many didn’t like her or her radical ideas and personality. Tracy quietly slinked away.  

          In 1997, Tracy was hard up for cash once again, and hired robbers to dress up as pilgrims and rob her own family on Thanksgiving Day. However, the robbery wasn’t successful and Tracy hasn’t been heard from since. 

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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